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Clean Slate : Exposing a Swindler Part II

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.' in 'The Sign of the Four' (1890) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Following my initial approach concerning the alleged 'investigative journalism' that is practised by a person that calls himself 'Duarte Levy', and having been confronted with suggestions that I might be merely reacting to a personal problem, I leave you a collection of items that range from the merely doubtful to the outright fantastic.

It is not my concern to discredit the person who produced these so-called facts, but rather to urge people who have been following the Madeleine McCann case, to seriously question these allegations and to start with a fresh clean slate.

The rogatory interrogatories done to the Tapas 7 in the UK in April 2008 are legitimate, the DVD process is authentic, the book written by the former coordinator to the case is based on facts pertaining to the investigation - it is there that we should look for the Truth.

What is not true/does not exist/incorrect fabrications :

The 24 Photos - the story according to Duarte: a Spanish tourist that was on the night of 3 of May having dinner at the Ocean Club's restaurant known as Tapas Bar takes some photos which show a few of the Tapas group members and how some, like Kate McCann, changed clothes; then the Spanish tourist back in Spain is robbed, his apartment was broken in and the camera with the alleged photos is taken; then the camera and the thief are found by the Spanish police; then Duarte worked as a middle man between the Spanish tourist the PJ and the British media who had an interest and wanted to buy the alleged photos. The 24 photos never appeared,

Explosive documents left behind by Justine McGuiness  - a dossier with documents, and a sketched map that pinpointed a location on Ribeira do Vascão. Duarte knows perfectly well that the 'explosive documents' were in fact a message of a group, inviting the McCanns for a meeting and a prayer for Madeleine.

Interview of Antonio Jimenez in a Spanish Jail  - Antonio Jimenez, an ex-officer, assistant investigator of Metodo 3 detectives agency who was arrested on drug trafficking charges - this bit is true. What is not true is that he ever met 'journalist Duarte Levy', infact no video recorded interview was made of Antonio Jimenez

Extra facts that are NOT true:

A debate in Lisbon promoted by 'Duarte Levy' about the McCann case - which never happened in spite of 'Duarte Levy' affirming the contrary. The debate according to him happened in Fábrica Braço de Prata, or in Universidade Lusofona.

A book wrote in partnership by Duarte Levy and others - sold in advance to the French ladies in his SOS Maddie forum, the book was never sent to the members of that Forum, or to any other persons who reserved it. Duarte has stated that his share of the book 'Maddie.Net' was given to the Unicef. [see screenshot below]. Even now some ladies of the said forum have not received their money back, and some were banned for questioning Durte bout the money.

Duarte being a good pal with: Paulo Rebelo, Jose Socrates, António José Seguro, Lopes da Mota, Ricardo Paiva, etc.

Duarte being on: Oprah, in Sri Lanka, in Dubai, Aachen, etc..

What we still don't know, and might be based in genuine fact(s) i.e. 1% of truth/99% of falsehood :

McCanns demanding 100.000-500.000 euros in a non-existent lawsuit

The PJ mole - a family member of one PJ superior officer

A Forensics report with 17 matching markers out of 19, when the preliminary reported only 15 markers - Duarte Levy claimed he had access to that 17 markers document in the Portuguese Documentary about Madeleine McCann DNA profile in  'Maddie the Truth of the Lie'.

The Tapas members who gave interviews to 'Duarte Levy', repentant and who broke the 'McCann's Pact'

Kate McCann suicidal attempt

Jose Luis Arnault meeting with Gerry McCann

Bob Small coming forward in an interview given to 'Duarte Levy'

The People's photo which by 'Duarte Levy's' account was a lookalike- debunked: it was him.

'Duarte Levy' week in Rothley with the McCanns

The British abandoned cemetery where Madeleine's body is, which sometimes was in Madrid other times was in Huelva and which has a webcam recording 24/7

Clarence Mitchell being a good pal and facilitating information to 'Duarte Levy'

Duarte numerous contacts in the SIS, PJ, FBI, Mossad, Nasa, etc..

The satellite dish article facing Morocco on the 3rd of May 2007

The hit and run incident in Barcelona

The room hotel assault where his laptop was stolen in London

Being arrested at the airport of Madrid upon arrival

A child that could be heard in the background on some of Duarte Levy appearances in TVI Julia Pinhero's talk show - "As Tardes da Júlia", later he said it was inspector Ricado Paiva son at one point, changed it later to a neighbour's baby.

A few Odd Twitters of 'Duarte Levy' Whereabouts



Sri Lanka



Exposing a Swindler: The Truth About a Pathological Liar

In this post I will expose and prove how the so called journalist 'Duarte Levy' is nothing more than a con man, a swindler and a dangerous pathological liar. I was compelled to write this article as a warning for others who may fall prey of his lies and manipulative games, even though the subsequences that will probably originate from here will no doubt be used by persons who have other agendas.


  1. Hi Joana, I am glad you have brought this up on your blog as I no longer post on the 3As so could not answer the thread.

    Kate McCann suicidal attempt

    I find this very hard to believe in fact I do not believe it at all...If this had been the case the press would have made a field day...KATE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER MADDIE" sounds cruel but true,

    I thought there would have been a time when kate would have taken just enough pills to call an ambulance and have this blazened all over the press. The same way that Mccann used maddies eye as a "good business" ploy.

    Not too late 'maybe there is a plan for this in the future to get more money for the begging bowl.

    Tony Blair whose daughter Katherine attempted suicide some years back now...I no longer say alleged because on the net now friends of Blairs say that it was true...Tried his hardest to not have this published in the press...yet friends mentioned it on the net at the time...I believe if this had been true the same would have happened with the Mccanns....Poor Kate and all that...So I believe Levy lied.

    I also believe that the photos and the charade about them having been stolen is also a lie...

    Levy is the only one who said the mccanns are suing Amaral for 500.000 was it...no one else picked up on this so I believe this is also a lie...

    Now most if not all reporters go over the top shall we say and exagerate a story and yes lie as we have seen from A.Lazzeri and her sidekick Hughes., so nothing new there then.

    It seems though as this case is so high profile Levy likes to add a little sauce to his blog and come out top dog... He is an attention seeker a coward to boot...Mr.Levy if you have something to say then out with it...do not use an old tactic of bringing your private life on to the stage to cover up your lies....

    Kate attempted suicide....where is your proof...

    these photographs....where is your proof.

    You have destroyed your reputation , you alone...not Joana...you have been outed and that is a sad day for Madeleine because it is not only Joana you have betrayed but all of us who had faith in you and most of all you have betrayed Madeleine...Whose side are you on Mr Levy it is now very hard to believe a word you say.


  2. Ironside sorry to read that you no longer post on 3As, it seems many have done just the same as you have.

    Joanna it was good, and brave, of you to bring us this information about Levy. It's sad that people feel the need to tell lies, we know most, if not all, newspapers print lies and there are people behind these reports so we shouldn't be surprised. One has to ask why would he do such a thing. The 24 photos story was an odd one I have to say.

    I suppose there was added weight to his "tales" because he aligned himself, and was seen on TV, with Snr Amaral. Strange goings on.


  3. Um verdadeiro artista. Continuo com uma duvida no ar: CoM TANTA NOTICIA FALSA BOMBASTICA, espalhada em varios meios de comunicacao social, porque e que ele nunca foi processado pelos Mccann? Convinha-lhes para a seguir fazerem o seu numero de vitimas e atrairem os adeptos da sua causa a contribuirem no Fundo?
    Afinal q/ interesses movem este DL? Nao pode ser a mentira enquanto doenca, isso neste caso e puro suicidio. Trabalha para Clarence Mitchel? Isto esta a caminhar para aquilo que alguns lunaticos apontavam: CONSPIRACAO, e nao e do Bush a tentar instalar chips no cerebro das criancinhas.
    Quando e que ele entrou pela primeira vez no circo Maddie? Foi quando apareceu o jornalista espanhol freelancer que sabia quem era o pedofilo q/ tinha levado a Maddie? Inspirou-se neste caso?

    Isto ainda vai tudo acabar com os Mccann transformados em martires santos e os defensores de Amaral em Otarios. Por mim, sempre olhei para as noticias deste Levi com muitas suspeitas, primeiro porque eram bombasticas demais para nao terem consequencias e depois, perdoem-me a descriminacao, porque achei sempre que a investigacao associada aquelas noticias nao podia ser conduzida por alguem com tanta massa corporal. No entanto continuo a achar que Maddie nao foi raptada e que a chave de tudo se chama Tapas 9, eventualmente Tapas 10.

  4. Joana, the fact you feel and are betrayed by Levy is hurting you a lot. I can see it.

    Kate's "suicidal attempt" is a very
    serious allegation.
    He could not make up a worse story.
    I think the media in Portugal have to be informed about Levy.
    You could send this text above to all Portuguese papers and TVs.
    You dare a lot, Joana.
    You are a capable honest young lady, fighting for Madeleine.
    There are enough liers in the UK, the media and the McCanns.
    Maddie does not need more.
    That is the problem when you invite the media in your life.
    You can get serious, honest people,
    you can get irresponsible riff-raff people, like Levy.I don't like the Mccanns but Duarte went too far.

  5. bonjour joana,

    bravo !!! les menaces sou-jacentes dont il fait preuve, ne vous arrêtent pas !!!
    j'ai passé presque 2 ans dans son forum !!!! quel embobineur !!
    il sait manier, tour à tour le suspense, l'amitié, la malhonnêteté ou la menace !!!
    sur lui, mon opinion est faite, malheureusement, ses dires et ses actes jettent l'opprobe sur l'ex inspecteur Amaral, Paulo Reis, Mr Sargento et tous ceux qu'ils côtoient !!!
    je voulais vous dire aussi, joana, que je n'ai pas apprécié que ses mensonges se trouvent dans des blogs se disant vos amies !!!
    il avance tout sans preuvs !! vous, vous en avez !! courage, joana, après la pluie, le beau temps !!!

  6. E de repente, deixaram de chover noticias nos Media Portugueses, da autoria deste DL. Espero que G. Amaral venha brevemente explicar quem e e que motivos moveram DL nesta saga de mentiras. A bem da sua reputacao, a bem de Portugal e da verdade. Ate agora, o lixo vinha de fora. Depois de tanta "sem-vergonhice" ja estou a ver o rotulo; " OS JORNALISTAS PORTUGUESES SAO TODOS MENTIROSOS. PORTUGAL E O PAIS DA TRETA!!!"

    Agora percebo porque e que ele levantou a lebre do Freeport mas depois nunca mais trouxe nada bombastico, nem mesmo associado a Maddie. Com o Freeport a mentira e perigosa e as consequencias podem dar cadeia. Com Maddie, a mentira e desporto de entretenimento de Massas... Em vez de irmos ao futebol ou de ver outras novelas, assistimos ao desfilar de mentiras, de ambos os lados... episodios subalternos na novela maior que e a investigacao a serio. Assim preenche-se o tempo enquanto o MP decide se re-abre ou nao re-abre o caso. Do ponto de vista da justica, E JUSTO: SE OS MCCANN MENTEM PORQUE E QUE SE HA-DE ATRAPALHAR AS MENTIRAS DOS PSEUDO-JORNALISTAS? Vale tudo!! E assim no jardim das vergonhas, quando se fecha na gaveta os artefactos com que haviamos de jardinar e nao se deita a chave fora. Foi mal arquivado o processo porque mal chegou a ser processo. Ficou tudo por fazer, por investigar, por concluir e assim criou-se terreno para o proliferar da imaginacao dos mais ignobeis, querendo transformar em realidade o mundo da ficcao.

  7. Thank you for all your extraordinary hard work and determination to bring us the truth. Your integrity and courage will carry you through this difficult and distressing time.

    Stay strong, dear Joana! Obrigada & beijinhos to you and dear astro.

  8. Joanna,

    Is Levy this high profile guy that as on the last GA interview on TV?

    On the phone to the TV channel.

    If so, thank you for exposing him. Believed he was genuine.


  9. "Kate McCann suicidal attempt"

    "Jose Luis Arnault meeting with Gerry McCann"

    Well, if those are falsehoods then Dr.Paulo Sargento must be warned about Levy, AT ONCE! I watched Dr.Sargento talking about this matters live in tv, mentioning a source from London, someone he trusted and that usually did not give him false information, he said( not his words exactly, but something in the line of...)
    If his "source" is Levy then Dr.Sargento must beware...his reputation and credibility might be tarnished by association, and the same goes for Dr.Amaral!

    On a different note, about Paulo Reis...is he to be trusted? I recently became aware that at the beggining of this case he was a McCann "believer", and latter on he made a 180º turn. I wish I could read more on this change of heart, what and when it came about...

  10. really makes me sick, Levy got on TV to praise GA, but yet lies about everything else

    who is he?

    someone claiming cash from McCann funds..........get trust and reputation and then let everone believe his FINAL lie? tell everyone the truth of what happened to Maddie?

  11. Joanna and Astro,

    I am beginning to sense a clever plot by CM and his team.

    Target top anti-bloggers, like you two who do good journalism, and make them change their views to be pro-McCann.

    Its a clever way as visitors to your site will then believe what you say after 2 years of respect gained.

    The day you to have a story that THERE WAS AN ABDUCTOR, i may start to believe it.


  12. Levy - he's straight from the Mitchell School Of Embroidery

    very much appreciated your exposing of him, Joana - it can't have been easy or pleasant.

    Thanks for all your reports concerning the McCann case over the last 2 years - I read your site everyday hoping to see justice served

  13. Frankly I don't give a damn of who thinks the Mccanns guilty or innocent or who is playing stupid games on blog spots.
    I want to see the Mccanns back in Portugal together with their collaborators T7, in a court of law, to be tried, to be forced to answer all the questions and to tell us exactly what they did to Maddie.

  14. Thank you, Joana, for taking the time to provide details of the false information provided by Duarte. That is very helpful.

    I hope Ray (above) is only kidding about his suspicions of a CM plot. However, with this crazy, convoluted case, I'll admit, anything is possible.

  15. Hard to see exactly what was his game with the photographs...In my opinion they never existed .

    17 August 2008
    Vile fantasist ties to sell ‘dynamite’ Madeleine McCann pics
    Exclusive by James Millbank
    Maddie McCann’s parents are “devastated and furious” over a cruel bid to cash in on their anguish.

    Grasping Duarte Levy demanded £50,000 for photographs he claims implicate Kate and Gerry in their daughter’s disappearance.

    The 23-stone Frenchman said the “dynamite” pictures showed Kate had changed clothes suspiciously the night Maddie vanished.


    Despicable Levy also made the ludicrous claim that the 24 photos he was peddling cast doubt on what Gerry and one of the couple’s Tapas 7 pals told Portuguese police.

    Levy, who said he had close links to the cops, bragged outrageously: “These photos are a bombshell and will force the Maddie case to be re-opened.”

    The People refused his offers to sell the pictures – and told the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell of Levy’s preposterous claims.

    Mr Mitchell branded Levy “a con man and fantastist”.

    He said: “Kate and Gerry are angry and upset that he is seeking to make money out of Madeleine – it is a disgrace.

    “They are no longer suspects and he should not be trying to tarnish their reputation. We thank The People for exposing this man.”

    A People investigator met Levy in a Brussels hotel last week. Levy said: “I will sell the photos to the highest bidder. I got hold of them through my contacts.”

    Levy – who is in his 40s and claims to have homes in Spain, Belgium and London – said he had sold pictures and stories about Maddie for tens of thousands of pounds.

    He said his new photos showed doctors Kate and Gerry, both 40, dining with their friends in Praia da Luz the night Maddie, then three, disappeared 15 months ago.

    Levy claimed that Kate and one of the Tapas 7 changed their clothes.

    He also alleged: “The photos were taken between about 8.10pm and 10.15pm and they show that the time lines made by Gerry McCann and another Tapas 7 friend are wrong.

    They are dynamite.” Levy cruelly scorned Kate and Gerry’s belief that Maddie is still alive. He said: “I believe she died in that room during an accident and then her body was moved to a flat in the town where it was kept in a freezer.”

    The claim is categorically denied by the McCanns and police produced no evidence to support the theory. Levy said the pictures were taken by a Spanish tourist whose camera was later stolen.

    He claimed a police source tipped him off after officers found the camera, which he then bought legally.

    Levy also tried to convince The People that a well-known British legal firm offered him 600,000 euros (£512,800) for the photographs.

    Bizarrely, he said he refused because the lawyers would not agree to his demand that the police should have copies of the pictures.

    He also offered The People recordings he claimed to have of the McCanns’ financial backer, double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, in a private meeting with Portuguese police.

    Mr Mitchell last night said he did not know if Kate changed her clothes and added: “If she did, so what?” He said: “It is no big deal that Mr Kennedy met the police.

    “He is interested in all – aspects of the investigation. He is a very hands-on person.”

    A friend of the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, said last night: “They have nothing to hide. It appears the Portuguese police are using Levy to leak negative material.”

    ‘Photos of couple are a bombshell…I will sell for highest offer’


  16. Joana

    Je tenais a rectifier une erreur: je viens d'agrandir l'une des photos d'un document que tu as publié copiant mes messages sur le twitter de Duarte Lévy (ils sont publics je n'ai rien a dire je suppose). Lorsque Duarte Lévy dit Londres-Paris en 1h25 il ne disait pas qu'il venait ou qu'il était a Paris, c'était juste une plaisanterie suite à l'un de mes posts, relisez bien les messages.

    J'aimerais que tu le retires car franchement il induit en erreur. Duarte Lévy n'était pas à Paris ni n'a jamais dit qu'il y avait été , c'était une plaisanterie qui m'était adressée personnellement.

    Je tenais a souligner que je ne prends parti ni pour l'un ni pour l'autre, mais vu que d'une certaine maniere j'ai vu mes twitts publiés hors de leur contexte, je voulais vraiment corriger cette erreur et que tu rectifies.


  17. Joana,

    I'm glad you've finally exposed Levy although I must say I'm amazed anyone took him seriously. I feel vindicated because I was banned from the 3As for attacking him and questioning his credibility.

    What people overlook is that he has no track record as a journalist. And all his "sources" in Leicester Police, the Home Office etc etc. were so obviously made up that I'm just depressed that so many others were so blind.

    But this whole McCann internet thing has been a real eye opener. Look at people like Coldwater, who could invent convincing stories without inhibition. Look at Beachy, who for the last two years has sat at a computer pretending to be a US detective (a total fabrication, and she has written some real nonsense about the forensics which is believed, just as Levy was believed ,because "she's on our side."

    Anyway, well done for finally putting Levy to the sword although I dare say many will continue to believe him.

  18. Jolie, Its no kidding. The recent GA interview was dominated by DL, and I thought DL was genuine.

    The more sites and voices disappear from blogs on the net, the more i think someone is using money in funds to silence people.

    Please continue the good work, Joana and Astro.

    There are not many who has skills to will discover the lie of the truth


  19. Well his name is mud all over the net...many now doubting the dogs and many more articles that he has written. I hope he makes a statement of some sort and explains himself, or will he just carry on and hope this moment blows over. Or,maybe he could care less what people say about him. One things for sure I am sick of the whole saga.


  20. Would seem Mr Mitchell was right then Joana.

    "Mr Mitchell branded Levy "a con man and fantastist"."


  21. I've lived very close to two relatives who were pathological liers.
    They were dangerous, making up bad stories and spreading them around.
    I got sick of them , panics, hyper ventilation.
    I've been sick for years.
    I wonder how coleagues, friends and relatives of DL can live with him around.

  22. Obrigada, Joana Morais, por separar o trigo do joio. Talvez inevitavelmente, a monstruosa desonestidade McCann encoraja outras desonestidades... Mas a verdade emergirá límpida do turbilhão da mentira asquerosa.

  23. To the anonymous who says 'Would seem Mr Mitchell was right then Joana', in naming Levy a con man etc.

    Well, dear anonymous, it takes one to know one.

  24. "NOTE : Toutes les informations publiées par moi sur ce blogue ou dans n´importe quel autre blogue, sans oublier les médias avec qui je continue à travailler, sont authentiques et ont toujours été vérifiées auprès de plusieurs sources comme il est requis à un journaliste. Il est évident que je suis toujours prêt à défendre en justice contre toute allégation contraire. En autre, toute question qui n’aurait pas un lien direct avec mon travail et qui relève de ma vie privée, en particulier les commentaires qui ont été faits récemment après la fin d’une relation amoureuse de plusieurs mois, ne mérite pas de réponse… en tout cas pas ici"- D
    DL-SOS Maddie


    DL on his Blog SOS Maddie, claims that the news signed by him are true and verified and the recent stories envolving his name are related with an end of a Love relationship.

  25. Joana,
    Are you saying that you were mistaken about the Mccanns, you're going to apologize and close your blog?
    I don't anderstand anything more, now what about Mccann's case.
    What is right?
    What is wrong?

  26. This is a clear message that the majority of the sheeple will believe in a "reliable source" rather than actual facts.

    People should form a clear thinking strategy for themselves and follow the facts. Anyone who is anyone on the internet can call themself a reliable journalist, a forensic expert or whatever. The fact is; Joana has put her livelihood on the line and brought us a real account of the Maddie case that the British media denied us.

    I am neither conned nor am I taken in by a Levy or a Mitchell. I formed my own view and I have stuck by that since day one and nothing and no-one will ever convince me otherwise.

    The McCanns are guilty in my book and I have very good reasons and instincts to draw this conclusion.

    "No-one should be that stupid that they can be fooled by a fool."

    Get informed.

    Thank you, Joana for all your efforts. If you have a pay pal button I want to know about it because that is one donation I wouldn´t hesitate to make.

  27. Joana, that story of Madaleine being a matter of national security could not be true.
    DL made it up as well, I think.

  28. the longer this mystery continue, the more risk that the McCann's twins will suffer at school when they hear and read more, and in future life

    another 2 innocent children is going to suffer because of this mystery

  29. Madeleine went on holiday ,something happened to her that I believe her parents and friends know the answer to.

    Martin Grimes dogs picked up on something in the apartment a scent of cadaver not just there but found in several other places and on clothes. The Mccanns are not shocked by these findings they do not ask questions and ask what does that mean , they do not ask is it possible she may have been killed by the "abductor" they insist took her. Instead they go out of their way to explain how these findings came about. Is that a normal reaction of an innocent person? Would you not be knocking down the police door to find out what happened in the apartment instead of getting the next flight out of there the moment the finger points your way. An innocent person would have stayed and asked questions would have wanted to know what happened to their child. By their very actions they have proved their guilt in what happened to maddie. Actions speak louder than words.

    Cadaver scent is found and a child is missing.


  30. Anonymous 01/07/09 07:08 asks: "WHO TO BELIEVE NOW?"

    That's not a difficult question to answer, as far as I'm concerned.

    In my experience, Joana Morais doesn't do crowd-pleasers when it comes to sharing knowledge and information.

    I've been following this blog for the last 20 months and, during that time, Joana has always delivered when she says she will, whether that be interviews, videos, pictures, transcripts, original newspaper articles or excellent translations for non-Portuguese speakers (like myself).

    I've never seen Joana playing to the crowd and making claims that she fails to follow up on or deliver

    (A day in the life...Rothley, chez the McCanns, anyone?)

    To the best of my knowledge, Joana has never claimed to have any evidence in her possession that could 'blow the case wide open' or force a re-opening of the investigation........

    (24 photos, anyone?!)

    (Although, heaven knows, she wouldn't be short of prominent names to legitimately drop if she wanted to!)...I've never seen Joana gratuitously name-drop to puff up her ego and make herself look more important and 'in-the-know' than she is........

    (José Sócrates; Clarence Mitchell; blah-blah-blah, anyone!?)

    I've never known Joana claim to be somewhere she isn't (whether that be political hotspot or studio hot-seat!).......

    (Sri Lanka; Oprah; blah-blah-blah; anyone!?

    I could go on (and on...) but I think you get my drift!

  31. continuing about the twins, its really going to be tough for them as parents of their friends in school know about this unproven lie

    please find the truth soon

    please dont harm the lives of 2 more children's future



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