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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"Lately, word has leaked out that the McCanns feel abandoned even by Gordon Brown, once their close ally. Their spokesman doesn’t quite deny this. “That was one of our backers who said it. We would never be that impolitic,” he says. “But it is true that we have requested a meeting with the prime minister to show him the strength of our case, to explain Kate and Gerry’s innocence—and yet all we’ve been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we rejected.”"

in: Vanity Fair, 'Unanswered Prayers', 10.01.2008


  1. OFF-Course, they just like the TOP of TOP 10. Gordon Brown himselve or nothing. As perfect liars they don't want many people envolved in the situation. Not everyboby had a commitment with Socrates and the "TATADO DE LISBOA" or the "FREEPORT". Then they are worried by being catched in all the contradictions they made. There is intelligent people surrounding the power, which they serve the PM when he is up, but they will let him down, together with his mistakes, when his popularity is down. Both... Mitchell and Brown know it. This is why Brown give them a Second character on the chess game and Mitchell refused it... Too danger... Only Mccann's blindness ignore a fact: Brown did not believe on any abduction, he was catched by the situation at very beginning and when he realised the error, jumped out. Not with a clear evidence to the public, because clear evidence means a drastic change on Mccann's criminal status: they will face a court and most probably a jale for a cocktail of crimes. Because Brown did not jumped out clearly, he loss the last elections, same as Socrates. They try to justify the bad results with a global economic crisis. WRONG!!! PEOPLE GET FED-UP WITH ALL PRESSURES AND CORRUPTION INSIDE JUSTICE CORRIDORS. JUSTICE HAVE NO COLOR, NO TIME, NO FACE, NO RELIGION.... SHOULD BE APPLIED TO EVERYBODY...

  2. ".....to explain Kate and Gerry’s innocence—and yet all we’ve been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we rejected.”"

    They forget ONE thing...if they are "that" innocent,why do they insist so much to prove it then?
    Only guilty people try to prove their innocence,dont they?
    They are a capricious and arrogant bunch of idiots,the 3 of them....even their backers have an over dose of them
    Nobody wants anything to do with you anymore,mccann people.NOBODY

  3. 'Pela boca morre o peixe' - é mesmo o que apetece dizer quando se lê o canalha do Clarence Mitchell.

  4. "...and yet all we’ve been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we rejected.”"

    "..we rejected" says it all for me.

    Innocent parents of a missing child would grab at ANY and EVERY morsel of help offered to them.

  5. JillyCL

    Not them: they are far too mighty...

  6. I wonder if Clarence Mitchell has got any children and if he really realises that a child has to be protect by its parents.Is he the same like the Mccanns are?And the same like other people of Tapas9 are?That's why somebody sent him to support the McCanns?
    yes, Brown got in trouble. When the British ambassador and the British consul wrote him a letter to warn him there were too many incosistencies in the parents'stories, it was too late.
    Though Brown called the PJ or a ministery in October, asking if Amaral was already fired.
    By whom were you pressured, Gordon, and WHY?WHY,WHY?
    Are you the same like the rest? Or is somebody of your family like the rest?
    Does somebody of Tapas 9 know something about the Browns? Photos, videos?

  7. without red carpet

    Beata, Germany

  8. Gordon Brown at the moment is fighting for his political life. he knows next May or (please God before that) he is finished, so the Maccanns will not be very high on his agenda.

    The documentary on Rhys Jones the little boy who was shot in Liverpool was on TV last night in the uk. What a wonderful couple his parents are. There is a grief stricken mother a vast diference in them and the Maccann couple. There focus was all on theire much loved little boy not themselves.

    Chalk and cheese came to mind.

  9. My thoughts exactly regarding those parents of Rhys Jones, true greiving parents.
    It brings to attention of the Missing Chef Claudia Lawrence missing since March 18th, the father who has faced the media on several occasions with Absolute sorrow in every sylable spoken from his mouth, his voice trembling with fear over what may have happened to his daughter.
    Who has asked only for information regarding his daughter.
    I can only spit on the ground on those who continue to support this mccann circus.

  10. Carissima Joana,

    desejo que voce esteja bem.
    lí hoje que os Mccanns querem processar alguns blogs( além de querer dinheiro de Dr. Amaral )e fiquei preocupada com voce pois tenho muita consideraçao por voce e seu trabalho.
    Por viver no Brasil nao sei como funcionam estes procesos aí na Europa mas antes de tudo lhe desejo tudo de bom e que os tais lhe deixem em paz e nao prejudiquem sua vida profissional.
    Se tiver tempo me diga algo sobre esta terrivel ameaça.
    Deus te proteja.

  11. Clarence Mitchell what a F---ing lier he is.He opens his mouth and the S--t just pours out.As for rejecting the meeting it shows just how up his own A--E he is.


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