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90 per cent of child disappearances are accidental

Half of complaints concern youngsters from institutions

90 per cent of child disappearances are accidental, which means that those are normally lost and not the target of any crime, Lusa was told by the director of the Polícia Judiciária’s Criminal Investigation Information Unit.

Ramos Caniço explained that there are more cases during the holiday season, given the fact that children are not familiar with the places they are staying at, and offered advice: never to leave children alone. “This is the primary advice, fundamental and irreplaceable. Even when they are next to us, they disappear”, he stated.

The head officer offered the example that a child that is home alone is perfectly capable of walking out, and told that three days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a four-year-old child that had been left on her own by her parents during the night, walked into the street at 4 a.m. She was found by a neighbour, who took her home.

Between January and June, the PJ had registered 34 missing children, but they were all found. “Lisbon has a success rate of around 100 per cent”, he pointed out.

Half of the complaints concerning the disappearance of adolescents refer to youngsters from institutions, both from educational centres and social security shelters: “Some run away more than ten times during the first few months spent in institutions.”

During the first five months of this year, the PJ received more than 400 participations of missing adolescents aged between 12 and 18, several of them concerning the same youngsters.

“The adolescents are our main workload, although these are cases that generally are solved on their own”, said Ramos Caniço.

source: IOL Portugal Diário, 29.06.2009


  1. Obrigada, dear astro, those figures put the problem in perspective.

    So, of the remainig 10% missing children, I wonder how many of the have come to harm at the hands of parents/carers/relatives/friends and the crime subsequently covered-up and how many are missing due to stranger abduction? It would appear tha latter is a tiny figure by comparison.

    The 48 questions that Kate McCann refused to answer and the T9 refusal to return to Portugal for a reconstruction are brought into even sharper focus by these figures.

  2. Oops, forgot to include abduction by parent in the 'non-accidental' 10% of missing children.

  3. Hi Jilly, stunning results from the states....

    Perpetrators of Child Abuse
    Nearly 80 percent of perpetrators were parents of the victim.
    56.5 percent were women, 42.4 percent were men.
    The median age was 30 years for women and 33 years for men.
    Other relatives accounted for an additional 6.6 percent.
    Unmarried partners of parents accounted for 4.5 percent.



  4. How encouraging it must be for parents of abducted children to read this article - yes, I'm sure the parents of Etan Patz, Adam Walsh, Kevin White, Jacob Wettering, Polly Klass, etc. would be so comforted.

  5. Anonymous @ 19.33, thank you for your comment, but I believe that your sarcasm is somewhat misplaced.
    If you had read the article with attention, you would have noticed that it focuses on Portuguese data.
    You may throw around names of foreign missing children as much as you want, in an attempt to disturb - but they are hardly relevant for the article that you are commenting on, which focuses on the Portuguese reality.

  6. Banned from the 3 A's - for very little! Its a pity that the site now doesnt support free speech - another victory for the damn McCanns!

  7. Joana,
    Acabei de enviar um e-mail a Tony Benneth em que referi o meu interesse em promover um encontro internacional no Ocean Club Algarve em Maio 2010 sob o tema "Qual o nosso papel como pais no século XXI" onde podemos falar sobre os direitos das crianças e sobre como nos devemos comportar enquanto comunidade em relação à segurança das nossas crianças em vez de entregarmos a toalidade dessa responsabilidade à tecnologia. Não sei como contactar o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral e gostava muito de me encontrar consigo para levar a cabo esta tarefa (sozinha será impossível).
    Se formos para a frente sugiro o convite dos media para cobertura (inter)nacional do nosso evento.
    Esta parece-me um proposta honesta e séria que poderemos fazer em memória de Madeleine mas não só, de todas as crianças que não se sentem seguras neste momento em que lhe endereço este mail.
    O Ocean Club deve ficar contente se fizermos um booking completo do espaço, em troca tem de propor bons preços para as familias. 1% das entradas devia ser oferecida à Comissão de crianças desaparecidas. O que acha?
    Fico a aguardar notícias suas, e deixo-lhe o meu e-mail alxcorreia@netcabo.pt

  8. 19.58, anonymous,
    banned from the 3A but I believe this is going to change.
    It is impossible to continue like that.
    Are the British media doing nothing against this dictatorship?
    Did you try to read Anorak, as boring as I don't know what?
    Friends and enemies can post on Joana's because there is democracy in Portugal.
    And Amaral and Sargento can talk freely on TV.

  9. Thank you, Astro, for your sarcastic reply - my comment was not in any way sarcastic. Isn't it odd that you throw out all these statistics from Portugal when it suits your argument? In other words, the McCanns were not wrong in feeling that the environment they were in was safe, were they?

    I suppose all the pedos which were identified in that area of Portugal were just on holidays?

    Your reasoning is as silly as Amaral's. Any relation? Just need to point out to you, that the world has gone global (and yes, that includes Portugal).

  10. Dear Anonymous, I don't throw out anything. It's just a newspaper article. As for safety in Portugal, q.e.d.

  11. Anony... What is silly, it is bringing names from childs missed in other parts of the world to suit them in a particular case which we are discusing here- Portugal. No... the world, it is not global on this issue... Each Country have his own story, his own success or unsuccess according with size of the Country, the culture, the politic and off-course the eficiency of the police.

    Off-course there is very danger Country's in the world where an abduction can hapen easily, such is Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Iraque, Afgnistan and some African Country's. But again... very few abductions are envolving childs and only a residual percentage envolve a child abducted by a strange. Most of the victims are adults kidnaped by money or politic motivation, if it is a child, the big motivation is a court dispute in parental guard.

    Unfortunatly for the Mccann's agenda, Portugal is one of the most safety country's in the world. There's childs missed without any suspicion against the parents, but they are teenagers which most probably run away from home or are seduzed by somebody which they know well. Few small ones are taked by a mother or father which don't agree with custody imposed by the court. Then, the names that you bring here, they can have an expression on the country's which they are related with, but not in Portugal. The same is saying that Madeleine case is an example of what hapen in the States or even in Spain.... it is wrong. The size and the geographical position of the country makes a huge difference. Portugal have only a land border with Spain, then a huge and danger sea and the air. No way to take Madeleine out of the country in any of this ways without been spoted and stoped by somebody after the police arrived to the resort. If she went out of the country it was before calling the police ( parents responsability) or trough Faro airport in September when they fly back home without having their luggage checked.

    Most probably, she still in Portugal, this is why they need a suspect which fits in a place close to where she ca be found- THE ALGARVE! That story will never go away and since the time pass become clear to the public that they are hiding something and they are lieing every time that they announce bombastic news. Where is the process against AMARAL? Shelved by the pathetic parents which pretend not leave any "stone unturnned"? Yah... Annother summer... more storys to feed our hot summer afternoons. At least we got a subject to discuss with friends and stranges during the holidays.

  12. ANON.,
    "How encouraging it must be for parents of abducted children to read this article - yes, I'm sure the parents of Etan Patz, Adam Walsh, Kevin White, Jacob Wettering, Polly Klass, etc. would be so comforted."

    Do you think they would be "so comforted" by the "McCann's AMBER ALERT"? (because by the way they "jumped on the wagon" and presented themselves in the European Parliament, one would have thought that the european alert system for missing children was THEIR creation!)
    NO alert system in the world will be of any use for children who go missing under the circumstances Madeleine did, due to parental neglect and delaying calling the authorities for over an hour and a half while making a "timetable" and putting a story together!

  13. There's nothing to say she's not out there alive"- From Mccannfiles

    By Dr Martin Roberts
    27 June 2009

    Gerry McCann: "She's out there or she's not, and there's nothing to say that she's not out there alive. So it's simple. She's out there until proven otherwise."

    The expectation appears to be that, in order to prove she's not 'out there' one must establish her alternative whereabouts. That this is extremely unlikely is reflected in Gerry McCann's confidence that the current situation is "indefinite".

    Unfortunately for Gerry McCann, the situation isn't the straightforward dichotomy he supposes. There is an equally stark alternative reality, summed up as: 'Either an intruder entered 5A on the night of May 3rd, 2007, or Madeleine is dead.'

    In embellishing his own 'straw man', Gerry McCann has himself unwittingly introduced a patchwork of possibilities. Two contingent factors are involved: 'whereabouts' and 'state of being'. Organizing these into a simple matrix presents four distinct conditions, one of which must define Madeleine's situation post May 3rd, 2007.

    Yes No
    ALIVE Yes X
    No X

    As there's 'nothing to say she's not out there alive' we can place a cross in the bottom left quadrant. (Both the syntax and the speaker's vocal inflection indicate that the phrase being negated in this statement is 'alive', not 'out there', an appropriate paraphrase being 'she's not alive out there'. This is easily confirmed by substituting alternative, less emotive phrases, e.g. 'she's not at home, asleep').

    We can confidently place a cross in the upper right quadrant also, as this condition represents Madeleine safely with her parents, which is self-evidently not the case. That leaves two conditions, one of which must apply.

    Gerry McCann has been hiding behind the obvious difficulty in 'proving the negative'. But it's really not necessary, because one can test the remaining positive condition independently by other means. Simply disproving it alone exposes the remaining condition to be true - body, or no body.

    The original investigation found no evidence of a break-in. Could an abductor have just walked into the apartment? Consider the following statements:

    "...that's exactly what I felt like, you know, a few minutes before our world was shattered and probably 3 or 4 minutes before Madeleine was taken."

    "Part of the reason we ended up coming through the back was the noise coming through the front door."

    Notice that they 'ended up' coming through the back, apparently. They did not decide to do so 'early on.' So when was this decision arrived at? It must have been after 9.05 p.m., because Gerry McCann used his own front door key on that occasion, according to his original statement to police. The intruder then had just 3 - 4 minutes to enter via the patio and leave with Madeleine via the window, opening the shutters in the process, while Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins were standing outside (if the abductor didn't open them to get in, he must have opened them to get out. Not only did Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins not hear this commotion but Matthew Oldfield did not report the shutters/window open following his visit to the apartment at 9.30).

    Subsequent sightings of two different men (as described) moving in different directions, and at different times, counteract each other as candidates.

    It did not happen. It could not have happened. And if no unauthorised person accessed the apartment, then Madeleine was not abducted from it.

    Thus Madeleine McCann is dead, confirmed by the '100 days' statement, in which Gerry McCann refers to 'the belief that Madeleine was alive when she was taken'. What could possibly have happened for the child to have died within 3 minutes of having been witnessed asleep by her father?


  14. The Mcconns are the only "parents" in history who have "lost" their child and not only did nothing in assisting the police in finding her but they have done their outmost to hinder and confuse the investigation.
    And you still have "sarcastic" idiots presumably on the Mcconns payroll, defending their actions and are now extremely frustrated that they have not managed to silence everyone as they did with the british press.

  15. It seems to me the game is over for the mccanns all credibility lost. Proof 'more and more hate sites are popping up everywhere you look...Not to defend the Mccanns but to copy and paste the 3As and any other site that dares to question the mccanns and abuse and insult. So, if that is their mission where does it leave the mccanns? We have two men running around chasing any connection they can find to do with child abuse when we have already been told by maddies mother that maddie is living in a lovely house with people that love her. Her mad father with who needs help for his mental state says she is being treated like a princess...Only a month ago one ex detective said that they were near to finding her and that she is in a house where she is loved in Portugal.

    So, then tell me why are Bodey and Doyle chasing paedophiles?

    The Mccanns have lost the plot and it seems the only one interested in printing this garbage is A.Lazzeri from the gutter press The Sun....No one is interested in the Mccanns...We know they are guilty of something by their very lies and movements will we ever know the truth unless someone does the decent thing No.

    The Mccanns are a laughing stock and looking through their hate sites they seem to be run by evil children with little or no education. Thats the Mccanns for you.


  16. Google ..."The Mccanns a laughing stock "and this is the kind of thing you will find. NO ONE believes them any more. The reason the hate sites are in such a frenzy, its just not working.




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