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Rogério Alves: “There is no evidence that she is dead”

The McCanns’ lawyer considers the couple’s hope to find their daughter “normal” and asserts that there is no “friction” between the couple and Portuguese police

“There is no evidence that Madeleine has died”, states Rogério Alves, Gerry and Kate McCann’s lawyer, to tvi24.pt. Therefore, he defends, “it’s normal that they hope to find her alive”. The attorney also recalls that the process was archived, but the essential is lacking: “to find the little girl”.

When questioned whether the indications that the English dogs detected meant nothing, Rogério Alves is assertive in his reply: “That’s nothing but fiction and I have to deal with reality. Those are interpretations, without nexus, of loose aspects, that obviously do not have the virtuality that people want to attribute to them”. Therefore, “it doesn’t deserve to lose much time with it”.

The dogs’ empire

The media’s insistence on that point of the investigation even leads the McCanns’ defendant to use some irony: “I think that canine fidelity to those indications is funny. It’s the dogs’ empire. A sort of investigation in the hands of dogs. It makes no sense whatsoever”.

But he asserts, so that no doubts are left: “There is no friction, no incompatibility between the Portuguese police and the couple”. “Everything relevant that the parents find out will always be communicated” to the authorities.

The fact that the case was archived “without answers” is not an exclusive of Portugal. “The police didn’t find out what happened, but that could have happened in England, in France or in the United States. Many times, the authorities don’t find out”, he explains to tvi24.pt. And he adds: “I have no doubts that the police did what it could, but there are missing children’s cases, and other cases, that take years to be solved”.

No special treatment

Rogério Alves also denies that his clients “had any special treatment”, given by authorities, and justifies: “They were made arguidos, wrongly from my point of view, and wrongly from the point of view of the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária, but they were. Then, later on, the investigation progressed and it was concluded that there were no indications to accuse them”.

“To me”, the lawyer proceeds, “Gerry and Kate are no longer the arguidos in the process. They are a father and a mother who suffered, like any father or mother knows, one of the most painful things that can happen. That is how I see them. Everything else is the phenomenon in the media”.

Stopped process

For the couple’s defendant, the possible reopening of the process has a “secondary value for the parents”. “What is important, for them, is that new leads appear to help them to find their daughter. They are parents who have done everything, but really everything, to find her. If that happens to go through the reopening of the case, later on, great”, he defends.

Despite the process being “stopped in juridical terms”, Rogério Alves has no doubt whatsoever “that the Portuguese authorities investigate every apt lead that deserves to be investigated”.

“Imagine that today someone calls the police and says he saw the child. If the police thinks that the information is apt, they don’t need to file a request to reopen the process and to investigate. A preliminary data analysis is already a diligence”, he adds.

There may still be lawsuits

The issue is old, but it hasn’t been forgotten. Just like Maddie. The lawyer confirms that “the possibility to sue some Portuguese media is still being studied”. “I don’t know whether that is going to happen or not, but it’s a scenario that has not been put aside yet”.

Concerning the possibility of suing former Polícia Judiciária inspector Gonçalo Amaral, Rogério Alves prefers not to reveal “anything about the dialogue” that he holds with his clients, and merely asserts that “what has to be done will be done”. “This case can only be understood under one light: there is a father and a mother who will fight until the end of their strength to find out what happened to their daughter and who keep the hope to find her alive, intact”, he concluded.

source: IOL Portugal Diário, 03.05.2009


  1. sounds like Alves is a member of "the Flat Earth Society".

    The McCann's are hardly going to employ someone who believes the dogs findings are correct.

    McCann's your time is nearly up.

  2. What ever he say, we have to remember that he is paid by mccanns.
    Therefore, worthless for me personally.

  3. "there is no evidence she is dead"

    And worse: there is no evidence she was abducted, not at all.

    No traces on the window, on that bed, only Kate's finger prints on the window, no space behind the sleeping room door, she did not sleep in her bed that night...

    And the Smiths!!!!!!!!!!!

    They saw Gerry.

  4. Interesting the speach of rogério Alves, lawyer....
    It was reported some time ago that he has political ambitions as to candidate himself to President of republic ahahaha portuguese always had a good sense to choose PR.
    Ht seams arrived from Mars.

  5. It's a miracle that this "shark" still has any teeth left in his mouth, despite the lieing and the spinning! How he still dares to show his face whitout covering his head with a bag in shame baffles me! When the whole world alredy knew the McCanns and their friends would never return for a reconstituction, he covered himself with shame and discredit by openly lieng on tv affirming that they would come, surelly they would come...and now he still claims that all is well between the Mcs and the police, "no
    friction"! AHAHAH! You're so funny Mr.Alves! Do you think we're all fools? We have eyes and ears, and we know that you're LIEING!

  6. “Everything relevant that the parents find out will always be communicated” to the authorities."

    Yeah, to their buddies, the Leicester Constabulary?...oh, but only the everything relevant that can be used to shame the PJ I bet!

  7. "The fact that the case was archived “without answers” is not an exclusive of Portugal. “The police didn’t find out what happened, but that could have happened in England, in France or in the United States. Many times, the authorities don’t find out”, he explains to tvi24.pt. And he adds: “I have no doubts that the police did what it could, but there are missing children’s cases, and other cases, that take years to be solved”."

    But I bet they don't do it when the investigation was only half-way through, with many diligences still to be done and so many loose ends to tie up.

  8. E Barra da Costa é outro que tal! Acabei de o ver na TVI ( Você na TV) a dizer algo como "os pais íam correr o risco, tendo encontrado a filha morta às 9 horas, e de terem de a esconder às pressas, de chamar a polícia pouco depois, para esta vir e encontrar os gémeos a dormir, talvez sedados...porque é que não esperariam pelas 6 da manhã para dar o alerta, tendo assim tido a noite toda para fazer o que tinha que ser feito?"
    Fico sempre perplexa com as afirmações deste sr., nunca percebo patavina do que diz ou do que pretende dizer...parece que fala por enigmas, não se percebe muito bem se acusa ou defende e a quem.
    Pena o programa não receber chamadas em tempo real, apeteceu-me ligar e perguntar-lhe como iriam os pais explicar à polícia, às 6 da matina, que acordaram e viram que a filha tinha desaparecido, mas que apesar do barulhão que o raptor devia ter feito a arrombar a janela, eles não deram por nada! Irra! Será assim tão difícil perceber que a criança tinha de desaparecer na ausência dos pais? Ou será que sou(somos) assim tão estúpida(os)?

  9. Remember he is just another lying employee of the McCann disinformation machine. Another lying pig eating from the McCann trough.
    He is paid from the McCann’s fund that was supposed to be for finding Madeline but now is just a money mill to promote the smoke and mirrors generated by the McCann machine to hide the fact that they and they alone are responsible for what happened to their daughter.
    Also remember that most children who are subjected to abuse both sexual and violent are abused by those closes to them.
    The only persons close to Madeleine on her holiday in Portugal were her parents and their swinging friends she was betrayed by them and not taken by some fictitious phantom in the night .

  10. This man R. Alves, is just part of the system that makes Portuguese democracy appear as a joke. He is one of the many involved in the McC circus, where we Portuguese are kept in the same position as some lost the Second World War.
    He is a lawyer and a very good one, so stop looking for any sense of justice, morality or ethics. These people are a bunch of hopeless liars who impersonate what Humanity can produce at its worst. If one believes in God and His justice, there is hope. But if one is rather on the agnostic side like I am, this case shall be another one where the fight between Evil and Goodness will end with Evil one more time being victorious.
    Dr Gonçalo Amaral, may you win this battle! First for the Little One, for yourself, the second victim of this masquerade, and for us Portuguese People, who have to put up with the most corrupted, mediocre and disgusting establishment in all European Union.

    From a Portuguese Citizen living in United Kingdom.

  11. Este senhor é advogado de defesa dos mccann logo,tal como o nome indica,é pago para os defender e descredibilizar todas as provas e testemunhas que possam pôr em causa a inocência do casal.

    O dinheiro não é tudo na vida, Sr Rogério Alves.Não sei se tem filhos, mas se os tem olhe bem para eles e pense na menina que morreu e cuja imagem e memória tem sido constantemente usada e abusada.E se fizessem o mesmo aos seus filhos?
    Se pensa que este caso é um troféu na sua carreira engana-se.É uma nódoa que nunca conseguirá retirar não só do seu currículo como da sua vida.

  12. The British media is reporting today that the McCanns have described looking for Madeleine as a 'life sentence'. But if they truly believe she is alive - as they and their representatives keep insisting - why do they act as if they are fully aware that she will never be found? Surely if she is alive, she could be found tomorrow? But they have forgotten that aspect of what they are saying. On one hand they are keeping up the appearance of searching for their daughter and on the other hand they make it clear that they know she can never be found. And I can't bear to think about why they can be so certain that she can never be found.

  13. É muito engraçado o Dr.
    Estudam e aprendem tanto....e ganham.......e enrolam.....


    Pergunte a quem sabe onde está o corpo.Pode ser? Penso que deve perguntar a quem lhe paga,neste caso; o caso dos mcs.Com habilidade até consegue.Ah! Mas ficava sem eles.

  14. If all is well between the McCanns and the Police why do the McCanns not ask for the process to be re-opened?

  15. alves, Cut the bullshit - just talk us through that abduction theory once again - only this time without the obvious contradictions and lies!!


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