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Video: Gonçalo Amaral & Paulo Sargento on the McCann Case

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«Let’s all make one effort into ABSURDITY and, for a moment, just pretend to look the other way, assuming that there was an infamous abductor and that he was even able to do everything the McCanns have given him credit for. Let's freeze time at the moment is has just jumped through the 5A window with Maddie peacefully in his arms.

Now, there are only 2 possibilities: this is an opportunistic kidnapping, or a planned one. Even the McCanns have put aside the first as it would be so cumulatively absurd that we would have to resurrect Einstein himself so we could get a faint grasp on how illogical that would be.

in Textusa's blog: 'Even Geographically, the Abduction Theory is ABSURD'


  1. thanks so much for this interview...

    i've been waiting for ages to see it & really appreciate all the hard work you've undertaken to subtitle etc.

    I wish we had these kind of shows in the UK... whatever happened to "freedom of speech"????

    Good luck Goncalo

  2. Kate your husband is opening another grave: this time for you. Look at yourself woman this man will drag you to hell. You've already lost one child do what you have to do and save the twin and yourself. You don't have to stay together, you don't have to carry this all your life. Clean the house.

  3. Unlike the esteemed commentators on this blog, I have no faith in this new legal process. You cannot expect lawyers to resolve this matter, in interminable Amaral/McCann/Mitchell legal actions.

    For if you do, the McCanns and their accomplices will continue their destruction of the Algarve tourist trade. Already, the McCann Police have uncovered thirty, forty known paedophiles, and will trot them out, one after another, Shifty, Spotty, Scruffy, Throaty, on and on, the slurs amplified by the British press. We know their motive of course, to keep alive the possibility that the child is not dead, and her body not disposed of, in whole or in (surgical) parts. “Find the body and prove we did it.” Who would throw down that challenge, who did not know the body was not to be found?

    Do you think the Algarve will prosper without parents and their children on holiday there? Perhaps it will.

    Listen, Portuguese, we have been friends and allies for hundreds of years, because we, the British and Portuguese, liked what we saw, and still do. Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers come and go, but we the people go on forever.

    So grow some balls, Portuguese. Have you not heard of demarche, of withdrawal of ambassadors, of non-cooperation in European matters, in suspension of trade and all other intergovernmental relations, of Interpol and international arrest warrants?

    Either that, or let the McCadaver claque put you out of business, from one end of the Algarve to the other. Perhaps that does not matter, to Lisbon.

  4. We are led to believe Kate & Gerry are a typical Catholic couple. Here is a reminder to them and us all with regards to choices we makie in life.

    An Examination of Conscience

    From the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 'Moral conscience, present at the heart of the person, enjoins him at the appropriate moment to do good and to avoid evil. It also judges particular choices, approving those that are good and denouncing those that are evil. It bears witness to the authority of truth in reference to the supreme Good to which the human person is drawn, and it welcomes the commandments. In the voice of conscience God speaks (1777)

    Basically our choices reveal our values and priorities. Mr & Mrs McCann exposed their values and priorities before Madeleine vanished from the face of this earth by leaving 3 children under 4yrs of age alone in a strange room in a strange country. Their priorities in life had no place for the young ones they brought into this life. No child ever asks to be born. In the end the words 'authority of truth' will triumph and in my opinion expose them for what they are.

  5. Kate Carries A Heavy Cross.

    Look back at their Happy Families documentary "Madeleine Was Here" and you'll notice the clip where they've left the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children just after having seen the age-progressed photo of Madeleine. Notice what happens in the taxi, the way Kate is left to her thoughts with Gerry just looking at her - gauging her reaction, I'd say - rather than seeking to comfort her through words or deeds. Not a comforting word, not a hug, just observing; Kate left to her thoughts, to deal with her thoughts. The grief they do not share in equal measure. Don't Touch The Kettle - It Might Explode.

    Time, okay, good doctors McCann? Time.

  6. A few days ago I posted this comment about Amaral defending himself and the image of Portugal and also the timing because Gordan Brown has no effective power in this country. I wrote

    ...Please Portugal re-open this case and solve it. Find where Madeleine was put.

    It is a great time to re-open the process. I have just heard today here in the UK that our politicians have not been viewed this badly by the electorate since the 1820's !!!

    That is Gordan Brown's legacy.

    His own party has not polled so low since records began. Labour have 18 per cent of the vote right now. He has barely any loyal supporters around him now.

    Gordan Brown is in the deepest dark depths. He has very little credibility within his own party and virtually no control over any policy. The public ridicule him and he lacks the charisma, humility and common sense to do anything about it...

    Tonight another minister has resigned and the TV journalist talking about it asked the camera to point up to the windows of 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives and from where the journalist Adam Bolton was residing. Today in the UK we have been voting in the European and local elections.

    ALL the windows in the Prime Minister's residence were switched off and dark. At 10.20pm on the night of significant elections. No one wants to be around him !!!

    The reporter could not believe and nor could I. Unheard of. I mentioned a few days ago it was a good time to strike back at the McCann's and Clarence Mitchell. It has just got even better. The McCann's are on a slippery slope.

    Amaral (with the right financial backers) will be able to get behind the masks of this story and salvage the image of Portugal and himself.

    We Shall Overcome

  7. Thank you for this interview and for all your hard work.

    As you know we are getting very little in the U.k. only what the Maccliars allow. What a lovely man Mr Ameral is his photographs don't do him justice.

    By the way it looks like Gordon Brown will not be able to hold on to power much longer.

    Please God we get the truth soon and Madelaine will be allowed to rest, They are not allowing this little child any dignity she is a little angel. Go get them Mr Ameral and God be with you,

  8. The Maccanns are not a devout Catholic couple They had children by IVF They are catholic in name only. They live by their rules not Gods commands.

  9. Anonymous, put the Algarve out of Mccann's issue.
    They are desesperate, trying to connect the Algarve with a paedophile chain. But every time they trow the bal, will fall on top of his feets.

    The Algarve doesn't match with paedophiles activities and the parents know it. Is a place on a corner of europe, out of the busy places without thousands of people circulating every year. Tell me how many passengers arrive to Faro's airport every year if compared with Amsterdan, London, Paris, or even Madeira. Very few... Algarve is a beautiful and quite place, farway from the rest of europe, by air, road, train or sea. Only inside Mccann's small and limited brain, that paedophile story have a place.

    Doesn't matter how many potencial abductors they have on their strategy, they all, will drop as quickly as they pop out, exactly like Mr. Hewlet. And what will remain at the end will be always more suspicion, more ridiculous atitude and more guilt. Peraphs they dont know that a litle girl (3 years old) wonder off from her house in Faro, at night, few weeks ago. She was founded very early in the morning in the street, safety. No any paedophile snatched the girl even if she was alone and available without a big effort or big plans. That story is a fact and counts much more then any Mccann's fiction. Stories like that give confidence to any parents: ALGARVE AND PORTUGAL IS ONE OF THE MOST SAFE COUNTRYS IN THE WORLD, FOR LITTLE CHILDREN.

    Paedophiles chains are very well organized and when that chains envolve the children, phisical, that childs are old then Madeleine and are childs with problems inside their own families, normaly related with prostitution and drugs. Small children, if used in paedophile chains, are victims of their own family.

    British Media should shift their subjects and stop buying all Mccann's fiction if they want to save the face. They are loosing credibility everyday.

  10. Thanks for posting Jo - it was every bit as interesting as I anticipated.

  11. Goncalo is breathing like a walrus bless him!!! :)

    I wish him all the luck in the world in seeking justice for little Madeleine. He is the only one on Madeleine's side, and everyone is trying to crush him.

    It is so very rare to see a person like this, so dignified, he never gives in, no matter what the personal cost is, he will go on! I really admire this man, and I believe he will in the end, at the expense of his own wellbeing for even more years, succeed.

    Thank you for your sacrifice Goncalo, I wish there were more men like you in this world.

  12. The McCanns' "Swan Song." Oh yes!

    Muitos agradecimentos for all your hatd work in making this accessible to non-Portuguese speakers. I'd walk over broken glass to see it on British TV!

  13. Applause for astro............

    "I really think this is the sort of situation in which Dr Amaral is most close to 'being himself' as it can get. When I watched him on the documentary, I thought how uncomfortable he looked, how very distanced from how he really is. But on shows like this one, with Júlia Pinheiro who is a very competent journalist, and Paulo Sargento who has been present to comment on the case very often, as well, one can really see the 'real' Gonçalo Amaral, or as close as you can get on tv. Two years down the line, after so many difficulties, after so many unpleasant situations, he remains focused, assertive and (com)passionate about this case. Whether one likes him or not, whether one agrees with his theories or not, I believe that nobody can accuse him of ever changing his tone, or of losing his faith in justice. It has been an honour to be able to 'bring' Dr Amaral to you. I just wish you could watch him on British television, one day."(astro on 3a)

  14. @JCL
    I think Sargento meant "swan song" as in the McCann's admitting that Madeleine is probably dead...
    maybe their pretend cops will then discover the body

    but as Gerry always says "it's a high risk strategy"

  15. HaHaHa! Good old Hewlett - only weeks to live, according to German doctors - he 'did see Maddie' and can even describe her eye defect. And so can all of us! HaHaHa!

    It's called a teaser, and old Hewlett intends to screw the McCann scumbags out of some of their ill-gotten gains before he goes, for his children's sake, bless his heart.

    Then you Portuguese can screw them out of the remainder. But start your international arrest warrants with the McCann Police and Clarence Mitchell, for defamation of the Republic and perversion of justice.

  16. Can somebody explain me what Amaral means with that gaffe Kate made, speaking about the blanket?

  17. anonymous wrote:-

    I think Sargento meant "swan song" as in the McCann's admitting that Madeleine is probably dead...

    I'm not sure I agree with you, anonymous. Swans sing before they die. Of course, I'm not implying the McCanns are going to die but I believe we will soon see the death of their fairytale. As Coleridge wittily wrote:-

    "Swans sing before they die -- t'were no bad thing did certain persons die before they sing."

  18. This is madness, there are abucters everyever , I just found one under my bed! Gouvermenment sould launch a new campaign for Algarve Summer 2010 : "Discover a land where abducters, sun and sea never go on holidays" or "You can swim, swing, get a teint or abducted a child near your village". I can wait to go there to see how frenetic Algarve can be.
    If you do no hear from me more than a week call CNN because I must be in Marroco or Abu Dabi!

  19. I hope Mr Amaerel reads this blog and knows how many people in the UK are right there behind him.

    God Bless you Mr Amerel for not giving up> You are little Madelaines voice in
    all this.

  20. Kate will not last long. She has had enough and will soon break down if she hasn't already.
    This is truly the Mccanns swan song, after this they are finished.
    There's been too many lies, too many holes in their stories. Even Gordon can't help now, he needs help himself.

  21. Is the Brown government about to crash?

    could this be bad news for the McCann and Payne?

  22. Muito bem o legendarem o programa da Tv com os "nossos suspeitos queridos": Gonçalo A.; Paulo S. e Duarte L.
    As legendas são importantissimas para que assim a troca de dados e de ideias se propaguem pelo Mundo.

    O 2º vídeo acaba com o rosto sofrido de 1 mãe.
    Dá para acreditar. MAS

    MAS,D.L. foi ao show de USA e diz que no intervalo este ar sofrido não transparecia.

    Mas,obviamente eu apesar de tudo acredito no sofrimento de uma mãe que perdeu definitivamente a Filha de um modo deveras esquisito.Pois nem me passa pela cabeça que assim não seja.

    Quanto aos 3 intervenientes no programa é sempre um enorme prazer ouvi-los apesar do que Gonçalo Amaral constata- o silêncio começou,sem dúvida.

  23. para a anónima 05/06/09 20:49 - O DL na América?! A sério?! Incrível como ele arranjou tempo de ir à América, entre as viagens a Aachen na Alemanha, à Bélgica, a Londres, a Rothley, ao Sri lanka, e ainda ao Algarve e a Lisboa tudo num só mês. Bolas, o homem é mais rápido que o Concorde ou então é um grande mentiroso!

  24. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and translating to English. A very interesting interview indeed. The swan song i think means the McCanns last push with publicity stunt. They are in a position where they cant back down so will die out of public eye. I dont think Kate will crack she is as narcissistic as her husband. I think she fears what her parents would think of her if the truth came out. Their 3 children were nothing more than accessories that is evident in the way they put them in the care of others constantly. They do not connect on an emotional level with their childrens feelings, and continue to put themselves first in everything, even using the twins in their charade. They have psychopathic personalities where they cannot understand other peoples feelings except their own, that is why they come across as cold, they are not normal people. I think they have convinced themselves that some good can come from Madeleines death, ie in politics. What will undo them is the disintegration of their reputations. God bless Sr Amaral and all those who fight for the truth.

  25. Exclusive from the Daily Snot:

    Hewlett now says that he got so close on so many occasions that not only could he see right into Maddie’s eyes but the parents offered him a job as babysitter as they said Ocean View charged too much, forcing them to leave Maddie alone night after night.

    Friends of Hewlett say that the McCanns’ offer of babysitting money was so low that he thought it beneath his dignity to accept. Hewlett said he would stand guard outside the apartment anyway in case a predator came along.

    Spokesman for Hewlett claims he was distracted by Jane Tanner for 1.3 seconds allowing the predator to slip past, but Hewlett says he later saw the predator carrying a bundle of pyjamas and he thought the predator had a lazy eye, just like that other gentleman who is suing for millions. Hewlett can spot a dodgy eye at twenty paces. Not so good on spots, though.

    Hewlett says the only reason Mariana has removed his name from the door of their apartment is that they have ordered a much bigger nameplate so McCann Police and British press can find him with their generous offers.

    Hewlett is anxiously waiting to hear from the producers of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘Big Brother’ and is looking forward to appearing with Marianna on Oprah.

    Hewlett says that, yes, he did have a big Dodge pickup and when asked if it could be forensically examined for cadaverine material replied, “Find the pickup and prove I did it”.

  26. Goncalo Amaral looks a lot and a lot better now.
    Keep it that way, Goncalo.
    You will need your energy in the very near future.

  27. Hewlett has now told the Mccanns that if they want him to confess to something he didn't do, just before he dies, he wants loads of money for his family.
    They told him that although he hasn't got enough spots, they will still try and collect more donations from the few gullible individuals they have left.
    And the farce goes on....

  28. Brown crash on last election, but still on trying to survive, Just like his good friends Mccann's. The world surrounding them is going down and down, but their blindness did not let them to see how their dreams are far away from reality.

    Is Mr. Hewlett, part of the dream or a nightmare to Mccann's team, which just begin?
    He have few time to get at the top of popularity and be so famous as the clowns which put him at the center of the circus on the last act...
    Well done Mr. Hewlett if you find a way to get some pounds to your child's... After all... we can resume all Mccann's team attitude in a single word- PERVERSITY!


  29. I am not so sure that it is the Swan song, I fear it is a little bit of wishful thinking.

    If we assume that the MCs might lose custody over their twins, should they be judged negligent, -or worse- it is true that they can't stop now. The Potuguese and British Authorities are probably no more willing to re-open the case tomorrow than before. Supposing the MCs are supported by the government, according to what the Mail online said yesteray the Prime Minister isn't going "to give an inch", all the more when he feels threatened I might add. The British press is still the same, some of it as xenophobic as ever, perhaps more, consoling themselves about the greed and deception of their MPS with the assertion that political men are still viler in other countries, thus ready to stir paranoiac feelings in the most possible barefaced way, which, unfortunatey, works with a number of their readers. The big change with the tabloids since the case started is their fear of being sued by the MCs.

    In those conditions, having seen what happened two years ago with the investigation, having seen the condemnation of G A in the Cipriano case recently, considering that G A isn't protected by his professional status any longer, and much as I admire him, I am not specially optimistic about the result of his endeavours to go to the bottom of the case. How I wish he were succesful, and he could be allowed to bring new witnesses, publicise new facts, and bring more light on the case.

    We were also hoping a lot from the investigation even to the minute before its conclusion was available. The same thing might happen again. Yes, I am impressed by G. A.'s confidence and calm, I hope they work this time, but let's be realistic, the task is as tough as it was two years ago, if not more. Sorry about that.

    What he has achieved with his book and with the documentary is excellent, though, since he has managed to make the whole of Europe understand the case needed more investigation. He is the voice of reason and he fights for the truth. So, I hope he goes on fighting, even though I fear he might not achieve his goals easily.

  30. Força Dr Gonçalo Amaral! Os amigos embora silenciosos e longe, nunca o perdem de vista. Um abraço de Londres com "um brilhozinho nos olhos".


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