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Leonor Cipriano tries to annul condemnation

by Marisa Rodrigues

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer asserts that he “discovered new facts and evidence” that he believes are enough to annul the condemnation of Joana’s mother over homicide and concealment of a cadaver. This is what he requested in the revision appeal that he filed with the Court of Portimão yesterday.

The new “evidence” are statements from relatives and acquaintances of Leonor, who attest that she was a “good mother”, “incapable of hurting her daughter” and that she “never beat her”. Aragão Correia further mentions two alleged confessions by Leonor and João, in which both report an attempt to sell the child to a foreign couple.

Another argument is the decision by the Court of Faro in the process that accused five PJ investigators in the “Joana case”. On the 22nd of May, it was accepted as proved that the woman was aggressed at the PJ in Faro in order to confess where she had concealed the child’s body. Nevertheless, the lawyer insists that Leonor was aggressed in order to confess the homicide. The appeal will be forwarded to the Supreme Court of Justice.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 09.06.2009


  1. I really cannot understand why this lawyer"s interest in appealing for that very sick woman.What does he want to achieve?
    I refuse to believe the Portuguese court carries on with that farce which could lead to an other miscarriage of justice....truly incredible

  2. It is just to connect the name of Amaral with this case. It will be in the news over and over again to smear his name.

  3. can some one tell me how this so called lawyer is able to do this.
    he is a joke

  4. And the big joke is ready to stand on the stage.
    Which relatives made new statements? Her childs, which always refuse to live with their mother because she was a careless mum? The mans which fathered her some childs and went away because she did not deserve them? They accused her to be always in love with her brother Joao. A sick relationship...
    are that witnesses the same which already give statments to the court when Leonor was judged? Then they should change their status because they are telling lies, before or now, and a witness is obliged by law to tell the truth. Mr. Aragao you are buying a sick nightmare and I refuse to pay it with my taxes.

  5. Portuguese politicos are proving to be, together with spanish politicos, (do not forget the european shame and corruption that Gibraltar is), ass-sucker clowns of british governments,or shall we say, mafia, which better reflects reality. it is also true, that a government that goes to kill thousands, including children in ilegal wars for petrol and money is utterly frightening. Weel done Euroope for becoming a gang of killer governments and clowny serfs as Spanish and portuguese governments. I am spanish and terrified of what killer governments can do to countries with servile, frightened or corrupt spanish politicos. Thanks Joana for your press.

  6. " Anonymous said...
    It is just to connect the name of Amaral with this case. It will be in the news over and over again to smear his name.
    09/06/09 13:04"

    ...and THIS is a complete abuse directed at Dr.Amaral AND allowed by the portuguese courts.
    Now the day,the dam burst some people are going to feel extremely sorry for their pitiful selves

  7. The revolutionary disinformation and dumbing-down process has affected everyone's speech and ears: Liars act on it.


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