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An abduction alert – what for?

by Gonçalo Amaral

This week we saw the still minister of Justice, happy and content, signing a protocol that creates a child abduction alert system. In his own words, a “new” and “powerful” instrument that will allow for lives to be saved. Is he supposed to feel proud about said system? Doesn’t the massive diffusion of photographs of the victim and descriptions of the abductor place the victim’s life at risk?

An abduction may have various purposes but the mentors seem not to have thought about that. In the cases of abduction for paedophilia, statistics say that in most cases, the children die during the first hours. In the case of abduction for ransom, public divulgation is baleful. Looking at the proceedings, all of them have been applied to recent cases without bringing anything new. I speak about disappearances, because this is the Portuguese reality. From here, I ask you: how many abductions for paedophile purposes or with a ransom demand have been confirmed in our country?

It would have been better if rules and procedures concerning said disappearances had been advanced, fulfilling the Parliament’s Resolution of 2008, concerning a national alert and protection system for missing children. Study the phenomenon and then create the protection system.

source: Correio da Manhã, 04.07.2009


  1. In Rui Pedro's case an alert system should certainly have been
    applied, as the police were too slow to teact as can be seen from his mother's response.

    " During the dawn, I went to the Police Headquarters asking for help, because everything was telling us that Rui Pedro was kidnapped and I was told that the Police couldn't do anything. They told me that I would have to ask the judicial district judge to get in touch with the local authorities so we could find out what type of crime this was and only the judge could consider this a kidnapping and only in this case they could interfere. I explained what had happened and implored them to come and act as soon as possible, because on the following day it could be too late. We continued the search and on the next day after the court's Judge's approval to have the police´s intervention. During the afternoon many policemen of "Polícia Judiciária" came to the village. On the following days we looked together in the wood, in the neighbourhood, springs, lakes, etc..., hoping that Rui Pedro had fallen somewhere. Never, until today, they took into consideration that Rui Pedro had been kidnapped!"


  2. About this comment above, what is the definition of kidnapping?

  3. really worried that everyone with kids is 'prepared' for their child being abducted.

    Well done McCanns, the harm you did and will do will go on and on


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