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The Madeleine McCann Process Files - Page 2641


Process: 201/07.0 GALGS
Date: 2007.09.14

To: Criminal Investigation Coordinator, Lic. Gonçalo Amaral
From: Ricardo Paiva, Inspector

Subject: Laboratorial exams – Forensics Report

During the course of the ongoing investigation within the abovementioned inquiry, which investigates the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Forensics Laboratory of Birmingham, in England, has carried out DNA profile analyses on samples that were collected by this Police force.

The partial results of said forensics analyses have been communicated to this police throughout the course of the investigation by Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior, a liaison officer for the Leicestershire Police, through emails from that laboratory and a partial Forensics Report that is dated August 7, 2007.

Nevertheless, it was verified that due to a lapse from that laboratory, the cited Forensics Report contained inconsistencies with what had previously been reported by a forensics expert in the emails that were received by Superintendent Stuart Prior, this being the reason why the English authorities suggested that we await the laboratory’s Final Report, which will be delivered to this Police Force when the lab forensics analyses, which are still being carried out, are concluded.

Therefore, I send you the cited Forensics Report in English language, with the corresponding translation, for whichever purpose you may find convenient.

The Inspector,

(Ricardo Paiva)


  1. What a load of gobbledegook in the excuse for the fact that the initial findings confirmed quite different and revealing (and inconvenient to some people) results.

    The final insult: If I can be of further assistance!LOL

    No wonder Kate spends hours pouring over the files, bet there is a smirk on her face.

    Hopefully, one day, one of those working in the lab will break and speak up with the truth.

    Does Amaral still have access to the initial summary of findings I wonder?

    Haven't these samples been "accidentaly" destroyed?

    You really couldn't make it up......

  2. Anon.@11:44 wrote:
    "Does Amaral still have access to the initial summary of findings I wonder?"
    He probably has...I believe that Mr. Duarte Levy is supposed to have a cpoy of those in his possession, very well hidden...just in case...I also heard Hernâni Carvalho say on an interview that he had seen that same report with his own eyes, he said that the now missing initial report is "someone's life insurance"!

  3. First mistake: investigating abduction instead of investigating the child's parents.
    Second mistake: sending collected samples to England. Sample should be sent to France instead i.e.
    What is happening with you Old England? You're use to be a behaviour reference. Are you having a moral crise? Clean the house! There are people that don´t not represent you with dignity!

  4. I think that what Mr. Amaral means by the "mistake" from the FSS is that the first part prelim report received on 3rd Sept. mentions 15 alleles of Madeleines.(read somewhere, book? that previous results given by telephone - hence the last 3 results)

    When the full prelim report arrived on the 6th Sept. there is no mention of the alleles in that particular sample.

    DL: No, I just wanted to talk about the issue of the English lab's reports.

    JP: That is very important, yes.

    GA: The reports from the English labs… the English reports arrive shortly before the questionings that were scheduled. And it contained certain conclusions, if they thought they were inconclusive they shouldn't have mentioned it, the question of the 15 alleles in a profile of 19 from the little girl, stating that they match Madeleine McCann, but they also say that it could have been a construction let's say from various donors, from other persons, a contamination could have produced Madeleine McCann's profile by coincidence. But there are no excuses for saying that it is not from Madeleine McCann because they held the profiles of the father, the mother, the siblings, therefore there are no doubts that at least within that family they only matched Madeleine McCann's.

    DL: In Portugal, for example, we only need a match of 15 alleles out of 19 in order to determine someone's paternity, therefore… That is the first fact. The second fact is that at this moment, the institute for Forensic Medicine is already prepared, they already own the same equipment as the FSS in England to carry out this type of analysis. Why does the Public Ministry or the Polícia Judiciária not request, or don't they have any more samples to carry out…

    GA: As far as we know, they have all been destroyed by now, namely the hair. Nothing can be done

    PR: Concerning the FSS reports –

    GA: And the samples were microscopic, weren't they…

    PR: Are you absolutely certain that the reports that reached you, namely those concerning the blood residues in the car boot, are exactly the reports that left the FSS?

    GA: I have no doubts whatsoever, in fact, they were delivered by a senior official from Leicester police, it carries a logo, they came and went by email, so there is an existing origin, therefore the report is signed, so I have no doubts about that.

    JP: You have no doubts whatsoever about that.

    GA: On the official document.

    JP: But wasn't it published in Belgium that…

    DL: … that there are two reports. There is one report that left the FSS and there is a second slightly different report that arrived in Portugal.

    GA: There is a recent report and there are two other reports. The first one mentions 15 alleles and here is the main question, it places the focus, they place the focus on that part of the exam from the vehicle, in the second [report] they then focus on the apartment, if on one side 15 alleles were not enough, in the other there were only 5 alleles that matched Madeleine McCann's genetic profile, what could be read there was that there were almost no problems. Because it's easily justifiable. It may not be justifiable with the cadaver odour on the spot where the blood sample was collected, but therefore, inside the house it is easy to justify, it's more difficult with a car that was rented more than twenty days later. So this is where the major confusion lies.


  5. 1. The FSS has carried out DNA tests on samples collected by the PJ.

    2. Partial results of the tests were passed to the PJ by Stuart Prior who received them from the FSS via email and a partial report dated August 7th 2007.

    3. Due to a lapse by the FSS, the partial forensic report was inconsistent with what was told to Stuart Prior via email by a forensic expert at the FSS.

    4. The English authorities suggested that the PJ wait for the final report when the tests are concluded.

    The chain of events seems clear.

    Stuart Prior was receiving information via email from a forensic expert at the FSS.

    Stuart Prior also received a partial forensic report.

    He was passing this information to the PJ.

    The first report and the information sent to Stuart Prior via email was very unfavourable towards the McCann's.

    The British authorities tried to say that the FIRST partial forensic report was inconsistent with the information sent via email.
    But -
    If it was inconsistent, why have the FSS suppressed it? In fact they sent lawyers to Portugal to ensure the first report wasn't published.

    It seems clear that someone realised too late that Stuart Prior was already supplying information to the PJ before they had a chance to 'approve' the findings.

  6. From Lowe's (FSS) June 8, 2008 Statement

    Oral swabs of reference material
    CB/1 Gerald McCann
    CB/2 Kate McCann (nee Healy)
    SBM/2 Amelie McCann
    SBM/3 Sean McCann

    My colleague, Sarah Vraitch, provided me with copies of reference DNA profiles of the above individuals. Each of the profiles was different from the others.

    14 Pedro Vilhena
    286/2007CRL22 Fernando Viegas
    286/2007CRL23 Lino Henriques
    286/2007CRL24 Bruno Antunes

    The DNA profiles of these persons were obtained from their respective samples. The profiles were not only different from each other, they were different from those of the McCann family.

    Reference sample of blood
    JRB/1 Madeleine McCann
    From this sample a DNA reference sample was obtained that was different from those of her immediate family, described above. This DNA profile was the same as that obtained from possible spots of saliva existing on the pillowcase (SJM/1).

  7. It is only gobbledygook because you people are not scientists and do not understand the findings.

    Let me reassure you all, that these findings are accurate and clearly demonstrate that no harm came to Madeleine McCann in apartment 5a.

    Further on these findings no harm came to Madeleine McCann in apartment 5a by the hand of her parents.

    This was also the findings of the Portuguese attorney general and the Portuguese prosecution department.

    What makes you silly people think you know better than all of these highly qualified people?

    Now perhaps you people will put aside your absurd obsession with finding two completely innocent people guilty.

  8. Dr. N Lovebonde, Seems that the last report it is a fraud, altered and made to fit the result which help the Mccann's to runaway from justice. A report like that on such delicate case it is a huge rubbish and the only end acceptable it was sending the samples to other independent labs ( peraphs in other countrys) to see if diferent labs achieve the same conclusions. What the lab have done? THEY REFUSE TO GIVE THE SAMPLES BACK TO PJ SAYING THAT THE SAMPLES ARE DESTROYED. Which professional lab destroy such important samples? And the British authorities, part of the police investigation, accepted the behaviour of the lab without questionning them and without asking responsabilities. We very much like to know how many times the British police accepted on the pass, reports like that without a further investigation. The British police and the people working on the Lab are framed by somebody which wants to help the Mccann's and was connected with power, to accept a report which is nothing else then a rubbish in tems of scientifical information. WHY? PERAPHS BECAUSE THEY FIND TH TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WAS SO BAD THAT BETTER TO HIDE IT THEN INFORM THE PUBLIC. PEOPLE WORKING AT THE LAB AND BRITISH POLICE NEED TO KEEP THEIR JOBS AND THEY KNOW BY A CONCRET EVIDENCE WHAT HAPEN TO SOMEBODY WICH DID NO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS - Amaral pay the bill. Who can be behind all that? For me, only MITCHELL. He needs to save is face and at time keep a milionnaire job. He use to be image adviser of powerful people then he knows the secrets of many people and can use it to get all help he need. Hope I'm wrong, but public did not believe on a single word of that repport.


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