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The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process: One Year On - Part III

C - The suspicions about Robert Murat and his constitution as an arguido

Apart from the suspect being seen on the location of the occurrence and speaking about the event with the persons that were around there, namely journalists, his name was on the list of interpreters, and he made a commitment as such (Commitment Act on page 1577).

On the 6th of May 2007 the PJ received a fax from the Leicestershire Constabulary (page 307) in which this police transmits that a reporter from the Sunday Mirror, Lori Campbell, had communicated that certain behaviours of the suspect compromised him, namely by giving his name without any information about himself, by having conflicting relationships with several people and being worried when a photograph of him was taken for that newspaper, which led the English Police to request that he was relieved of interpreter duties.

The files further contain:

- On page 328 a report of an external diligence tells that, on the 4th of May 2007, the suspect offered his assistance to the GNR to help with anything that was needed, namely as an interpreter;

- That on the 6th of May 2007 the signatory of said report was approached by several journalists indicating the arguido with suspicious behaviours, in the sense of what was already explained concerning the fax;

- On page 461 an anonymous information, where a telephone call from a woman who tries to incriminate the suspect is reported, although no facts were presented;

- On page 957 there is a report about an external diligence that resulted from a trip to the location where, according to witness Jane Tanner, she saw, a short time before she knew that Madeleine had disappeared, a man carrying a child walking into the direction of the suspect’s house, Casa Liliana;

- On page 960 the service information according to which the curiosity that the arguido showed in the investigation was found strange.

In order to be able to be heard about the suspicions that befell him, Robert Murat was made an arguido on the 14th of May 2007 [9], having declared that he has already served as an interpreter during process actions, that he has a daughter that was born in 2002 and lives in England where he visits her several times, having returned to Portugal on the 1st of May 2007 and that he rented a vehicle because his mother uses the VW at the stand that was put up in Luz to support Madeleine’s family.

That on the 3rd of May 2007 he didn’t leave home in the evening, having heard a siren at around 10.30 p.m. or shortly afterwards, a fact that he commented with his Mother, but didn’t come outside to investigate.

On Friday the 4th of May 2007 he was alerted by his Mother to the disappearance of a child in Praia da Luz, according to news on “Sky News”, having then walked to the location of the disappearance, where he was introduced to the child’s parents, offering his assistance.

That afterwards, with a GNR officer and a member of the resort staff, they entered several apartments, with the purpose of locating the child. That before this occasion, he didn’t know the inside of the “Ocean Club”.

He further clarified, because he was asked, that he was the main suspect among the journalists, therefore from that moment onwards he refused speaking to them, including in that refusal the mention of his full name, or allowing to be photographed.

He further clarified that he has nothing to do with the child’s disappearance, and knows nothing about this case, explaining that he asked an English policeman about the manner in which the British police was able to trace a person in a given location and at a given time and if the police could trace him at home through his mobile phone, but he did this to prove his innocence.

On the other hand, rather unpleasant references were made to his personality, as was the case of a witness that has known him for many years [10].

It should be further referred that witnesses Rachel Mampilly, Russell James O’Brien and Fiona Elaine Payne mentioned that they saw arguido Robert Murat at the “Ocean Club” resort on the night that Madeleine disappeared.

During the confrontation that took place on the 11th of July 2007 [11], these witnesses, just like the arguido, maintained their previous positions.

Nevertheless, the positions are different regarding the witnesses that were heard, because while Sílvia Baptista [12] admits it is very possible that a person with the arguido’s characteristics was helping to search for Madeleine on the night of the disappearance, other witnesses, Paul Wright, June Wright, Barend Weijdon and GNR officer José Baptista Roque [13], among other officers, mentioned that they didn’t see the arguido on location that night.

Facing the suspicions that befell the arguido, considering what he seemed to transmit and the type of occurrence that was under investigation, whose real scope was not, like now, delimitated, and in order to confirm them or to set them aside, taking into account that they were indispensable for the continuation of the investigation, searches were made at the arguido’s house as well as at his mother’s and telephone interceptions were carried out, both on the arguido and on those with whom he directly or indirectly interacted, namely with whom he met on an almost daily basis and with whom he kept telephone contact.

Searches were also performed at the location where he started to spend the night at, the Quinta Salsalito, which is a vast place of difficult control, therefore the search on this location might permit the collection of elements that are reputed to be of high interest for the investigation, but those searches had no effect whatsoever.

During the searches at Casa Liliana, two rain water cisterns near the pool were checked, the missing minor’s trail was searched by the GNR’s sniffer dog team, both inside and outside the residence, searches were equally performed inside three vehicles that were parked there, and the matching photographic report was carried out by members of the CSS (Crime Scene Sector), experts from the Criminal Police Lab, but nothing positive was attained.

From the forensics exams to Serghei Malinka’s, Robert Murat’s and Jenny Murat’s computers [14], it could be concluded that the contents of the examined drives produced nothing that could compromise them as participants in any illicit activity, namely the one that was being investigated in the process.

From the interception of communications, the telephone contact record of arguido Robert Murat, his mother Jennifer Murat, witnesses Michaela Walazuch, Luís António and Sergey Malinka; records and maps of the telephone calls that were made from public telephone booths in Praia da Luz nothing flows that could have any indicative use.

From the analysis that was performed on every contact, from the 1st of November 2006 until the 19th of July 2007, by Robert, Michaela, Sergey, Jennifer and Luís António, results that Robert and Malinka, only contacted each other eight times [15], that there were no relations between Sergey and Luís António, nor between him and Robert, nor between either of them and the Murat residence, between the 30th of April and the 4th of May 2007 [16].

Searches were performed at the residence, and the subsoil was explored with a Geo-radar (GPR), - which consists of a radar antenna that transmits electromagnetic energy in the shape of an impulse within frequencies between 25 MHz and 1 GHz. Those impulses are partially reflected through sub-superficial geological structures, captured with a receiving antenna and marked as a time record of continuous bi-directional path which is presented as a pseudo-geological record section – e these technical searches neither found nor marked anything of interest to the files [17].

Searches were equally performed with the use of sniffer dog support, with the dog Eddie that detects cadaver odour, and it was verified that the dog signalled nothing [18]. The examination of the targets’ vehicles (arguido and people who interacted with him), nothing was found.

Therefore, despite the suspicions that befell the arguido, - partly because they were induced, albeit involuntarily, by himself, namely the protagonism that he assumed both with the group of friends, which the McCann couple was part of, and with the journalists, showing his great curiosity in finding out what diligences had been performed and which were to be performed, and by objective elements and the fact that his residence is located in the direction which, according to Jane, was taken by the stranger who carried the child in his arms – and which therefore demanded his constitution as an arguido. It is nevertheless certain that through the collected evidence, said suspicions gradually emptied themselves, until the point where any connection of the arguido to the child’s disappearance was set aside, which is why, at the end, the archiving of the process will be determined.

[9] Notice on page 1169
[10] Questioning report on page 1288
[11] Confrontation report on pages 1957/1958
[12] Questioning report on page 1290
[13] Questioning report on pages 1338, 1328, 1330 and 1349
[14] Forensics – Appendix-1, Vol. IV, V and VI
[15] Analyses report, annex 87
[16] Analyses report, annexes 82 to 86
[17] Search and Apprehension report on page 2130-v
[18] Dog Inspection report, page 2131"

in: Processo 201/07.0 GALGS - Volume XVII - pages 4639-4645 (Public Prosecutor's Archiving Dispatch)


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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1201936/Toddler-choked-death-toast-despite-frantic-efforts-police-officers-save-her.html


    Just goes to show with this very sad story that even though the mother was present what can happen to a child of such a tender age...the mother and police did everything they could but the child still died. Even so the tapas 9' doctors no less 'left their children alone.



  2. Peço desculpa por não ter a ver com o tópico mas a RTP passou hoje um reportagem muito interessante sobre o caso Nicolas Bento.Engraçado como a polícia inglesa fez neste caso precisamente aquilo de que foi injustamente acusada a polícia portuguesa no caso Madeleine Mccann.Irónico, não?

  3. Gordon Brown's Labour party just had their majorty wiped out at a by election in the uk. Brown is a lame duck he is finished he wil be out in May if not before.

    the moral of this story is do not get involed with the Maccanns. its bad luck. Watch out Clarence. You may be next

  4. Murat was the first most convennient scapegoat and the Mccann's, as usual, used him and his disponibility to help, to frame him and keep him inside the crime scene. HE WAS THE FIRST HEWLET and he manage to step out of the saga only because there was not a single evidence of his involvement apart of being a neighbour of the Ocean Club. If there was any evidence, the Mccann's never will let him walk free and he will be in prison now.

  5. Morning Ironside.

    How very true! Accidents happen all of the time with young children, you would need eyes in the back of your head at times!

    As medical professionals, the McCann's and their friends should have perhaps known better than most of the dangers of leaving young children, especially of how easy it is for a child to choke. I'm sure Kate as a GP must have come across this.

    Still, they chose to be reckless in abandoning their children to fend for themselves.

    So many things in the apartment for a child to touch, sharp knives, the cooker, open electrical sockets, items which at home would most likely have had protected coverings. A door left unlocked for a child to wander out into the dark of the night, with so many dangers. Not forgetting,perhaps easy access to the calpol, nurofen and other items of medication taken to PDL by McCann's.

    I watched a film recently - Freedomland, Samuel L Jackson.

    It was about a mother who claimed her 4 year old child was abducted from her car by a car-jacker. It transpires that the child had been left at home alone, and had been for several nights. The mother had taken to giving the child, over-the-counter medication so that the child would sleep allowing her to go out for the evening. After a while the 'medication' doesn't have the same effect, requiring increase dose. The gist of it is, that the child wakes, takes the medication by himself and overdoses. The mother returns home to find the child lying dead, with the medicine bottle beside him. She enlists a friend to help her dispose of the body. She was a mother who had always looked after her son with utmost of care. She had met someone and to be able to go out in the evening, this is the route she took.

    It is not to my knowledge a true tale, but it was one which makes you sit up and take notice, makes you realise that we are all capable of behaving out of character, in certain circumstances. When faced with a situation which we would never have thought possible, and to protect perhaps our lifestyle, reputation, family etc we act in a way which prior to, we would have protested that it was not possible for us to act in such a way.



  6. I believe it is very possible that the McCann's situation was very similar,perhaps as Sr Amaral has said, a fall!

    I do believe that Madeleine came to harm in that apartment, and that certain persons within the group were 'enlisted.'

    Mr Murat was in my opinion most definitely a scapegoat, the first 'Hewlett' as someone has said.

    I have read on other blogs that apart from some members of the tapas group, that Syvie the employee at the OC had also stated she saw Mr. Murat on the night of the 3rd. I see from this blog that she stated that someone with similar characteristics MAY have been there that evening. So she did not positively ID Mr. Murat.

    I do remember that early reports stated that Kate McCann was keen for the PJ to pursue Mr. Murat.

    I'll bet she was!

    As for the journalist? Trying to make a name for herself by the sound of things!

    Mr. Murat, I think acted correctly. He kept quiet and dealt with matters in a dignified manner, legally and properly, which must have been extremely difficult considering what he was being suspected of.

    In my opinion the tapas group suffer from a syndrome - 'selective memory!'

    They can only remember what suits them, and anything truly significant to the investigation they all suffer memory loss.

    D. Payne seems to suffer quite badly in my opinion. I read his police statements, and,
    oh me oh my - I wouldn't want to be a patient under his care ( or that of any of the others.) Their memory is so poor (for doctors)- half way through an op they would most likely forget why they were present at all!

    Still, if they 'mucked up' there is always Clarence, he would be able to come up with an INNOCENT explanation for as to why the patient had an arm amputated when he was admitted to hospital, to have tonsils removed!

    As for Clarence having 'ged' rather rapidly - yes indeed the Curse of the McCann's. You take the money, you pay the price!

    I remember Clarence saying that when he heard about Madeleine being missing that he was sceptical about the McCann's, their story. When he was to become their PR man and met them, he changed his mind. They bonded!

    How sweet!


  7. An 1.20,

    hah, hah, hah!

    funny comment!
    And I believe in evil!

  8. That's why portuguese justice is old and sick and must be reformed following modern and scientific tools. Anyone of us could be Murat if a bloody caw like Tanner gives police fake statements. I thought was a crime to give false statements to the police. Tanner is alive and kicking in England and Murat has a big hole in his C.Vitae and of course there is no way to erase this huge mistake, not even time, I think.
    As I told before justice is too serious to be given only to lawyers, judges and to the police.

  9. How could Fiona Payne, Russel, Rachel and Jane Tanner"recognise" Murat.
    What a riff- raff people.
    I hope, when the truth comes out, that Murat will sue them all.
    And sue the Mccanns as well because they allowed Murat to suffer the way he did.
    The young man was just trying to help, translating for the Mccanns.
    When I heard about the Madeleine fund, I knew for sure the parents knew much more than they were tellling. And that Murat was innocent.

    Who is Tapas 10 and where is he now?
    How could he allow so many bad things happen to Murat?
    Knowing the truth?

  10. There's a short video clip on youtube that's been the subject of much discussion and suspicion on blogs and fora/forums over the last two years. It shows Gerry McCann being asked by a reporter whether he knew Robert Murat. Gerry McCann's response is heavily edited and I've often read/heard how this has distorted some people's opinion on the subject.

    I've no idea who was responsible for the editing and initial posting of this video clip on youtube but I'm very uneasy that it may have been deliberately edited to cast suspicion on Robert Murat. This truncated video is only a few seconds out of a full 10-Minute video from the BBC. The question about whether the McCanns knew Robert Murat is in the middle of a series of questions and it's NOT the last question before 'Gerry McCann refuses to comment and drags Kate McCann away' as many have been led to believe! Watching the full video scotches the myth of 'The Murat Question & The McCann Flounce.'

    Here's the complete 10+ minute video and the question is asked at 8 mins .35 secs :-



  11. .... I could be wrong of course but I've never been persuaded of Robert Murat's involvement (and will be majorly disappointed if it turns out he had anything to do with the McCanns' lies and deceit) I believe he was the first in a line of convenient scapegoats in their Patsy hunt.

    I also believe it's worth watching the whole 10+ minutes and not just that small section. In my eyes, it's very revealing, if you can stomach the sickening arrogance and outright lies from Gerry McCann.


  12. http://www.facebook.com/people/Dianne-Webster/1333663481

    Is this THE Dianne Webster?

  13. Cannot get the link Jilly....Having just posted a link which I now realise I may be accused of stalking...However, on facebook there is a Dianne Webster. Maybe better if you google for yourself rather than post the link on Joanas blog. If it is her and I am not sure that it is a strange way for a woman of her age to dress. IMHO Does anyone else think it is her?


  14. Some people here maneged to watch
    Tinyurl.com/ etc but I did not.
    Could you please say the page where I have to search and eventually the title?
    There is a lot of informatio on that site.
    Thank you.

  15. Dear bloggers,
    Dear Joana,

    I am back!
    I'm allways thinking about my lovely blog but I had too much work here in Rio and than I went to Búzio for a holyday.
    Now I take time for a question:

    Tell me where are the Mccans?
    Abolutely silence?
    No criminal prosecution against Dr. Amaral?
    Does he archieved his goal ?
    No more words about Madeleine?
    The case is closed.Am I wrong?

    Then is for him & Kate a perfect crime with a "happy end".
    No justice for Maddie?
    Did someone here heard somethin about the Mccanns in the last days?

    Please tell me!

    Thank you so much.
    Greeting from a very cold Rio de Janeiro


  16. Hi all, the link that Jilly posted is
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_6680000/newsid_6681000/6681035.stm?bw=bb&mp=wm&news=1&nol_storyid=6681035&bbcws=1; the tinyurl provided by Jilly works as well http://tinyurl.com/m6qe5x .

    If you can't watch the video, select preferences at the top right and choose Real Player - that is how I was able to watch it. Thank you Jilly, for the warning.

  17. Hi Maria from Brazil,
    welcome back. I missed you.
    Where are the Mccanns?
    Probably in England or somewhere very far away, where they can not be recognised.But before they would leave the UK, they would have to use the airport or the harbour, people would recognise them.
    yes, silence,and as far as I understand, no criminal process against Amaral. They are scared.
    The process is still shelved (archived) and we don't know where Amaral is right now.
    Maria, nothing new about Maddie or about the Mccanns.
    They are hiding themselves somewhere, the kitchen, the bathroom...
    Maria, where is Búzio? Brazil?
    Maria, Amaral was telling in As Tardes de Júlia that he now knows much more about the case than when he was a cop.
    I think his words sounded like O Toque do Silêncio in the McCanns years.
    They silented.
    Scared to death.

  18. Thany you, Joana.
    I managed to find the video.
    Mitchell was already with the couple, I could see him for a few seconds.
    Yes, it is a strange case.
    There is a looooooooot behind this accident.
    Whom was he protecting?
    Not the McCanns.
    Somebody else.

  19. I believe that Tapas 9 said they were checking on the children through the front part of the apartments(at least Gerald and Russel or Matteuw?)in case somebody would have seen Gerald leaving and coming back about 9.55 hs.
    But at 9.10 hs he climbed down the stairs, back door, when he met Jeremiah.


    not McCanns years but

    McCanns ears

  21. Olá Maria, bem vinda de volta, espero que as tuas férias tenham sido óptimas.

    Respondendo às tuas perguntas rapidamente e em jeito de resumo, os McCann ainda não avançaram com o famoso processo contra o Gonçalo Amaral, devem estar à espera do fim das férias judiciais.

    Entretanto não se coibiram de enviar para a imprensa britânica, especificamente para o Sunday Mirror, o resumo do que será o conteúdo do processo, a fundamentação e razões - duvido que seja legal enviarem para a imprensa algo que irá fazer parte de um processo por difamação, e caso este processo já tenha sido entregue, então, e mais uma vez os McCann não respeitaram o segredo de justiça, nem eles nem a nova advogada Portuguesa [podes ler aqui http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html na entrada a 12 de Julho o artigo em questão].

    Bom, de resto está tudo muito parado, os McCann eventualmente estarão de férias, esperemos que desta vez não deixem os gémeos sozinhos. Os Tapas Sete desapareceram do mapa. O advogado lunático que defende a Leonor Cipriano abriu um novo site pro-mccann, contra o Gonçalo Amaral, onde se lê um discurso incoerente, absurdo e cheio de ódio. [o link para o site está neste artigo:http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/07/marcos-aragao-correia-launches-support.html]

    Presumo que até ao fim das férias judiciais as noticias vão estar um bocado em stand by. A não ser, claro está, que os McCann ou o nojento do Clarence Mitchell resolvam inventar um novo suspeito, retirado do processo, tal como o tem vindo a fazer.

    um beijinho e um abraço


  22. Maria from Brazil,

    O advogado Tony Bennett já baixou a ripa nos McCanns depois de os mesmos terem dito o conteúdo do futuro processo.
    Leia lá no McCannfiles, onde o Bennett chama a atenção para o fato de o casal ter afirmado estar desequilibrado"por causa do Amaral"e o Bennett aproveitou para escrever para instâncias oficiais inglesas advertindo-os sobre, neste caso, a incapacidade profissional do Gerry, já que está catimbado assim como ele mesmo fala, e da inconveniência de a Kate, tbém catimbadíssima, continuar cuidando dos gêmeos.
    Pediu para estas instâncias tomarem providências qto a isto.
    Pena eles não falarem Português, poderiam conhecer expressões sábias como "em boca fechada não entra mosquito".
    Adaptando estes dizeres para a Inglaterra, a gente pode traduzir para "em boca fechada não entra bolota de neve" por causa do clima.
    Os McCanns querem dinheiro, daí o processo.
    Pelo que entendi, a partir do fim do ano começarão a lamber embira e já nem mais sabem onde arranjar uma solução.

  23. Is it true the Maccanns started the process to sue Mr Amerel on 29th June. The english sunday mirror reported it 2 weeks ago, But that is a very pro Maccann paper.

    The Maccnns are very quiet even Clarence the clown has gone quiet.

  24. Dear brothers & sister,
    Dear Joana - CHAPEAU for you!

    firts of all thank you all very very much for the answers to my question: Absolut intersting.
    Are the Mccanns in somenones church and pray for their verdict of not guilty?
    Or are they trying hard to get more money of this tragedy?
    God knows what are they planing right now.The briton say -" no news is good news" ??????really?
    Sometimes I guess they want to pu an end on this novel and live the good life in Rothely without healines.
    Consequently will be the end of this crime and no one will be punished for the dead of a child.
    Otherwise I agree with you Anom.about the declaration of Amaral when he said he knows more about the case then he ever told could shut the mouth of the Mccanns & Tapas 7 and finally put the Mccanns in a blide alley and they will keep still forever.
    Just wait!

    Bye for now.

    * Hello Anon.you question about Büzio - ist a very nice beach near Rio Just 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro, you will find out a small and sophisticated paradise. With more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water.

  25. Joana, maybe it would be a good idea to publish the emailaddress ,regular address and telephone number of the PJ in Portimão, for people in the UK to communicate with them, in case they know things about Tapas 9.
    And ask all sites to publish it as well.
    Going to the local police in the UK could delay the information.
    Maybe those addresses also in Youtube.

  26. Hello Jilly and Joana,

    Thank you for the link to the video. I watched it and there is much to be said re the content, which I will do later.

    Interestingly, I posted the link on the Sky Life of Crime Blog - I see it has been removed!

    If it was not for sites like yours Joana, most certainly we here in the UK would be kept in the dark about much of this case.

    I thank you for providing us with the information that you do.

    Kind Regards

  27. Some people in England must know more things about people of Tapas 9.
    I hope they will get the idea to communicate with the Policia Judiciária in Portugal, by letter or email, by telephone, telling what they know.
    This is important in order to get justice for Madeleine.

    Declarations of couple Gaspar took 8 months to be sent to the Portuguese police.

    Who knows there are more informations in England, that never achieved the PJ.

  28. The Mccann's will never sue Amaral. After the judicial Holidays, portugal will face two big elections ( Legislativas e Autarquicas) and Socrates will do everything he can to keep the Mccann's and the Freeport out of Media Agenda. The opposite Partys will fight him with everything they can ( And there is alot of subjects to fight). The all Saga will end up with Socrates out of the governmment and probably with his party having the biggest bad result on the two elections, for the last 35 years. With him down, the country will be able to know all the black stories associated with him. madeleine will be one at the top agenda of the Media, because the case was endormant but not forgived or solved. 10 millions of portuguese want to know exactly what hapenned to a litle girl in Portuguese soil, knowed to be one of the most safe countrys in the europe, and peraphs in the world. I don't believe that the PSD or any other Party will suport the mccann's or any lawyer to help them against Amaral. The case touched the conscience of the portuguese parents in such deep feeling that condemning the police which was called to do his job and leting him down in the most painful and stupid way, was almost imoral and criminous.
    G. Brown is going down with Socrates and blair and a new light will be shining for Madeleine. She will get Justice... And maybe M. Aragao will ask some help to mitchel because there will be no place for him to live in Portugal or Madeira. He can live in England, togheter with Mccann's and the most famous portuguese VIP criminous - Vale Azevedo. Finnally the country will be clean of some knowed evils.

  29. An., it is possible that the Mccanns still did not start to sue Amaral.
    The Mirror and some other news paper(I think) published the Mccanns were about to start it.
    It is now holidays everywhere, probably few public prosecuters available.
    Clarence is trying to rest a little bit, I think, and hoping the McCanns will have enough money to continue paying him.

    Did that Luz church play a huge role in the McCanns life,at the beginning?

  30. Kazlux meeting with Mr. Amaral....

    Q: Are you hoping the McCanns will sue you?
    A: Yes! (here he gave a Portugese metaphor about a bullfight, something about having to first entice the bull into the middle of the ring before the fight can start).

  31. I just heard that the organisation that will make the propaganda for Sócrates is the same American one that made Obama's propaganda.
    I hope this is not true because Sócrates will lose and it will be bad for them.
    Let us wait and see.

  32. According to documents of the PJ, Mrs. and Mr. Gaspar (doctors) told the police about sexual behaviour of David Payne towards Madeleine, when she was still 2 and a half years old, in Mallorca, and that Gerry did not defended his child.Besides, Mrs Gaspar has an opinion about Gerry, about this matter.

    Did David Payne and Gerry already sue this couple, for defamation?

    It is high time.

    I've heard that Amaral will invite both to come to Portugal when the process starts.
    I hope they will come. It is too important.

  33. Thank you for answering me if the Maccanns don't sue as seems likely can Mr Amerel still sue them for slander. They have said publicly on British television they are going to sue him for slander,will this be enough for him to take action against them.

    This man has been dragged through the mud in the british press and the Maccanns are walking saints. its not fair. Thank God for sites like this and all the hard work that goes into them

  34. from the report

    Keela marked the same spot on a second search of the apartment after the mosaics had been lifted.

  35. We don't know if it is true that Amaral will ask the couple Gaspar to come to Portugal, as witnesses.
    By now, they could know a lot more about the Mccanns and the Paynes.
    If they commented those incidents with colleagues, after Madeleine's disappearence, other colleagues could offer themselves as witnesses as well, if they also experienced the same.

    This would mean a lot for justice for Madeleine.

  36. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1566664/Proof-McCanns-did-not-sedate-Madeleine.html

    "Proof" scream the Telegraph that the mccanns did not sedate the twins....Funny that' as a couple of months before they also screamed that maddie died from sedation.

    So where is this proof, I do not believe the mccanns ever had the twins tested .What would show up months later from a night of sedation on the 3rd May...Or if indeed they were tested did something show up that made mccan state that he now believes the "abductor" gave something to the twins ?

    It is a shame that the police did not insist that night the twins be taken to hospital for blood and urine tests the outcome of maddies fate may have been more clear ...or would it ? the mccanns are smart, too smart' any sedation of course would have been blamed on the "abductor". However, they cannot prove that they did not sedate madeleine.

    The mccanns seem to have covered their tracks very well but even the best laid plans sometimes go wrong. Somewhere in all if this puzzle they have slipped up' we just have not realised where...Yet...


  37. Don't hear too much about Amaral suing the McCanns either. Maybe he's too busy with other legal issues....

    I have never, ever seen people so willing to judge other people on rumours - ie David Payne as this bunch.

    My understanding is that Mrs. Gasper made the complaint but Mr. Gasper did not remember any such action by either Gerry McCann or David Payne.

  38. Placed these 2 sites of CBS-news also on a few other fora, hopefully some people will come forward with what they know about our little Madeleine.

    May The Lord bless Mr. G. Amaral, as if he is in the documentary.

    In this docum. we can see how non familiar people suffer under the death of an unknown murdered girl.. it is fascinating and shamefull for the story we are hoping on for justice and righteousness.
    If you have time to watch 40' or to read the other CBSnews-site below?


    The story is to be read on this page:


  39. If I'm not mistaken, the PJ found some hair in the boot of the car.
    This hair could show if Madeleine or the twins used drugs.Or not?
    Is there any publication about this on the DVD?
    How did the PJ come to the idea of sedation?
    As far as I know they did not find many medicines in the apartment.
    And what made the PJ believe that Kate was involved in the accident, not Gerry?
    At the moment the parents became arguidos, the PJ still had no idea about Payne.
    Gerry went back home at 7.00pm and there was enough time for him or for both together to cause the accident(cadaver scent).
    But the police continue believing it was Kate, and Gerry concealed the body.
    There must be strong indications towards Kate.
    Does the DVD talk about these indications?
    After the dogs have been in the apartment, the PJ put a investigator in the group, specialized in child sex abuse.I think this could have to do with the fact that the cadaver dog barked at the pyjama shirt of Maddie's and not at the(same) pyjama trousers.
    This could have brought the PJ to the idea of child sex abuse and I think it did.
    But why exactly Kate?
    Or did the PJ had already strong intuition about Payne, 30 minutes/30 seconds in the apartment?

  40. To anon 27/07/09 19:30
    You stated that "Mr. Gasper did not remember any such action by either Gerry McCann or David Payne."

    According to the section of the witness statement given by Mr Gaspar, as follows, you are wrong to state that he was unaware of the gestures by David Payne.

    "...I do not remember the context of the conversation between David and Gerry, but I do remember seeing David use his left index finger to rub his nipple, using circular movements, whilst he put his right index finger into his mouth, touching his tongue. This happened during a meal, at the end of the day in the villa, I do not remember the time or the date, but we would usually dine between 19.30 and 21.00 every day. I think this happened in the middle of the holiday.

    I remember that when I saw this gesture I immediately thought it to be in very bad taste, independently of the context of the conversation they were having. We were sitting around a white plastic table in the villa. I don’t know if anyone else saw the gesture, apart from my wife Katherina. After this gesture, we did not notice any others and as far as I know, the gesture was not repeated."

  41. Just a thought. I keep wondering why so many in a group would be roped into covering their own backsides re forgetting that it's about a child who disappeared.

    If there is a swinging problem for them, then maybe role play swinging exacerbates the problem.

    Say, you didn't just swap partners but the role play is particularly embarrassing re character costume and sometimes swinging both ways gender and partner wise.

    Would that be enough to explain the terror they - wider group -felt at being exposed and survival tactics they used to make the trade off ?

  42. I think I read somewhere that the McCanns alledgedly had the twins hair tested MANY MONTHS LATER for any drugs. I remember Gerry or Mitchell statting so, but no test results were produced,just like in the infamous "We've been assured that what we did was within the boundaries of responsible parenting", no oficial documment from any child protection agency, at least it was not released to the media, in both instances.
    I also remember that there was "talk" about the twins having had a hair cut( from Gerry's blog? something in the lines of " Sean and Amelie managed to fit in a hair-cut"). Before the tests? Enough time elapsed for the hair to grow and be cut so the new roots no longer showed any traces of drugs?...

    About the hair in the booth of the car, I believe the FSS said it was inconclusive and managed to "accidentaly"destroy it along ith the other samples, making it impossible for the PJ to get it tested elsewhere when they requested the samples back.

  43. I've watched the BBC video again that I referred to in my earlier comment - http://tinyurl.com/ng3b3d
    - and the bizarre nature of it has only just hit me full force!

    This media call was made by the McCanns 22 days after they reported that Madeleine had been abducted and 8 days after Robert Murat had been declared an arguido.

    Gerry McCann launched into a 3-4 minute statement about his visit to the the UK, the campaign, website, fund, their pan-European travel plans, employing a Campaign Manager...and so on and so forth; not even the slightest acknowledgement of what at that stage (to some) was a serious development in the hunt for the daughter they claimed was in in the hands of a predatory paedophile!

    The McCanns' statement was followed by questions from reporters and more than 8 minutes in, Gerry McCann refused to comment on the question of whether or not they knew Robert Murat.

    By the end, after 10 minutes, the McCanns still hadn't given even the merest nod to the fact that the investigation had already named an arguido. They acted throughout as if an arguido didn't exist and only their big plans for the future mattered!

  44. Speaking about the fact Madeleine died behind the sofa, on the floor, I think of the possibility she got a cardiac arrest or stopped breathing, somebody put her on the hard floor ( better than a soft sofa) and started a heart massage.
    I don't know where the blood could have come from.
    Maybe heavy massage could have broken the bones of her chest, they penetrated her lungs, and she vomited some blood.

  45. I think that on the 3th May Madeleine did not sleep in her bed but in her parents bed. For that reason her bed not only seemed not used, it was not used. It could be for this reason , if it is right was was published about her parents explanation, that the one time they said that cuddlecat was in Madeleine's bed and the other time that it was on a self (i.e. of the parents bedroom). If Madeleine was abducted it was from her parents bedroom.
    I was wondering if somebody tested if a little child like Madeleine can open the back door even when it is not locked. Is it a heavy door ? And if not, is there any way a handle to open the door and at what hight is this handle ?
    Was the backdoor surely unlocked ?
    Why if it was not locked did the father of Madeleine went around and so did the friends who went to check the children. Did Kate Mccann went through the backdoor ?
    These are a few questions I have.

  46. I see that an awful lot of speculation is going on in this blog and the speculation is getting worse and worse.

    But here is something that isn't speculative. Without a doubt, Amaral did NOT start the investigation on a professional manner - he didn't close off the crime scene, he didn't start off by clearing the parents which is all elementary police work.

  47. It was the GNR that first attended the crime scene, not Amaral and the PJ.

    The crime scene was cleared of everyone once the PJ arrived.

  48. Anon

    As you well know, Amaral was not there to 'close off the crime scene'. The GNR were the first of the police to arrive, I believe, and by this time McCann had ensured/allowed a steady stream of pals, and goodness knows who else, to contaminate the crime scene. By the time the PJ were involved the pair of lying toe-rags that are the McCanns had already contacted their media buddies and families to propagate the abduction fantasy, thus placing unprecedented pressure on a police force investigating the disappearance of a child. As I say you know this as well as I do. No speculation here, just fact, sad sad fact. One day this despicable pair will get what they deserve. Justice.

  49. Ano. 18.46,

    Amaral had finished his day work at 11.00pm, went eating something, at around 12.00 am(midnight) he got the call about the disappearence. He went back to his office in Portimão, called several people giving them instructions and as he knew his PJ colleagues were already at the crime scene, he went home. The apartment was closed about 1-00 or 2.00am.At that very beginning the GNR was convinced that the child had wandered off because there was no sign of a break.
    Clearing the parents? In my opinion they suspected the parents nearly immediately. On May the 5th Diário de Notícias published about the case with a title: "Esta é uma história muito mal contada".(This is a very badly told story).There were inconsistencies from the first minute but no corpse, no proof.9 people giving false statements.And the pressure from the British government right immediately.You talk about Amaral as he would have been the only investigator. No, very many policemen were taking part in this case.British police as well.
    Clearing the parents can only happen when the police are sure that they have nothing to do with the crime.In Madddie's case, the police know she is dead, that she probably died behind the sofa, she stayed in the apartment long enough to produce cadaver scent, no signs of an abductor, clothes and toy with cadaver scent, no sign of a break, car booth with cadaver scent, the Smiths, 48 not answered questions...

  50. Claence is nearly always wearing pink shirts.


    Vitor Manuel Martins
    At the scene, there were already some elements from the GNR and some people walking around the OC grounds, searching for the child.

    In the apartment where the family was staying, there were different persons, including the friends of the girl’s parents, who were immediately invited to leave the apartment, in order to preserve the scene.

    Inside the room that was indicated as being that of the missing girl, there were two children, babies, who appeared to sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.

    A request was made to the OC services director for the family to be re-allocated and accordingly the babies were taken out of the room, so that the site could be searched.

    João Franciso Páscoa Luis Trigo Barreiras

    Occupation: PJ Deputy Specialist

    After the arrival of the witness and his colleague Vitor Martins the scene was isolated and the inspection began, namely the collection of statements and inspection of the scene, the respective reports that were subsequently attached to the process documents.

  52. The article has nothing to do with the mccann case. However Gordon Brown was in Leicester on Saturday,,,If he did not go and see the families of the hostages what was he doing in Leicstershire?????



  53. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/jul/29/british-hostages-iraq-very-likely-dead

    Another article on this topic...No official mention of Gordon Brown being in Leicester on Saturday.

    If Graeme Moore from Wigstan Leicstershire had not mentioned the fact that Brown was in Leicester on Saturday a non working day ....we would not have known...

    Interesting to note the Guardian are now phrasing Gorden Brown with Mccanns mantra "No Stone Unturned"


  54. These stories of Gordon in Leicester or not,important people around the Mccanns or not, they are all made up to intimidate people in favor of Amaral and Amaral himself.Brown does not want to take the risk, mixing up in a crime.
    If the Mccanns were so powerful, they would not have needed to make their documentary and not have needed to use the media, after the process was shelved. They feel they own an explanation to the British public, they feel threatned by the truth and by the documents of the police, in the process.If they are not arguidos anylonger, why bother?
    They could get a life, being seeing as innocent but they know they aren't.The PJ know too much and that is scaring.
    By the way, I heard that the American TV Fox exists in Britain.
    Maybe they could broadcast Amaral's documentary from the States. There is another European channel in English that could also do it.There must be a way to broadcast that documentary.


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