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Sunday Express: 'New Key Suspect in Prison' - Wooshed Article *

Though the article is gone from the Sunday Express Online at 1 am, just a few minutes after being published on line, we were able to retrieve it via google's cache.


MCCANN: Still missing, 2 years on

Sunday June 21,2009
By James Murray and Tracey Kandohla

DETECTIVES believe a man being held in a UK prison on a murder charge may hold vital information about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

They say he was in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on the day Madeleine vanished in May 2007, just before her fourth birthday.

The investigators working for the McCann family are now trying to build up an extensive picture of his movements in the Algarve resort at the time.

They are anxious to learn if he was staying near the McCanns’ holiday apartment and if he had any contact with the family.

The astonishing development came in the wake of huge international publicity last month which included a televised reconstruction [not quite a reconstruction, the full Tapas group was missing] of Madeleine’s disappearance and an emotional appeal for help from parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

The man in the spotlight cannot be identified for legal reasons because he is in jail accused of a murder which took place in this country.

Retired Detective Inspector Dave Edgar, who is heading the McCanns’ investigation, would like to question him about his movements in Portugal but recognises that he may not get an opportunity to speak to him until after his trial.

The Sunday Express can reveal that he is one of seven potential suspects Mr Edgar is trying to rule in or out of his complex investigation.

He has recently been to Praia da Luz to try to check the alibi of a British paedophile who strongly resembles a the description of a man seen looking intently at the McCanns’ apartment shortly before Madeleine disappeared. [back to 'Pimple Man' as a suspect again]

The man, who lives permanently in Portugal, was interviewed by Portugese police two years ago because of his child-abuse past.

During intensive questioning he told detectives he was visiting the capital Lisbon when Madeleine was went [sic] missing on May 3.

To back up his alibi, he produced receipts showing he withdrew cash from ATM machines in Lisbon that day which he said proved he was hundreds of miles away at the relevant time.

However, Mr Edgar understands the man regularly stayed at an address in the Praia da Luz area during the summer and had once rented an apartment there.

He is trying to discover if there was any CCTV operating at the machines where the man withdrew the cash, which would conclusively prove he was in Lisbon at the time or whether someone else withdrew the money.

Confidential information on him was gathered by Portugese detectives who wrote several pages about him for their 14-volume dossier on the case. [17 Volumes in fact (sigh)]

However, their vital information on the potential prime suspect was among 100 pages withdrawn from the dossier just before it was released to the public last year.

He, too, cannot be identified for legal reasons, but he is said to bear close resemblance to the description of a man seen peering intently at the apartment where Madeleine was staying shortly before she vanished.

The news came as Kate and Gerry made a fresh appeal to travel firms and holidaymakers to help “increase the chance” of finding their daughter.

The doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, said yesterday: “We have recently been planning a summer campaign in the hope that holiday makers, travel companies and transport agencies will help us again in our search for Madeleine.”

In their internet appeal Kate, 41, and Gerry, 40, wrote: “So far, things are looking promising and we will soon have ‘travel packs’ available via the website for anyone willing to help.

“We greatly appreciate the continued help and support we are receiving from the general public.”

In Portugal a police officer who attended the kidnap scene on the night Maddie disappeared has been dramatically suspended over allegations of a suspicious £100,000 payment.

He and a colleague were widely criticised for failing to seal off the crime scene or keep people away, potentially destroying vital forensic clues.

The uniformed officer is now under investigation It is not yet known if the payment he allegedly received was in any way connected with the Madeleine investigation.


*Update at 3am - article is back located at a different link


  1. This vile pair really do think they are above the law.

    They are convinced they are untouchable. How as this circus been allowed to go on this long. What a joke the portugese justice system has become they have made a laughing stock of Portugal.

    Lock them up and throw away the key.

  2. Do you know why this has gone one so long?????
    Because they are truly looking for their child!!!! Why would they bother continuing to bring attention upon themselves if they were guilty, it would have been very easy for them to have slipped into the background.
    I wonder who is vile!

  3. Good morning Joana, well done in catching this story before it was removed. I see the Expresss are still using maddies picture of when she was three...Why are they not using how maddie will look now after all the trouble the mccanns went to having it shown on the Winfrey show.

    Travel Packs...what will these contain I wonder ? Maddie cologne and soap with a tiny tears shampoo like you see in Hotels..

    The T shirts they wore for the run..did they have maddies face on them aged six...or still the old ones because the mccanns cannot be bothered to change them because this would cost money.

    The press along with Mccann have turned maddie into some cheap plastic product you will find in Tescos.

    I hope they are all proud of their pound of flesh. What a disgrace the british newspaper industry has become. This is a child that died most probably in very tragic circumstances..Does no one think of madeleine....or only hpw much money they can make from her .


  4. Why do they bother bringing attention upon themselves Anon....They love the fame but most of all they love the money.


  5. think Maddie T shirts are still being sold for profit.

    People who believe the lie is buying a new one for their kids every 2 years (as they are sized by age i.e 3-4.5-6 years old, for good marketing reasons)

  6. While no one is going to donate to a fund to search for a dead child, there is a stronger motive than money for 'continuing the search': if Madeleine is deemed to be still alive, then she couldn't possibly have died that night, could she?

  7. Hi Joanan, there is no where to post this link but have a look and see who really is running the country...Blair running scared for his EU prospects...



  8. More McCann Smoke and Mirrors to keep the cash rolling in.
    The so called detectives also known as the McCann Mafia will continue to keep wetting their beaks and keeping their noses in the trough by promoting as much disinformation as possible just to keep drawing on the Macon funds.
    This bunch of cowboys are poring scorn upon the Portuguese Police, Justice System and the Portuguese people.
    Those in control of the Portuguese justice system have lost all honour, integrity and the respect of not only the Portuguese people but also most of the European peoples.
    The tourist industry will suffer much more as people will not visit a country where the police force is derogated internationally by a PR machine paid for by the McCann’s which is being so successful in demonstrating that the Portuguese police system is totally ineffective and unable to function in bringing justice to all and in particular to children.
    The McCann’s are making fools of the whole of Portugal in the eyes of most normal people
    Justice for the daughter of the McCann’s will not come from the Portuguese system but from individuals.

    Letter from Iberia

  9. Next thing you know, the GNR officer received money for the child, or to allow for the 'abduction' scene to be contaminated.
    Only in the British tabloids, really...!

  10. Joanna, this artcle is on Father's Day.

    We all know the motive.

    More donations and sympathy as Maddie spends another Father's day without her dad.


  11. as Gerry has said before , its is a HIGH RISK STRATEGY

    if this prisoner lies and 'confess' he SERIOUSLY HARMED Maddie,

    then the McCann's can wave goodbye to their donations

  12. Thanks Ironside, much appreciated the reading about Blair. Let's see what happens next.

  13. ANON... "Do you know why this has gone one so long?????
    Because they are truly looking for their child!!!! Why would they bother continuing to bring attention upon themselves if they were guilty,"..............


    THIS IS A SAD STORY where one crime buy many others in a suicidal row. One day somebody will breake the row when the money finnish. They know that there is more perverted brains sharing their cult of spotlights and easy money. If they fade, other perverteds will show up to tell the world what they have done to help this special parents keeping the story alive for so long....

  14. Isn't it amazing how many people are said to have been peering intently at the apartment the McCanns stayed in, some of them even before they arrived! Praia da Luz must be full of people who hang around in the streets, peering at buildings.

  15. Obviously the story still creates an interest.
    The Mcconns will have to tell the truth sooner or later. They have no choice. The clock is slowly ticking.

  16. Its gone on so long to brainwash gulible people, its gone on so long because they are trapped in a web of lies, its gone on so long to avoid justice. What they are doing is unforgivable.

    The sooner they are exposed the better.

  17. They are still looking for Madeleine are they? Perhaps, just perhaps, they might have had a better chance of finding Madeleine had they searched on the night of 3 May 2007.

    Their little girl was missing, out there in the dark somewhere, but her parents said it was too dark for them to go out and actually search for their daughter.

    It seems to me they wanted, and continue to want, everyone else to search for their daughter but won't get off their backsides to search for her themselves.

    They can galavant around the world visiting American dignatories, chat show hosts, the Pope and so on but IF (and it's an enornmous IF) there was a chance that a man in Germany (Achen) could possibly have some information about their daughter did they get off their backsides and go and plead to speak with him? No, they sent their defectives. Speaking of which if they think that two ex police officers who have set themselves up as private detectives can go to Germany to question a "suspect" does that mean that a member of the Portuguese public could come across to Rothely in the UK and demand that Kate answer the 48 questions she refused to answer?

    No- I thought not.


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