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Senior Prosecutor of Aachen: 'There is No connection with the Maddie Case' *updated

Video Transcript

British newspapers speculated wildly over the weekend. Is a suspect in the disappearance of Maddie McCann lying in the University Hospital in Aachen? The little girl disappeared without a trace during a holiday in Portugal. At that time, this British citizen, who already had been convicted on paedophilia charges, was living in the South of Portugal. The 64-year-old man was eliminated from the inquiry at that time. The cancer stricken man is now to be heard by German and English police, at the hospital in Aachen. But this is not about the Maddie case, but rather about two other cases of sexual offences dating from the seventies.

From today, the prosecutor’s office in Aachen is working on the request, under major pressure.

Prosecutor: “This action, namely the questioning of the British citizen, should be carried out as soon as possible, but the timing depends essentially on how the contacts to the British police authorities can be established, and on how briefly the British policemen can arrive here in Aachen.”

Due to the fact that the 64-year-old man has served the sentences for the proved paedophile crimes, and a connection to the Maddie case cannot be proved, he can leave the hospital at any time.

Prosecutor: “We cannot prevent the British citizen from leaving the hospital, as far as that is possible in medical terms, and especially if he wishes so. We have no powers to detain him, and that is not even mentioned in the request [from the British authorities].”

The policemen in Aachen are in contact with their British counterparts and await their arrival any day now.

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British media Speculate on Connection

Maddie Case: Is there a link to Aachen?

A DNA test could be taken from a British citizen living near Aachen. British mainstream media speculate on a connection with the Maddie case, however the public prosecutor's office of Aachen says there is no connection.

In May 2007, three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday's resort in the south of Portugal. Till this day the inquiries of the police have produced no tangible results. The parents of the British girl have begun an unprecedented media campaign launched after the disappearance to get informations on the whereabouts of their daughter.

Now British mainstream media speculate on a new link - which could lead to Aachen.

The Background: In a request for judicial assistance the British police sent on Friday (22.05.09) to the public prosecutor's office of Aachen a rogatory letter where they asked to hear the British citizen who lives with his family near Aachen, and to take from him a DNA sample.

Speculations in English newspapers

According to the British media reports, this is a 64-year-old man who would have lived near the resort at the time of Maddie’s disappearance. He would have been condemned several times because of sexual offences to young women.

The public prosecutor's office of Aachen confirms there is no connection with the Maddie case in the British official aid request. "It is a request about two cases, one regarding a rape and one attempted rape,in 1975", says Robert Deller of the public prosecutor's office of Aachen.

As British Private detectives [the McCann’s rent-a-cops] want to be present during the hearing, now, a date must be found first in which the man can be heard and if necessary a DNA swab could be taken. Regarding the DNA test that must be decided in England, according to the senior prosecutor of Aachen, Robert Deller.

in wdr.de [West German Radio Cologne]


  1. Gosh, no connection with Maddie's case.
    The McCanns have to make up another story.
    What a tyiring life!

  2. Herr Deller confirms what we suspect, that the interview request regarding these two thirty-four year old cases, by West Yorkshire Police and (possibly) Manchester Police, was originated, generated and co-ordinated at the behest of the McCann Police, operating the Old-Comrade network.

    That the McCann Police should expect to be present at the interview with Mr Hewlett about these two cases, which are nothing to do with them, shows the worst insolence of their kind. It goes without saying that we expect Herr Deller to ensure that Mr Hewlett is represented by an appointed German lawyer, and, given his medical condition, is defended against harassment and intimidation by the unscrupulous.

    If a DNA swab is taken, a decision which ought to rest with the senior prosecutor of Aachen and no-one else, that swab should not be removed from Germany, LEAST OF ALL to England, where we have direct evidence of incompetence and possible corruption in the previous handling of DNA and cadaverine material relating to the Madeleine McCann case.

    We rely, as our last line of defence, on the German people and government to uphold the law, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the decencies of civilization. In particular, we look to the German judicial authorities to provide the integrity and competence which are lacking in their British and Portuguese counterparts.

  3. Clearly mccanns are framing him for something he did not do. He has been investigated aready, two years ago.

    How handy for mccanns:
    -they have foun a perfect culprit, therefore they have to be innocent (mccann locig, not mine)
    -he is too sick to defend himself prober (even better for mccanns)
    -they can keep the Fund/business running for ever (pretending to look for a living child in Morocco)
    -or for a body, now that they have found a monster they can blame

    And the money keep falling in their greedy hands to continue with their "search".

    They are truly disgusting.

  4. Shameful. Now British police is working under Mccann's business even without the parents asking an official involvement from British police to investigate what happen to Maddie...

    Where are you going BRITAIN with this pair of actors going over and over everything to avoid justice and a properly investigation on themselves?

    Is about US to send many emails to the Prosecutor of Aachen asking him to put Germany police inside the interrogatory of that man, in case the interrogatory was authorized, and to collect all the samples and analyse them in German. He should be aware and advertised by the public about all the corruption and the bad taste stories involving this team on the pass. Remember Murat, Malinka, the German girlfriend of Murat and all other suspects wrongly connected with case and almost destroyed.

    This man was already investigated by PJ and British police in Portugal and was dismissed.

    JOANA , PLEASE TRY TO GET THE e-mail OF THE PROSSECUTOR AND PUBLISH IT HERE. WE will spread it trough our friends and newspaper blogs.

    This Mccann's are going too far with their story and now start touching the rights of the citizens in democratic and free countries, which is unacceptable.
    In most of European countries, official polices cannot interrogate or investigate suspects without a permission from the court, and they only arrest people if their is strong evidence that the suspect is connected with crime. With Mccann's, all personal and life value was inverted. They have all rights and the other side have no-ones. Even British Media should be sued for spreading unfounded news and for cataloging people and countries with bad suspicions, showing no respect.

  5. Portuguese police have dismissed up to four potential Madeleine McCann leads in the past week by telling informers: 'The case is closed, she is dead.'

    Daily mail news 26th May 2009

  6. If this man is a serial paedophile why isn't his dna already in police hands?

  7. This is a joke, how can McScam investigators interview this man, they are not serving police officers and therefore just normal citizens. If the McScams want this man interviewed they should ask for the case to be reopened in Portugal. This man has already been excluded. This has really got out of hand and the British police should step in and put a stop to this.

  8. Firstly, quote
    ''As British Private detectives [the McCann’s rent-a-cops] want to be present during the hearing''

    Have they the right ? Would the British Police allow this? No doubt Hewlett could refuse.

    Now look at the comparison regarding regotary letters, sent on 22 May and British police get a response.

    I know it involved more people, but just look at the fuss the British (yes I'm British) made of the letters from Portugal.

    Yep it might be that Hewlett is terminal, but look at the co-operation between UK\Germany compare that with Portugal\UK ..and they UK were already involved !


  9. Fortunately, lastly an honoust reporting, it says the PJ doesnot search for sightings because "our little Madeleine" has passed away.


  10. As always there is a positive side to the negative side: this yet other sad spin is underlining further more how they manipulate the media and people.
    Excellent.Good job,PI,excellent job,it couldnt come more "à propos".
    Thanks to your good work,you"ve made the mccanns even less credible if they ever were.
    People,please,R E J O Y C E

  11. IMHO the Hewlett family (his wife) should sue the McCanns for harrassment - this would put a spoke in their wheel!

  12. For god's sake, please stop making it sound as if you support a disgustinf paedophile!! This is awful - have you all take leave of your senses? The McCanns have not talked the police into going after Hewlett - they have been looking for him all this while. If nothing else comes of this than to clear up the perpetrator of attacks on young girls then that is a GOOD thing and only warped people can think otherwise!!

    Enough stupidity, please!!

  13. Breaking news on news.sky.com that the McCanns private detectives hope to obtain Raymond Hewletts' DNA to see if it 'matches unidentified samples taken from the McCanns' holiday apartment'. Can anyone clarify this for me...I am almost certain that there weren't any unidentified samples? What can we collectively do to stop this disgusting charade and this ridiculous and cruel hounding of this man and his family?

  14. the McCann's are almost out of ideas now & their panic is starting to show

    the PJ have never given up the case

    it would have been so much better for them (& us) if they'd just blended into obscurity but they cannot help themselves. They won't stop until they have convinced the whole world that they were not involved.

    Unfortunately for them, you can't get a dog to change it's mind.

    McCann's your time is almost up

  15. Madeleine Investigation Turns To Farce http://is.gd/EMBx

  16. In reply to For Gods sake, nobody is suggesting this guy gets off with offences against children, merely the fact that this man was identified and excluded from the investigation of Madeleine as he had a confirmed alibi. The comments are about the McCanns coming up with suspects deep in the files, who have already been excluded. More and more manipulation of the press. If they really wanted to find what happened to their daughter they should and could ask for the process to be reopened, but have failed to do so. Instead spending millions of donated money on tinpot PIs.

  17. Commentig about the Daily Mail
    today " The case is closed, she is dead", informed by the Portuguese police.
    This is the way Daily Mail found to assure the public Maddie is dead.
    They are forbidden to tell it by themselves but not forbidden to cite the Portuguese authorities.
    Congratulations, Daily Mail.
    Be strong and don't be afraid to fight back, for sake of freedom of speech.
    You will make it!

  18. So, Hewlett made the effort to wheel himself out into the hospital car park to talk with the British detective's, but they had left for the airport and refused to return too the hospital? Looks to me like they wanted to report his refusal to speak with them, it would make him look all the more guilty. But, they shot themselves in the foot because he decided to speak with them at his own convenience.
    What do they expect this man to tell them anyway? Yes, I abducted Maddy or I'll take the fall for the McCann's, I'm dying anyway, just take care of my family.
    He's already said he had nothing to do with Maddy's abduction. Whom of us would remember what we were doing on the 3.05.07 at 10.00pm, I know I wouldn't two years on.
    This story gets more and more ridiculous as time goes on. Without evidence against this man they have no right to question him anyway. This is all based on the unfounded hearsay of another dodgy British couple.

  19. Die Pressesprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft Aachen sind:

    Oberstaatsanwalt Deller, Tel. 0241 9425-20114,

    und als Vertreter

    Oberstaatsanwalt Geimer, Tel. 0241 9425-22105.

    Anfragen von Pressevertretern können an folgende Stelle gerichtet werden:

    Die Leitende Oberstaatsanwältin in Aachen
    - Pressestelle -

    Tel.: 0241 9425-20123
    Fax: 0241 9425-80123
    E-Mail: pressestelle@sta-aachen.nrw.de email

  20. 14.54 anonymous,

    I beg your pardon?!

  21. "All animals (suspected pedophiles) are equal, but some animals (suspected pedophiles) are more equal than others."

    "Confessions from a Deathbed and other..."

    The link is here,Joana's Blog.

    From a special Person. Very nice one.

    Emília S.

  22. o one is supporting this pedophile I might add! He will face justice for his crimes! The thing is, McCanns are so cunning that this Hewlett could be made a scapegoat for something he has not done. Now we hear they are to take his DNA to see if it matches some taken from the apartment. Isn't that a move where Hewlett's DNA could be planted, and hey presto, the McCanns are off the hook IMHO, and Hewlett is made the perpertrator.

  23. There is something strange going on when people dislike the McCanns so much, are so desperate to find out the truth of what happened to Madeleine, so frustrated that they are prepared to support a convicted paedophile (although he has served his sentence).
    This story gets madder and stranger by the day.
    Amaral's conviction...I'm not understanding. How can the McCanns have such power that the Portuguese authorities are willing to do down one of their own to help this foreign couple?
    Nothing makes sense. I don't know what to think.

  24. As aspected, another abductor dropped. But.... They are Nervous... ALL....

    And the two clowns in Portugal, are trying to keep the circus on... According to "24 horas" Newspaper, Marcos Aragao wants the court to judge Leonor again and if she is released , he asks 5 millions Euros for her to be compensate for 5 years in prison and for being out of her other child's. GOOD JOB.... 5 years...5 MILLIONS... One million a year for getting child's fathered by different mans and don't look after them. Most of them are abandonned, keep with fathers or under Portuguese social security supervision, before Joana disappeared, paid by Portuguese's taxes. And... what is the excuse to ask that compensation?.... The good example.... the very responsible parents... THE MCCANN'S... They got 700 from newspaper and never been in prison. SHE DESERVES MORE... according with very inspired Lawyer Aragao!

    Portuguese people.... BE PACIENT, HOLD YOUR NERVOUS. YOUR TAXES are not enough to provide you a better HEALTH service if you need it, are not enough to provide safety schools and a better EDUCATION, are not enough to improve your salary's, but can be used to re-open cases closed long time ago and compensate a mother without MORAL.

    The time go on, and the connections between the two cases became evident. Not because there is an abductor walking free, but because they want to frame the police and run away from justice.

    Maybe another case will be open... and maybe the end of story will be not so happy for Leonor and for her lawyer. Maybe she will end up with a big increase of her terms in prison, for all the lies and all the games that she agree to play with justice on Portuguese taxes expenses. And... maybe her lawyer will face the same sentence for been the mentor of a big dangerous game.

    WHO IS PAYING MR. ARAGAO IN PORTUGAL? MISTERY! WHY is he not going back to Madeira? .... Dr. Alberto joao will trow him out on the same day, with a very sarcastic excuse: VIDENTES, SO NO CONTINENTE...


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