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Watch The McCanns On Oprah Here - Updated

Oprah Winfrey's programme about the McCann couple will be broadcasted today by SIC, at midnight GMT.(first published at 04/05/09)

Watch Gonçalo Amaral's Documentary, based on his book 'Maddie, The Truth of The Lie'.- Currently being censored in the UK. Inner Link: 'The documentary the McCanns don't want you to see' or External Link: Blip TV

Full Audio Transcript by Stevo from Truth for Madeleine

Narrator: In their first interview in America, Oprah talks to Madeleine McCann's parents

Oprah: You have been vilified all over the world. What do you want to say about that?

Do you think that someone was watching your family?

Will there come a point when you will say enough?

What life is like now without their daughter.

Do you believe she is still alive?

The new search for Madeleine next.

Oprah Voice Over: Someone somewhere knows what happened to MM. It's a story that captured the world and terrified parents all over the world. Two years ago, two years ago, little Madeleine vanished on a family vacation in Portugal. She was only 3 years old.

It was the spring of 2007. Kate and Gerry McCann were enjoying a family vacation in Praia da Luz Portugal with their two year old twins Sean and Amelie and 3 year old Madeleine.

Clip - Kate: They were having a great time and the kids and Madeleine in particular was having a ball.

Oprah VO: The McCanns were travelling with several other families and some nights the parents would put their children to bed and meet up at the resort's Tapas restaurant less than 100 yards away. The adults would take turns checking on their children every half hour.

Clip - Gerry: It seemed a fairly natural sort of thing to do was so close so you could actually see the apartment.

Clip - Kate: There was absolutely no way if I had had the slightest inkling that there was a risk involved there that I would have done it.

Oprah - VO: On the fifth night at around 10 o'clock it was Kate's turn to check on the children

Clip - Kate: It was on the third check which was my check erm that I went erm, and I discovered Madeleine had been taken and I just ran and say not Madeleine not Madeleine not Madeleine and I can just remember saying that over and over and over again.

Oprah: Madeleine was missing and the search was on. The next day her parents Kate and Gerry held their first press conference. It would prove to be the beginning of an international media frenzy.

Clip - Gerry: Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and sister

Oprah - VO: Within hours of that emotional plea. News of the McCann's tragedy traveled around the world.

Various clips...Beckham/Pope etc.

Oprah - VO: After searching tirelessly for four months with few solid leads the McCanns became suspects or what the Portuguese call Arguidos.

Lawyer in Portimão: Kate and Gerry McCann have both been today declared Arguidos.

Oprah - VO: With that stunning news Kate and Gerry decided to leave Portugal - the last place they've seen their daughter Madeleine.

Gerry at EMA: Whilst it's heartbreaking to return to the UK without Madeleine, it does not mean we've given up our search for her. Despite there being so much we'd wish to say we are unable to do so except to say this "we have played no part in the disappearance of our lovely daughter Madeleine".

Oprah (Studio): Well Kate and Gerry were officially cleared as suspects in the case of their missing daughter last July and the McCanns are here today for their first interview in the United States. Thank you for joining us.

Kate and Gerry: Thank you

Oprah: I know this is a really hard time cause it's two years exactly.

Kate: It is yeah

Oprah: Uh huh...how are you?

Kate: Erm [sigh] we'll we're still going. Erm, we're working really hard and we have our better days and our not so good days erm but we're persevering and we're pressing on whilst there's hope.

Oprah: Anniversaries harder than other days or about the same?

Kate: I, I cannot believe that two years has passed I mean I cannot believe it's two years since I've seen Madeleine and she's had two years without being with her family where she should be, so from that point of view it's a real significant mark.

Oprah: Do you believe she is still alive?

Gerry: There's absolutely no reason to believe that she's not alive and I think that's the key thing and...

Oprah: Is that wishful thinking, hopeful thinking or is there some part of you that feels it, senses it, or does...just does not want to give up

Kate: I think it's partly fact in that you know, there's no evidence at all to suggest that Madeleine's come to any harm. Erm, part of me that, you know I do feel she's there, you know that connection is there, now whether that's just because I'm her mother and erm that will always be there that bond I don't know but, I don't feel that she's that far away you know

Oprah: Well I, you know, I'd read something that said there were times even you know early on after she err went missing that you would say I want I hope that whoever has her gives her her blanket I hope that whoever has her is keeping her warm I hope that whoever has her...

Kate: I mean it's funny, it's you know, I mean as a mum it's things like that you worry about as well you know. Is someone brushing her teeth. Is someone rubbing her tummy when she's not feeling well. You know, it's all those things as a mother you do and you should be doing and...

Oprah: But then do you let yourself go to the worst sometimes?

Kate: I mean I do I think it's natural and you know I know people mean well and they say don't let yourself go there and it's not going to help going there but as, as a mum inevitably there are times when I do and they're the times that I kind of dip down erm obviously I'm going to worry about her constantly you know...

Oprah: I would imagine there have been many times when you have dipped down. In this past two year cycle so much has happened what has been the worst for you were there times when you thought you wouldn't get through it?

Kate: I mean I think nothing is gonna be worse than those early days really. It was horrific, it was awful and I don't believe there can be a greater pain.

Gerry: It's something that you know, no parent should have to go through. It is just the most devastating horrible sensation err fear for your child and your whole existence, your family existence.

Oprah: Yeah, yeah, we'll be right back with Kate and Gerry McCann

Clips in Rothley: slushy music...

Kate: You know we tried very hard erm to have a baby and err it took many years err until I got pregnant and the day Madeleine was born it was the, the most special day of me life and I did actually believe she was a real gift to us...

...I just can't believe how I you know...after five years of desperately trying to have children to suddenly having three it was great it was just lovely we were just so happy..

...I never had a day where I took my children for granted erm having been through what I'd been through. But you actually forget how precious life is erm until something awful happens and you realise just how perfect our life was.

Twinkly music - Gerry/Kate looking solemn.

Kate: You know it's only a couple of years since I've seen her but for someone so young erm I just thought she's quite amazing

Video from Xmas 2008...happy and you know it...

Kate: It's obviously quite hard thinking about it....sorry. She was just really good company you know just err. She just I mean...she just she's like my little friend sort of all the time...

...the ones that Madeleine has done I just can't pull down to be honest. Yeah it says here "Madeleine Donegal - Easter/2007" and that was erm the April we went to Portugal.

You know I look back and think oh why can't we just rewind the clock and it takes you back to really happy memories you know, things that you really enjoyed and it's just a reminder really of what isn't here anymore.

Oprah: Ooh..that’s hard...it's hard. The McCanns are here today for their first interview in the United States. Well you know you have been vilified all over the world for having dinner with your friends that night and the proximity you know less than a hundred yards away and leaving your children, the twins and Madeleine alone. And I'm sure you have beaten yourself up many times over that. Obviously if you could do it differently you would at this point.

Kate: Absolutely.

Oprah: Yeah, so what do you want to say about that?

Kate: I mean erm as you say I know I can persecute myself everyday about that and I feel awful that we weren't there at that minute and somebody took an opportunity to take Madeleine erm but if there'd been a second where'd I'd had to consider is this ok to do this it just would not have happened, it just would not have...

Oprah: Because this was, you all had done this every night for five nights straight, is what I'd read. So you'd done it every night and never thought err we are endangering our children or maybe we shouldn't do it.

Gerry: I think no we felt very safe and, and a quite a lot of resorts in Europe there is a baby listening service and we were, we were doing that ourselves within the group in actually going in to the apartments.

Oprah: So there's a group of seven friends was it?

Gerry: There was nine adults in total erm and that's what we were doing and really we were just checking to make sure none of the kids were crying.

Oprah: How man, how many children are being checked on there?

Gerry: There were eight

Oprah: Eight children?

Gerry: Yeah

Kate: Three, three families

Gerry: Can I, can I just say I think the worst thing about you know, the fact that many people have blamed us and villified us and and with hindsight you know it was clearly a mistake with hindsight but the worst thing for me about that is there's an abductor out there and that person stole our child and went into an apartment and took a child and he's anonymous and blameless.

Oprah: You believe it was a he?

Gerry: Almost certainly a male almost certainly

Oprah: And is that because one of your friends Jane...

Gerry and Kate: Tanner

Oprah: ...had seen was err explain to me because I had read that she was coming out of her villa at nine fifteen. So let's go back to that night if you don't mind.

Gerry: Yeah

Oprah: Let's go back to the night. Nine oh-five, you all are at dinner and you made the-the-the check at nine so you're checking every half hour.

Gerry: It was actually nine o'clock while the whole group were in the restaurant and one of our friend's Matt already went up and checked his err daughter and as he came back I went up to check on Madeleine [hesitation] and the twins and I went into the apartment and err really just checking the crying and the door...

Oprah: Checking to see if there was any crying

Gerry: Yeah that was it and the door was erm open more, I'd, I'd left it just ajar about 5 degrees and we checked them before we left and they were sound asleep

Oprah: Which door are you talking about?

Gerry: This is the bedroom door, to err their room, the three children were in the same room so I actually stepped into the room and the twins were sound asleep and Madeleine was lying in her bed exactly where she was when I left, Cuddle Cat up beside her head on her blanket and err and I closed the door and went to...

Oprah: And this is about nine-oh-five?

Gerry: Just yeah, so I went outside and I was outside the apartment and I met err one of the other guests and he was coming the other way with his kid and I actually crossed the road to erm to chat to him and we were sort of chatting for about five minutes and during that, Jane went to check on her children and it was at that point she was just passed us going up to the corner and she saw a man carrying a young girl with almo.. she described independently the pyjamas that Madeleine had on and she didn't see the child's face she didn't you know she saw me there she'd seen that I'd just been in the apartment and so she at the time she thought it was something odd but it didn't raise enough alarm bells to challenge the person or anything

Kate: The child was barefoot and bare armed and he had a quite heavy jacket on so I think it was one of those things that just seemed a little bit odd but obviously it's not until later on that you realise.

Oprah: So this is the sketch of that person that err your friend Jane err remembers seeing but Jane, Jane didn't say anything when she came back to the table, yeah, because she saw you standing there.

Gerry: Yeah yeah

Oprah: So erm you discovered that Madeleine was missing so you checked it about 9:05 another friend sees this man at 9:15 and you went back to check again at...

Kate: Well actually at 9:30 I stood up to go and check on Madeleine, because it was my turn. And at the same time Matt our friend stood up and we both started walking and he said well I'm going to check on G***e they were the next apartment to us he said "I'll check on Madeleine" and he hesitated a bit and then he said "no, I'll check" so he went to check at half nine came back said fine everything's fine so I then went at 10 o'clock the next check erm...

Oprah: Did he see her in the bed at 9:30?

Kate: No he just went in and listened and there was no crying

Oprah: So he came back and said everything's fine cause you all everybody's just checking to see if there's crying and there's no crying so everything's fine and so then you went at ten.

Kate: I went at ten and I went into the apartment and there was no crying I stopped and there was no crying. And then I just noticed that the door was quite open

Oprah: Which door?

Kate: Their bedroom door sorry, and we usually have the door as Gerry said sort of not closed but ajar just so that a little bit of light gets in and it's not too dark in the room so I thought oh Matt must have gone in and left the door open

Oprah: same thing he thought

Kate: Yeah, so I thought well I'll just close it over again, and as I went to close it over it slammed shut and I thought and it was like sort of you know a draught had caused it to shut so I turned behind me and I thought are the patio doors open and they were closed and I thought well that's strange so then I opened the door thinking I'll open it ajar a bit again and that was when I kind of looked into the room and when I just looked and it was quite dark and I was just looking and looking at Madeleine's bed and I was thinking is that her that I was looking for why isn't Madeleine there? And then in the end I walked over and thought oh, she's not in bed and then I thought maybe she's wandered through to our bed and that's why the door's open so I went through to our bedroom and she wasn't there and then I kind of see then I'm starting to panic a bit and I ran back into their room and literally as I went back into their room the curtains that were drawn over just "foooosh" flew open and that's when I saw that the shutter was right up and the window was pushed right oper. And that was when I just knew that erm someone had taken her. So I, I mean I ran to the window and I didn't know what I thought was going to see but I ran to the window and then I quickly hmm quickly looked through the wardrobes I had I suppose this temporary thought she was cowering in a wardrobe or something anyway she wasn't there and I just ran out and soon as...

Oprah: was she in a closet, in a closet?

Kate: Yeah just in case, just in case she's hiding or something I don't know and then I just went flying out the backdoor and erm ran to Gerry and just as soon as I saw the table where they were sitting I just started shouting "someone's taken her, Madeleine's gone" you know and erm that's how it all started really but erm [hyperventilates]

Oprah: Why did you feel immediately, I'd heard that you'd said "They've taken her, they've taken her"

Kate: nnnn....I didn't say that I said, said "somebody's taken her Madeleine's gone". Well from the way I found the room it was obvious because a child could not open those shutters and the window

Oprah: uh huh

Kate: erm so it was obvious to me

Gerry: You know when she came back and she she shouted "someone's taken her" and there was just disbelief

Kate: Taken her that's fine they all jumped up and they were saying if Kate don't worry she's fine, she's fine she'll be there she'll be there and I said she's gone, she's - tak, somebody's taken her you know it was just like...

Gerry: And the way the room was you know.

Kate: It was just like disbelief you know...

Gerry: The way that window was and the shutter up and the window open there was no way Madeleine could have done that err at that age and err it was just terrifying.

Oprah: Madeleine was almost as they said four or sixth birthday will be May 12th erm and recently the McCanns had this age progression done by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children with the hope that the search for their daughter Madeleine will continue. Here's what three year old Madeleine looked like when she disappeared and here is what experts believe that she will look like today. Almost six, on May the 12th is her birthday. We will be right back.

Narrator: Coming up....

Oprah: First of all tell us why you seemed not as emotional

Rothley sequence

Kate: In the last kind of few hours that I spent with Madeleine were lovely. Erm she was really tired, very very tired, erm after she'd tea, dinner erm we went back to the apartment erm, bathed all the kids, and then we, we sat on the couch and we read some stories and, had a few little treats and we were all cuddled in and it was nice. It was erm it was warm and loving and erm. And I can remember it quite vividly. Mmmh. Yeah I can visualise it as I'm speaking.

End sequence

Oprah: Well two years ago Madeleine McCann vanished while on vacation with her family in Portugal. Her parents Kate and Gerry are here today because they want the world to know they are still searching for their little girl and they believe that someone, somewhere knows something about her, her disappearance. How often do you think about those last moments?

Kate: Quite a lot I mean, they were really special actually it was funny in a way because that night at that time was more significant than previous nights I remember everything I mean she took my engagement ring off and put it on her finger which she she did quite frequently and err...you know I can remember the stories I read you know.

Oprah: What did you read?

Kate: Oh it was one of her favourite stories which is called Mog which is about a cat and, I mean a story we read which seems ironic now but the story we read erm the last story is "when you're happy and you know it"

Oprah: uh huh

Kate: and err...

Oprah: And so when you came and realised that your daughter was missing and you're in a foreign country at the time you made a decision you know an effort to try to get her picture out to try to err engage the media, is that true?

Gerry: It wasn't [sigh] so much a conscious decision after a few hours erm some of our friends were saying that we'd contact the media, contact the media you know at least Portuguese police were saying no, no media, no media and we were desperate at that point

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: The overwhelming feeling was like helplessness. Absolute helplessness I mean you're absolutely desperate I mean this is our daughter who you just love beyond words and every second is like hours you know...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: and nothing can happen quick enough...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: so you just want as many people as you can out there looking...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: praying...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: closing borders, you know...

Gerry: I think yeah...

Kate: to try and get her back

Oprah: I think that's a really powerful statement I never actually, never thought of it that way before but I'm sure other parents who are watching you or anybody who's had a child missing understands what you mean when you say "nothing can happen quick enough"

Kate: And you know Oprah...

Oprah: ...nothing can happen quick enough...

Kate: It was so dark...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: it was dark, erm I've never had such a long night it was dark and you're just praying for the light you know to come up to get out there it's just...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: There's a feeling of utter helplessness as well and erm it's interesting cause although there's been a lot of negative those early days there was just an incredible power that people wanted to help us

Oprah: yeah in the early days

Gerry: yeah yeah I mean and

Oprah: and then that turned

Gerry: it did yeah

Oprah: Yeah, can we go back to that press conference that was four days afterwards cause there was a press conference that was held err just four days after Madeleine disappeared Kate made another plea to the public for her return, let's watch that.

Press Conference Clip:

Kate: Madeleine is a beautiful, bright, funny, and caring little girl. She is so special. Please, please do not hurt her. Please don't scare her. Please tell us where to find her or pla - put her in a place of safety and let somebody know where she is. We beg you to let Madeleine come home.

Oprah: Well the tabloids used that press conference against the McCanns saying that Kate's lack of emotion implied that she was guilty, so, first of all tell us why you seemed err not as emotional.

Kate: I mean there were two aspects really, I'd spent seventy two hours I think crying erm and then suddenly almost feel like a little bit numb it's really hard to describe you know

Oprah: Yeah so I just want to verify that cause I had read that before the conference a behavioural expert spoke to you

Kate: certainly in the first week yeah

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: and they said it's quite important that you don't show any emotion erm because the abductor could get some kind of I don't know some adverse kick out of it and I tell you when someone says to you, you know if you do this or you, you know you get a feeling from them that if you do this it could be detrimental in some way to your daughter

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: I mean it's huge pressure on you to, to do that I mean the last thing I want obviously is to cause any extra further harm to Madeleine so...

Oprah: do you regret taking that advice?

Kate: No, I mean it was advice that was given with the best intention

Oprah: yeah

Kate: and I have to take expert advice you know I mean

Gerry: Who can judge how you're going to react?

Oprah: right...

Gerry: You know how many people have been in that situation?

Oprah: uh huh...we'll be right back

Narrator: Coming up

Oprah: And then there were the hurtful rumours that you accidentally caused her, her death.

Clip: Kate holding Madeleine as a baby

Oprah: How has your marriage been through all of this because a lot of marriages, a lot of people get pulled apart

Gerry: Hmmm, I think you know a child abduction I think could destroy any family, there's no doubt about it erm it's, it's one of the most devastating things and then if you look what's happened to us subsequently but we, we've been supported tremendously well

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: and I think that's helped us stay strong and stay together

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...and obviously we're really united in our goal and our love of Madeleine and Sean and Amelie.

Oprah: Once you were made official suspects, erm what was that moment like for you?

Kate: [sigh] Oh it was err, there were two things really I mean one it was incredibly upsetting cause you know just when you think things can't get any worse but actually it made me very angry erm and I know anger is not a good emotion but, it suddenly dawned on me that they weren't looking for Madeleine. They weren't looking for Madeleine and they weren't looking for the abductor and I just, I just felt so angry on her behalf I thought she just deserves so much more than that and suddenly when that happened and I got angry I just felt strong I just thought I'm going to fight you to the death for Madeleine you know, she needs us to be there and I just, suddenly, I don't know I just kind of got strength from somewhere.

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: I think though that that when the policeman told us they were going to be reinterviewed as arguido I mean it's a slightly odd legal situation, it really means a person of interest to the enquiry it's not really you know that you're being charged you can be declared arguido if you're have to answer questions which may incriminate yourself but I think Kate just turned round and said "what are you trying to do, destroy our family?" you know and you'd already had the biggest insult you could have as a parent and then to be accused or err it was suggested you were involved in your own daughter's disappearance...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...that was pretty bad.

Oprah: And then there were the, the, the hurtful rumours that you drugged Madeleine or that you gave her sedatives that you err accidentally caused her, her death.

Kate: [long pause] I mean we know it's all lies

Gerry: It's just nonsense you know there's no that people can have theories and that's all it is there's no evidence to support any of that and it's absolute ludicrous you know and it's....

Oprah: Did you understand at first though because in our country I don't know obviously you've heard of the Susan Smith case which was over fifteen years ago woman who stood up

Gerry: Yeah Kate's....

Oprah: and killed her children...and I think that's what changed the way everybody thought about child abduction particularly in our country after Susan Smith L-I-E-D in public

Gerry: it's it's...

Oprah: ...and, and it turns out she's the one that put her children in the lake.

Gerry: It was, it was interesting though cause Kate's aunt who lives in Vancouver she was talking about when we'd been accused of having lack of emotion and she, she cited this...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...err woman's case and saying she was screaming and wailing and balling...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...you know and you think you know that doesn't mean anything you know

Oprah: yeah it doesn't mean anything...

Gerry: but it, it was and it's quite hard you know you can you just deny things and it's like well you know, does a denial change anyone's mind

Oprah: mmmh...

Gerry: ...and it's quite hard you know once you've been smeared like that it's actually how do you prove, how do you prove a negative

Kate: How do you prove innocence?

Oprah: Yeah. Her birthday is May 12th.

Kate: [makes tut noise]

Oprah: And will you celebrate that birthday? Will there be an acknowledgement of that birthday?

Kate: We haven't planned anything yet certainly last year we had a party, just close family and we had a birthday cake and Sean and Amelie knew it was Madeleine's birthday and erm sis

Oprah: Do they remember her?

Kate: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they're amazing honestly

Oprah: they're four now, they're four...yeah

Kate: yeah, yeah...

Gerry: I mean it's hard cause they're older than Madeleine was when she was taken now err but those days when you just when things are really bad and you just want to crawl under a rock and never and just say make it all go away Sean and Amelie will just come out with something like "when Madeleine comes back I'm going to give her this" and they talk about her all the time you know she's, she's a big part of their life now and err and you just think you know if Madeleine walks through the door, if we find Madeleine today for Sean and Amelie it'll, it'll feel like she'd never been away and that it err it when you're really struggling they just give you that energy and drive to, to carry on and, and I suppose it's like one of the things we were saying a lot just now is we can't give up never give up on Madeleine.

Oprah: So when you think of her though do you think of her as her almost four year old self or do you think of her as the photo. Let's show the photo err again of what we believe she would look like today. Do you think of her as being...

Kate: No I mean I think of her as she was really cause that's the Madeleine that we know and that's the Madeleine we have memories of and you know the pictures of when she was nearly four tell a story you know we can relate that picture to our time with Madeleine erm I, I don't actually know this little girl you know erm but

Oprah: but if she came back....

Kate: Oh yeah...

Oprah: ...you'd be willing to yeah...

Kate: Oh yeah I'd know 'er if she went past me I'd know 'er for sure

Oprah: We'll be right back.

Rothley Clips:

Sean and Amelie on swing: We're just, we're just, we're just gonna pick some cheese

Kate pushing swing: Getting some cheese on the moon ok

Kate VO: Life has to go on you know if we didn't function then we'd achieve nothing.

Kate to twins: C'mon then I think we need to get ready though.

Kate: If I was so consumed with the, the pain and grief then you know I wouldn't be doing my job as a mother to Sean and Amelie and not for Madeleine you know we still need to find her.

Kate: It's those times that obviously all the emotion comes flooding out and whilst that is important you couldn't do it all the time so yes you know, meals have to be cooked washing has to be done.

Gerry: Bedtime, let's get a story ready

Kate: Sean and Amelie know that we're looking for Madeleine. Now they obviously love their sister very much and for them that's become, that's our job really erm and they know it's ok to be sad

Oprah: How has this affected the way you parent Sean and Amelie? Are you afraid to ever let them out of your sight?

Kate: I think it, it definitely has affected erm I mean it's important I suppose to get the balance I mean they, they have to live, they have to experience life. And there are times when you have to let go a bit...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: ...for their development.

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: It's hard

Kate: it's difficult

Gerry: yeah...but they also understand now that we're here erm asking people to help us search, for Madeleine and that, you know that image is err, we're looking for a, a six year old girl now.

Oprah: Well I, you know I, I heard you were criticised, vilified for washing the Cuddle Cat that was in her bed what seventy days later err do you still carry the Cuddle Cat, that' the Cuddle Cat

Kate: Yeah I do, it's with me [laughs] Yeah I mean I, I find that quite bizarre really I mean Cuddle Cat always used to get washed you know

Oprah: So seventy days after Madeleine was gone there was a story in the, one of the tabloids about her washing away the DNA from the Cuddle Cat but it had been SEVENTY days.

Oprah: Have you ever come close in a lead. Have you ever come close to thinking that you were close to finding her?

Gerry: [sighs] err...I don't think so really it's, it's, it's hard because you almost don't want to let yourself to go there so I think that in the early days and weeks we used to hear about sightings often through the media and lots of family and other people would get very excited and, and sometimes they had you know, almost no credibility whatsoever and until we have some sort of evidence, you know like photograph or, or something then I think we wouldn't allow ourselves to really think this is it

Oprah: to get hopeful

Gerry: too hopeful, yeah...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...was hopeful but not thinking that you're there. It's happened for other families.

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: You know we, we other people might think you know, they're deluded, you know Madeleine's not it has happened Elizabeth Smart and we've met the Smart. You know there's two ways I think Madeleine'll be found this age progression picture...

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...someone now where Madeleine is around will recognise her and that's why we want the image out there...

Kate: ...a match.

Gerry: as far and as wide so they'll do it or the second thing is we'll identify the abductor and...

Kate: ...or...

Gerry: ...that's key

Kate: ...or somebody knows something because at the end of the day this man is known to somebody you know, he's someone's son, someone's brother, someone's cousin, someone's neighbour, someone's colleague, someone's partner, so he's known to someone and even if these people don't know that he definitely did it they might have a suspicion and it's just I guess it's somehow reaching out to them and saying please come forward you know.

Oprah: We'll be right back.

Snow White video then NCMEC clip:

Ernie Allen: We're currently in our forensic imaging unit err these forensic artists every day are ageing the photographs of long term missing children. Nine hundred children have been recovered successfully.

Ernie: The photo in the centre is the photo we used of Madeleine McCann so this is the photo of Kate McCann on the left at age five or six and the photo on the right is of Gerry McCann at the same age. So what our artist will do is to create a combined image that we believe is representative of what Madeleine looks like today.

Kate [hugs Ernie]: It's nice to see you

Ernie: I really want you to understand circulating the photograph of a child who was not quite four, two years later is not good enough. This is our age progressed image of Madeleine.

Kate: I mean I think it is a reminder of what we've missed out on and particularly you know what Madeleine's missed out on.

Gerry: If that Madeleine walks through the door tomorrow it'll be like she was never been away.

Back in Studio:

Oprah: That was Ernie Allen from the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. They do amazing work there showing the McCanns what they believe Madeleine erm might look like today. I hear you keep her, Madeleine's room ready for her.

Kate: Yep, no it's all ready and waiting [sigh]..

Oprah: Do you go in the room often?

Kate: I do yeah, I go in about twice a day.

Oprah: Do you talk to her?

Kate: I do usually I mean I, I must admit I tend to open and close the curtains more of an evening and just say hello really, just tell her we'll still going and you know we're going to do everything we can to find her.

Oprah: uh huh...

Oprah: Are the Portuguese Police still looking?

Gerry: Well what's happened is erm the file is officially closed and it, and that was a really difficult period because in Portugal they have a thing called Judicial Secrecy and you're not meant to know what's going on but that was closed last July and then we were given the files on DVD in Portuguese so we have a small err team which is funded from erm Madeleine's Fund and we really hope that people who were in Praia da Luz who might have information and we've asked the local community in Portuguese to come forward and again in combination with a sighting so you know this for us this is a very active search and Kate...

Kate: ...there's no....

Gerry: Kate spends...

Kate: ...there's no law enforcement agency though actively looking for Madeleine I mean obviously you know

Gerry: the onus is on us which you know is pretty frustrating actually

Kate: ...we're driving this

Gerry: ...but as parents you've just got, got to do everything.

Oprah: So have you gone back to work?

Gerry: Yeah I made a decision to go back and for two reasons, one I, I felt it was important that the twins had normality back in their life and erm and me going to work was, was normal and I think almost for selfish reasons I needed to be thinking about something else.

Oprah: Yeah, we'll be right back.

Oprah: Will there come a point when you will say "enough"?

Kate: I mean, I think even if you wanted that and there are days when you just want to get under the duvet or you just want to be in a coma till it's over just to, relieve the pain and get some peace but you can't. I don't think they'll ever get a day if we're still in this situation where we feel we've done everything I, I don't think any parent could, even if you were thinking I need, I need a rest, I need something.

Oprah: Do you think that somebody was watching your family?

Kate: I do now yeah.

Oprah: uh huh...

Oprah: You think somebody was watching you over a period of days or?

Kate: Yeah, which is horrible

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: I mean it makes you feel sick actually when you think about it

Oprah: What do you want to say to that person?

Gerry: It's not too late to do the right thing you know, they can give her up. They can tell us where she is. They can hand her over, to a priest...or...someone in authority. They can do the right thing.

Kate: Madeleine should be with us. Madeleine should be with her family. She's got a little brother and sister who want her back in her life you know and please you know if you don't want to think about Gerry and I think about Sean and Amelie you know and, bring their big sister back you know.

Oprah: We'll be right back.

Website Ad [www.findmadeleine.com]

Oprah: You recently went back to Portugal...

Gerry: Yeah

Oprah: ...er what was that like for you?

Gerry: It's difficult erm but you know I feel nothing against Praia da Luz or the Algarve as such because child abductions happen all over the world and it's the perpetrator

Oprah: uh huh...

Gerry: ...and we don't know where that person is rather than the apartment or the resort or Portugal

Oprah: ...or the people of the town

Gerry: no, not at all and they were, they were really supportive and

Oprah: and you're right, abductions happen all over the world

Gerry: that's right and I think you know, the best thing for everyone is if we can find Madeleine and who took her

Oprah: uh huh...

Oprah: Thank you so much

Kate: thank you

Oprah: ...for this conversation today...thank you

Gerry: thank you for the opportunity

Oprah: and listen I, it has happened before, it has happened before and so I wish the best for you.

Kate and Gerry: Thank you

Oprah: If you have any information you're watching anywhere around the world go to find Madeleine dot com, find Madeleine dot com

Oprah: Bye everybody

Kate and Gerry: Thank you

Oprah: Thank you.


  1. I try to keep hoping and pray for Madeleine and justice for her.

    BUT...I realize more & more that Gerry seems very sure about his secret. He is never unsure or nervous nor try to lie quiet.
    He has Gordon Brown on his side and some important public servants in Portugal.My conclusion is: the body is not findable, there is no traces from Madeleine nowhere.
    There's nothing else for it but the evidences of Dr.Gonçalo Amaral. And now?
    Gerry is extreme relaxed.
    Dear bloggers please tell me if I am wrong .

  2. http://www.oprah.com/dated/oprahshow/oprahshow-20090424-madeleine-mccann

    Podemos ver as estratégias já que sabemos que foi 1 show bem ensaiado e controlado.

  3. Maria from Brazil,

    Gerry is not relaxed. If he is making such a lot of noise around the story, it is because he isn't.
    He is concerned about what people might think about the couple.
    He is afraid of Amaral.

    We don't know how people are treating him in England.
    We don't know what his colleagues and friends are saying about them.

    He can take Calpol before every interview to look calm and asleep.

    Don't worry, Maria.

  4. Dont worry, McCann is laready making mistakes.

    The only problem is, is anyone in authority keeping notes!

    Of course, Madeleines poor little body will have been disposed of - it will never be recovered. Thats why they are so confident. Medics know how to dissolve a body.

  5. Thank you I am waiting patiently.
    I admire Astro and your efforts for Madeleine..Keep up the great work..

  6. Dear people, I think I go to bed now.
    Not much resistence to wait for the video.
    Besides I haven't got any Primatour at home and watching that moving circle makes me dizzy.

  7. See Amaral's documentary here:


  8. Ian you are ridiculous. Dissolve a body...Give us a break!

  9. Foi óbvio na entrevista que Kate e Gerry Mccann estavam ensaiados e que as perguntas da Oprah foram aprovadas por eles pois em nenhum momento pareceram surpreendidos ou hesitantes.Houve até alturas em que ambos,mas a Kate em especial, demonstraram alguma artificialidade nas expressões faciais, no tom de voz, nas pausas. Fiquei porém surpreendida pela postura da Oprah pois, apesar de não ter questionado minimamente a versão dos Mccann e de ter omitido uma série de factos relacionados com o caso, não foi tão doce e ternurenta como estava à espera.Não vi compaixão no seu olhar.Houve até momentos em que parecia olhá-los com algum desdém.Mas também não sei qual é a sua postura com os outros convidados.
    A entrevista, no geral, foi pouco convincente.

  10. Yes, Maria, at one point he was positevely sweating!

    And it seems that at long last, the cat is out of the bag! Hurrah! The big "thing", that clew that made Kate so sure Madeleine was taken was...(drums rooling, trãtãtã)..."the way the room was in", meaning...the open window!!! Wow! Really? That was the BIG DEAD GIVE AWAY?! If that's what it was, then the secrecy of justice DID NOT keep your big mouths shut...because the world has known all about it for a long time now!

    Not that I ws expecting something different, but the show was such a disappointment, Oprah was pathetic (and sympathetic), gullable and wishywashy. The whole thing was taylormade to suit the Team McCann needs and wishes, Mr. PinkAppendix Mitchell did his job right...

  11. Kate is making clear to Oprah, the situation was:

    There was a 3 year old child, their child, missing, in pyjamas, in a very cold and very dark night. AND KATE&GERRY, THE PARENTS ARE WAITING FOR A DAYLIGHT, THAT THEY CAN GO AND LOOK FOR HER!
    While their child is out there, frighten, lost and cold ! Wearing pyjamas and no shoes !


    And Oprah doesn't even blink!

  12. What a disappointment! I thought I was in for a good emotional heart- wrenching programme, lots of tears and sighs...we were promised real emotion from Kate and Oprah ( and lets not forget, the audience), some good old bonafide welling up, and that was it???!!!

  13. I suspect the book and this blog is being a great help to them. I don't believe it should ever have been published. It is only showing Amarals hand and giving them an opportunity to get to any witnessess and also well prepare answers to any questions raised.
    They are also now seem to be changing their story to suit. They are now saying that Maddie was taken from the street and not from the apartment thus defending the closed / open shutter theory and inability for someone to carry a child out.

  14. Se não demorar muito,verei agora o show pre-programado.
    O D.L. esteve lá e já transmitiu o que sabe e viu a propósito. A atitude dela , na pausa, era outra: descontraida-ela mesmo.

  15. "Here is question 49 Kate.

    Why do the PayPal and Shop work fine on your website, but the bit for leaving vital information regarding your daughter, does not?"

    I found this one in "The 3 Arguidos". Apparently, when people try to enter the site's facility to leave information, nothing happens! the 3A members are saying it is a fake. Discussion held here:


    "Money, money, money..."

  16. Joana, I can not manage to open this video.

  17. Those guys of the "3 arguidos" are awesome! They spot incredible little things...here's one that can mean nothing, BUT, can also be a very big freudian slip, the twins in their innocence "telling it as it is"( or better, drawing it...):


    video from the Mccanns home in Rothley, the kitchen, at oo:53/54 sec. a drawing is shown; it says "our family in the snow", the mother, the father, their big sister, Maddie, between them, and in the sides, Sean and Amelie! Their family of 5! At the right-hand bottom we can see it is "signed" by Amelie, 9 March 2009!

    When were they in the snow as a family? Canada? Considering the date when it was done it had to be recently, I don't think the twins would remember that well a trip to the snow that had happened before 2007. We have all been told over and over again that the twins constantly talk about Madeleine as if she was still a tangible part of their lives, so it's possible that Amelie wanted to include her sister in the drawing, even if she never was there at the time...OR WAS SHE?...( if one considers that Madeleine is alive and hidden by her parents,somewhere, for God knows what purpose or reason)

  18. The fact is, Madeleine is missing, she was taken from her bed as she slept, the family was being watched.

    Her parents Kate and Gerry are without a doubt in my mind amazing people. They are both showing termendous strength and courage.

    I hope and pray that one day she will be reunited with her family.

    I think what this teaches us all in society is that to never turn a blind eye.

    Having holidayed abroad myself i must admit, its not safe, ppl target holiday resorts, i can remember a werid man when i was away with my daughter. Many places dont have CCTV, things need to change.

    God Bless you Maddy were ever you are. xxx

  19. Never in my life have I witnessed such fakery.

    People, you have to understand how propoganda machines work.

    You also have to understand why experts have been banned from assessing and commenting on these two dreadful actors.

    The father blinks too much and the vernacular tone of the mother is a great giveaway.

    Don´t be fooled by the soft background music, the family snaps and the concentrated audience; these two are a couple of selfish bastards for leaving kids on their own to defend themselves.

    Don´t be fooled by this Oprah stuff either because this interview is rehearsed, you can see that.

    How about asking the real fucking questions? You know, the questions the mother refused to answer.

    These two are only on Oprah to promote the abductor theory...how fucking cheap is that?

    Another thing, I just realized how fucking stupid the father is. A doctor????? Give me a break!

    Thanks to this blog site more and more people are becoming more aware.

  20. @ joannapianna

    keep on dreaming....

    CCTV does not prevent any crime.

  21. Oh my! Are my ears deceiving me, OR DID Kate say : "THESE ARE ACTUALLY THE PIJAMAS THAT MADELEINE WAS WEARING WHEN SHE DISAPPEARED"?!(Watch at 03:06/03:07)
    English is not my native language, but doesn't "actually" usually mean "really, indeed,trully, in fact"? I don't think it can be translated into "...tinha vestido um pijama igual a este"...it's just not the same at all, it would translate into something like "este era o pijama que a Madeleine tinha vestido quando foi levada"!
    Is it just me, or does anyone else out there think this is very weird...a freudian slip, a dead give-away of the truth?...


  22. I noticed what Kate said.That she did not manege to through away those peintures made by Madaleine.
    That is why she got instructions not to answer 48 questions.
    It would have been 48 disasters for them.

  23. @Rosie,
    yes she does say: "These are ACTUALLY the pyama's that Madeleine was wearing when she was taken".
    Great find!
    I've made a few comments on their use of the word ACTUALLY, here:


  24. Rosie,

    You did hear that right. It was a huge statement that Kate McCann made and what a massive give-away.

    "These are actually the pyjamas Madeleine was wearing when she was taken."

    That statement was just one of many and these kind of statements puts to bed the theory that the parents are clever and intelligent. To me they are just clowns but well protected clowns.

  25. E o livro de histórias de Maddie.que rasgaram quando a Pequenina desapareceu?

  26. In the cutting edge documentary, Kate says she knew straight away something was wrong as the door was open more THAN HOW THEY HAD LEFT IT!! Which means since they left the apartment approx 8.45pm. Sounds like nobody checked ater they left the apartment. That makes 1hr 45mins for 3 young children left alone. Also Jane Tanner says she was checking on her sick child, WHAT PARENT GOES AND LEAVES A SICK CHILD ON THEIR OWN!! These people are unbelievable. Jan

  27. Re; the interview on Oprah, what parent washes their Missing! childs favourite toy because its dirty, any normal mother would never wash it until their child returns, as i have said before, these people are just not normal. Jan

  28. She keep Madeleine paints, but she didn't mind to rip Madeleine's favourite story book and write on it, exactly after she went missing. What a mother...UNBEARABLE!!!

  29. Jan, quite right! Why didn't she think that maybe Oldfield had left the door further ajar after his visit? It's arguable that Gerry might have closed the door in the same angle as before, because that's how he and Kate decided it should be when they left for dinner, but their friend didn't know that, he could very well have opened the door to look inside and leave it that way.
    Not only tanner's child was unwell, Rachel Oldfield's infant was also having tummy trouble ( she said something, rog. interview?, about the child having such bad diahrrea that it was coming through the child's clothes!), and yet she shamelessly states that she persuaded her husband to do the checking,she felt uneasy walking to the flat in those badly illuminated streets!

    And Cuddle Cat was not washed only 70 days after, like Oprah said(emphatically), it was just a few days after 3rd May!


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