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Maddie Case: GNR Suspect of Receiveing 120.000 Euros

He was one of the first agents to arrive in Praia da Luz. PJ is already investigating the handover of “live” money

One of the Guarda Nacional Republicana agents who was first to arrive at the resort in Praia da Luz and at the McCann couple’s apartment is suspected of having received over 120 thousand euros of “live” money, a short time after Maddie’s disappearance. This GNR officer is essential to the entire investigation, given the fact that he was among the first to arrive at the location where the little girl disappeared, and also one of the first people to get into contact with the parents.

TVI has established that the case of the sudden 120 thousand euros in the GNR officer’s hands is being investigated by the Polícia Judiciária (PJ).

On the night that Maddie McCann disappeared, the first authorities to arrive on location were the GNR officers. It was their task to search the apartment, to perform the initial searches, to speak with the McCann couple, and to direct the searches on the beach and in the village, namely the open areas where sewer and piping works were under way, only tens of metres away from the resort that the British family had booked for their holidays.

Gerry’s suspicious walk

According to depositions that were made within the process, the GNR agents even witnessed a walk by Gerry McCann, late in the night, near the church in Praia da Luz. All fundamental moments to understand what happened to the missing child.

TVI knows that one of the first agents that took care of the event is being targeted by an inquiry. The issue is an amount of over 120 thousand euros that were received in cash, on two bank accounts under his name, one of which at Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The most serious coincidence is that the money started being deposited, on those accounts, only a short time after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.

This amount is much higher than that of a GNR officer’s salary and was deposited on “live” money, according to investigation sources, in parts of over 10 thousand euros.

Officer denies deposits

The investigation into these deposits is being carried out by DCICCEF [Central Directory for the Investigation of Corruption and Economical and Financial Crime], which tries to understand the reasons for these payments. Even if their illegality is proved, a connection to the Maddie case may not exist, despite the strong temporal coincidence and the high amount of money.

Contacted by TVI, the officer denied the existence of said deposits, having offered the possibility that his name was unduly used to open those accounts. Police sources in the area manifested their strangeness concerning the possibility that this officer, whom they consider of honest reputation, could be involved in illegal actions.

Source: TVI/IOL Diário


  1. Even if their illegality is proved, a connection to the Maddie case may not exist, despite the strong temporal coincidence and the high amount of money.
    This case is full of coincidence...where theres money involved theres the mccanns...I believe this has every thing to do with them...GNR like the police here in Spain have a very small wage and I would imagine a large amount of money when you are struggling with a mortgage to pay (The Mccanns know all about that) would be hard to refuse.

    However,lets not jump the gun although it takes me back to someone on the Mirror forum who said there was someone there that night who argued with Mccann and gave him a brown envelope saying I do not like lies,,,if true this envelope could have contained a large amount of money ..just pondering.


  2. Who told this story, Duarte Levy?
    The McCanns would never take the risk to trust somebody they did not know, putting money on his bank account, after whole Portugal knew about Maddie.
    They would have given the money in his hands, not through a bank.
    And they never gave any money to anybody. The Mccanns are used to receive, not to give.
    If this money exists, it did not come from the McCanns.

  3. Joana, is this GNR the same which received Maddie pictures on May 3 immediatly after arriving at the resort? It is knowed that are more then one pictures, exactly the same, and printed in a professional photo paper which did not match any photoshops in Praia da Luz, or the Printer from the Ocean Club. This GNR, when questionned about the man who give him the pictures, answer saying that he cannot remember his face. What a stupid answer. Now we can understand why he cannot remember the face. Was probably erased by 120 thousand euros.
    What looks odd aswell was the big critic made by GNR about the work of PJ regarding the isolation of the crime scene. Strange critic from somebody inside the investigation.
    I'm not surprised. Unfortunnatly GNR have a bad reputation in Portugal and is knowed by several agents being corrupted by the public on road trafic transgressions and fines. Lets see if this will re-open Maddie case. As Moita Flores defend.... MADDIE CASE WILL BE SOLVED BY A PARALELL CASE.

  4. Once again, thank you for your hard work. I'll be interested to see what the pink spin will be.

  5. "Contacted by TVI, the officer denied the existence of said deposits, having OFFERED THE POSSIBILITY THAT HIS NAME WAS UNDULY USED TO OPEN THOSE ACCOUNTS."

    I'm trying my best not to call this 'poor chap' daft. I suppose he's suggesting identity theft? But woe be to him if there's any evidence that shows he personally accessed those accounts.

    Ooooooo, popcorn! I can't wait to see where this leads.

  6. This will lead to nowhere, 22.29!
    I think this story was made up by somebody.
    This couldn't be true.
    If it was true, the PJ would keep this investigation secret.
    The story about the photos on that same evening is indeed odd.
    Sometimes I wonder if the whole story was an accident or not.
    But I think it was, at least I hope.
    Do soldiers of the GNR speak English well enough to communicate with Gerry or Payne about a solution for hiding the body? And such a dangerous issue?This is the first thing that we have to find out.
    This GNR man is not Tapas 10,in my opinion.And he knows nothing about the whereabouts of the body.
    Is TVI a reliable channel?

  7. The Mccanns are probably trying to bring the Portuguese police in discredit.
    They want to spread gossips around.
    They could try to tell around that our police is corrupt, GNR included.
    Maybe this has to do with Amaral,they fear what Amaral is intending to do.
    They have a restless life, don't they?

  8. Joana & Kazlux,
    Three articles in one day!

    I thought one person had a good point about DL and Amaral - are they in this together? I guess this is what happens when you worship these idols.

    As for the GNR being corrupt - I thought the GNR were lower on the career ladder and I thought corruption usually starts at the top.

    Regardless, Joana it was very good warning people about Levy especially if he's asking for money.

  9. This must be one of the few cases of identity theft where someone puts money into an account rather than, what is usually done, money being taken out of an account.

    If it's true, and we don't know for sure that it is, that Metodo 3 allegedly paid people to report sightings of Madeleine, then I suppose it is possible that money changed hands in this instance. Best to wait and see what the outcome of the investigation is though.

  10. Anon. said the McCanns would never take a risk...well, what if it was not the McCanns who took the iniciative to bribe the GNR officer, but a much "bigger fish", let's say a "shark" from the diplomatic service or secret services?...the said officer would have found it very difficult to say no and expose the scam, he would have felt compeled to play along.

    I read references here and in 3Arguidos to a lady that posted as "Vera, Essex" who claimed to have been there at the resort at the time of the events and that she had been a priviledged witness to a lot of things, very strange things that took place on that night of the 3rd to the 4th of May...if she could tell, we would all be gobsmacked!
    Could her statments be related to Gerry's late night stroll to the church area and the GNR turning a blind-eye to his comings and goings?...
    I hope the PJ can follow this investigation to the end and trace the origins of this money. It may have nothing to do with the Maddie case, but it can be related with drug traficking, contraband, etc., so it needs clarification.

  11. Could this explain why the GNR failed to secure the scene immediately on arrival? I always found this strange, no matter if the apartment had alredy been trampled all over by the "world and its dog", it was their professional duty to stop that at once, stand guard on the door and secure the scene until the PJ arrival. Every police force must know it is vital to prevent destruction of potencial evidence, the GNR is a military police force, surelly they know the very basics of any criminal investigation. Why did they fail so blatantly???

  12. I am deeply concerned about these latest revelations. Naively, I was under the impression that two distinct divisions are operating in this case i.e. anti-Mccann and pro-Mccann. It is now becoming increasingly evident that there is a third element disrupting any chance in the future for true justice.

    I am at the stage where I do not know who to trust or to believe which makes me inclined to abandon any hope for future positive developments in the case.

    If there are individuals in the world who are playing childish pranks for fun or indeed trying to further their careers by capitalising on this sad case then I totally despair of human nature!

    Someone please reassure me!

  13. Somewhere I read that this man was telling what was going on in the PJ, to the McCanns.
    I don't know if it is true.

  14. Thank you very much for the translation, as always, and for bringing us the news so quickly. I was on 3As when it broke and annoyingly got called away at the crucial moment!

    I remember the post Ironside describes, and of, according to GA, the secret service involvement who were there at the beginning. Without looking to sound fantastical, I'm beginning to believe they have had far too much influence in this case. It really wouldn't surprise me if an officer had been paid off to 'forget to do' certain things and 'forget he had seen certain' things....

    There has been plenty of interfering with witnesses in this (Kennedy's crew), and the manufacturing of sightings. In this, absolutely anything seems possible.


  15. Taken from Timesonline 2007
    Reporter David brown

    claims by two Portuguese policemen who arrive at the Ocean Club on May 3 that senior officers were to blame for serious errors in the initial stages of the investigation. The officers from the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) admitted that a “circus” of people trampled through Madeleine's bedroom on the night she went missing.

    One officers said: “It was chaos. The world and his dog were in that room just to look under a bed. It was crazy allowing so many people to trample through. There was nothing we could do. The damage had already been done.”

    British police experts have said that vital evidence could have been destroyed or contaminated because of the failure to seal off the ground-floor flat and the surrounding area.

    One of the GNR officers said: “It's not brain surgery and probably, in this case, could have saved a lot of speculation, heartache and unnecessary investigation time and money. The world's eyes are on us and we mucked up big and there's nothing they can do to change things — it's too late.”

    The officers claimed that Mr and Mrs McCann and their seven British friends had been difficult to deal with because they had been drinking.

    “They were upset, panicking, wide-eyed, the usual, but there was something else. They were scared — not the usual scared, they were jumpy, nervous. It wasn't normal. None of it was normal,” said on officer.

    “They'd all been drinking. They weren't falling over but it was hard to deal with them.”



  16. Hi Joanan, Look at the second post...Photos of Gerry with a strange child that he passes of as Amelie....Whats this all about do you know???..

    Here is the link...



  17. Ironside, I had a look but the post was either deleted or the photographs were. Did you save them to your PC? Can you send them by email or post them somewhere? thanks


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