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Former Inspector traces Strategy to take McCanns to Court

Former Madeleine case investigator builds strategy to prove theory of death and parental involvement

by Nuno Miguel Maia

The former Madeleine case coordinator is building a strategy for the disappearance of the little English girl to be appreciated in a parallel process. For that, he is going to press charges over defamation against the McCann couple.

Madeleine McCann’s parents have announced that they will move judicial procedures against Gonçalo Amaral. But the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) investigator is going to counter-strike. And try to prove the theory of accidental death and the parents’ involvement in the concealment of the cadaver.

JN knows that, in order to fulfil that purpose, Amaral has already gathered a team of lawyers who will help him in a process that is to be filed and to defend him against the actions that may be proposed by Kate and Gerry McCann.

Apart from António Cabrita, the lawyer who defended him in the process in which he was recently condemned over false testimony over the aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, in the Algarve, the work group includes lawyers Henrique Pires Teixeira, from Lisbon, and Francisco de Almeida Garrett, from Oporto.

According to a source that knows Gonçalo Amaral’s strategy, it is foreseen to present a complaint, at the Public Ministry (PM) in Lisbon, over aggravated defamation, against the McCann couple and their spokesperson. Several statements that have been proffered over the last few months, which are considered as offensive to his honour by the former coordinator, are at stake.

In that process, the former investigator will add, as evidence, all the volumes of the process of investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and documents that have been classified as “inedited”. He will also require the hearing of “never before heard witnesses” in the Maddie case, which was archived by the PM of Portimão in July last year.

The former PJ coordinator is also expected to request that, in the autonomous processes, experts, Portuguese and some English investigators are heard. The goal is to prove the veracity, or at least the reasonability, of the theory of the parents’ involvement in the disappearance of their daughter, eventually already dead, on that 3rd of May 2007.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 03.06.2009



  2. Sometimes you have to find a way to bring the unwilling to the table. :D


  3. If G. Amaral can't find an English lawyer to represent him in England, it will be living proof that passion and prejudice prevail over law and justice, and that lawyers can't exercise their job freely in the UK. If public opinion doesn't want to let justice decide who is in their right and who isn't, it also means that they are scared of what would come out of a fair trial.

    Sectarianism helps no one except those who don't deserve to be supported, and it certainly does nothing for the hapless little children who all of a sudden vanish at night.

  4. what about Tony Bennett

    he is a lawyer.

  5. That's what I thought, Anonymous, Tony Bennett...
    Hope for justice for "our little Madeleine" soon.
    We will support Mr. Amaral, may the Lord bless him and us.

  6. It is clear now that Gerry and Clarence are shifting their actions in another direction- Pressures on portuguese media and the oposition party, which probably will be the most voted party on next elections: PSD. This is why The Media group which includes ''Expresso'' newspaper and ''Sic'' Tv became sudenly so suportive of Mccann's team. And their new lawyer Isabel Duarte is also a lawyer of Expresso and Sic group and is a friend of a powerful lawyer office connected with PSD. More corruption surrounding Maddie case and their very dark connections.
    I hope PSD will get out of that circus quickly and will clearly show the public that they are not supporting that farse. Otherwise, same as the PS, they will loose all the support from the Public and they will loose everything.
    Portuguese people are very calme and very friendly but they are not stupid and they will never, never allow the farse go trough again. Enough is Enough....
    Somebody should clarified why Mr. Amaral was refused by the PSD Direction when his name was proposed for ''Faro''. It was related with Cipriano's farse or with Mccann's farse?
    Mccann's team should keep on their mine that they can pressure whatever they want in UK, but in Portugal the politic is a very active game and they cannot keep a secret for long. Somebody, somewhere will go trough the story, will find out the truth and all the connections, and everything will come to day light. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL DEMOCRACY AND FREEDMON.
    Who is Gerry, meeting in Portugal under the excuse of making movies and looking for little Madeleine?
    Why R. Alves and P. Abreu got out of Maddie's case, as lawyer's? Why they dont represent the Mccann's on that new process against G. Amaral?
    90% or more of portuguese people are following Maddie's case since the beginning and watching Mccann's team behaviour very closely. They dont accept exceptional treatments by politician or justice for anybody and for any excuse.
    Recently the country faced another controvertial decision from a court, the little russian girl Alexandra, and the people start coming to the streets to ask justice and protection for the little ones. Maddie deserves it as well... The world and specially the portuguese wants the truth and they will not give up.
    The time go on and over the time what is coming out is the corruption and alots of bad storys, connected with people elected to protect and give justice to every body... specially to little childs which have no voice and no power to tell us their own story..

  7. What about the lawyer who represented Robert Murat - ever so successfully - in the UK?


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