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"Justiça e Delinquência": Book presentation in Lisbon

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from left to right: Francisco de Almeida Garrett, lawyer; Mr Baptista, former Maritime Police officer; Gonçalo Amaral, former PJ coordinator; Rui Rangel, judge; Paulo Sargento dos Santos, forensic psychologist; Eduardo Dâmaso, joint editor of Correio da Manhã

Judge Rui Rangel and former Polícia Judiciária coordinator Gonçalo Amaral expressed heavy criticism on the state of Justice, Safety and Criminal Investigation in Portugal, during the presentation of the book ‘Justice and Delinquency’, last Thursday, at the Alethêia bookshop, in Lisbon, which we had the pleasure of attending.

The session was presented by Eduardo Dâmaso, joint director of Correio da Manhã, and was attended by some of the authors, including forensics psychologist Paulo Sargento and lawyer Francisco de Almeida Garrett.

The book is a compilation of texts by Rui Rangel, Maria Clara Oliveira, Rui da Silva Leal, Paulo Sargento, Hernâni Carvalho, Maria dos Santos Ribeiro, Marta Daniela Seixas, Gonçalo Amaral, Manuel Augusto Meireis and Francisco de Almeida Garrett.

"The philosophy and the principle underlying criminal investigation, which is based on the figure of the Public Ministry, is wrong. I have always understood that criminal investigation should be founded, as it happened before, on the figure of the criminal instruction judge, the only entity that is truly unbiased, impartial and independent from all other powers. The Public Ministry’s autonomy, which must be defended at all times, and the criteria of objectivity that it is subject to, is not the same as being independent, even more so when, organically and statutorily, it is a hierarchical organisation of magistrates. Which is not the judges’ case.

And within these logics, it is even less justified that the archiving dispatches decreed by the Public Ministry, in any criminal process, are not subject to jurisdictional control.

None of this makes sense."

in: "Essay on the Phenomenon of Criminality versus Justice", by Rui Rangel - in 'Justice and Delinquency'

There will be another presentation of the book in Porto, on Tuesday, the 30th of June, at 5.30 p.m., at the Universidade Lusíada (Auditório 2).


Gonçalo Amaral launches Compilation of Texts about Criminality
Gonçalo Amaral has coordinated the book ‘Justice and Delinquency’, which compiles opinions and proposals for solutions from judges, prosecutors, lawyers, a criminal investigation coordinator, a journalist, a university professor and a psychologist.


  1. Esperemos que con este libro se activen "las sensibilidades" de algunos permitiendo un cambio legal que cree o instaure la figura del Juez Instructor. Medida necesaria para lograr la estanqueneidad ( que impida la injerecia de otros Poderes Públicos o privados) de la justicia.

    Un saludo para las tres.


  2. bonjourtout le monde

    joana, suite à votre article sur DL, je vous avais posé la question logique, à mon sens, puisqu'ils se retrouvent sur les mêmes plateaux télé : quelle est la position de Mr Amaral par rapport au personnage que vous avez fini par démasquer !!!
    c'est important pour beaucoup de forumeurs ou bloggers qui suivent de près l'histoire Mac Cann , de savoir qui est qui !!! merci d'avance, joana

  3. Why some people here get obsessed with a Goncalo interwe? The Mccann's don't sue him , is clear. Sueing him is too danger now. Socrates is loosing power everyday and most probably will end-up next October in a very unconfortable position.
    With PT/TVi businness, he was catched and left in a so bad position that was forced to drop down the business. Next step will be to uncover what he hides behind Madeleine's case. Why was the case shelved so early and when almost all the steps in the investigation are not done?
    The Mccann's will do whatever they can to extend the corruption to the members of some partys in the oposition in Portugal. But will be not so easy to achieve any success... Portuguese public look with lots of suspition to any politic or Lawyer which works close to the Mccann's. Any politic which help them will loose the elections and will became Personna non Grata in the Country.
    Socrates END starts on May 4, 2007, when he sold the dignity of Portugal, leting two parents spread a lie and framing the police to avoid them to do a properly investigation. UnFORTUNATLY THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SUE AMARAL AND MADELEINE will MISS ANOTHER OPORTUNNITY TO GET SOME JUSTICE...

  4. True, the mccanns cannot sue anyone they have too much to lose. The phony court cases against the press were settled out of court.It is a shame that David Jones who wrote an article for the Mail has been frightened into making a retraction against his real thoughts about the Mccanns. I wonder how much he had to give the Mccanns for their forgiveness?


  5. Why obsessed with a Gonçalo interview?
    Because we can believe what he says.
    Maybe he can tell us more of what he knows.
    And he knows a lot.

  6. It looks like the Maccanns will win again the case will not be opened Mr Amerel will not be able to sue them. and the lies will go on and on.

    The portugese justice system is so weak it has allowed this couple and their friends to make a laughing stock of the portugese people. The only one who can hold his head up in all this sorry saga is Mr Goncarlo Amerel.

  7. bonjour,
    mon post d'hier en portugais n'a pas paru!!!

  8. Amaral is not stupid, he will not reveal anything about what he know's in any interview. He know's that the Mccann's will use it against him and will accuse him about all the leaks delivered to the press during the investigation. Giving that interview, will be the cherry on the top of the cake, for Mccann's spin machine.
    Wait for the hot Summer in Portugal with elections in October.
    Socrates failed his target with TVi. He want's PT to assault TVi to get ride of Moniz and Guedes Couple- two journalists which want's the public to know the true. Maybe Joana can one of this days explain to foreign bloguers what that story mean. Tvi is the channel where Julia Pinheiro Works. I hope, one day, before October, TVi break news with bombastic news about Maddie case, forcing the Attorney General to re-open it. That case needs something strong, like what happened with Freeport.
    As usual the news about the Mccann's sueing Amaral are BLUFF for internal consuption in UK. THEY NEVER EVER will sue anybody in Portugal. They will not sue any police, any newspaper, nothing. In Portugal is not possible to get any compensation without going to court. Then sueing somebody mean's open the door to the case to be re-oppened because there is no way to solve one situation without touching the other. All the cases will be automatically connected. UNFORTUNATLY MADDIE NEED'S THE HELP OF UNCORRUPTIBLE JOURNALISTS AND TV CHANNELS OR NEWSPAPERS TO GET SOME JUSTICE. BUT IT IS TIME FOR BRITISH PUBLIC TO HIGHLiGHT THE MCCANN's BLUFFFFFFF ABOUT SUEING AMARAL. THEY LIEEEEEE AGAIN!!!!

  9. Anon. said:
    "Portuguese public look with lots of suspition to any politic or Lawyer which works close to the Mccann's. Any politic which help them will loose the elections and will became Personna non Grata in the Country."

    Then it must become public the meeting between G.McCann and a polititian from the PSD in charge of the party's foreign affairs. There were rumours of a meeting which seemed to have taken place when Gerry returned to Portugal early this year, but no one has ever really "digged" into it...what was the purpose of the meeting and what was discussed/agreed/promised by both parts?...an assurance that the case will remain archived under a PSD government?...


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