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'Validation' - A Fable About the Magic of Free Parking

Validation – A parking attendant gives his costumers free parking together with free compliments. Enjoy!

A Theathre Junkies Production
Writer – Director – Composer: Kurt Kuenne
Producers: Courtney Kleinman – Kurt Keunne – Dave Kuhr – TJ Thyne

source: in youtube


  1. Really enjoyed this footage, how funny and true, have a great day!

  2. Thank you Joana!
    It made me smile, it made me cry and then smile again, I loved it!

  3. So the moral of the story is that had the Mccanns paid to park their hire car, smiled and took plenty of photos, they would be behind bars and we wouldn't be looking for the imaginary abductor now.

  4. great footage!

    There was a moment when I thought the girl was a grown up Maddie, who grew up in a life when she cannot smile


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