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Amaral is accused of torturing Leandro

by Rui Pando Gomes

The Public Ministry has accused former the Polícia Judiciária coordinator in Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, over the crime of torture against Leandro Silva, the partner of Leonor Cipriano – condemned over the homicide and concealment of the cadaver of her daughter Joana, in 2004.

The process started over a complaint from Leandro, who alleged that he was beaten on the 13th of Octover 2004, at the PJ in Faro, after giving a testimony within the process of his stepdaughter’s disappearance. Leandro says that Amaral was the author of said aggressions.

According to the Public Ministry’s accusation dispatch, which Correio da Manhã has accessed, the arguido, aided by two members of the PJ that the plaintiff fails to identify, grabbed Leandro’s neck with both hands and punched him in the abdomen several times and slapped him in the face twice, while simultaneously asking for him to indicate where Joana’s body was. Amaral stands accused of the crime of torture, as a co-author. Following this process, Joana’s stepfather demands 500 thousand euros of damage payment.

The fundaments for the Public Ministry’s Accusation, as understood by António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, are very “forced”. Because, according to the former coordinator’s lawyer, the plaintiff “had already given a statement, therefore the torture acts that he says he was targeted with would have made no sense”. After an initial analysis, António Cabrita told Correio da Manhã that he had already seen “archived processes with more abundant evidence”.

Lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, on the other hand, understands that the Public Ministry’s accusation against Amaral is a “second victory” and the third one “is the condemnation”.

At the same time, as far as Correio da Manhã could establish, Aragão Correia, in a separate process, demands compensation between 100 and 500 thousand euros over alleged defamation by Gonçalo Amaral. At stake are the statements from the former PJ coordinator in the press, at around mid-June, suggesting the commitment of the lawyer who defends Leonor and Leandro [to a psychiatric facility].


Witnesses – The Public Ministry’s accusation is based on witness statements from Leandro’s family members and a medico-legal analysis of the lesions.

Instruction – Amaral’s defence is expected to request the opening of the Instruction and to contest the Accusation.

source: Correio da Manhã, 02.07.2009


  1. being British, I really don't understand your legal system... but do the Portuguese?

    it seems it's there to protect the criminals

  2. In a McCann article in the Sun (September 8th 2007) Leandro Silva gave an interview in which he claimed "I believe he [Gonçalo Amaral] will prove to be a bad policeman and a bad operator."


    In this interview there's NOT ONE WORD from Leandro Silva about being tortured himself!

    It would appear that, Silva had a temporary lapse of memory about his own torture at the hands of Gonçalo Amaral, when he was interviewed by the Sun almost two years ago!

    Pull the other one!

  3. is,nt there any thing we can do about this,is there any one we can email only its getting bloody silly now.my good wishes go to Dr.Amaral and family and i hope they ok

  4. Do you remember the "INTERMEZZO " case? I think it was investigated By Amaral with a great success and it was a good example of Justice, when there is no political pressures.

    Just a brief part of that story: Two French brother's ( A lady and a man) meet the owner of a Katamaran in the Algarve, became friends and some time after the Katmaran was found on the sea with two brother's being rescued from what was at begining treated as an accident. They made lots of stories about their relationship to fool the police. First the two brother's are only friends which meet in the Algarve, late they are married ( Husband and wife) and they keep changing the story according to the investigation. The police arrive at a conclusion that they are not the owners of the Katamaran and the owner of the Katamaran, which is not a resident in the Algarve but spend some time there, it is missed. The police decide to investigate the katamaran and they found the body of the owner hide inside and roped with the stones to allow the body to drop inside the deep sea and most probably never being recovered. After that, the brother's made big stories, saying that the owner rapped the lady and they tied him to protect themselves. The investigation show's that the owner was killed in a violent assault and was tied after being dead.
    The investigation went along and the case end-up in courts already after Madeleine's case with all bad taste associated with Media and the circus sorrounding the Mccann's. This two brother's, probably inspired on the Mccann's circus tried very hard to fool the court and to bring the Media inside the proccess. One day, their Lawyer, a decent lawyer, decide to not defend them anymore because he don't want to be part of the circus. They got a new Lawyer named by the MP ( against their whishes because they want a French one).
    Moral of the story- THEY ARE IN PRISON convicted of a horrendous crime and poor Amaral which have to investigate all that intratable people which cross his life.

    Years and years of a succesful Inspector, he became respected by his coleagues. I don't believe a single word of that torture's accusation. They are fabricated to frame him. There is always a co-author which is never named or knowed. How silly.....
    He is always convicted even with very weak prouves, the co-author is always out. Very convennient... yah mister Aragao? If you put the co-author on the process , you very easily will be treated as a criminous trying to frame somebody to fit your own agenda. The co-author wil not agree with your strategy unless you pay him more money from Madeleine's Fund? Is it? 100000 not ennough.... 500000 Maybe!!! You inspire all the predators from now... with the stamp of the Public Ministry. Thank you PGR, you deserve your place and all portuguese citizens should made a statue of you when you leave your job.... SO MUCH YOU HAVE DONE IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS, ON THE NAME OF PORTUGAL... with PUBLIC TAXES.

  5. Suddenly... I remember! I was tortured by Amaral 54 years ago! I want a million dollars! A million dollars, not a dime less!!!

    Err, make that two million!!!

    One for me, one for my lawyer!

    Good grief.

  6. Obrigada, dear Joana & astro.

    Gonçalo Amaral had been a police officer for 20+ years prior to investigating the Joana Cipriano case. Are we seriously expected to believe that after a long, unblemished career in criminal investigation, Dr Amaral suddenly hit on the idea that the only way to solve crime was by beating confessions out of suspects?!

    How odd that, after 20+ years, this good cop suddenly turned bad in order to achieve a result in the Cipriano case, then just as suddenly turned good again to continue the hard graft of investigating crime and securing convictions in the conventional manner!

  7. It is obvious what is happening here Amaral with his book and documentary has rattled some very important cages...They cannot stop his book they cannot stop his voice. So whats left try to make him a liar and bent cop.Cast doubt on his reputation..too little too late ...Amaral has respect has earned it and no one will take that away.


  8. We all know fully well what is going on and under whose instructions.

    It will all blow up in their faces.

    A collection of scam & liars under the Mccann umbrella.


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