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German release of 'Maddie: Die Wahrheit über die Lüge' - Aktualisierung

Aktualisierung am 19.Juni
Auf Lager bei Amazon.de

Aktualisierung am 15.Juni
Gonçalo Amaral's Buch, 'Die Wahrheit ueber die Lüge', wurde bisher nicht in Deutscher Auflage gedruckt. Ein neues Datum wird erwartet.

Maddie: Die Wahrheit über die Lüge (Gebundene Ausgabe) von Goncalo Amaral (Autor)

Portugal: In Praia da Luz wird ein Kind vermißt Für viele war es zweifellos die rührendste Geschichte des neuen Jahrtausends. Fernsehzuschauer, Leser und Rundfunkhörer in aller Welt begleiteten den Fall über die öffentlichen Medien. Madeleine oder einfach »Maddie«, war das Wort, das man aus vielen Unterhaltungen heraushören konnte. Heute ist dieser Name nur noch ein schwaches Echo, das hier und dort gelegentlich zu vernehmen ist. Das Interesse des Publikums hat sich anderen aktuellen Themen zugewandt. Aber weder hier, noch dort weiß – außer den an der Tat Beteiligten, die sich bisher in Schweigen hüllen - niemand mit Bestimmtheit, was der Tochter der Eheleute McCann zugestoßen ist.

Reservieren Sie sich Ihr Exemplar jetzt und Sie erhalten es pünktlich zum Erscheinungstermin at Amazon.de

# Gebundene Ausgabe: 240 Seiten
# Verlag: Argo; Auflage: 1 (12. Juni 2009)
# Sprache: Deutsch
# ISBN-10: 3937987797
# ISBN-13: 978-3937987798


  1. I expect this to be a success in Germay.
    Germans are always very much interested in this kind of stories.

  2. danke schön, Joana ;)

  3. Fantastic. Thank you Joana and thank you Mr Amaral.
    Ich habe es vorbestellt...

  4. There is also a German translation von Tony Bennett's "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 reasons which suggest that she was not abducted" available. Hopefully Joana will post them on this website soon.

  5. Bald kennt die ganze Welt - ausser Grossbritannien (gut gearbeitet, Sie rosaroter Herr Mitchell!) - die Wahrheit über die Lüge. Mr. Amaral hat sein Versprechen an die Welt gehalten ('soon, very soon ...'). Danke Joana! Ich werde sicher das Buch bestellen.

  6. Ich auch, that means: I have already pre-ordered this book from Amazon. Thank you Mr. Amaral.

  7. please please when in England it would be a bestseller.

  8. Another step towards justice!

    When are we going to see publication of the book in English. Is it possible for a publisher outside of the U.K. to take on the challenge.

    There must be hundreds, if not thousands of us who are being deprived of personal liberty by the continued interference of our P.M. - Clarence Mitchell!

  9. Mais 1 x,parabéns a Gonçalo Amaral,às Editoras que publicam o Seu livro espalhando os Seus conhecimentos.
    De igual modo,parabéns aos Bloggers.

  10. Mr Amerel is wonderful.

    Goncarlo Amerel for prime minister of ------- ENGLAND

  11. Fantastisch, einfach Spitze my dear bloggers!
    Hello Joana,
    Boa noite Dr. Amaral,

    I guess the Mccanns must sue now the whole world,just the planet Earth for publishing, reading, selling, transporting or dusting this book.
    Maybe it is the last act of this tragic play.
    The PJ will click the handcuffs while we close the curtains on the stage, switch the lights off ,say good night to the audience an shut the door of this very sad opera who an inocent little girl named Madeleine was the victim.

    "I pray you, leave me in peace!
    My child it is, my child 'twill remain,

    So let your questionings cease! "

    Before A Court Of Justice
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Maria - Brazil

  12. Somebody told me to have seen Amaral's book at the windows of book shops in Holland.

  13. I wonder if Gerry's ex -colleagues
    have bought already Amaral's book in Holland.
    I bet they did.
    It is known Gerry has worked in Holland for some time.

  14. Oh, yep, Germany - that's where Obama was yesterday visiting a work camp which his uncle helped liberating during the Second World War. How ironic that the book is released on D-Day in Germany of all places.

  15. Guten Morgen,

    Ich weiss, die deutschen sind ein sehr kritisch und ein wachsames Volk. Sie wollen die Wahrheit erfahren, das liegt schon in ihrer Mentalität.
    Das ist auch der Grund warum ich die deustche Kultur bewundere.
    Deswegen denke ich,dass das Buch von Dr. Amaral ein Erfolg wird denn er überzeugt seine Leser mit Beweismittel.
    Die Mccanns und ihre Truppe führen ein langweiliges Theaterstück wo jeder ins sttotern kommt.
    Ganz schlimm! Ein Kind stirbt weil die Eltern es vernachlässigt hat und alles was sie zu sagen haben ist: "err, you know, errrr, no we are not saying that Gordon Brown helped us the to concealer Madeleien's body..errrr you know?"
    Echt zum kotzen diese Leute.
    Sie sollen vor Gericht und zwar gleich.


  16. I hope Hewlett will read it before he gives this interview.....

  17. Do not miss this video.
    Are the Mccanns quite happy or this is the effect of Prozac or something like that?
    I can't explain these pictures:
    can you?please tell me if you have a fine excuse for this behavior:
    have a look:


  18. Maria from Brazil,

    you surprise me with your knowledge of the German language.
    You must belong to a German family or perhaps you have some German blood.
    I understood everything you wrote because I speak Dutch.
    I agree we all can vomit the Mccanns.

  19. The news of Kennedy no longer paying Clarence Mitchell's wages is just starting in the uk Daily mail now. They are expecting a 5 fiqure sum in their case against Mr Amerel but he his taking action against them. and this is the first time the uk. newspapers have said anything about it.

    Labour have had their worst election results in 100 years Brown will have to go he is hanging on by a thread.

    The moral of this story is do not tell a lie you have to tell 100 to maintain the first.

  20. Is there an error to the happy McCann's link mentioned above? I copied and pasted but nothing came up. Or has it been whooosh clunked away!

  21. It is you bloggers that keeps finding the truth high profile. Good job although some english "journalist" found something different.
    The english press is about the same as the chinese.. a lot of censorship.
    Keep on searching for the truth..

  22. "Sehr gut, Deutschland", well done for supporting "die Wahrheit uber die Luge" (sorry for the missing Umlaut). The "Wahrheit" will win in the end!

  23. Go Go Goncarlo Please Please Uk next or what about english version we can buy on the net. Please there must be some way we can bypass the Maccanns.

  24. I was in Murcia yesterday, a large new shopping complex..I expect those that live here will know it....anyway sad to see that Amarals book was not in stock ...I am speaking of a spanish centre not english....when I asked why they did not have it...they did not know ..however I could order if I wished. Although I believe it is on sale in El Courte Ingles...


  25. In Germany the first cover is the right one, only Maddie large

    Please excuse My English...

  26. By chance, I observed something on Anorak site today.
    Somebody was refering to this book in German and asking if it is true that it is now publicised in Germany.
    This somebody refered also to French, Dutch and the Amazon.
    Short later I went back to my computer and that question had disappeared from Anorak.
    What is in the book that is worse than the documentary?
    I think David Payne, the details,
    and the Mccanns continuing being friends with him (or with them), after the Mallorca incident, allowing David to go to the apartment, while Kate was bathing the children.

  27. In Spain, you can get the book in FNAC shops.

  28. Joanna,
    For some reason I have also had problems opening the blog in the past couple of days. This happened once before. Any explanation ?

  29. I just went on Mccannfiles now and saw that British tabloids and Mccann's team don't give up on Hewlett. They want to frame the man no matter on which way... now the strategy, is not a new paedophile, but different truks, or different colored truks for the same paedophile.
    From what I can remember in early May 2007, the PJ inspectors traced the white truck parked near Mccann's flat and find that belongs to a man which usualy sale things to Baptista supermarket. The truck was dismissed.... but now, as usual, the British tabloids working on Mccann's behalf, weake-up the monster again to foolish British public with a new episode on the Maddie terror SAGA.

    For me this means only one thing: On PJ files there is no more serious ill and old paedophiles to frame. They have to keep Hewlett in a very torturant situation to see if he accepts to be corrupted and assume a crime which he did not commited.

    Joana, I just read on Portuguese newspaper that the President Cavaco Silva is going to meet Gordon Brown... maybe we can find a way to let Cavaco Silva knowing how disgusting is the position of British tabloids and the Mccann's, feeding a xenophobe behaviour against Portugal. Maybe he can fix what Socrates mistaked and finnaly Maddie got some justice. I invite all bloggers to write their opinion about Maddie case to Portuguese President of Republic. You can write on any language.

  30. PGR diz que notícias sobre pedófilo britânico não são suficientes para reabrir investigação – SOL 19/6

    “Numa resposta enviada à Agência Lusa, a propósito de notícias da imprensa britânica que dão como "suspeito" o pedófilo britânico, pois encontrava-se no Algarve na mesma altura do desaparecimento da criança inglesa, a Procuradoria-Geral da República (PGR) afirma que "especulações, opiniões ou comentários não são bastantes para que se reabra a investigação".
    Segundo a PGR, "quando surgirem factos concretos, que os magistrados titulares do processo considerem relevantes e credíveis, será reaberto o processo" relativo ao desaparecimento da menina inglesa.
    Porém, a Procuradoria-Geral da República adianta que "está atenta aos sinais que vão aparecendo".”

    O que a PGR devia ter a coragem de dizer ao mundo e que toda a perseguicao feita pelos detectives privados dos Mccann, e crime e e uma fraude. Hewlett, ha 2 anos tinha 62 anos e muito provavelmente ja estaria doente. A PGR devia exigir aos Mccann que explicassem como e que este homem velho e debilitado passou pela janela com Maddie ( como eles defendem ) e em que e que ele encaixa na descricao do raptor dada por JANE a PJ ( aspecto caucasiano entre os 30 e 40 anos). A somar a isto, vem ainda o facto do ultimo retrato robot ter sido feito com base na foto de Hewlett, quando ele era mais novo, portanto ha mais de 20 anos. Este retrato robot parece ser uma fraude feita para intimidar Hewlett e leva-lo a confessar um crime q/ nao cometeu.
    HA MATERIA MAIS Q/ SUFICIENTE para a PGR reabrir o caso, mas aponta sempre para os MESMOS ACTORES: OS MCCANN. TRISTE E SORDIDO, que o mundo assista a toda esta palhacada c/ a justica portuguesa a ser conivente com a estrategia dos criminosos.

    Um comentador ingles disse q/ Gordon Brown so ganhara as proximas eleicoes se o corpo de Maddie for encontrado na garagem de David Cameron, e eu digo que este caso so sera reaberto se o corpo aparecer no jardim dos Mccann.

  31. Does anyone know why Mr. Amaral's publisher has not made arrangements with an AMERICAN (US) publisher to publish the English translation of Mr. Amaral's book? I cannot for the life of me understand the delay in having an official English copy available from the US for English-speaking people on both sides of the Atlantic to order. I cannot believe that Americans would be reluctant to cash in on the huge demand there would be for an English version of this book. Is it possible that there are political machinations at work here, too?

    Joana, do you know the answer?

  32. This is the first time for a few days that I have been able to open the Joana web blog.I wonder why this is.I notice someone else had this problm

  33. 404 on Amazon.de

    Why is this book not available on Amazon?


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