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Gonçalo Amaral wants Leonor's lawyer to be committed to a Mental Hospital

Polemic: Former Coordinator states that lawyer suffers hallucinations

by Manuela Teixeira / Tânia Laranjo

The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police(PJ) Gonçalo Amaral will request the Public Ministry of Faro to carry out a series of psychiatric examinations and assessments into the personality of Marcos Aragão Correia, suggesting even that he is committed [in a mental hospital]. In the addendum to the criminal process for defamation against Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Gonçalo Amaral defends that the accused suffers from a 'pathological disequilibrium with traits of social dangerousness.'

With this addendum, Gonçalo Amaral, wants to verify the non-imputability of the Madeiran lawyer, who supports Kate and Gerry McCann abduction thesis in the Maddie Case and who assumed the defense of Leonor Cipriano, Joana's mother, in the aggressions case which sat at the defendants bench five elements of the PJ.

'Marcos Aragão seems, indeed, a permanent danger to himself and to others,' said Amaral in the document to the Public Ministry (PM). Convinced that the examinations will prove the lawyer dangerousness, the former coordinator asks the PM for preventive measures to be applied. 'Dangerousness, which, if confirmed, may oblige an appropriate regular psychiatric monitoring, or in the last instance the preventive commitment to a mental hospital.', refers the document.

Among the probatory material presented are news articles with public declarations made by the lawyer. 'Aragão Correia affirmed that he is a psychic medium, and he assured that he had visions of Maddie and Joana', quoting the weekly newspaper SOL. Other news articles refer the conviction of Aragão regarding the intervention of secret societies, leaded by Bush [the former US president], whose objective was to create a climate of insecurity to implement the implantation of electronic chips in children.

The CM has tried without successes to contact and speak with Aragão Correia.


Marcos Aragão Correia, a Madeira lawyer, came to the Algarve in December 2007 to search for Maddie in a dam. He assumed the sponsorship of Leonor Cipriano to lead the accusations against the PJ.

in Correio da Manhã


  1. From all that I've read and heard quoted from Marcos Aragão Correia himself, I wholeheartedly agree that his mental health should be seriously questioned. However, I believe it's both shocking and shameful that it's been left to Dr Amaral to have to say it!

    I would have thought that on the evidence of Correia's irrational behaviour and delusional declarations during the recent trial, someone in authority should have triggered an inquiry into Marcos Aragão Correia long before now! Not just his mental health but his 'unhealthy contacts' too.

  2. The people who supported Correia and allowed him to get his position should also be tested and assessed


    I think all his life (ARAGAO) need a serious and deep investigation. If there is a connection between him and the Mccann's, and between Maddie case and Joana case, as we all suspect, then he was at the center of a big crime: Corruption, Crime association , Conspiracy, manipulation of criminal evidences, persecution, etc.
    "24 horas newspaper" reported today that Mccann's ask between 100000 Euros and 500000 Euros to be paid by Amaral on the recent process against him. THIS MONEY IS A INSULT TO ALL CARING PARENTS WHICH WORK VERY HARD TO PROTECT AND LOVE THEIR CHILDS. ARE THEY COMPETING WITH C. RONALDO IN A DIFFERENT SPORT GAME AND A DIFFERENT CHAMPIONSHIP?
    The paper reported as well that they want to sue bloggers in Portugal and UK. Are they talking about the 3A and that one? They are a Joke.... WE never, never opened hour mouths against them if they answer all PJ questions, if they don’t refuse to do the reconstruction, if after September 2007 they fade inside their houses leaving an official police to continue the investigation, instead of coming every single day to the spots-light of TVs and papers to say, that there is an abductor there, always connecting this horrendous man with Portugal, Spain or Morocco’s and always insulting all the Portuguese, their police and their country. Peraphs they know, how many distorted brains they feed with a fiction of Monsters and Princesses? NO!!! OFF-course, they only pay attention to themselves... the rest of the world is rubbish!!! We are all rubbish!
    My Kids are in the British School... we all summers visit Portugal and the Algarve... Did you know, how many times my Kids are tortured with bad stories about Portugal, the Algarve and the Portuguese, in the playground, based on all lies that the Mccann's spread all over the world? Thousands.... Some of the stories very easily fell in a bulling situation which I have to work out very hardly to distress the kids and make them accept that the summer will be wonderful and there is no monsters in Portugal. At the end they always enjoy the summer and , as the time pass, even the kids start not believing on any abduction. They get very surprised how the Mccann's are allowed to do all this black campaign against innocent people. Injustices, that we adults have the right to fight against. TO CONTINUE

  4. CONT:
    THIS IS WHY WE (The Bloggers which fight for justice), COME TO THE BLOGGS... TO GET OUR VOICE AND HOUR POSITION HEARD. IS NOT EASY... BUT WE HAVE THE FEAR THAT THE TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL BE WINNERS. MCCANN.... START SUEING BLOGGERS AND YOU WiLL SEE THE BIG SERPENT WHICH WAKES-UP IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. YOU TRY TO FOOLISH HONEST, INNOCCENT AND VERY RESPECTABLE PEOPLE AND THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE. WE DONT WANT MORE MADELEINES LEAVED ALONE ON DARK ROOMS NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, and when a tragedy happen, the responsables walk away blaming the country, the native people of the country and the police. PORTUGAL AND G. AMARAL, DID NOT INVITE YOU TO GO TO P. LUZ AND LEAVE YOUR CHILDS. G. AMARAL CAME INSIDE YOUR LIFES FORCED BY THE SITUATION THAT YOU CREATED, BECAUSE HE WAS THE INSPECTOR ENCHARGED WITH SERIOUS CRIME INVESTIGATIONS IN FARO. YOU did not help him and instead, elected him as a enemy, just because he decides to investigate you as a suspect.... a very usual, normal and plausible decision. IN FACT MOST OF THE CHILDS ARE VICTIMS OF PARENTS OR CLOSE FRIENDS. 2 years passed, Hewlett is another scapegoat dropped and we still not convinced about any abduction. MY KIDS DREAMED ABOUT THE SUMMER IN THE ALGARVE, the ice-creams and the "Bola de Berlim" on the beaches but I don’t forgive you about all the stress and bad nights that you give to them. AND I'M READY TO TELL IT IN ANY COURT ON ANY COUNTRY. I BELIEVE SAME AS ME THERE IS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE OUT THERE, SPECIALLY IN THE ALGARVE. THE CASE THAT YOU CREATED IS NOT ANYMORE A CASE AGAINST PORTUGAL WITH UK. SUPPORT... IS A GLOBAL CASE. I can see on Portugal feet any popular country for family’s holidays, as Spain, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, Oman, France, USA. What you do is a crime on any country and did not give a good image of UK and British citizens . Even because you excuse yourselves adding that what you have done is a common and acceptable behaviour on British society, which I don’t believe at all . You are trying to solve a crime with more crimes. Unacceptable. .. You feel , you are loosing the point , this is why you shift your war into honest and innocent people... you pursue convicted, weak and deadbed paedophiles, and at the same time you intimidate people which don’t believe on your fictions. Only guilt people do that, when desesperated. We have the right to not believing. You came to spots light looking for glory and popularity, as all the famous actors do. Then, accept that celebrity have a price... and... don’t be loved by the public is a risk and the price which most celebrity’s pay for. The only difference is... if I don't like the actor I don't watch the movie, I don't buy the ticket or the DVD. With you... you come to our houses, our TVs, day after day with crap reasons, feeding crap news. I have to switch off the TV to avoid the kids going trough more nightmare fiction. We get used with your faces in the news, when there is no news. We just want Two news related with you, and this will be BREAKING NEWS IN ALL TVs ALL OVER THE WORLD-YOU ASK PJ TO RE-OPEN THE CASE... AND MADDIE'S BODY WAS FOUND... Get used and help a properly investigation to be done, free... by official polices. Re-open the case if you have the truth at your side! The money that you claim to the Fund is a waste, Maddie don’t need it to be respected and to get justice. We are ready to pay any official investigation with our taxes. This is how democratic and free countrys deal with serious crimes, and whatever hapepened to your daughter, was a serious crime which no any parent want to hapen again. SINCE YOU FRAME HEWLETT YOU SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU BELIEVE MADDIE IS DEAD, then Amaral is truth and no more space for the Fund.

  5. Achtung, Achtung!

    Amarals Buch, "Die Wahrheit über die Lüge" - 1. Auflage in Deutsch sei bereits ausverkauft.

    Merkwürdig - niemand in Deutschland hat es bisher bekommen!

    Das Buch befände sich im Nachdruck, hat mein Buchhändler von seinem Kölner Großhändler erfahren. Ich sei nun vorgemerkt und bekäme wahrscheinlich noch in dieser Woche eines.

    Freunde, klingelt es bei Euch! Ich befürchtete schon vor Tagen, McMafia würde die Auflage sofort aufkaufen lassen und vernichten.

    Leute, bitte pocht darauf, daß Ihr auf eine Reservierungsliste kommt! Bitte fragt nach, seid hartnäckig!

    Da geht etwas nicht mit rechten Dingen zu! McMafia hat anscheinend überall die Pfoten drin.

    Beata, Germany

  6. Soon I will need a tranquilizer every time I see this insane face and read about his connections with the evil McCanns (via the tragic Joana case). He ought to be taken care of! The McCanns as well, but in another place.

  7. Beata, 11.39,

    My German is not great but I understood that Amaral's book is sold out in Germany.
    The Mccanns bought them all.
    They will print it again.
    Great, a lot of money for Amaral!
    Thank you, McCanns.
    And what an inconsistecy:
    A process against Amaral because he is "lying"in his book and 'not giving the Germans the chance to judge by themselves.
    Cogratulations, Amaral!

  8. I repeat a request.

    Would British people in the UK please warn hospitals, tourist offices, schools near places where Tapas 9 live about Amaral's documentary on You Tube?
    Hospitals because most people of Tapas 9 are doctors in the UK.
    Tourists offices because Maddie was not victim of an Algarvian paedophile gang, like the Mccanns say.
    Specially schools because children get together to play at other childrens home and they can be in danger.

  9. No, not sold out, not yet published.

    Who says McCann bought all?

    They told me two hours ago that the book will be out tomorrow or the day after !

  10. Beata, wenn das wirklich so ist, wie Sie es vermuten, dann ist das wirklich das Ende. Wie tief können zwei Menschen (Eltern!) noch sinken?

  11. I don´t know. I fear McMafia bought all books.

    My bookseller said, more books are printed.

    I hope, I will get one book this week. May be tomorrow.

    Beata, Germany

  12. You people can't even get the correct information out about Amaral's books in Germany - how can we expect to believe anything you say?

    You are in the same class as your hero - Amaral has lost credibility and so do you when the information you share is incorrect.



  14. Beata, darling, you are nervous.
    No problem.
    Could you please calm down and tell us what you really know about the book?
    Thank you.
    We wait for your message.

  15. The wheel is slowly turning. The Mccanns have nowhere to hide.
    The truth is slowly coming out.
    It is only now a matter of time.

  16. @ On June 15, Anonymous said...
    You people can't even get the correct information out about Amaral's books in Germany - how can we expect to believe anything you say?

    You are in the same class as your hero - Amaral has lost credibility and so do you when the information you share is incorrect.


    What a polite person you are !

    It was said by the publisher tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    Where is here an incorrect information?


    if it is not at my house the day after tomorrow it will not be my or Mr.Amarals Problem, it will be the problem of the publishers house !

  17. Amazing situation... All ridiculous and massive advertise on Mccann's witch hunt against Hewlett, open the eyes of German public and made them so curious, that Amaral's book soon became a best-seller. They help Amaral cash in and made his version of the story be known by lots of people. GOOD JOB!.... YOU STILL Hiting your own foot.

  18. Gonçalo Amaral's Buch, 'Die Wahrheit ueber die Lüge', wurde bisher nicht in Deutscher Auflage gedruckt. Ein neues Datum wird erwartet.

  19. Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie The Truth of the Lie' in German wasn't published yet. A new date for the publication is expected.

  20. Dear Beata,
    as you know such a deals with Amarals book is in Germany a mission impossible.The Mccanns have no power to control this things in Germany or Holand . I have a friend in Munich she ordered 15 Amarals books by Amazon.de and got them in 3 days.
    Please do not give the bloggers an idea that Gerry Mccann is the king of the European Union.
    We know things goes different on the continent as in a small and broke island like UK.
    Don't get nervous you will have your book.I speek german too and just have mines.
    I will read this book in all languages I'm able to understand.


  21. Anon 15/06/09 16:24

    You're absolutely right. Shameless these people not getting the facts and details about a book right. A bunch of dumbasses, I say!!

    Now, getting facts and details about a dead girl wrong, that's totally excusable as we all know.

    By the way... did you notice that "getting facts and details wrong" shows how anxious people are to getting the book? The same one that people like you fear so much in the UK?

    You know, I've read it, and, in fact, it's about having so many "facts and details" wrong, by the people that people like you so admire and defend. Shamelessly.



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