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Aachen: Police Questions British Paedophile

During a questioning made today to a British paedophile in the police headquarters in Aachen, no questions where made regarding the case of the missing girl Madeleine McCann. This was just stated by the public prosecutor of Aachen. The police have questioned the individual, a 64 year-old man about two sexual offences committed in 1975. The British press saw the man who currently resides in Aachen, as a suspect in the Madeleine case.

Source:WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk/TV)- Aachen


  1. This man should sue the british press. The daily mirror should be high on his list.

  2. This looks like just an excuse to collect his DNA sample and maybe, frame him on Maddie's case... If not, a huge question should be asked to the british police: where have they been all this years without investigating a so old crime? STRANGE. The man was not hiding, then, why just now?
    If it was in Portugal, that crimes already prescribed.

  3. it goes on and on and on...

    will the UK press ever wake up? I doubt it.

    will they ever sing a different tune to the one that Clarence taught them? probably not.

    The UK government backed the wrong horse and everything else as a consequence has been to cover their arse. I'm sure they know the McCann's are guilty but it has gone on far too long for them to take an about turn.

    It's sad because it is nothing about Madeleine any more. It is about UK vs Portugal. It has brought the very worst out in our xenophobic press.
    The press must know the stuff they are writing is preposterous.

    It is like being caught in a time warp. WAKE UP UK TABLOIDS AND BROADSHEETS and start printing some truths about the case.

    Namely the dogs findings, the T9 contradictory statements, the washing of cuddle cat, the no sign of a break in, the no trace of an abductor, the not answering police questioning, the non return for a reconstruction etc. etc. etc.

  4. E o homem mesmo doente consegue gozar com aqueles que andaram e tentam continuar o gozo....simplesmente pediu-lhes dinheiro do Fundo.
    Bem metida.

    Claro que nos tablóides ingleses dá para redigir imenso.


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