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“It wasn’t Gonçalo Amaral that sniffed the McCanns’ car”

Lawyer announces criminal complaint against Maddie’s parents and former inspector confirms new documents and witnesses

by Cláudia Rosenbusch

The former PJ coordinator in Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, is going to file criminal lawsuits against the McCann couple and their spokesperson, as well as against some English newspapers.

According to lawyer António Cabrita, who already defended the former inspector in the case of aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, crimes of defamation are at stake, produced over the past six months, “this is we consider that an ongoing crime is at stake”, he explained to tvi24.pt, taking into account that the right to complain prescribes after six months.

The lawyer, who will work in this action with his colleagues Henrique Pires Teixeira and Francisco Almeida Garrett, admits that the Portuguese legal circle that is competent to appreciate the complaint against Maddie’s parents is still under study, while in the case of the English press, the competence will belong to the United Kingdom, where the media firms are based, and where the former Maddie case inspector is seeking for a lawyer to represent him in that action.

Gonçalo Amaral, who in a recent statement to tvi24.pt said that “there are things that I haven’t told yet” and that he would go to court as a way to “reopen the process”, added this Wednesday that he will “present documental and testimonial evidence”.

“There are diligences that may be carried out and many people who haven’t been heard yet”, he stated to tvi24.pt.

The former inspector says that he was “dragged through the mud by those people who call me incompetent”, but he admits that “maybe the new facts are not going to lead to a reopening of the process” about Maddie’s disappearance. “In the way that the process was archived, it’s not reopened due to political reasons”, he says.

This despite of “the understanding of the Portuguese and the English investigators, in September 2007, being that there was a death and the concealment of a cadaver”, he finishes.

Among the statements that Gonçalo Amaral may consider to be defamatory, are namely those in which Kate and Gerry accused the former inspector of being a bad investigator, as well as having the sole goal of defaming them. In the case of the English media, Amaral reproves the statements that, during the inquiry, he was more concerned about three hour lunches and drinking, than about investigating.

Concerning the McCanns’ announcement about demanding a civil compensation against Amaral, over the statements that he produces in his book “Maddie: the truth about the lie”, as well as in the documentary that was broadcast by TVI, lawyer António Cabrita asserts that he doesn’t see “anything defamatory” for the couple. “It wasn’t Dr Gonçalo Amaral that sniffed the McCanns’ car and detected blood in the apartment, but rather dogs that even have the same nationality that they do”, he says with irony.

“He doesn’t accuse anyone and merely presents the collection of indications”, he adds, concluding that “if opinions are going to start being censored, then we’re in a bad state”.

source: tvi24, 03.06.2009


  1. "It wasn’t Dr Gonçalo Amaral that sniffed the McCanns’ car and detected blood in the apartment, but rather dogs that even have the same nationality that they do”

    Very good.Sometimes they seem to forget this.

  2. I will be watching tonight on RTPi the program ''Pros e Contras '' which invites R. Alves, P. Abreu ( ex Mccann's lawyers ) and Marinho Pinto( the President of lawyers bar and involved on Cipriano's case). Wonder to see the fight....

  3. Well, Eddie and Keela spoke but hardly anyone seems to be listening to them. But while we wait for the day when Man and his Best Friend overcome their language barrier, someone has to keep on trying to get that message across so that we will finally know WHO BLED and WHO DIED in apartment 5A and WHOSE DEAD BODY was transported in the McCann's car. It's about time that DEAD PERSON spoke. Seance, anyone?

  4. Hope Mr Amaral and his legal team slaughter those three. I really do. It is a long time coming and I will wait for the day when justice will be done.

    Mr Amaral no doubt has the majority of the UK vote because I know of no-one who is on the McScam´s side.

    God bless Portugal, the lovely people there and compensation must be made to the wonderful people of PDL...who stayed up all through the night and days after searching for Madeleine McCann whilst her arrogant fucking parents jogged and played wannabe superstars.

  5. Its right Mr Ameral takes action against the British press. They insulted him and the Portugese people and team Maccann were painted whiter than white. I as a british citizen am deeply ashamed of them and no longer buy any of them.

    What will the Maccanns do now as Gordon Brown is on his way out of office Disgraced by his own party.

    But what concerns me is Mr Amarel saying the case may not be reopened if a fund starts for Mr Amerals defence I will gladly give to it. Go get them if anyone can you can.

  6. The Maccanns apart from anything else left 3 defenceless children alone at night while they wined and dined that alone should have had them prosecuted for neglect.

    Whatever happpened to madelaine in that apartment happened because of them.

    I can understand panic setting in at first on discovery of what the result of their actions that night caused little maderlaine, but to carry on this charade and not care who is blamed
    anyone will do as long as they are in the clear is pure evil. They deserve to rot in Jail.


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