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McCann's Suspect Sketch

From the video author:

According to Madeleine McCann's parents, she disappeared during the night from the hotel apartment where she was sleeping with her two siblings. Her parents have admitted they left the 3 children alone while they had diner with friends nearby and claimed that they were taking turns checking on the children.

They have from the beginning defended their version of the events where an alleged paedophile has broken into the apartment and abducted Madeleine, although the Police has found no evidence of abduction.

The parents have issued a new sketch of the "suspect", the 4th to come out since 2007. Moustache, no moustache, long hair, short hair, all sizes and shapes - one thing is common though - the bastard has to be bloody ugly.

Judge for yourself.


  1. He looks nothing like Gerry. What next!

  2. all these suspects is confusing.

    no finger prints, no DNA in the apartment

    its going to difficult to find the real suspect and the new Maddie in her new picture

    suddenly, everyone is a suspect, and every young girl (with a pink head band) could be Maddie

  3. No the mccanns and Noddy and Big ears will not have a problem with a new suspect..they will just make it up as they go along like they have always done.

    Amaral said something in his book that Anna is translating at the moment on her site he said " soon the arguidos will be leading the investigation" he was right I added he would now I imagine have liked to add and they will decide on who is a suspect.

    This circus run by mad people looks set to go on for years...We cannot expect the Conservatives when they come to power to put a stop to this they are very tight lipped about their own corruption in their party.


  4. To anon. at 07:06 am

    He looks nothing like Gerry McCann, nor with Hewlett, nor with the 'million & one' other suspects in the McCann Detectives list. Suspects which by the way are all in the investigative process and were all duly investigated and cleared by Operation Task, a joint team of British and Portuguese Investigators.

  5. the fund is now to search for suspects. not for Maddie, no suspects unturned

    this abductor must be so smart, different disguises and images and no one can find him

    if only he had used a car, and not carry Maddie around in public in this 'abduction'

  6. See another interesting one there.


    Makes you wonder who gave him the money. Don't see Mr Reis about, is he a conman too or did he just do a runner? Kind of reflects Mr Sargento in a bad light as well when you see his associations with the big man, Amaral too when you think of it actually. Never does to trust people you meet on the internet does it? Someone should tell Mr Bennett.

  7. Nextyear during the weekend that covers May 3rd I invite all families and their kids to celebrate this date in Ocean Club like a protest against the authorities (portuguese and british) that do not stop this imorality: press news about Madeleine McCann and her possible abduction suspects when everybody knows little girl is not among us anymore. I can discuss low travel packages for families to come on May 2010 to Algarve and see how beautiful that area is, how safe it is. We will make a huge and notorious painel communicating that people like us do not accept what has been going on with the case of Madeleine McCann. Let's all use the some pressure that McCanns have used with both polices (national and foreigh). Let's invite all tv channels including Oprah, newspaper and Youtube. Let me know if you're with me and I start immediately planning our family weekend on May 2010.
    I'm counting on you Joana

  8. Some people didn't get it... it's not about Gerry looking like the "suspect" (although he does a bit and there's always people agreeing and disagreing - we are talking about a sketch! as someone pointed out, most of the drawings on this case seem to describe someone who isn't even a homo sapiens!);
    this is about the parents knowing more than they saying about what really happened that night.

  9. Alexadra,
    I agree with you... Lets do something special, memorable, with lots of kids around... our kids, in Madeleine's memory. Something very well planned... Lets invite all credible Media and the tabloids aswell and see who is the brave one to print on the front page a really big event about Madeleine. Lets show the world, how anonymous people, who never met Madeleine in real life, can do much more in a single weekend, them millions of euros raised on her Fund have done during the last two years. IS A BRILLIANT IDEA.

    I CAN IMAGINE GERRY... BUSY, CALLING ALL VIP LAWYERS, POLITICS, PRIESTS, GOD... TRYING TO STOP THE EVENT. He will be spending his weekends traveling to Portugal on the hope of a huge public brainwash. THE LIE IS SO UNHEALTHY THAT WILL NOT SURVIVE MUCH LONGER.
    LETS FIGHT FOR MADELEINE'S RIGHTS: JUSTICE, which is the only one she can achieve now.
    Maria S

  10. No one can be a suspect of snatching Madeleine, because she died in the appartemen! Snifferdogs don't lie!

  11. I can imagine the guy with no face... as a tipical "egg man".

    I can imagine the guy dressing not like a turist, as some doctors do on special ocasions, even during holidays.

    I can imagine the guy wearing beige trousers and a puffy brownish jacket in a cold night of May.

    I can imagine the guy wearing fake Pierre Cardin shoes, as some doctors do when they pretend to pass on the street without making any noise which can atract peoples atention to them.

    I can imagine the guy... and you Jane, you are absolutly right... that guy as no face... he just fits with his brain in an EGG

  12. http://everything2.com/title/Madeleine%252C%2520Murat%2520and%2520Metodo%25203

    This link compliments the latest farce....The british press and its sightings and suspects of madeleine.


  13. Alexadra,

    I understand Oprah is very supportive of the McCanns and will undoubtedly turn down your invite but perhaps you could invite Bennett or Levy - I'm sure their schedules are free.

    I think I have to wash my hair - so sorry, won't be able to attend.

  14. Anon: "I think I have to wash my hair - so sorry, won't be able to attend."

    Don't wash only your hair, wash your brain aswell.

    I'm sure you did not turn over the invitation if includes a set of 12 botles of wine for 9 people, per night.

  15. May 3rd 2010 will be a memorable date. We will deliver dignity to Luz and to the people that live their life there with honesty working hard to pay the rent. They don't live from donations, you know?!. We will invite the serious media out of Britain, like Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland and USA. YouTube will run our campaign and it will be seen all around the world. Oprah may reject the invitation but I assure you all that she will be aware of the happening. We all know what's going on, but only some have freedom to speak. Gonçalo Amaral and Anthony Bennett will be the stars that point us a direction to dignity, true and courage. 20 years from now we will be proud to say we were there, we did the right thing we were right!

  16. "Don't wash only your hair, wash your brain aswell.

    I'm sure you did not turn over the invitation if includes a set of 12 botles of wine for 9 people, per night."

    Bem respondido.Ora toma e embrulha.

    Anon 17.02:What if you can have seafood for free?And you can always bring your bathing suits...

  17. You weren't at the apartment on May 3, 2007 - so you don't know what happened. Twenty years from now, you'll be left with the same feelings we have after Woodstock - lots of smoke and lots of regrets - because you may NOT be so very right - you are probably way off. I doubt you'll get much media attention but go ahead and try. On May 3, 2010 - I'll be asking you about your rendez vous.

  18. ANON: You weren't at the apartment on May 3, 2007 - so you don't know what happened.""

    Yes, we were not there. But somebody were, somebody know. Who were there are not ghosts flying leaving no trace. Who know's, leave a trace on the window and should come up facing the reality instead of trying to foolish the world with a fantastic illusion.

  19. Did the McCanns already started to sue Amaral?

    They promise it all the time but no action.

  20. Sorry, I'm not a wine drinker and no thanks to the free seafood - I'll buy my own.

    You might want to invite Brad Pitt and his better half - see if they'll attend and support your little witchhunt.

    As for US papers - maybe the Enquirer, or Star (you know the tabloids) might be interested.

  21. Don't worry, Portugal was there before and will be there long after the Mccanns are dead and gone. It is a beautiful country with great and hospitable people, it will take a lot more than these two crooked clowns to detract anything from it.
    They brought three children with them and took two back. Be it on their head.

  22. ANON: "Sorry, I'm not a wine drinker and no thanks to the free seafood - I'll buy my own."

    Well, no wine. What about beer? A set of 12 wonderful "ïmperial" together with Alentejo seafood ( tremoco). You can always pay for what most of others get for free....


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