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Too busy with Madeleine McCann to help you!

A CHARITY set up to provide help and support to relatives of missing people has refused to publicise cases – in favour of Madeleine McCann.

Today is the second anniversary of the Leicestershire youngster’s disappearance.

In addition to the details of the six year-old’s disappearance, Missing People features a further 24 Midland cases on its website.

The Sunday Mercury contacted the charity, asking if they could help us to raise the profile of a local family suffering similar turmoil to the McCanns.

But they told us: “Sorry, we won’t help you.”

And they added that it would be “too time consuming” for its staff to do, and said they would prefer to keep the focus on Madeleine McCann this weekend.

Amazingly Missing People is still claiming that more needs to be done to help families whose loved ones disappear.

And the charity’s director of policy and research, Geoff Newiss, has issued another satement saying: “Two years on and Madeleine McCann’s disappearance from Praia da Luz continues to highlight the need for better services and support for families affected.

“Families like Madeleine McCann’s need more help with the emotional, social and practical impacts that occur when someone they love goes missing.”

“Madeleine is a vulnerable missing child. Her family are in the same desperate situation as the 1,000 other UK families the charity currently supports, all living in limbo.”

A Birmingham councillor has hit out at the charity’s snub and has vowed to raise the issue of missing city children.

Coun Reg Corns (Con, Northfield), said he will use his position as vice chairman of the children and education overview and scrutiny committee to highlight the problem.

He said it was all too easy for high profile national cases, such as Madeleine, to dominate the headlines.

“This results in local cases being brushed under the carpet,” he said.

“At one time there was a campaign to put the faces of missing children onto the side of milk cartons but that doesn’t seem to be happening any more.

“I am going to ask the question: how we are currently organising searching for missing children and what arrangements are in place?”

A spokeswoman for Missing People said: “While the charity continues to assist these families in their search for information, and to raise awareness with the public, Missing People has taken the decision not to contact other families with media enquiries in regards to Madeleine McCann’s specific campaign.

“The charity feels that doing so would not only take the focus from the individual missing person’s case, but we also feel it would be inappropriate that, while these families have to live with the pain of a loved one’s disappearance every day, the media only recognises the plights of these families on the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.”

Source: Sunday Mercury


  1. It beggars belief! I'm fumming with anger!
    This attitude must be reported to the European Human Rights Court! If that charity was not created with the sole purpose of helping the Madeleine McCann case,then it must be open and be ready to help other cases!
    I hope that legal action will be taken by whoever is entitled to do it!

  2. Os mccann e os seus protectores estão assustados com o que a população da luz sabe e com o tal processo contra o casal.Tem sido visível, nos últimos dias, a insinuação dos media ingleses de que alguém na Praia da Luz sabe o q aconteceu à Madeleine.Nota-se perfeitamente tb a tentativa de tentar passar, em Inglaterra, a ideia de q estas pessoas são egoístas e desumanas pq estão a tentar impedir os pobre mmccanns de achar a filha só pq os negócios vão mal naquela zona! Acredito q em breve irão afirmar q os habitantes da Praia da Luz sabem quem é o raptor da Madeleine e q estão a protegê-lo. Aos habitantes desta tão maltratada e injustiçada aldeia eu desejo a maior das sortes e muita força.Não desistam.

  3. Terrível e desgraçado monopólio vindo de uma? instituição de caridade?????????

    do anónimo aqui ao meu lado copio pois eu já achei estranho o depoimento de 1 funcionária? do ocean? e vindo da pro-sic.

    "...em breve irão afirmar q os habitantes da Praia da Luz sabem quem é o raptor da Madeleine e q estão a protegê-lo.."

    Anon das 13:10 desculpe ter usado o seu texto.Mas,penso o mesmo. Já está a cheirar a ESTURRO:

    A funcionária? do ocean? fala 1º públicamente? unnnnnhhhhhhhhh
    Com tanta marosca se isto for a sério ,deveria ter falado com quem deve em 1ºlugar .

    Os smith foram calados ou usados.

  4. Sadly, I'm not surprised. My best friend, Lilly Aramburo went missing 2 years ago from Miami, FL Since then, I've been her family spokesperson, advocating on her behalf. From day 1 it was a nightmare to deal with police, not to mention the difficulty to get media to cover her case. I never expected to encounter problems with nonprofits and organizations whose missions are to help missing people. But I have, A LOT. Last year a "victims advocate" lied to me about evidence & dragged an innocent man through the mud, and blatantly ignored me after the fact. Just to get me to promote her and her internet radio show. That's just 1 example. I was also contacted by some people who claimed to want to help me raise awareness for Lilly ~ I was backstabbed by them as well. I think families suffering from the loss of a loved one should be EXTREMELY careful about who they deal with. There are a few organizations I know of from the top of my head that are not in it to be helpful but rather in it for fame and personal gain. I encourage families to use the internet to their advantage. I wrote an entire post about this called "Free online resources for finding missing persons using social media" Check it out here:

    I hope someone can learn from my bad experience. Never trust anyone without them earning your trust first. And still be very careful.


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