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Giving a Voice to Our Readers: Three Views on the McCanns *updated

On the McCanns' Globetrotting Celebrity Style
by Carol

They are still looking for Madeleine, are they? Perhaps, just perhaps, they might have had a better chance of finding Madeleine had they searched on the night of 3 May 2007.

Their little girl was missing, out there in the dark somewhere, but her parents said it was too dark for them to go out and actually search for their daughter.

It seems to me they wanted, and continue to want, everyone else to search for their daughter but won't get off their backsides to search for her themselves.

They can galavant around the world visiting American dignitaries, chat show hosts, the Pope and so on but IF (and it's an enormous IF) there was a chance that a man in Germany (Aachen) could possibly have some information about their daughter did they get off their backsides and go and plead to speak with him? No, they sent their defectives.

Speaking of which if they think that two ex police officers who have set themselves up as private detectives can go to Germany to question a "suspect" does that mean that a member of the Portuguese public could come across to Rothley in the UK and demand that Kate answer the 48 questions she refused to answer?

No- I thought not.

Calling the McCanns' Bluff
by Maria S.

And I who thought that last May, Madeleine was SOMEWHERE NEAR PRAIA DA LUZ. It was with these breaking news that Mr Dave Edgar made himself known to the world. BUT IT WAS A BLUUUUUUFFFFFF!!!!!

One year ago, Maddie sightings and avid witnesses looking for their 5 minutes of glory, even if only in the neighbourhood gazette, were parading. Today, paedophiles, supposedly abductors, still and only Englishmen, parade. Soon it’ll be Europeans… global ones, to fit the crime where they are ridiculously submerged. I’ll applaud if some day there is boldness and courage to present the paedophiles of Casa Pia on the circus’ stage. Not the Bibis, but the other ones… those who walked in the glow of television sets and in the skies of parliament, THE GALACTICOS.

After all, Leonor Cipriano was awarded her moments of glory on the Madeleine stage, why shouldn’t the famous paedophiles of Casa Pia? They were on the loose on the 3rd of May of 2007 in a village near Praia da Luz, somewhere in Portugal.

What an INJUSTICE that they only think of the POOR, the SICK and the UNFORTUNATE, living somewhere between almost poverty and outright mendacity. There are others… as likely as these ones and who deserve to be dearly remembered and harassed by Mr Dave Edgar.

The first one was named Hewlett, now they are “nameless”. It’s bothersome to give the abductor a name, even if he’s a paedophile. There’s always someone who unmasks the story. There’s always some who comments, who despises, who discredits.

Poor Kate, she built a dream to try to fool this nightmare without a due date – to illusion justice, searching for the daughter that nobody sees, saw or will dare to see. And like the smoke, that was a dense and dark cloud on that fateful night of May 3rd, but which slowly transformed into a soft, light smoke, dispersed in the stratosphere of eternity. Yet, it didn’t dissolve… It will condense and return in the shape of rain… intense, strong, involving like the light in Maddie’s eyes that are no longer lost contemplating the days… the little girl dreams unfulfilled, erased in childhood.

Meanwhile, the poor mother appeals. She wants the REAL MOTHERS (because she remains a pretendy mother) search for the daughter that she didn’t care over, spreading the product that she sells IN DIVERSE PACKAGES AND DIVERSE WAYS OF PAYMENT – the virtual image of a DAUGHTER whose similarity with reality will always be the most improbable coincidence.

This mother does business in reverse, in a world turned upside down: SHE SELLS PUBLICITY IN HER OWN CAUSE. Unbelievable… ridiculous. Any firm pays for its TV, newspapers, etc, their air time or the space for their advertising. “LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED” supplies publicity, which is not free of charge for those who consume it. And it's paid by the public that it is destined for.

Let's re-invent the pillars of market economy, because this business is only possible in the minds of fools.

Maddie is going to condense and come down like a whirlwind in any given year. Then we won’t see a parade of witnesses or abductors, we’ll see a parade of criminals, denounced one after another by each one that preceded him. It will be the madness of a nightmare, dissolving a dream that has a due date after all.

Think about it, Kate, and don’t fool yourself with the fantasy of publicity. BEING A MOTHER IS A GAME WHERE ONE CANNOT PRETEND…

Letter from Iberia
by Anonymous

More McCann Smoke and Mirrors to keep the cash rolling in.

The so called detectives also known as the McCann Mafia will continue to keep wetting their beaks and keeping their noses in the trough by promoting as much disinformation as possible just to keep drawing on the Macon funds.

This bunch of cowboys are poring scorn upon the Portuguese Police, Justice System and the Portuguese people.

Those in control of the Portuguese justice system have lost all honour, integrity and the respect of not only the Portuguese people but also most of the European peoples.

The tourist industry will suffer much more as people will not visit a country where the police force is derogated internationally by a PR machine paid for by the McCann’s which is being so successful in demonstrating that the Portuguese police system is totally ineffective and unable to function in bringing justice to all and in particular to children.

The McCann’s are making fools of the whole of Portugal in the eyes of most normal people.

Justice for the daughter of the McCann’s will not come from the Portuguese system but from individuals.

*Updated to add another reader's voice [which never sent the comment]
Give A Voice To This Reader ( anonymous from Scotland)

Mr and Mrs McCann made a huge error of judgement in leaving their children in the hotel in Portugal and they, their wider family and Madeleine of course have paid for it the most terrible way. Unfortunately this sad situation has become the daily diet of many bloggers, forum posters and global newspapers. Many are sympathetic to the situation that the McCanns find themselves in, not because they agree with what they did but because there is an element, mostly within cyberworld, who have denigrated and vilified these people unmercifully, forgetting that there is no evidence of them committing any crime against their daughter.

There would appear to be a clique of people who have gotten together to do this and have done so from day one and if they’re not agreed with the people at the other end are bullied or their voices are quashed, probably as mine will be. People here have said that the reputation of Portugal has been wasted by the McCanns, but I would say any reputations that have been wasted in Portugal have been done so by this clique of people one of which has proven himself to be an out and out liar. The latter however has had his views and articles spread all over the internet for all to see, complete with his lies and his cons. Many of his associates are tainted with this lying particularly when you think that the same people were involved in commenting on, or were infact, involved in the covering up of evidence in a case of torture of which, I might add, he was found guilty. The people he was covering up for were let off on a technicality, nothing else.

It is my opinion that the McCann’s have tried their best to find their daughter. I despair when I hear folk stupidly saying they should be out looking. How ridiculous. Looking where? After the initial search, that was and is the police services’ job and they couldn’t find anything could they? What do you want them to do, knock ever door in the world and demand entry to do a search. Can you imagine the reception they would get if they tried to do this in Portugal. Well I can guess having seen the treatment dished out when the new posters were put up. Hardly inspiring!

They have received the help of many people because these same people could see what was happening, that they would be run into the ground if something wasn’t done to counterbalance all the lies and deceit coming out of Portugal and repeated here in the media. Not only that the search for Madeleine was being hampered by it all which is the saddest thing. I am not blaming the people of Portugal for this, so stop kidding yourself, stop spreading such lies, using it as an excuse to persecute the McCanns.

Look closer to home to some of you own, who have turned this poor child’s disappearance into a circus and in many cases a “business” instead of working together to find a missing child, which would benefit us all.


  1. Alas the Portugese Justice system has indeed proved to be ineffective.
    Look at the result of this case.
    There should have been at least two persons rotting behind bars.

  2. If you know that your daughter is dead you do not need to move your butt around. Visiting the Pope, political figures and other so called celebreties is one thing because it is good PR and assists fund raising. Actually looking yourself for your daughter makes no sense if you positively know in advance that whatever they claim is a flop from the beginning, because DEAD is DEAD. And, of course, it was too dark ion the night of May 3, 2007 to join into the search for the daughter with the other people. But it was the perfect night to make the body of Madeleine disappear. If you don´t believe me, ask Gerry McCann. The time for the McCanns is almost up. Their fate spells P-R-I-S-O-N. And rightly so!

  3. It was too dark to go out and search...but it was not too dark for Gerry's late night tour towards the church area ( supposedly witnessed by the GNR officer)...maybe they didn't bother because they knew there was no point in joining the search party (GNR, locals, O.Club staff, etc.). It seems they didn't have a torch...but there is a photo of Gerry and Kate, on one of the following nights, speaking to the media, reading a statement, AND Gerry holds a torch then!!! Of course it could have been bought afterwards, but surelly anyone would have provided one for them on that fatidic night!?

  4. Exerllent spot on if only we had this reporting in the british press, the press here are terrified. All we get is what the Maccanns allow. I have stopped buying the newspapers in England Because of this,

    Madelaine Maccann never left Portugal alive. but she is not at rest not while her parents allow this this to go on.

    They can bring this to an end and allow her to come home, and rest in peace. What parent would not want that.

  5. There may still be hope for the Maccanns in all this, hope of some redemption with the world,if they come clean and tell the truth,but one thing stands in the way PRIDE and that alwsys comes before a FALL.

    I do not mean Gods redemption in this that is between them and him alone.

  6. " Anonymous said...
    Exerllent spot on if only we had this reporting in the british press, the press here are terrified. All we get is what the Maccanns allow"

    I agree and I disagree.
    You CAN do something.For example,you could print this article and difuse it everywhere.You can distribute T.B"s leaflets M A S S I V E L Y.
    You can go to rothley and P R O T E S T, take the street and make N O I S E
    Yes...YOU C A N

  7. Letter from Iberia
    It appears that all three opinions share a common theme in that the McCann’s mafia teams continuing manipulation of the truth and their ongoing “we are the oh so innocent victims” spin, is all part of their continuing campaign of “smoke and mirrors” of not wanting to accept any responsibility for their own failings and part of their strategy to increase the flow of donations to their fund.
    They continue to employ from the funds donated by the public a PR specialist and spin doctor to reinvent themselves as celebrity victims rather than being the failed, bad, selfish, parents who did not provide the normal duty of care to all of their children.
    It must not be forgotten that if they had not failed her by leaving her alone in a strange apartment in a strange country to go drinking with their “swinging friends” she would not be missing and probably dead and we would never have heard or the poor girl.
    They act like victims whilst pointing fingers at all and sundry.
    They insult others who were and still are trying to establish the truth, when in fact they the parents, by leaving their daughter and their other children alone, unprotected and in danger, are the cause of this whole sad case.

  8. Anonymous 10.49, who stopped buying newspaper in England.
    Could you please email churchs, tourist offices, hospitals and primary schools about Amaral's documentary on Youbube, or on Joana, Mccannfiles?
    One churdh, one school, one tourist office and one hospital near your home would be enough to spread around this information. They will do the rest of the work for you.

  9. bonjourde france.je vous laisse l soin de traduire avec google traduction.
    je pense les mccann innocentnje pense qu'il y a beaucoup d'escrocerie autour de cette affire,escocrerie de journaliste,ou un seul homme utilise beaucoup de pseudo differents afin de faire croire que beaucoup de journaliste sont de son avis,il n'en ai rien..il n'y a absolument aucune preuve contre les mccann,la seule est l'odeur detecté par les chiens,mais dans l'hypothese ou un gnr serait impliqué,on peut se demander si certaine preuve n'ont pas été deposé,pour diriger la pj a suspecter les parents,afin que l'opinion publique pointe du doigt les parents et pour que surtout personne ne regarde ailleurs...joana,vous suivez cette affaire depuis longtemps,dernierement vous avez levé le voile sur la personnalité de levy,je suis sure qu'en creusant encore vous pourriez decouvrir bien d'autres choses..essayer de voir les choses sous un autre angle,il est fort possible que la vérité soit la ou vous ne l'attendez pas.amicalement.etoile brillante

  10. I have a question, since the beginning about Praia da Luz Church. Is that church used everyday or only on Sundays for the mess?
    If it is only on Sundays, because Maddie disapeared on Thursday, they got ennough time with the Church free only for them.
    It is common sense that the dogs ( I spoke about GNR Dogs) even when trained they are not used to search at night in the dark and the GNR are not alowed to search inside the Church or any other house apart the 5A, unless they got a signed permit from the Judge incharged of the investigation. Which was not possible on that night.
    Everybody was searching the girl around Ocean Club on most probably places for her to being on her own, such as the pool and the streets around the resort. The Church, because is near the beach was the most improbable place to find a girl alone which just wonder off ( Children normally are afraid of the beach and the sea at night time... too scary and too noisy) then was the perfect place to hide something, specially if you got the keys of the Church. I read somewhere that on next morning, when GNR search the area with dogs, the dogs found Maddie smell going from the flat into the beach near the Church. WEIRD!

    Weird was aswell the book found by the Pj on side bed tables when they search the villa rented by the Mccann's. When they brought that book? When Gerry went to USA or when he went at first time to Rotley? Strange book to read on holidays night basis, special if your child was abducted and you are completly innocent. I think they are so confident with the pressures they made on the police and the suport of the poltical side that never came to their mind that the villa and the Renault Scenic will be searched by the PJ. They got shocked and surprised. For the first time, the situation went out of control. Wonder to know why Mrs. Mcguinness resigned when they came back to Uk? HUM....Hum...

  11. I've just watched Dr.Paulo Sargento in TVI( I'm sure Joana will put it here soon) and D. Levy from London ( sorry Joana, it seems TVI and Júlia Pinheiro still listen to him)and they were commenting that Mitchell and the McCanns are not willing to let the Hewlett "thing" fade away, it seems that a newspaper was going to reveal two more possible "suspects", photos and all, and Mitchell "convinced" the editor not to do it. It seems it's a convenient strategy to stick with Hewlett, wait for hom to die and leave the public under the impression that maybe he was the one, allas he took his dark secrets to the grave.
    It was also shown a picture of a little girl that was posted in a dutch paedophile forum and that seemed to have some similarities with Maddie, but this went unnoticed by Mitchell and the McCann investigators, complete silence from their side and the british media.

  12. Just watched on TVI that Mr. Amaral was not able to be in "As tardes da Júlia" with Mr. Sargento, to promote the new book "Justice and delinquency"( by the way, all the revenue from the sales will go to charity) due to the death of his mother.
    As I am unable to do it to him directly, I take the chance to do it here ( I'm sure Joana will not mind), my deepest and sincere condolences to Mr. Amaral and his family for their loss.

    With respect,


  13. http://littlemorsals.blogspot.com/2009/06/changing-face-of-maddie-part-2.html


    Sasha on her blog little Morsals has picked up on something interesting that I had not noticed..Sasha has fresh eyes unlike us...

    The aging face of Madeleine the photo the mccanns gave to NCMEC and the photo they have on their findmadeleine site are not the same. Yet the mccanns say it is the same photo., when you can see from Sashas site that it is not.

    She is confused but not half as much as I am...Another lie...Why??


  14. Anonymous said...
    It was too dark to go out and search...but it was not too dark for Gerry's late night tour towards the church area ( supposedly witnessed by the GNR officer)...


    That makes three trips then anon because Mccann went walkies with Payne at 4 am in the morning when everyone had stopped searching then again with his dear wife at 6 am.....


  15. Peço desculpa por nada ter a ver com o assunto em causa mas aproveito para deixar aqui um beijinho cheio de força e solidariedade para o Sr Gonçalo Amaral.

  16. As many others, I also feel the McCanns are trying to lead the attention of their ever-shrinking league of supporters to a dead-end, by pointing in the direction of Hewitt while at the same time pretending to have qualms about paying for his "information", with a penny out of the the millions they have made from donations, nevermind the sales, etc.
    All they have to do is wait for Hewitt to kick the bucket, and voilá, perfect escaping goat - forever labeled as the peado that was near the scene of the crime, and wanted money to "sing" at his death bed...

  17. ANON: " je pense qu'il y a beaucoup d'escrocerie autour de cette affire,escocrerie de journaliste.....il n'y a absolument aucune preuve contre les mccann,la seule est l'odeur detecté par les chiens,mais dans l'hypothese ou un gnr serait impliqué,on peut se demander si certaine preuve n'ont pas été deposé,pour diriger la pj a suspecter les parents".

    Pardon, s'íl y a de la escocerie elle est centree a cote des Mccann. Pendant deux ans ils n'ont fait rien plus que ca.
    Oui... il y a des preuves forenses retrouve plus d'une fois. Le resultat des premieures preuves on indique 15 alelles du DNA de Madeleine. Dans la plus part des pays europeans, ce resultat est suffisant pour condemner les suspects. Les indices forenses on etait chercher et evaluer par les deux polices- La portugaise et l'anglaise.
    Si cettes preuves forenses n'existait pas, le cas avais eu one solution deja. Les Mccann, ils ne pouvait pas oublier les preuves et c'est a cause de ca qu'íls on passe deux ans avec l'ílusion de trouver quelqu'un, quelque chose pour justifier cettes preuves et les enlever de l'investigation.

  18. Étoile brillante... de France
    Google traduit mal les textes en bon français. C'est dire ce qu'il fait lorsque il rencontre des fautes...
    Qu'est-ce qui vous permet de déclarer catégoriquement que Joana doit prendre de la hauteur ? Quel savoir détenez-vous ?

  19. Étoile Brillante,
    I hope you can read this.
    - The toy, Maddie's cuddle cat (chat), had a smell of death(odeur de mort). That cuddle toy cat was always with Kate(le chat était toujours avec Kate).
    The dog noticed it immediately when he came inside of the McCanns house.De dog was running to a chair where the toy was and took it in his mouth.(see Amarals's book).
    Amaral shows there was no abduction.
    Impossible, through that window, without leaving marks on that bed and traces of the abductor's clothes on the window.
    No DNA, no finger prints.

    This toy is the best evidence that the police was honest.
    A toy, with a rosary around it.

  20. Papa fume la pipe.

    La barbe de monsieur Fléury est blanche.

  21. I believe that we have here the parents of a missing, much loved, child. Doing the best they can to keep her profile high. There is no training for how to act or how to campaign successfully. All they have is hope, positive thinking and the goodwill, help and support of many. Without any evidence to prove otherwise it must be assumed that Madeleine is alive and the parents were not deliberately involved in her disappearance for the sake of ensuring people continue searching for an alive Madeleine who wants to be found.

  22. Well said ModNrodder. The voice of reason at last. Makes a change!

  23. 22.12,

    Hi there, Clarence!

  24. "All they have is hope, positive thinking and the goodwill, help and support of many."

    You forgot the fear, the fear that the world finds out what really happened to their daughter.

    "Without any evidence to prove otherwise..."
    Just to refresh your memory:Cadaver odour in the appartment, on the mother clothes, on cudlle cat and in the car hired several day after the disappearance.And also blood in the appartment.

    "....it must be assumed that Madeleine is alive and the parents were not deliberately involved in her disappearance..."

    And why is that when her parents have always behaved like she's no longer alive?They should have thought about people having doubts about their innocence when they refused to answer the police questions and when they decided not to do the reconstruction.

    "...for the sake of ensuring people continue searching for an alive Madeleine..."

    Well, the parents and their friends have admitted they never physically searched for her.Why dont they start now and stop asking people to do what they never did?After all, they are the "missing" girl's parents and they are the ones who neglected her.

    "... who wants to be found."

    No, she just wants her parents to stop disrespecting her memory.
    No,she just wants her parents to let her rest in peace.

    Cambada the mentirosos e vigaristas !

  25. I believe that what we have here are parents who are so selfish, they left 3 defenceless children alone at night while they wined and dined with their friends, without any regard for their safety and wellbeing. and because of their actions one of those children came to serious harm.

    Whatever happened to Madelaine Maccann that night is the fault of Kate and Gerry Maccann and no other living person in this world.

  26. Well said anons 00.03 and 00.11. The voices of reason at last. Makes a change!

  27. ModNrodder, I agree completely with you. Finally, a reasonable voice on this forum.

  28. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1176448/David-Jones-suspicions-McCanns-years-confesses-horribly-wrong.html


    Two years ago David Jones who works for the Mail wrote an excellent article explaining why he had his doubts about the mccanns.

    It has taken him two years and a long chat with Mitchel to change his mind...His original article of course has been removed so that we cannot compare this amazing U Turn of his thoughts. Instead we now have a groveling David Jones who explains he was horribly wrong...

    He has a wife and children and no doubt a mortgage...he needs his job. So David has joined the ranks of Mccanns Law...maddie was abducted because we say so O:K:

    Yes, says David...therefore a humble apology for thinking for himself plus a few pro posters at the end of the article has once again David in the fold..

    Only thing is Dave you have sold your soul and betrayed Madeleine and that is "Horribly Wrong"...


  29. A fir comment on this case from the PJ temselves. Sourced from the concluding report on the case presented to the AG.

    In conclusion, it results from everything that has been done, despite the
    efforts that were made and all investigation lines being explored, that it is
    not possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really
    happened that night, and about the present location of the missing minor.

  30. Morning Modrod, (23/6/09 22:12)
    Unfortunately I do not agree with you.

    Why must we assume that this child is alive - because the parents have decided so?

    Why must we assume she has been abducted - Because the parents have decided so?

    Why must we assume these McCann's who left 3 children night after night alone and unprotected, more vulnerable in an unlocked apartment, are loving caring parents? - Because after 'the horse has bolted' so to speak they have told us so?

    Interestingly Modrod the content of your post and reasoning behind your comment is based on ‘NO EVIDENCE.’

    If I am to follow your reasoning Modrod/go along with this – then surely one must NOT assume that Madeleine has been abducted? There is not a shred of evidence to prove this. Yet, this is the story fed to the public by the McCann’s.

    Surely with no evidence, it is still open as to who may have harmed this child, the parents and friends included?

    Surely, when there is NO evidence, the McCanntecs, should be following ALL possible scenarios in the disappearance of this child?

    Surely if they are loving caring parents they would have been honest from the start?

    They have not been Modrod. I have read the police reports posted here on this site and they are an eye-opener.

    One example Modrod – R. O’Brien claims to have, on the Sunday evening, taken the keys of the Oldfield apartment, from Matt Oldfield during dinner, gone to the Oldfield apartment, unlocked the door and checked on the Oldfield children.

    Matt Oldfield tells the police in his statement, that on the Sunday evening, he was unwell and did not go to dinner.

    Rachel Oldfield in her statement tells police that Matt was unwell and did not go to dinner on the Sunday evening, therefore on that evening she had no need to leave the dinner table at the tapas and go and check on her children, as Matt was looking after them.

    What a surprise Matt must have had when R.O'Brien came in !!!! LOL

    J. Tanner, O'Brien's partner stated that neither she nor Russell O'Brien until the 3rd May, had been in the McCann apartment.

    Furthermore, R.O’Brien states that AFTER checking the Olfield children on that Sunday evening he then went to the McCann apartment, entered through the patio door and checked on the McCann children.

    The McCann’s and others have stated that the McCann’s used the front door facing onto the car park on these first evenings, that their patio door was locked.

    Now tell me again Modrod why it is that I should ASSUME anything in this case, based on anything told by this group of people who have continually lied from the beginning?


  31. I do love this part of your post:

    ‘Without any evidence to prove otherwise it must be assumed that Madeleine is alive and the parents were not DELIBERATELY involved in her disappearance for the sake of ensuring people continue searching for an alive Madeleine who wants to be found.’
    Do we take it from that Modrod that you feel they MAY have been involved in Madeleine’s disappearance?

    It certainly sounds like you do, just that you don’t think they are keeping the ‘alive’ bit alive, so to speak for ulterior motives.

    I note you say also Modrod:
    ‘There is no training for how to act or how to campaign successfully.’

    That one kind of puzzles me Modrod - Why?
    Firstly, you say ‘campaign “SUCCESSFULLY!”’

    In the case of a missing person, the ONLY ‘success’ would be for the person to be found alive and well. Secondly, though more sadly, if missing person is found dead, the family of the missing person would be able to find some peace in laying their loved one to rest respectfully and properly.

    Forget the 'campaign' Modrod, co-operation with the official police investigation, answering police questions honestly and truthfully would have perhaps gone a long way to a ‘successful’ end to this tragic case.

    When lies are told about the events of an evening in the case of a missing person, it can only HINDER any investigation, lead the investigating force deliberately down the wrong path.

    In the case of a missing child, I find this behaviour heinous and contributory to any other crime committed against this child. Neglect being the first.

    As for saying ‘there is no training for how to ACT?’

    Now that is odd, as, are the McCann’s and their family and friends not on record as having said that this is the VERY REASON that Kate McCann displayed no feelings whatsoever, only coldness and indifference – because she was given TRAINING told by the EXPERTS not to show emotion, in effect they have stated that they were told how to ACT!

    Oddly too Modrod, there has been hundreds of thousands of pounds paid from the ‘Fund’ for ‘training’ (to use your word) on NOT only how to campaign, but ON the campaign.
    Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on the best legal minds, criminal lawyers etc that money, donated by the public could buy.

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent Modrod on the ‘McCann’s DEFENCE’ (as stated by Brian Kennedy) – so Modrod they managed to figure out how to defend themselves without any ‘training.’ More money was spent on this, than on the search for the little girl.

    Time to take off your blinkers methinks Modrod.


  32. Ironside,

    Thank you for your link of this morning re the photographs.

    I used the link, there was a fruther one whereby you could view the McCann's at the centre for missing/exploited children in the USA.

    The chap there speaking of the age progression process states:

    'To circulate a photograph of a child who was not quite 4 (years of age) two years later is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.'

    Watch Gerry McCann carefully when this is said. He is very uncomfortable - looks down, swallows hard.

    Interestingly too Ironside, is that the latest 'T.Shirts' being advertised on the McCann Site are of Madeleine when she is NOT QUITE 4 YEARS OF AGE!

    Why after all that the chap in America has told them, re the importance of using an updated image do they continue with an old one?

    Could it be that the cute 4 year old will 'sell' more t.shirts than the unfamiliar updated image would?

    It makes no sense otherwise to print t shirts with old photo.

    If this is the Mccann definition of 'leaving no stone unturned' what hope does this child have - with parents who have deliberately ignored the sound advice of the chap from the Missing and Exploited Children Centre in the USA.

    I think they have their own agenda - 'no sensible advice which may lead to Madeleine mystery being solved, listened to.


  33. ModNrodder said... "I believe that we have here the parents of a missing, much loved, child. Doing the best they can to keep her profile high. There is no training for how to act or how to campaign successfully. All they have is hope, positive thinking and the goodwill, help and support of many".

    I believe that we have here the parents of a missing loving child. Doing the best they can to keep her BUSINNESS high. There is training for how to campaign this businness successsfully, trough a PR. All they have is hope, positive thinking and the goodwill, help and support of money, thousands of Pounds, or Euros, or Dollars but... was not ennough... They always want more, more money easily achieved behind Madeleine's shadow, to pay a LUXURY VILLA... FIVE STAR HOLIDAYS and of-course a VIP PR AND ALL HIS GANG. WONDERFUL PARENTS!!!!!

  34. Good morning A.Miller, yes it would appear to be the latest addition to the on linine shopping plus of course the must have all "Travel Pack"...

    The Mccanns also have a wonderful gift of being able to see into the future. They can plan things weeks in advance for the "cause" of maddie...here is an example...

    Two weeks ahead...how could anyone know their child may not be found any moment...two weeks is a long time if your child is truly missing....


    From CNN's Ben Blake

    ROTHLEY, England (CNN) -- The family of Madeleine McCann, the British girl who vanished in Portugal more than four months ago, will launch a massive advertising campaign aimed at keeping the search for her a public priority.

    Madeleine McCann's disappearance sparked huge interest. She was reported missing in early May.

    » A family spokesman told reporters Saturday the campaign would begin in two weeks.

    The advertisements will run in newspapers, and on billboards and television broadcasts in Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe "to remind everyone that Madeleine is still missing," said Madeleine's uncle, John McCann, who also is the family spokesman.

    The project will be paid for with about $160,000 from the nonprofit fund set up to receive public donations for the search.

    "This financing of advertisements will complement previous efforts by the fund and many motivated individuals -- family, friends and people touched by our cause," McCann said.


  35. "Pardon, s'íl y a de la escocerie elle est centree a cote des Mccann. Pendant deux ans ils n'ont fait rien plus que ca.
    Oui... il y a des preuves forenses retrouve plus d'une fois. Le resultat des premieures preuves on indique 15 alelles du DNA de Madeleine. Dans la plus part des pays europeans, ce resultat est suffisant pour condemner les suspects. Les indices forenses on etait chercher et evaluer par les deux polices- La portugaise et l'anglaise.
    Si cettes preuves forenses n'existait pas, le cas avais eu one solution deja. Les Mccann, ils ne pouvait pas oublier les preuves et c'est a cause de ca qu'íls on passe deux ans avec l'ílusion de trouver quelqu'un, quelque chose pour justifier cettes preuves et les enlever de l'investigation"

    c ce qu'on vous a fait croire...moi je pense l'inverse...des qu'on parle des chiens vous parlez du sang...quel sang?Celui dans la chambre n'etait pas celui de maddie,mais celui d'un touriste,et dansla voiture,on ne sait pas si les traces retrouvées sont d'un cadavre ou d'une personne vivante,,ni qui a louer avant cette voiture..je continue a dire,qu'il est facile de faire enfermer qqun avec un peu d'aide.....chacun ses convictions,,vous avez les votres moi j'ai les miennes..etoile brillante

  36. j'aimerais poser deux qestions a nos amis portugais:

    pourquoi les personnes qui etaient ceNsé acheter joana n'ont jamais été recherché?Meme si aucun lien avec madeleine.....

    cela ne vous derange pas qu'a chaque disparition douteuse des avocats et journalistes s'empressent d'ecrire des livres?Je n'ai jamais vu ca france.....merci

  37. The church!!!!
    The church was not the place where the body was hidden.
    The church was the meeting point to where the body was brought.
    I believe Tapas 10 was there, by car, waiting for the body.
    It was the only place that the "abductor"could find, without making mistakes.
    Somewhere I read that Payne had or has indirect relatives in Algarve, somewhere.
    A brother-in-law who had relatives there, something like that.
    No priest in the world would have hidden a crime.
    Besides, the McCanns did not know that priest yet at that time.
    They could not trust a foreigner.
    The body was taken by a British, known by at least one of Tapas 9.

  38. Many people think Oprah was in favor of the Mccanns but I think the contrary.
    On her show, she was concentrated on Kate, not on Gerry.
    She reffers to the status of suspects,
    she talks about that (mysterious)blanket,the gaffe according to Amaral, and the parents don't deny it,
    she reffers to 8 children alone for 5 nights,
    she says the friend Jane was COMING OUT of her villa (the parents don't correct it and Gerry replies "Yeah"...)
    she reppeats "Your friend Jane"
    Kate reffers to a wardrobe and
    Oprah asks "was she in a closet?"
    About how nice the media were, Oprah says: _Yeah, in the early days"...
    Press conference 4 days after the disappearence,not emotional and Kate explains she had cried for 72 hours(3 days and no signs on her face)
    the behavioural expert,
    washing the cuddle cat,
    reffers accidental death caused by Kate.
    This all shows Oprah does not believe the Mccanns.She even reffers to Susan Smith who" lied in public", after killing her children in a lake.
    She shows her public how irresponsible Tapas 9 are and how strange the story is.

  39. "Celui dans la chambre n'etait pas celui de maddie,mais celui d'un touriste,et dansla voiture,on ne sait pas si les traces retrouvées sont d'un cadavre ou d'une personne vivante,,ni qui a louer avant cette voiture.."

    C'est le sang dans la chambre qui ressemble Madeleine DNA en 15 alelles. La BBC ou le Times ( Je ne suis pas sure) a fait une notice a propos de ce resultat dans la quelle ils defendont la tese du touriste. Mais un plus tard dans la meme journee, le FSS a fait sortir une note pour la comunication social ou ils disont que la tese du touriste etait false. Donc on a restee avec 15 alelles du DNA de Madeleine. Quelq'un a decedee dans l'apartment 5A du resort. Si n'etait pas Madeleine, qui est l'autre personne qui a decedee mais personne la cherche? On ne peut pas enlever un cadaver d'une maison sans appeler la police et une ambulance. Meme quand la mort est a cause naturelle on a toujours besoin d'avoir un autopsy pour le certificat d'obit...

    Touts les personnes qui on eu la voiture avant les Mccann on etait interroguee par la PJ et sont eliminee de l'investigation.
    Oui , c'est dure de penser qui les parents de Maddie pouront etre au centre de toute l'histoire, mais malheuresement tout ce qui la police a trouve ( encore je remarque que c'est un travail de la police anglaise et portugaise) met les Mccann bien au centre de tout.

    On a la liberte de croire on ce qui notre coeur nos ditait, mais je pense que dans ce cas vous doit lire un peux plus et vos informer. deux ans de nouvelle c'etait a long and triste nouvelle.

  40. 'McCann's made a huge error of judgement in leaving their children in the hotel in Portugal'


    How does that work?

    Two medical professionals, in their late thirties, three young children, all under the age of 4 years of age. Two of the children, only two years old.

    Getting ready to go out to dinner -

    'Shall we get a sitter for the kids honey, they are afterall too young to look out for themselves, they might get sick, they might wander out onto the road through the unlocked apartment door, they might cut themselves on the sharp implements in the kitchen, the may fall on the slippery tiles and have a nasty accident, they may switch on the cooker and get injured. They may just simply waken up looking for us, and be terrified out of their wits to find that they are in darkness and no mummy and daddy there for them -
    What do you think honey?

    Reply - No let's not bother, we'll be too far away to hear them cry so we won't be disturbed. If they have an accident, don't worry, we're doctors we'll fix it when we get back.

    But honey, you know Madeleine said that her and Sean woke up crying last night - should we not just stay at home and look after our young children, I've read in the medical books that other parents do this. At the surgery too, I advise others that this is best. What do you think honey?

    Reply - Nah! Let's go, just make sure on the way out that we DON'T lock the door - don't want to make it too difficult for any passing paedophile to get in. If anything happens when we're out it won't be our fault and we can always say that we were 'lulled' into a false sense of security. Repeat that back to me now. Right let's go.'


    In my opinion the doors to this apartment were never left unlocked at any time.

    When it was realised that the shutters had NOT been tampered with, there had to be another way that an intruder could have gained entry. Hence the introduction of an unlocked door.

    Why else do I think that there was not an unlocked door - surprisingly NOT because there were three young children left alone inside - but because these professional people would NEVER leave documents such as passports in an unlocked premise.


  41. "pourquoi les personnes qui etaient ceNsé acheter joana n'ont jamais été recherché?Meme si aucun lien avec madeleine....."


    Les voisins on confirme la version de la dame du cafe ou Joana a rentre pour acheter quelque chose pour le diner. Ils on vu Joana retourner a la maison et personne est arriver a la maison apres elle et on n'as pas vu Joana sortir de nouveau.

    Ajouter a ca, la police a trouver human sang dans le frigo de sa mere, une de ses sandals au dessu du sofa et le l'impression de son visage et sa man en senti descedent dans le mur de la salle. Le mouvement montre qu' elle etait agredit violentment contre le mur.
    Il ya beaucoup d'histoires qui se raconte maintenant a propos de Joana parsque quelqu'un veut faire la liaison entre Maddie et Joana pour intimider G. Amaral et lui faire fermer sa bouche. Mais ce cas est ferme. IL N'Y AVAIT PERSONNE POUR ACHETER JOANA. QUI VOUDRAIS ACHETER UN ENFANT AVEC * ANS, QUI CONNAIS BIEN LES ADULTS ET ETAIT HABITUEE A ALLEZ SEUL A L"ECOLE ET A SE D'EBROUILLER AVEC LA VIE? PERSONNE!!! C'EST TOUT DANGEREUX< MEME SI ON A LE PLAN DE L' EMMENER A L'ETRANGER. C'est pas comme enlever un bebe q'ils peuvent manipuler, cacher et raconter quelque histoire. JOANA etait habitue a survivrir et c'etait ca qui l'a mis au centre du crime.


  43. Hello again Ironside,

    Until today I had never looked at the Madeleine Online Shop.

    What struck me as sad, is that it is named the 'Madeleine Online Store' as though the child had some part in its creation, her own idea, her little boutique.

    Madeleine does not know of its existence.

    Also they advertise the products as of 'good/high quality'

    It rather brings it home, that Madeleine is now being marketed as a moneymaking scheme.

    I cannot imagine anyone wishing to purchase, so as to benefit the Fund, would care as to whether the quality was good or bad. They would simply want to help.

    The life of this child has been, in my opinion, reduced to a rather tacky business venture.

    I see too that the t.shirts (with OLD PHOTO) are in a range of sizes.

    I cannot imagine parents wanting their young children to wear these t.shirts.

    At the time of Madeleine's disappearance it was reported here in the UK by parents that their children were scared witless at the thought that they may be next, that a scary man may break into their home and take them away.

    So I cannot see any responsible parent, buying for their young children, at the airport or elsewhere, tshirts, tags for their suitcase or travel packs, with the face of a missing child, who children associate with a very very scary man.

    Their holiday would be ruined, before it began.


  44. I see too on this site that there are two pictures of 'suspects' displayed.

    One, the man carrying the child and two the spotty faced man.

    The question accompanying the visuals - 'Do you know these men?'

    I'm a little confused!

    The image of the man with the prominent teeth was linked to the sketch of the man carrying the child as being the same person.

    This man was checked out by the police and his ID confirmed.

    Spotty man, has been linked to the man with the prominent teeth (Sky Life of Crime Blog you will see the pictures together) DESPITE this man having been ID/checked out.

    Spotty man, in his own right, I believe has been ID'd and checked out by police.

    Can anyone tell me why these images are still being displayed on the McCann Site as persons who they are looking for?

    What are the McCanntecs doing? Clearly not what they are being paid for!

    This latest nonsense too, about them wanting to interview a man being held in prison in the UK accused of murder.

    Why do the McCann's, if the report is correct, want to interview a murderer. They insist Madeleine is alive, so they cannot believe he murdered the child?

    Do they think the 'accused murderer' spoke to the paedophile, Hewlett, who in turn has spoken to to whoever took Madeleine?

    Getting to be like Chinese Whispers!

    I wonder which of the sketches the 'accused murderer' will be linked to, as bearing an 'uncanny resemblance?'

    I tell you, you could not make this up!


  45. 'Without doubt, two years seems a huge proportion of your life when you’re six years old, but in reality it is just a tiny fraction of the life which lies ahead of you. It is important for us to keep looking forward.'



    This is a part of the message posted by the McCann's on their site.

    What a strange message - Who was he (Gerry) trying to convince? Who was he speaking to, himself, the public, or Madeleine. The speech changed throughout the statement that it was difficult to determine to whom it was directed.

    The 'reality' is, that if Madeleine IS still alive, TWO years of her life, is equal to, one third.

    In perspective - 'one third' is a HUGE amount of her life so far.

    Two years of her short life, if still alive, spent no doubt being tortured, in pain and suffering. A suffering, a child so young cannot possibly understand. A child so young cannot possibly understand either why mummy and daddy let this happen to her. She cannot understand why mummy and daddy have not come to help her.

    McCann, by this statement quite evidently needs a 'reality check.'

    Yes Gerry, in normal circumstances, two years in the life of a six year old child who is with her family being loved and cared for, living the life and doing what a six year old should be - is indeed only a fraction of the life ahead.

    For a child being abused by paedophileS, TWO YEARS is a LIFETIME spent with no hope of a life ahead!

    I do wish the McCann's would get a grip.

    They claim on their site that there is no proof that Madeleine has been harmed.

    She was harmed when she was left alone. If she has been taken by anyone at all, paedophile or otherwise, she has been harmed.

    If the McCann's do NOT believe she has been harmed by a paedophile, why are they so keen to parade paedophiles as 'persons of interest/suspects?

    Why are they now wishing to interview an 'accused murderer?'


  46. A.Miller. I like your way of thinking...Then of course if they had not left the children alone there could not have been an "abduction"...something bothers me about this neglect issue....but we know it is true because of Mrs.fenn who according to kate is a liar....waiters who said they had no idea the group had children.

    Jez where does he fit into all of this...was he the spanner in the works ? was the apartment supposed to have been trashed and the window jemmied?...It seems they played on the abduction with the family mentioning that passports and credit cards had not been taken
    only madeleine. This was not chinese whispers each family and friend said either kate or mccann phoned them and mentioned the broken window....so how come this window was not broken what went wrong with the plan? the only thing I can think of is Jez...Mccann was going to force the window from outside. Original statement from Aunt Phil Mccann thinks the "abductor" CAME IN through the window and left through the door...then story changed to came in through door and left through window.

    I wonder what Jez thinks about the mccann documentary and changing his position in the street.


  47. Anon in Scotland.....Is it Gerry?Or someone from his family?Probably not because this person has some education.

    Some advice to this anon:People know the evidence found by the police, the public knows the bizarre way these "loving parents" and their friends have behaved.So stop wasting your time and stop insulting the public's intelligence.

  48. 'Look closer to home to some of you own, who have turned this poor child’s disappearance into a circus and in many cases a “business” instead of working together to find a missing child, which would benefit us all.'


    Above taken from 'Giving A Voice to Our Readers' - the last entry.

    I find the remark rather amusing, as it is NOT directed at the McCann's and Clarence but at the public.

    It begs the question: - In what way have the public turned this tragic case into a circus or indeed more to the point, a BUSINESS?

    Is it not the McCann's who are running a business in the name of Madeleine?

    Should the 'writer' be around at some point in time, perhaps he/she could clarify for the readers?

    I note also that the 'writer' of this piece speaks for the need for 'counter balance' in the case, as he/she believes that there has been many lies 'leaked' from Portugal.

    I note however that the writer makes no reference to the many lies which have come from the McCann's and friends - many on televised programmes/interviews and not 'gossip or second hand.'

    I ask the 'writer' - Does he/she consider this to 'counterbalance' the lies which s/he speaks of in her comment?

    I must also add, that I have noticed this trend on some of the sites, the need by some, in their mind, to 'counterbalance' They are of the opinion that should a site have a majority of persons leaning towards a particular view -then a stop has to be put to it.

    Unfortunately, be it on blogs, or in this case, or any other - 'Matters' cannot always be counterbalanced.

    If evidence/forensic or whatever, in any type of criminal case, be it Madeleine or any other, is found to indicate a particular set of circumstances/events to have taken place - We cannot say, based on it not being the outcome/result that we would wish for - that there has to be a 'counterbalance.'

    That is too ridiculous for words.

    Counterbalance on blogs:

    On this the JM Site, all opinions/views are allowed.

    Many sites are 'closed' to persons who do not hold the same opinion of the membership of said site.

    If counterbalance is what is sought - then surely the target for this request/demand, should be directed at sites which operate such a system.

    Just a thought!


  49. come on in again mitchel ...


    Et voila, c'est ca la liberte d'opinion. chacun a son point de vue et on doit le respecter. Moi aussi... je reste avec mon point de vue... Les mccann on beaucoup de questions a repondre dans la justice, n'importe quand et ou.... Un Jour.

  51. Hello Ironside,

    If there had been an intruder, NOT a burglar/thief, and his sole purpose was to remove a child from the apartment - it would not seem strange at all that s/he did NOT steal passports/credit cards.

    Taking a child and no more is exactly what you would have expected.

    If a burglar/thief entered the apartment, you would expect him/her to steal items of value but NOT harm or take a child.

    If a murderer entered the apartment for the purpose of killing someone - they too would have done so.

    You are quite correct about the window/shutter/patio door.

    Initially it was said that the alleged intruder had entered by the jemmied window/shutter and out through the door.

    When proven that the window had not been jemmied open, the story changed to an unlocked patio door.

    To back up any abduction theory, there had to be a credible point of entry. Hence the introduction of an unlocked patio door.

    Whilst this served a purpose - it was probably the least credible idea that could have been conjured up - well that and the whooshing of the curtains/the open windows/shutters and just about all else they, McCann's have spun for us. It 'asked' more questions than it answered. In essense - they put themselves between a rock and a hard place on this one.

    Do any of us actually believe that persons such as the McCann's would leave there holiday apartment open to theft of their credit cards and passports?

    Who amongst us, when on holiday leaves these items in the apartment- leaves the door unlocked and wanders out for the evening?

    Forget about the children alone inside - these people WOULD NOT have left what they considered to be valuable in an unlocked apartment.
    Apart from anything else it would negate their holiday insurance conditions of policy. They would not risk this.

    For this reason I do not believe for an instant that that apartment was left unlocked on any night during this holiday.

    I do agree with what you say Ironside that their agenda was quite different.

    Jez too, is a mystery. Perhaps he watches from a distance in disbelief as to what has transpired since his meeting with Gerry McCann on that night. There is every likelihood that he unwittingly 'snookered' a plan!

    In the early days I gave the benefit of the doubt to the scenario that Madeleine could have wandered out of the apartment. Time and the knowledge and information we now have on this case has changed my opinion. That and the vehemency of the McCann's that she could not have wandered.

    Are they so sure - as they know the apartment was never left unlocked?

    In the police statements all of the others state that they locked their patio doors from inside and double locked the other wooden (front) doors as, if double locked they could not be opened from inside without a key.

    Single locked - a person on the inside could open and exit.

    It is the opinion of forensic experts that no one could have gone through the bedroom window without leaving trace on the lichen which coated the ledges etc.

    If McCann's had double locked for security, so that Madeleine could not get up and go out, the front door, an abductor could not have left by this means either.

    If the abductor left by the patio door, why did Jez Gerry not see him? How did the abductor come to be at the top of the street for Tanner to have seen him. It makes no sense.

    Are we to believe the McCann's left the apartment unsecure both at the patio entrance and the front entrance?

    I think not!

    Whilst the items which they valued, passports and the likes were in that apartment - they DID NOT, in my opinion leave it unlocked.

    Ihave to go out now Ironside. Nice speaking to you.


  52. It just goes to show you that some people will twist the truth to suit their own theories and I'm referring to the comment on Oprah.

    There is no way Oprah was AGAINST the McCann - Oprah did NOT call for any reopening of the case - she told people that the McCanns was the most heartbreaking story she had done. This indicates she was against the parents, how?

  53. This anonymous from Scotland is really worried, isn't he?
    I know that some people in Scotland watched Amaral's youtube documentary (friends of a friend).
    They felt themselves morally obliged to spread it around.
    No problem, anonymous.
    Keep trying!

  54. And what about Gerry Tennis bag, big ennough to fit a childs body? This bag really existed and disapeared on that night? If the bag really disapear, why they don't report it to the police? Can that bag being used by Tapas 10 to carry the body from the meeting point (the Church)?. This is why they don't report it? Because carrying a tennis bag during the night, walking in direction of the beach will look suspicious if spoted by somebody. Carrying a sleeping child it is more normal. If this was the case, then Maddie died later in the afternoon and not at the time reported by Kate for her abduction. This give them time ennough to arrange the plan with Tapas 10, with Payne going to The flat and Gerry playing Tennis ( The Tennis bag went out without suspicion). Ca be leaved somewhere ( who cares about a tennis bag) and later taked to the beach, by one of the Tapas 9, just before Gerry left the dinner table. It come to my mind, Russel O'Brien which spend alot of time out of the table and without a good explanation. This can explain aswell why the dogs find the cadaver scent in the flat. According with specialists , a body, to leave cadaver scent and fluids, needs to be in the place where the scent was found, at least 2 hours. I don't know if somebody read more about that tennis bag. It was real or a speculation?

  55. Taken from Dateline NBC

    Clint Van Zandt FBI former criminal profiler...said...in an interview.

    Murphy: What does experience tell us about predators who steal for their own pleasure?

    Clint Van Zandt: The child is usually killed.

    But Van Zandt sees another possibility in the abduction theory: a child stolen to be sold as goods to a customer somewhere.

    Clint Van Zandt: Unfortunately, it's one of the dirty secrets in this world that children are kidnapped, usually they're put into sexual bondage. And sometimes there are individuals who say, you know, I want a child, not for nefarious purposes but I just want to raise a kid ... and I want a pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, little European girl.

    Murphy: Stolen to custom order?

    Van Zandt: Stolen to customers' order.

    Murphy: And that happens?

    Van Zandt: And that happens.

    But what about the big bombshell - the parents did it.

    This is, sadly, the one that seasoned detectives have the most experience with.

    Van Zandt: The McCanns should have been looked at from day one ...

    Murphy: Everything in your experience says, look at the parents?

    Van Zandt: Look at the parents. I mean, they would have been bulls eye, dead-center for at least one of my investigative teams to rule them in or rule them out.

    Murphy: They look good on camera, the stuffed toy, but...

    Van Zandt: Doesn't mean a thing. We have to investigate not speculate. And all we've seen is speculation in this case so far.


  56. I also wonder if this tennis bag exists or not.
    Maybe it was used to put that blanket in, the blanket to which Kate reffers (and later Amaral"what blanket?").They washed the floor behind the sofa ( that is known by the PJ)and maybe used the blanket to dry the floor up.Probably the police made an inventary of objects of 5A, and they missed the blanket and, who knows, some more things.
    And everything could have been transported by one of Tapas 9, even by Gerry himself, much before 10.00 pm.Amaral considers Kate reffering to that blanket as being a big gaffe.Who knows the PJ never publicised about it and Kate made the mistake.
    I believe the body was transported by car, leaving from nearby the church, and eventually with the tennis bag in it.

  57. Joana,
    I see that since you accused Duarte Levy of lying , your blog gets a lot of visitors, including french ones (which make many spelling mistakes in their own language) from the following site, which opened in opposition to Mr. LEVY’one http://www.lepost.fr/tag/maddie/
    A theory, that I already saw on Opprah Winfrey’s site, is understood : that would be PJ, headed by Mr Amaral, which be complicit of the abduction of children for pedophiles (Casa Pia, Joana, Maddie, ...). This PJ, in charge of investigations, could easily makeup evidences. So the CIPRIANOs and MCCANNs would be innocent, and the guilties would be AMARAL and the portugese police.
    - The 2 cases Cipriano and McCann are in one way or another related, and I saw on Rosiepops’blog that the last registered forumer is called "Leonor avocat". This theory will probably grows up on blogs and in the press after Mr. AMARAL’s conviction, and suspicions of corrupt about GNR. According to informations in your knowledge, what do you think about this theory?
    - Have you lodged a complaint of fraud against Mr. LEVY?

  58. 24/06/09 16:10 to anonym

    The blog is not getting more visitors, the fact is that the comments are being allowed without discrimination.

    Regarding the theory connecting the Ciprianos and the McCanns, it's absolutely ridiculous, the Cipriano brothers are convicted killers, convicted to 16 years in jail each and that was ruled by a Supreme Court upon an appeal to lessen their time.

    The McCanns have not yet been convicted of anything; except that the fact of leaving three under aged children alone constitutes a crime punishable by law here in Portugal.

    Only in the mind of a lunatic , like Marcos Aragão Correia, and misinformed people would Joana's murder at the hands of her mother and her uncle have something to do with Madeleine's tragic faith.

    Regarding the GNR officer, nothing is known yet, however the most likely explanations, in my opinion are two, either the McCanns via Metodo3, Hogan International paid the GNR officer or the British media did it to get some leaks - like the Sun when they bought the cadaver dogs videos; either way it's corruption and it has to be dealt by the proper authorities, not by a bunch of fake detectives or ex-cops on someone's payroll.

    Regarding 'Duarte Levy', those who read this blog know my stance, I already stated and warned about the lies and manipulations, the rest is a private matter.

  59. que ce soit clair,je n'ai pas dit que les cas joanna et maddie etaient liés,je l'ai precisé..je dit juste qu'il y a des manquements enorme dans les deux enquetes,et avec tout ce qu'on apprend,on est en droit de se poser des questions sur certains éléments de la police portugaise.il est certain que ca ne plait jamais de parler de ce genre de chose..mais c'est a envisager...sérieusement,ce ne sera pas le premier ni le dernier des cas d'exemple de corruption qui existe dans de nombreux pays malheureusement..et cela m'étonnerais qu'on l'ai payé 120000€ juste pour etre la source proche de l'enquete(surtout que ca n'allait pas dans le sens des mc,ce que disait la source de l'enquete...source illegal dailleurs...)qqun dit que joanna est trop grande pour etre vendu..ce serait pas si grave,ca me ferait rire,l'age ideal pour les pedophiles..dailleurs il n'y a pas vraiment d'age ideal,il y a des statistiques,mais toutes les tranches d'ages sont concernées par le probleme de la pedophilie..honnetement,je preferais me tromper,me dire que madeleine s'est endormie et qu'elle n'a pas souffert..mais les preuves ne sont pas flagrantes,loin de la,alors dans le doute,car il existe quand meme un doute,quoi qu'on en pense,envisageons d'autres hypothèses,sait on jamais si les mccann sont innocents..moi aussi je reclame justice pour maddie,mais une vrai justice avec des vraies preuves,pas de demi preuves,ou des preuves contredites par la suite.Je ne vois pa nn plus l'interet que le gouvernement britannique aurait a proteger les mc,sauf si directement impliqué dans un traffic international,mais dans ce cas les mc sont encore innocents.Voila,je ne suis jamais intervenu sur c forum que je croyais dirigé encore par levy,comme beaucoup d'autres,ce monsieur possede les meme ip sur plusieurs blog,utilise beaucoup de noms differents,et s'auto repond sur son forum..a croire que cette affaire est personnel pour lui..ca devient ridicule..donc j'ai eu envie de m'exprimer sur le blog de joana,voila qui est fait,merci de ne pas m'avoir censuré,au revoir.EB

  60. Good afternoon anon from Scotland.
    I am a good judge of character and I imagine that you know the Mccanns due to your stance. I and my family paid a considerable amount of money into the fund. I therefore feel I have a right to show my displeasure at their CIRCUS headed by Clarence Mitchel.

    Maybe you can explain why the Mccanns rang several family members and friends...(not chinese whispers) all are on videos if you care to do your homework, why they' instead of out searching for madeleine on the night of the 3rd told them that the shutter on the window had been smashed or jemmied.

    Why has Martin Smiths witness statement been changed by Mccann in his documentary. Mr.Smith stated clearly that the child had her head resting on the mans left shoulder. Therefore why has Mccann changed it to Tanners version of holding a child across both arms.

    Sky News very PRO Mccann say that Mccann was seen that day with a blue bag ,Mccann denies this SKY stand by this story until today as far as I know.

    Why are the latest VESTS for sale with maddies photo of her when she disappeared. Hardly likely to help her image this summer is it?

    Why do the mccanns keep begging for money they have one child less maybe it would improve their image if they sold their home bought somewhere smaller and put their hand in their pocket for a change.

    I would be interested in your comments.


  61. Anon of Scotland...Another question for you...translated by Astro...

    In the documentary, there is a new piece of data. Gerry, Kate and Matthew admit that they didn’t even enter the children’s bedroom and they say it was too dark to be see clearly whether Maddie was there or not.
    P.S.: That’s where Gerry betrays himself. He states that when he looked into the room, he remembers thinking how beautiful Madeleine was and how much he loved her and how proud he was to be the father of three beautiful children. Gerry says that he felt that when he “looked into the bedroom”. Just watch the documentary again.


    He said the exact same words on Antena 3...Robert Arce asked kate .."You were the last one to see madeleine is that true, because Mccann was playing tennis"....

    She stumbles for something to say and then says " I cannot answer that"

    Mccann jumps in and says the words quoted above...

    No wonder no one believes a word they say...they just cannot tell the truth.


  62. Anon from Scotland...another lie..

    Charlotte Penningtons statement to Police....

    And so, the informant describes Madeleine McCann as being an intelligent child, shy at first but once she gets to know the people she is with, she talks normally for her age and stays calm.

    The informant adds that Madeleine was usually called "Maddie" given that it was under that name that Madeleine introduced herself to the informant, the shortened form of her first name.


    Have also just been reminded that Mccann said in Vanity Fair the twins slept in a bed and not the cots....The list is endless. How can you expect anyone to believe these two when everytime they open their mouths more lies.


    P:S: I rest my case.

  63. perhaps it would help if people had a look at this store, it is, imo, tacky at best

  64. There is not even ONE single evidence that an abductor was inside the apartment but there are several clues that show Madeleine died in the apartment:
    1. One trained dog has detected the presence of human "cadaverine" a special chemical released from a dead body (in Kate bedroom, in the corner, around a wardrobe and in the living room, behind the sofa, on two items of Kate clothing and on Madeleine T-shirt and on the pink soft toy, on the car key and in the car; Other dog, the blood-hound found the smell of blood. PAY ATTENTION: dogs alerted to the smell of death/blood, separately, in exactly same places in the apartment. Dogs had never once been wrong on around 200 previous occasions. Nobody died in the apartment, nobody died in the rented car. Where do you think the smell came from?

    2. Tiles where the dog scented blood were carefully removed. Founds were degraded so FSS only found 5 markers from that site. But at least there were no markers that could not have came from Madeleine.
    The blood found by the dog in the car hired by the McCanns was also degraded but FSS found 19 markers, of which 15 markers matched Madeleine's DNA. For experts this result means 99% probability the blood samples were from Madeleine. However, Portuguese Courts require all 19 markers to be confirmed. Lucky McCanns!

    3. It was to dark to turn Algarve upside down to find their little girl. While hundreds of people, including staff of Mark Warners searched the area around the Ocean Club apartments for hours, the McCanns and their bloody friends went to bed that night. How come? What king of parents do not wake everybody, and go everywhere to find his kid? Only those who know their child is dead and need to save time to cover it and hide his body.
    How could we know instantly that she had been abducted? I think it is because they had a lot of time to think about this don't you think?

    4. Why should a father refuse to answer and cooperate with the police? If we lost a son we would never leave the police station just to make sure they were doing everything they could to find our baby. They hated to go there and refused to take the lie detector test.

    5. Jane Tanner should be already in prison for giving different statements to the police. There were frequent changes in the Tapas 9 statements and numerous contradictions. This is also a crime.

    5. The objective of releasing Madeleine picture was to make police phone lines became very busy as we all saw. The girl was of all of a sudden seen everywhere. From that moment on the McCanns got police very busy checking all sightings.

    6. Parents that lost a son like this became paranoid, and never, ever trust kids to anyone. McCann's did just the opposite, they have continued to leave their twins at the Ocean Club creche preferring to spend time visiting the Pope, the White House etc, etc. They are so good that they were sleeping normally again just five days after Madeleine disappearance, actually doing normal, everyday things.

    7. One lovely sunny day they left the police swimming in false clues to be checked and moved the frozen Madeleine body to her final grave. And nobody knows where it is and nobody knows who supplied them an apartment with a fridge to keep the body until his last address.

    8. Rapidly they set up a private company "trust fund", a very lucrative fund as we all know and there are grave suspicions that the money has not been spent on a genuine search for Madeleine.

    With so much evidence not being investigated are we portuguese and english people really being well protected by the police?

  65. 14.15, anonymous, Oprah,

    "the most heartbreaking story she has done?"
    Where did you see that?
    I just read again the text on Mccannfiles, no heartbreaking words from Oprah.

  66. Re locked or unlocked 5a.

    I think that there was an unlocked entry point that maybe Kate wasn't aware of. From what I can gather only males visited, apart from Kate's 10 oclock visit. Anyways.

    Watch this


    When you get to the point where Mathew Oldfield talks about his 'visit' and Gerry plays with his fingers and face like a five year old.

    What's that all about?

  67. Re the sports bag. I had not read very much about this. Recently I watched Martin Brunt Sky documentary of Dec. 2007. He mentions it in this programme.

    Now whether the beg existed or not, I have no idea.

    Gerry Mccann is however a keen tennis player. The group said that out of everyone, that he and Kate played most, were the most sporty also, running etc.

    One of the group, a much less keen player took their own tennis gear along with them to Portugual.

    None of the group remember whether Gerry/Kate took their own.

    I would have thought that as tennis was a big part of this holiday, that group members would have been able to give a 'yeh or neh' as to whether McCann's had tennis racquets/sports bag with them. The bag it is possible even if Gerry had taken one, that he did not take it to the courts but simply carried a racquet. I believe their apartment was close to tennis courts, so perhaps felt it was not necessary to carry it.

    However, as they did have their running gear/shoes etc, and they had booked the holiday with the intention of playing tennis, I think it would be reasonable to assume that a sports bag, if not also a tennis racquet was taken on holiday.

    Speaking from experience when I have gone on holiday with the intention of taking part in sports at a club or whatever, I would pack a sports bag for this purpose (in the same way that you would take along a bag for holding/carrying items to be taken to the beach)not necessarily the sports bag that I would use at home (which would have been too cumbersome) but yes something to hold/carry the necessary items. I cannot imagine not doing this.


  68. 'The latter however has had his views and articles spread all over the internet for all to see, complete with his lies and his cons. Many of his associates are tainted with this lying particularly when you think that the same people were involved in commenting on, or were infact, involved in the covering up of evidence in a case of torture of which, I might add, he was found guilty. The people he was covering up for were let off on a technicality, nothing else.'


    The above taken from the piece written by the unknown Scots person.

    May I just say that the same could be said of the McCann's and their friends in respect of neglect charges not being brought against them!

    They certainly managed to slip through that net!

    Many say that if they had acted in the same way at home in the UK things would have been different.

    I would like to believe that this would be the case, but unfortunately, I have a feeling that somehow or other they would have managed to avoid legal action against them for neglect here also.

    Before this case and all that has passed, the antics of Clarence Mitchell, the British press turning a blind eye to facts, telling a one sided story, tales being spun, documentaries being made by the McCann's which were at best in my opinion, misleading to those members of the public who had not followed the case closely- I would not have doubted for an instant that legal action against the McCann's and their friends for the neglect and reckless abandonment of their children to have been the only outcome.

    We live and learn though, sometimes in life, it is not WHAT we know, but WHO we know!

    If Madeleine had not disappeared, I suspect that the McCann children and those of the other group members, would still to this day, when on holiday, be left in pretty much the same circumstances.

    Madeleine has paid the highest price for the selfish unkind and uncaring behaviour of her parents -to have walked out on the children that last night, after being told by your daughter that she and Sean had cried for you the previous evening, takes in my opinion, a heartless individual.

    Doesn't just the thought of your child, waking in the dark, alone crying and scared, frighten you witless? Makes you sick in the stomach - just the thought.

    To lay the foundations for this to happen - to be able to walk out of that door knowing you have left three little ones alone - it beggars belief!

  69. Thanks to Joana and Astro.

    More people are becoming aware that the truth is not out.

    For those who believe the McCann's and company/Fund, they will continue to donate.

    Good people like IRONSIDE who donated generously to the Fund....wonder if McCanns will continue to appreciate.

    Big house and big garden. Hugh FULL TIME salary for Clarence and others. Prob an Aston Martin hidden in their garage.

    kink hearted people are still donating thousands otherwise, the fund would go bankrupt.

    Cant be any different to Setanta TV channel or UK and USA banks.

    Keep up the work, Joana and Astro

  70. The McCanns have much to answer for. Now the 3 A's site is lost to us, where can we post!

    Another victory for the McCanns.


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