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Tapas 9: Checking the Children

Statements May 4th, 2007:

Kate McCann:
As usual, every half hour, and given that the building is very close, the interviewee and her husband went to make sure the children were OK.

Gerry McCann:
As usual, every half hour and considering that the restaurant was close to the apartment, the interviewee or his wife went to check if the children were OK.

Rachael Oldfield:
After placing their orders, at around 9.15pm, Gerry McCann went to check, only his apartment. He was held up for nearly 10 minutes because, he said, he had been chatting with Jez about tennis. Today there was a tournament which they both had to compete in. During Gerry's absence, the waiters started to bring the food. Jane was also absent to check her apartment. Gerry returned shortly after Jane.

Matthew Oldfield:
That during the meal, it was usual that every 15 minutes (as on all nights) one of the adults went to the apartments to check if the children were sleeping. That normally this checking was done inside the apartments (Visual checking), but that, to be honest, sometimes this checking was only done from the outside, near the bedroom windows (Auditory checking).

Russell O'Brien:
While they were eating, it was normal that every 15 minutes, one person from each apartment went to make sure the children were ok.

Jane Tanner:
Usually, every 15 minutes one person from each apartment went to the respective rooms to make sure everything was OK.

Diane Webster:
However, she reported that Kate and Gerald as well as other couples went a few times, on a regular basis, to make sure their children were OK.

Fiona Payne:
The interviewee states that Kate and Gerry, as well as other couples, went to the club a few times, at regular intervals, to make sure the children were ok.

David Payne:
In answer to our question, the interviewee states that during all the meals, he never went to his apartment or to any of the group's apartments, because he has an, "intercom," and the signal carries from the apartment to the restaurant. The other members of the group went, randomly, every 20 minutes, to their apartments to make sure their respective children were asleep.

Gerry McCann, statement May 10th, 2007:
On Wednesday night, 2 May 2007, as well as he and his wife, he thinks that David Payne also went to his apartment to confirm that his children were well, not having reported to him any abnormal situation with the children. On this day he and KATE had already left the rear door closed, but not locked, to allow entrance by their colleagues to check on the children.

Russell O'Brien, rogatory interview April 2008:
I actually went into Kate and Gerry’s room, erm, on the Sunday and Matt’s room on the Sunday (...)
On Sunday I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s’, that’s true. Erm, I’m not sure about taking their keys, I think I, I think I definitely took Matt and Rachael’s keys, but I entered Gerry’s flat through the patio door”.
(...) “This was just the Wednesday. This is when we stayed, you know, after the meal we stayed in the bar area for a, you know, for a cocktail or something and then, erm, so we were out for a little longer than any of, any of the other nights. And on the, but the way it’s written there it says that I checked the McCann’s apartment, but I think by this part of the week, certainly on my, from my, my own, when I went back I generally went into our apartment and then we’d just have a listen at the shutters on the others”.

Rachael Oldfield, rogatory interview April 2008
1578 “So there was this rigorous checking procedure”?
Reply “Yes, yeah every night”.
1578 “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening”?
Reply “Mmm yeah”.
1578 “And of course Thursday evening”?
Reply “Mmm yeah”.
1578 “So on, on a normal evening”.
Reply “Mmm”.
1578 “How many times would, would yourself and, and Matthew have gone to check on Grace”?
Reply “Erm I suppose, we’d sit at the table about eight thirty, so erm we probably went about two or three times each during the course of the meal, erm yeah, well Sunday night Matt wasn’t there but he was in the apartment with Grace so I didn’t check, Monday night we were both at the table, erm and we just took turns”.
1578 “And did you wear watches”?
Reply “Yes”.
until the Thursday, we only checked on her own children,
I mean you know, that, and that was different to the other nights cos you know, we hadn’t done that before you know, that hadn’t been part of the routine, sort of listening, even listening at other people’s windows,
“And on the Thursday night you know it worked slightly differently and there was much more movement and much more checking than there had been on other nights for some strange reason, I mean not for anything particular but just that’s the way it happened, erm yeah and erm up until that night, each family had only checked on their own children, erm whereas on the Thursday, you know Matt, Matt when and checked on Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, erm you know and that hadn’t happened before”.

Matthew Oldfield, rogatory interview April 2008
“So, erm, back to the table, erm, we have, oh, back to the table, Gerry got up to go and, to go and check on his kids, I mean, and I’d come back and said, you know, I didn’t hear any noise when I listened outside your room, so I thought it was a little bit odd that, you know, not kind of a wounded pride that he sort of didn’t trust me, but, erm, I just thought, oh, you know, I’ve just checked you don’t really need to check and sort of, you know, sort of go back, but, erm, he sort of got up and went back to check on, erm, on his kids.
4078 “Was that the first time that you had taken it upon yourself to check on somebody else’s child?”
Reply “Yeah, I’d not done it before, it was only because, you know, I was there and I was, and it may not have happened if I’d actually gone in and checked on Grace through the room, you know, I might not have just been next to their shutter in terms of to actually have a listen, you know, I was just there, it was only like four steps further. But, no, I didn’t, even though we now knew each other for the week and I felt a bit more comfortable about their kids knowing me, as I said before, erm, I wouldn’t normally sort of impose that sort of check on somebody else unless they’d, erm, unless they’d suggested it. It’d be almost like a step, not a step too far, but, erm, it’s not really our place to, you know, to do that”.
And there was me and Russell as well, so, erm, you know, it seemed, at the time, a very reasonable thing to do, even though it was the first time that we’d certainly done it. Also, having somebody else there with me, it sort of felt sort of more, more sort of natural and normal.
It would have been around that sort of time and the reason I think thirty minutes is because I, I don’t know whether this is memory now or whether it’s since we’ve been talking about it, Gerry said or Kate said, it’s about thirty minutes since the last check, we ought to go, so that’s why I think it’s thirty minutes, erm, because I think that main course would have taken a bit longer because, you know, Russell came back and we started chatting, you know, how’s Evie and all that sort of thing, erm, so, I think he was still eating at the time, so we waited until he’d finished before we went”.

Fiona Payne, rogatory interview April 2008
I think, on the whole, I wasn’t really aware of people cross checking each other’s children, although on the night and previous nights there would have been the odd occasion where somebody was, was, was going and saying ‘Oh I’ve listened in at your door and your kids are fine’ or ‘I’ve checked on yours and they’re fine’, so there was a bit of that going on, but, on the whole, people checked their own children. Erm, and, again, on the actual night Madeleine was taken, that was, was very much different, I think, to, to previous nights, in that, there was probably more cross checking that night”.
but I’d say on, on the first few nights it all seemed, erm, fairly well spaced, you know, like people going together, that was just a feeling, a general feeling that I’m giving you. Erm, whereas, again, that differed on the Thursday night, in that, it seemed more, erm, out of, people were more out of synch.

David Payne, rogatory interview April 2008
1485 "Did you actually offer to check any of the children? I know you say that you didn’t have to check yours.”
Reply "Yeah, no I never, I never did offer to check.


  1. Rachael Oldfield:
    Gerry returned shortly after Jane.

    Does that mean Jane Tanner passed GMcC twice? Going to do her check and on her way back from her check.

  2. OK, so it seems that some thought there was more checking than usual and that things seemed out of sync re the previous nights.

    So who was the more agitated that night re movement? First off GM. Anyone else? and who thought things were different to the usual routine?

    Sorry being lazy becuse I could go back and work it out...

  3. I had picked up before on the comment that Jane Tanner got back after Mr McCann (can't remember where, now)

    But generally speaking, it would seem that everyone checked the McCanns children over the course of the four nights, somewhat ad hoc, yet it appears the McCanns never checked their friends children, they make no reference that they did.

    On the Thursday evening that Madeleine disappeared, the whole aspect of checking doesn't quite make sense. If Mr McCann checked his daughter, chatted then got back to the Tapas about 9.20, why wa it necessary for another check at 9.30. Think it was the recent Oprah show, that Mrs McCann said she got up to go, yet Mr Oldfield, getting up at the same time offered. Mr Oldfield checked at the same time as Mr O'Brien.

    Why was O'Brien checking, his partner had only just got back, more or less at the same time as Mr McCann.

    Time will tell the tale.


  4. ..."the interviewee states that during all the meals, he never went to his apartment or to any of the group's apartments, because he has an, "intercom," and the signal carries from the apartment to the restaurant."

    How convenient for David Payne that he had a baby-phone, and NEVER had to do any checking...
    and also so very convenient that his family was the only one with a flat on the 1st floor, conveniently away from the dangers of the street and intruders...unlucky Mccanns were assigned( by whom, I wonder?)the most vulnerable apartm., the only one from the whole group with a gate that opened directly to the road...
    Isn't it a bit odd that despite the fact that the Paynes, from the whole group, were the closest friends of the McCanns ( as the others seemed to be only sort of acquaintances), they did their best to be located as further away as possible from them?!

  5. There was a woman who went to Praia da Luz, to play Kate's role.
    What happened to the scenes they made with her?
    Did she suspect she was playing a false role, that Gerry's version could not be true, although it was a very short role?
    Did she find out an abduction would have been impossible and she refused to accept her role?
    Or was Amaral's documentary the reason Gerry gave up her scenes, and Kate herself played them, in England? You see the montage,Kate, an English door in an English house followed by pictures of the room in 5A?

  6. Stupid me, I should know better! I was watching the "novela" in TVI ( I confess, I do watch "novelas"), and, as it finished I started zapping through the tv channels and landed on SIC exactly on the moment when Oprah( it's on again, doubled in portuguese) asks them if the portuguese police is still looking for Madeleine, and smug-faced Gerry tells that the case was archived, secrecy law, it was a difficult time, we had no way of knowing what was being done, blablabla...blablabla...and Kate telling that no police force is loking , the burden is on their shoulders, it's their responsibility, blablabla...and there I was again giving my neighbors the "pleasure" of hearing me shout abuse at those two creeps! AAAAH! They were the first people ever,in that situation, in a portuguese investigation( as far as I know of) who had the priviledge to have a liaison officer from the police to brief them weekly about the investigation, other parents in their situation were completely unaware of the status of the investigations on their children's cases for years! And it is widely know that they had one insider(s) in the PJ feeding them information all along!
    By who's influence and demands did the portuguese investigation end up archived? And why are they still trying to fool the world with the notion that "poor wretched us, nobody will help us in the search for our daughter, we have to do it all by ourselves". They sound like a broken record! I shouted over and over again "WHY DON'T YOU DEMAND A PROPER INVESTIGATION BY THE BRITISH POLICE THEN"??? WHY HAVE YOU NEVER EVEN CONSIDER DOING IT???
    (my poor neighbors must be convinced that I've finally lost my "marbles")
    How I wish I could ask this to their faces! I wonder why and how, to this day, in the zillions of interviews they gave, not one single reporter asked them such a simple and obvious question, not even Oprah?!

    Rant over! ah...I feel better now!


  7. Rachel Oldfield -
    "Erm, and, again, on the actual night Madeleine was taken, that was, was very much different, I think, to, to previous nights, in that, there was probably more cross checking that night”.WHY was it 'very much different'??? WHY was there 'probably more cross checking that night'And what a peculiar turn of phrase to say that is was so very much different 'on the actual night Madeleine was taken.

    The use of the word actual might almost be taken to imply that there might have been rehearsals on previous nights.

    WHY didn't the Leicester police pay more attention to what was being said?


  8. Did you all notice that the Mccanns did not attrack the attention of the public for the spot on Madeleine's eyes, in Oprah?
    It is a very important detail and they forgot it.
    Too busy with themselves, showing their innocence.

  9. Why the Leicester police did not pay attention?
    They must have done but they had instructions not to show it and not to use it against anybody.

  10. Mccanns never checked other chidren, and somebody else was cheking theirs.
    (But just men, Matt, David..)

    Thanks KazLux, interesting reading

  11. I don't believe for a moment that they were checking on their children as often as they say they were.
    This is a story they made up to cover themselves.
    They are all lying through their teeth.

  12. Funny that the usual helpfull Dr.Payne was never checking any kids, its like they are keeping him well out of it..perhaps because he is the one the deepest in the mud!!!

  13. Hi SpeakYourMind,
    Gerry places David in the McCann's apartment on wednesday evening.
    He said so in his may 10th statement. Funny that, because David, in every statement we have seen of him, always says NEVER.

  14. Kazlux I have always said payne is in this up to his neck, he arranged the holiday, as you said he went to the apartment and is supposedly the last person to see Madeleine alive, He says thirty second visit, Gerry says thirty minutes, the allegations of lewd behaviour whilst discussing Madeleine , he uttered the words "WE HAVE A PACT THIS IS NOBODY ELSES BUSINESS" He advised the McCanns not to speak to the Embassy woman Yvonne and sat in the interviews...HE LOOKS LIKE MURAT!!! HE ALSO DID NOT RETURN FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION!!
    In my opinion it was accidental probably behind the sofa..Im not taken with the theory that she was looking for Gerry while he chatted with jez, the cadaver odour doesnt cover this as it wouldn have been long enough there to get the odour...just a theory..maybe she was geting away from the finger sucking Dr.Payne!!!?

  15. "WHY didn't the Leicester police pay more attention to what was being said?"

    By design and intent.

  16. have to agree with some of you.. definately think the men in group know something and the women are covering them - and they are def lying about frequency of checking. and it was only the men checking mccanns apartment unti kate went in at 10 - was that the same as the other nights? Thing is because they are all lying about the timelines then all the scenarios given could be possible. Clever people huh? Poor little Madeleine.

  17. These people are not just covering for Kate and Gerry they are covering for themselves, their jobs and reputations. This is a crime within a crime. Maddy died 3 years ago and it has been covered up by people who think more of their jobs, money and reputations than speaking the truth. Freedom of speech has been gagged. An innocent child died through her parents undeniable neglect and also because of theirs and their friends gratification. Poor Maddie what a miserable life she must have lived, but justice will be hers, it just has to be.

  18. Gerry McCann is a Freemason and no doubt has Freemason friends in Leicester Police Force as well as a lot of other places. Goncalo Amaral states in his book that the McCans were insistent on Leicester police force rather than Scotland Yard, which surprised him.

  19. Starbucks' voices on location...

    Starting point: Russell O'Brien, rogatory interview in April 2008 (as quoted above): "I think I, I think I definitely took Matt and Rachael’s keys, but I entered Gerry’s flat through the patio door”.

    Sinclair: "So, it seems the patio door could have been left open...the implication being that if Dr. O'Brien could enter the apartment that way, then anyone could..."

    Wasp: "I vaguely remember reading something Dr. Kate McCann said to the effect that the patio door was left open in case of fire so that the children could flee..."

    Akira: "She is also on record saying the children could not have opened the patio door from the inside. In other words, the door was left open for the children even if...?"

    This is when Herr Gunther interrupted...

    "Would you call that a white elephant or a red herring?"

    What the hell was Gunther talking about now?



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