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Private detectives give the Maddie case no rest

Aachen. In the search for then three year old Maddie, who disappeared two years ago, the English media and the private detectives working for the McCann-fund which belongs to the little girl’s parents, give the cancer stricken Raymond H. no rest.

Hewlett on his 'death' bed

On Tuesday, his lawyer, Detlev Wagner (45) cancelled a press conference that was scheduled to take place this week, with his client: “The pressure from the Fund and the not exactly soft media from Britain has become so intense, that we will now only speak to one single British newspaper”. It is presumed that this is the ‘Mirror’.

The “media war “ in England that surrounds Maddie’s destiny is presently fought around the Hospital in Aachen, where the seriously ill suspect is laying. Reporter teams keep appearing, lawyer Wagner can hardly save himself from requests for interviews. The media excitement is based on the similarity of a photofit of the alleged abductor of Madeleine McCann, as well as on the presumption that Raymond H. was at the same resort at the time that the little girl disappeared.

“It was not the honoraries” from the exclusive contract with the British newspaper that was “determinant”, says Aachen lawyer Wagner. It is rather the case that his client “is so seriously ill” that he “cannot even speak to several journalists”.

This is strange: Very recently, the Yorkshire police questioned Raymond H. exclusively over a case of abuse from the seventies, with the assistance of the state prosecution service in Aachen. During that questioning, the Maddie case was not mentioned at all by the investigators. The senior prosecutor in Aachen, Axel Geimer, then saw “ that this "fully took away the actual explosiveness". A perspective that is apparently not shared by British journalists and detectives.

source: Aachener Zeitung, 09.06.2009


  1. The English press is worthless. They are not free, scared, and corrupt. It is good that they only run that island

  2. It's a shame... that team and all his attitude.... They act like a crocodile hunting a weak and serious hurted prey. Nothing stop them from going so deep that even our perversity will not imagine...
    We got shocked with animals abuse, with childs careless, with unjustified wars, but people still buying stupid newspapers, feeding the misery and the immorality. And the governments and the authorities, stay aside watching them in a complete blindness, What a bad example the all SAGA...

  3. The Mccann expensive smoke screens are completely pointless.
    Everyone knows that this man is innocent of this particular crime and everybody knows who the guilty persons are.
    No amount of silly newspaper articles can alter that fact.
    No amount of new investment in finding a new scapegoat will really make the slightest bit of difference.
    It will no doubt all come out in the wash in the end. Lets just wait for Amaral's lawsuit.

  4. The hounding of an individual in an attempt to divert the blame from themselves on to another is typical of the McCann’s and their private police is normal behaviour for them remember how they tried to ensure that Mr Murat was found guilty by the media

    So now they put up another diversion via a dieing man whilst they prepare their assault on Mr Amaral in another attempt to raise money from the death of their child.

    The Madeleine Fund amassed over £1million in the first few months of the then three-year-old’s disappearance after an unprecedented public reaction.
    However, it was immersed in controversy after it was revealed that money from the fund had covered two mortgage payments on the McCann’s’ home.
    The fund was also drawn upon heavily by private detective agencies hired by the McCann’s and Mr Kennedy, including an American firm, which charged £500,000 for six months work.
    It was replenished by defamation action against British media organisations. And this newspaper can reveal that the defamation case against Mr Amaral is expected to reap the McCann’s a six-figure compensation fee.

    The McCann’s are without doubt the face of Evil

  5. The Daily Mirror is a rag and a firm supporter of Team Maccann. the newspapers in the uk are corrupt and worthless just like the govement.
    England is becoming a nanny state we no longer have democracy we have media ocracy.
    ( Land of hope and glory mother of the free what a joke) Go get them Goncarlo make the mirror second on your list after the Maccliars

  6. i have wondered if they are using their children's names, especially maddie's, so that they can use the fund to finance legal costs against snr amaral, as they no longer have the backing of kennedy.

  7. They are definetly desesperate and trying to find a scapegoat to blame, before October, when new elections will hapen in Portugal. Most probably, politic power will change... and they are not confident about corrupting the new prime minister, specially if Brown fail as well the next elections. In the middle time, the Fund will dry out and all the oportunists will go away( Detectives, Lawyers, Mitchell, journalists). Unfortunatly, Madeleines tragedy feed all this perverted brains.
    We can make the difference if we stop buying pro-Mccann newspaper and stop watching pro-Mccann programs. If that Media loose public, they change the mind. It is all about monney and share percentages. They never, for a single day, think on Maddie's rights or pain.

  8. I stopped buying newspapers here in Britain because of the rubbish they have printed over 'missing Madeleine'. It is so obvious that Clarence Mitchell is feeding the British media with what he wants people to believe.British newspaper editor's have access to the released files and should write fact not fiction.They can not fool people in Britain who have read the files but can fool some people who haven't.Thank goodness for the likes of Goncala Amaral and others who seek the truth of Madeleine's demise.My regards to the people of Portugal,I am sorry that people from my Country have insulted you and that people in PDL have lost their jobs.Let us hope that Justice prevails for Madeleine.
    A Grandmother from U.K.

  9. A dying man is now the latest scapegoat in the McCann's cover-up of their daughter's death. How convenient! Kate and Gerry have to find a way out of their deception. Fewer and fewer people believe their 'abduction' story. What a better way than claiming that Raymond Hewlett died without 'confessing', 'taking his secret to his grave'.

  10. The ruthless extent the McCanns go to in order to conceal the TRUTH is beyond belief. Not even a man on his death bed is spared.

  11. How deep can go a man like Gerry Mccann to save his skin,his reputation as a "good and exemplary"
    british bourgeois ?
    How deep? even deeper as we know by now?
    Using a very sick person as alibi?
    Trying for any penny to get a wrong word of his mouth?
    Goodness me! Knowing Gerry Maccan and Clarence M. am I unjust when I condemn George W. Bush for the war in Irak?
    one day the house will fall, my dear!

  12. Good news in the Mirror 8/6/09

    Kate and Gerry McCann could lose PR man Clarence Mitchell after their millionaire backer stopped paying his wages.

    Tycoon Brian Kennedy, who vowed to support the McCanns until daughter Madeleine was found, has pulled the plug on their media team after losing £50million in the credit crunch.

    Former BBC reporter Mr Mitchell, who is said to have taken a salary cut, is now having to be paid out of The Madeleine Fund, which is likely to be empty by the end of the year. He also receives a separate salary from PR firm Freud Communications.

  13. É de bradar aos Céus que Kate e Gerry estejam a usar um moribundo para encobrirem o que aconteceu à filha.

  14. all aboard the McCann Express to nowhere...

    they are running out of steam and headed for derailment at Amaralville.

  15. What else are they going to do? Get a job? Get a brain?

  16. Some will be gleeful at his death, because then they think they can pin it on him, without reply.

  17. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Do the Maccanns ever think on these words.
    We all have to stand before God one day and give account. Madelaine is not at rest, while all these lies continue, They have no shame A little child crys out for justice and the truth.

  18. I have always maintained that more good may come from the 'credit crunch' than bad. And it giving Kennedy an excuse to 'jump ship' is certainly a positive in my book. I hear Mitchel is deserting, too. Although that guy is involved in this sordid affair so much up to his neck, he's going to have to stick around for the duration, imo.

  19. O governo do Gordão Brown vai cair.

    vamos todos cantar

    Cai cai,#
    cai cai,
    na rua
    do sabão#

  20. Fake Catholics Gerry and Kate - It makes me sick the McCann's blasphemous use of religion. How can they use a dying man in this way!!!!

  21. What a load of crap you lot talk.
    This dying man in a pedophile!!!!!!
    Some people on here are giving him sympathy, what sick people!!!!!!!!!

  22. What a load of crap you lot talk!!!!

  23. What I find worrying is that this very sick man may just admit to something he has not done, to get money for his family. He could also be so sick that he will not know what he is saying. He may very easily become a scapegoat. He is of course a bad man, but if he has nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, he hasn't and that is that.

  24. Este clube d/ detectives anda a brincar c/ o fogo e 1 dia vao queimar-se.

    Ha varias suspeitas q/ se adensam na minha mente:

    - Sao ex-policias q/ fizeram parte da policia inglesa.
    Sera q/ enquanto membros da policia inglesa usaram os mesmos criterios, p/ investigarem outros casos e lancarem suspeicao sobre cidadaos inocentes? Foram esses cidadaos julgados, acusados e presos? Quantos Hewletts fazem parte do passado destes detectives? Urge uma investigacao ao seu passado.

    - Tenho duvidas sobre os depoimentos testemunhais na base dos retratos robots. Uma testemunha n/ descreve meias coisas. Quando n/ tem a certeza do que viu, prefere dizer q/ n/ viu nada pq/ sabe q/ pode acabar envolvida na situacao s/ culpa. Testemunhar falsamente e perigoso e so o desespero dos Mccann e o dinheiro facil dos detectives parece ignorar isso.
    Ha outra teoria, mais aceitavel p/ estes retratos:
    Estes detectives tiveram acesso a listas de pedofilos e violadores, enquanto investigadores oficiais da policia britanica. Legal/ ou n/, podem manter essas listas e sabem bem onde andam esses criminosos e o q/ fazem. Depois basta pegar nas fotografias e na historia de cada 1 e lancar um retrato parecido p/ a imprensa, c/ o depoimento de uma testemunha, real ou n/, a dizer q/ o viu na Praia da Luz. Facil e perverso. Ate pq/ 2 anos de cobertura mediatica permitiram perceber q/ os jornais n/ investigam a veracidade do q/ lhes e dito. Vendem papel e ficcao q/ o publico mais distraido compra cegamente. Assim se alimenta a farsa, se difamam inocentes de modo impune e, pior do q/ isso... Ninguem esta livre de ser perseguido, acusado, investigado, transformado em suspeito, a qualquer momento, num qualquer crime, depois do triste exemplo q/ tem sido a invest. privada dos Mccann, c/ o consentimento das autoridades. Numa europa que foi pioneira na luta pelos direitos humanos, sobretudo os direitos dos mais fracos devemos perguntar-nos, p/ onde nos leva a perversidade associada aos Mccann?
    Onde andam os jornalistas de investigacao, q/ n/ fazem investigacao profunda as testemunhas destes raptores? Vao ver como facilmente desmontam a farsa e estes detectives e o seu team acabam no banco dos reus por perverterem a justica.
    Os tentaculos de Mitchel n/ chegam a todo o lado, sobretudo agora que Brown esta em queda. Seria bom q/ jornalistas se apressassem, antes q/ o polvo se entrelace nas novas forcas politicas q/ nascem por toda a europa. Ha de certeza, uma farsa e uma fraude por tras de todos os retratos robot e Hewlett e a prova disso. Ninguem o viu. Foi retirado das files da policia e feito um retrato parecido para entreter o publico e as autoridades. E ou se desmascara isto, ou corremos o risco de 1 inocente arcar com as culpas pq/ a sua condicao fisica e a sua pobreza n/ permitem travar uma luta igual. SINTO VERGONHA POR SER UMA CIDADA EUROPEIA E VER QUAO BAIXO PODE IR A IMORALIDADE!

    - A minha ultima duvida, e igual/ perturbante e dirige-se a Gerry, enquanto medico e cirurgiao no activo; 1 medico tem responsabilidades acrescidas: - gere a vida. Decide sobre ela. Por isso e suposto q/ paute cada gesto do seu dia c/ valores de moral e etica absoluta/ inquestionaveis. Gerry, c/o medico, tem a obrigacao de saber e avaliar a dor, a angustia, a fraqueza em q/ se encontra Hewlett. Mais do q/ qualquer outro cidadao, sabe q/ ele e inocente e mesmo assim deixa q/ uma perseguicao cega e vil turve os ultimos momentos de 1 doente terminal. Quem e este Gerry, enquanto medico? Qual foi a etica q/ ele abracou no exercicio da sua profissao? Ele n/ pode ser 1 em Aarchen e outro em Rotley... Ha meios q/ n/ justificam os fins...
    E os utentes dos seus servicos, e bom q/ pensem duas vezes antes de se entregarem nas suas maos... ele parece n/ respeitar a vida de quem esta enfermo e sair da situacao c/ a mesma ligeireza com q/ se abandona o recinto de um concerto memoravel, ou seja, FELIZ E DE CONSCIENCIA LIMPA... AFINAL TAO POUCO VALE A VIDA DOS OUTROS, INCLUINDO A DA PROPRIA FILHA!

  25. 10/06/09 01:01
    Anonymous said...
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Do the Maccanns ever think on these words.

    Why should they?
    They lied to the Pope to save their wretched necks - they certainly won't be heeding any other biblical commandments - they've broken them all already.

  26. Its about time to end this farce. Its about time to arrest the McCanns and their immoral cronies, ann notto forget their "spokesperson" Clarence Mitchell, for various crimes, including obstruction of justice. And don´t forget to obtain an arrest warrant for Gordon Brown as well, because he is involved with the case up to the eye balls to cover-up as much as possible for good reason. On portuguese soil it is time to taker care of José Socratesand his vulnerability to corruption. The Freeport case was the "meio coercivo" to get rid of Gonçalo Amaral and to kill the Maddie case. They are all corrupt, guilty and they deserve prison time if justice shall prevail.

  27. U.a. nehme ich McCann und gewissen brit. Medien sehr übel, daß ich mich schützend vor solchen - jetzt schwerkranken - Delinquenten stellen muß. Doch nur, weil er eine kriminelle Vergangenheit hat, darf man ihm nicht einen Fall unterjubeln, mit dem er nichts zu tun hat.
    Das bedeutet keinesfalls, daß ich Pädophilie gutheißen würde! Doch wir leben in demokratischen Rechtsstaaten und sollten nicht der Lynchjustiz Vorschub leisten, auch nicht verbal.

  28. In the past this man has been punished for very wrong things he has done in the past. That does not mean that this man couldn't have make his life better.
    Besides that the mccann's don't have the right to break in peoples lifes (conficted or not in the past) and tell them that they have to talk in order to clear their names. Meanwhile the foto is published over and over again while he is dying. That is disguisting...

  29. Anonymous said...What a load of crap you lot talk.
    This dying man in a pedophile!!!!!!
    Some people on here are giving him sympathy, what sick people!!!!!!!!!

    Next comments page>>What a sick brain you have ,Anonymous if you are defending Gerry Mccann.
    Would you try to think about the truth in this case?
    The lies Gerry told and till now
    he betrayed the whole world : from the Pope to a child in Rothley that gave his money to help finde Madeleine.
    How is the difference between the moral of a peado and Gerry Maccan? or David Payne?
    They a pigs from the same slum.
    Sorry but I must to reply to your msg.

  30. desperate people do extremally desperate things, especially when their sorry arses are against the wall.

    Let's hope this case is wrapped up yesterday, because like the rest of the nation im get just a tiny bit fed up with the whole sorry affair.

  31. " What a load of crap you lot talk!!!! "

    Is this the best sentence you can string together ????

  32. I am not prepared to comment on this apology for a human being except to say he is clearly NOT involved with the fate of the Mccann child.

    The Mickey Mouse outfit hired by the Mccanns have absolutely no authority as representatives of law enforcement and should therefore not be in a position to hound any individual that Clan Mccann target to cover up for their own crimes.

    Sometimes I am ashamed to be British but please do not allow the Mccanns to instigate a war between the U.K. and Portugal. Firstly they are not worth the price and secondly they have ruined enough lives already!

    Again I must stress, these lies emanate from the U.K. but this does not mean that the British are all stupid enough to believe in them.

  33. To the anonymous who said 'What a load of crap you lot talk. This dying man is a pedophile'

    My dear, the issue is not whether or not he is a paedophile but that he is being made a scapegoat to cover up someone else's crime.

    Yes, he deserves sympathy for being used without mercy.

  34. Just to let our Portugese friends know that a big child abuse case involving a female nursery worker is in the news in the UK - sounds horrendous. She was a worker at a nursery for young children.


    By the way Plymouth where this female worker is based is not that far from Exeter which is a town mentioned in the McCann case. It is the next large city geographically.

    Who knows maybe there is a link ?

  35. A very serious statement in a british newspaper.You have to see it:

    " the arrogance and ignorance of this tragedy is beyond comprehension..our own newspapers fail to see what is taking place before their eyes..a faltering circus of complete idiocy!!!
    Get the McCanns into a court of law before they swallow their tongues!

    By georgie woods. Posted June 7 2009 at 11:25 AM.

    News of the World ( related to the this text from Anna Smith-VITRIOLIC WEBSITE FORUM IS HOME FOR SPINELESS COWARDS

  36. To the "load of crap" anon. :

    YES, this man is/was a paedo, YES, he's among the lowest of the lowest, and believe that NO ONE of us have any warm feelings about him, BUT, let him be judged and punished for the crimes he has INDEED commited, not for any "ludicrous"( lovely "mitchellian" word, isn't it?) allegations or suspicions coming from the McCann camp! The british police has not questioned him in relation to the Maddie case, nor do they seem show any intention or motive for doing so. This being the case he's being made a scape-goat by Team McCann, a fall-guy, a very suitable and convenient one...

  37. This very sick detectives dont give Mr. Hewlett a rest. It is reported today, that they are going to quiz him in 24 hours.
    How dsesperate they are to blame somebody... even if that man claim to german newspaper that he never saw Madeleine and the British press insist with the fiction that he was in Praia da Luz when Maddie disapeared and he saw her. TWO PRESS.... TWO OPPOSITE THEORIES. ONE IS TRUTHFULL... THE OTHER IS ADICTED TO FICTION SMEAR.

    I just wonder, if PJ Made the same PRESSURE to all Tapas 9 when they refused to come back to Portugal and do the reconstruction. There is the law for everybody else and there is the special Law for Mccann's - WEAK, PERMISSIVE...

    WE should give to the Mccann's team the same advise as they do, when they try to pressure Mr. Hewlett: "You need to co-operate if you want to be eliminated from the enquirÿ". Mccann's, ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS THAT YOU REFUSED TO, AND DO THE RECONSTRUCTION UNDER PJ OR BRITISH POLICE, SUPERVISION.

    Even if that man had a evil pass this doesn't mean that he have something to do with Madeleine's disappearence.
    Every single step from
    Mccann's team just shows the world how guilt they are and how desesperate is Mr. Mitchell to find a happy end for the all saga.

  38. The man is a pedophile but he is dying and his photo and condemnation has been all over the front pages of the english papers for a crime in portugal he did not commit.

    regarding the maccanns and the pope Lying to the pope is bad enough but lying to God is worse and lying to the memory of their daughter beggers belief.

  39. On his last interview with Júlia,
    together with Paulo Sargento, Amaral talks about Kate refering to a Maddie's blanket, and he considered it as being a gaffe.
    "What blanket?"
    I thought a lot about this and I wonder if the PJ missed a hotel blanket in the apartment.
    Used to clean up the floor behind the sofa?
    And brought to Tapas 10 car, before the body was transported?
    By Russel? Or by Gerry himself?

  40. Who ever posted this -- Are you not afraid that this will come back to haunt you? Be careful what you say...it might come back to bite you.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Do the Maccanns ever think on these words.
    We all have to stand before God one day and give account. Madelaine is not at rest, while all these lies continue, They have no shame A little child crys out for justice and the truth.

  41. On Gerry's documentary, Kate tells the courtains went violently open when she closed the door of the bedroom.Did the abductor close them after he jumped out of the window, with the girl in his arms?He has at least 3 arms.Or did he jump through and out of the window with the courtains still closed with very probably a thick courtain hanging on his head and in front of his face, like a muslim lady? Or jumping with the thin courtains on his head and face,like a virgin bride? I wish I would'nt have missed that.
    And why did that door did not slam shut before Kate arrived?It would have been logical.
    2) I also noticed , at the beginning of the documentary, weak lights near the apartment and in that street. Gerry forgot about this detail.Old photos, Gerry!
    3)very sad, but true, I noticed how softly and whispering Gerry talks to Matt in the dark apartment.Really an idea of death, a funeral, not an idea that she is still alive like he says.
    His attitude at that moment had to do with death.
    Respect or fear for her spirit, maybe feeling she was present.
    And she was, Gerry, she was watching you.
    4)I noticed Kate with the twins, like she had an appointment with them, she dropped by for the film,but no real contact with them. I could see it in her eyes.
    She was not really present at those moments.She is depressed.
    5)coming back from the meeting with the man of Maddie's photo at the age of 6, it looks like Kate broke up with Gerry or they broke up with each other.
    It looks like she does not want any contact with him anymore or for a long time.
    He was concerned in that car in the US, looking at her.Concerned about the cameras or about her?
    She is very much depressed, I can see it.

  42. If Maddie was being abducted why was she not crying or screaming. Did she sleep through the whole thing ? Was she drugged or was she already dead ?

    Answers on a post card please.

  43. If my words come back to bite me I have to stand before God and give account so have the Maccanns.

    Oh and by the way I have a lot to account to God for not just that.


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