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British Media: How lies are spun, grown and perpetuated

«The abduction follows suggestions that a campaign by the parents of four-year-old missing girl Madeleine McCann may bear fruit.

Kate and Gerry McCann have campaigned for a UK and mainland European system to track children who have been abducted.»

TheHerald.co.uk, 7 July 2009

Again the British newspapers keep perpetuating the myth - the McCanns did not have the idea nor did they campaign for the EU Wide Child Alert System, at best they opportunistically obfuscated the real protagonists of the EU Child Alert System: Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini, who was the among the first ones promoting this project, along with Ludmilla Putin, Margarida Sousa Uva Barroso - link to an article of 2005, Laura Bush, and a few European Union MEP's.

In fact the European Commission report 'Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child' date is of 4.7.2006. where the strategies to be followed by the EU Member States were explained, in particular:

To attribute one single six digit telephone number (116xyz) within the EU for child helplines and one for child hotlines dedicated to missing and sexually exploited children (end 2006)
The Guidelines the European Commission proposed on an EU-wide child abduction/disappearance alert mechanism were accepted as a basis for discussion by representatives of the police and/or judicial authorities from all the Member States. Based on these initial talks, Justice and Home Affairs Ministers agreed in Lisbon in October 2007 to set up a flexible EU-wide alert system for abducted children which would involve media campaigns. How this system is set up and the extent of its reach depends entirely on the Member States.

sources : http://ec.europa.eu/ - EU documentation on Children and http://eur-lex.europa.eu/ - on the 116 number and http://eur-lex.europa.eu - Comission report

More : Portuguese Child Alert System in Action - June 29, 2009 

Minor update at 23:15, July 7 09

The same story is now on The Times online , with tomorrows date.

A bit different their approach to the EU wide child alert system account (could they have learned a lesson?) :

«Campaigners in Europe have been lobbying governments to set-up an all-ports alert system similar to the Amber Alert system in the United States, which would notify air and shipping ports across the continent when a child was reported missing.

Experts say that such a system could have aided in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and might also have alerted police to the actions of Robert Williams, the Scottish lorry driver who was jailed last month for abducting and having sex with a girl aged 15 before taking her to France. »


  1. Instead of publicising a Missing Child Alert scheme they would do better to improve their parenting skills.IF Madeleine was abducted then the blame lies with these parents who chose to leave a three year old alone to babysit her two younger siblings while they enjoyed themselves with their friends

  2. The british press have the Maccanns as saints. and the Portugese Police and nation as fools, and Mr Ameral as a clown. Are we never going to see the end of this vile couple. are they never going to be exposed for what they really are,

    This will go on and on the Maccanns will never step down untill they are made to do so by the truth. They seem to fear no one (not even God)

    Problem is if Mr Amerel cannot stop them no one else on this planet will. They are certain of that.

  3. Jacinta, don't worry.

    The McCanns have been judge already by the British public and by the Portuguese, of course.
    People are not stupid.
    I bet they even know about the Mallorca incident with David Payne.
    This incident follows me like a shadow.
    How could the Mccanns continue being friends with David, continue receiving them twice a week(like Fiona told the police), going together on holidays? Poor little girl. No remorse, Gerry? No remorse Kate?
    Your little girl is dead and she was your responsibility.No tomorrow for Madeleine, no future for Madeleine.
    She will always be 3 years old.
    Is Payne the only dangerous person of Tapas 9 or are they all the same?

  4. We are in a dark place. Politically and morally, this country is in the sh@t.Bring on the publication of Amaral's book, that's what I say.

    Where are all those English arty farties who for decades have claimed to be fiercely opposed to censorship 'of any kind'? Like our journalists and media 'tough guys' Paxman, Neil, etc. they've been exposed as careerist charlatons. Gormless DO AS WE SAY OR ELSE puppets, whose pretentious bullshit has grown from no ethical or philosophical base at all - other than 'what's in this for me, Guv?'

  5. Any Missing Child Alert in ANY part of any country is NOT a scheme.

    It is a very effective tool. 'Tis unfortunate that you are letting your personal feelings about a couple dictate a very good tool.

  6. And the Portuguese press printed rumours that had not one iota of truth in them - not only that but then they passed the unfounded rumours on to the British press.

    As far as Amaral is concerned maybe if he had handled the investigation more professionally, no one would be treating him as a clown.

  7. McCann lies continue to be spun, grown and perpetuated by the British media keeping dense the smoke screen hoping the truth will not get through. Why don't we hear much of Tony Bennett, has he been stopped from hinting the truth.

  8. British Media is just amazing.

    I switched over 6 news channel last night and every one was covering MJ for hours.

  9. The Mccanns are deluded if they really believe they have helped in this organisation, of course they do not believe this. It is a guise to hide behind their shame of what really happened that night. They know what happened to madeleine and their involvement. Instead of bragging about helping a system for abducted children they would make a good example for preaching to people "Never leave your children on their own"


  10. The truth has a strange way of coming out.

    It always does.

    Especially from where you least expect it.

  11. 8th July 2009 Fiona Hall MEP info@fionahall.org.uk Search this site:

    * *
    12.00.00am BST (GMT +0100) Mon 18th May 2009

    The proposal to set up a European wide child alert system for missing children, backed last year by Lib Dem Fiona Hall MEP for the North East, has received a million Euros of funding from the European Commission. The funding will be shared between a number of projects aimed at improving procedures to prevent child abduction.

    Fiona said:

    "The success rate of 'Amber Alert' in America and France proves that a similar alert system in Europe could be extremely useful.

    "When more than half of MEPs signed the written declaration to develop a missing child alert mechanism across Europe, it sent a strong signal to the European Commission that action was necessary and it is good news that the Commission has now responded.

    "The challenge now is to make sure that the countries of Europe work together, particularly to prevent children from being transported across country borders before disappearing entirely. The closer countries co-operate on this, the more successful these anti-abduction moves will be. It's a case of stronger together, poorer apart."

    Not a MCCANN in sight.


  12. The more they try to ban publication of Amaral's book the more publicity they will give it. People will seek this publication out if they know that the McCann's do not want it published in English, then they will see these people for what they really are

  13. They have been very quiet after the Hewlett scam , they and their two bloodhounds have lost all credibility...anyone in the policeforce knows that you do not give out information to the press while a childs life may be at risk....Noddy and Big ears must have been the two most stupid cops in the force to let themselves be used in this way...maybe the would be better going on the dole...They do not pay as much as the Maffia Mccanns but at least its honest.

    Anyone noticed that the british press when writing an article about the mccanns still use the pool shot...and not the latest photo image of maddie at 6 years of age...Maybe as they cannot say what they want as their lips are sealed this is their way of telling the public...madeleine aged no more than this 3 year old shot


  14. Why not to publish it in English, somewhere in Europe(Ireland?) and sell it through Amazon?
    The German edition can be bought trough it.

  15. The Maccanns don't care how they are judged by other people, its judgement in a court of law they are hell bent on stopping. They are in the clear guilty of nothing not even child neglect.

    And dare anyone say they are that is their attitude. I have never known such arrogance. The portugese police did at first make mistakes in this case. They did'nt know they had such a cunning pair to deal with, what mind would make up a story of abduction and leave behind in a strange country your beloved child. The Maccanns had a lot of help in this. Madelaine Maccann walked on that plane to Portugal to die there. Gerry Maccann is right when he says she is out there! she is in an unmarked grave left there by those she loved.

  16. Hi IRONSIDE. I can't decide whether I agree with you or not, regarding the outdated photo of Madeleine that persists in the media, especially the tabloids.

    It was agreed by the McCanns in their mockumentary that it's next to useless circulating a photo of a 3 year old child, "two years down the line" (another crass phrase c/o G McCann, 2009).

    So, is the continuing use of this old and "useless" photo a subtle message by the mnedia that Madeleine didn't get to be four years old, let alone six?

    Or is it an attempt to keep an image of her in the media that's more likely to tug at heartstrings and bring in more money all round, i.e. for the fund & for themselves?

    As I said, I can't decide. The only thing I'm certain of is that it's no accident or oversight, its being done for a reason.

  17. See how they smile, eventhough their daughter has been abducted by an evil paedophile...DISGUSTING!

    Loving parents? A LIE!
    The search for Madeleine? A LIE!
    The Fund?A LIE!
    The police incompetence? A LIE!
    The flawed investigation? A LIE!
    No evidence that parents are guilty? A LIE!
    Acusations about Amaral's work ?A LIE!
    Parents and friends cooperated with the police?A LIE!
    Private detectives' work? A LIE!
    Suspects not properly investigated by the police?A LIE!
    Madeleine's sightings? A LIE!
    Daughter abducted? A LIE!
    Daughter alive? Unfortunately A LIE!

    Listen to the dogs.THEY DON'T LIE!!!!!!

  18. [Quote JillyCL://
    The only thing I'm certain of is that it's no accident or oversight, its being done for a reason..//end of quote:JillyCL ]

    That's what I also have been thinking, maybe the little girl had to dy before she had to go to school at the age of 4. Maybe the parents (and others??)were afraid that in her innocence Madeleine would babble, tattle about what for her was maybe "normal" but what could cause big trouble for the people around "our little Madeleine".

  19. The best resume I ever read about the amoral McCanns story supported by people that should be ashamed of existing:

    The other great difference between the truth and a lie is that the truth is usually simple and a lie is invariably complicated.

    "We went out to dinner leaving the kids most nights and we came back and they were still there" is really simple.

    As is, unfortunately, "We went out one night leaving the kids but one of them got out of the apartment and fell off the balcony". Or, "We went out one night leaving the kids and we got back and one of them had had a serious accident". Or, "We went out one night leaving the kids and we got back and one of them had got out and been run over by a car."

    The alternative is somewhat more complicated: "We went out one night leaving the kids, not realising that we'd been watched by a predatory paedophile for several days, who we hadn't noticed, despite the resort being quiet and despite the fact that we felt it was safe to leave the kids, who targeted Madeleine rather than the other kids because she was special, who got into the apartment between our checks, despite the fact we'd doubled the frequency from the night before following the crying incident, which we can't recall happening, avoiding being noticed by Gerry, who was talking to Jez, on the other side of the road to that claimed by Jez and Jane, who wasn't seen by Jez or Gerry anyway, just before she saw the abductor, who must have gone out through the window, despite no-one noticing it open and without leaving any marks, because the door slammed when Kate went in, and it's odd about those dogs, but Kate had handled dead bodies when she went to work in her holiday pants and took the cuddle cat, and anyway the twins' sandals were in the boot of the car with the nappies and the rotting meat, but we're totally confident in each other's innocence and our legal and PR team are too."

  20. Can someone tell me why no-one has put forward a motion to prosecute the McCann's & Co for child neglect in Portugal? I know Tony Bennett tried in the UK but why not in Portugal? There clearly is enough evidence for this:

    Someone on the MSN forums made a fair point backed up by other cases that:

    "Under UK law this is a crime. "The Children and Young Persons Act 1933 states that parents can be prosecuted for wilful neglect if they leave a child under the age of 16, unsupervised in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health.

    "In R v Jasmin, L (2004) 1CR, App.R (s) 3, the Appellants had left their child aged 16 months old alone in the home for periods of up to 3 hours, whilst they went off to work. This happened on approximately three separate occasions. The Appellants were both found guilty of offences relating to neglect contrary to S1(1) Childrens’ and Young Persons Act 1933 and were sentenced to concurrent terms of 2 years imprisonment."
    "In M v Normand (1995) SLT 1284, HCt Judiciary [ a Scottish case which may have persuasive authority ],the Appellant had parked his car leaving his son aged 18 months old strapped in a child’s car seat in the rear of the car whilst he and his wife went to do some Xmas shopping. A traffic warden was on duty when he saw the Appellants’ car with the chid in the car seat. The child was sitting quietly, appeared to be awake, not distressed and adequately clothed. The police were called and remained next to the car until the parents returned some 55 minutes later. The Appellant was found guilty of a contravention of s12 Childrens & Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937in that he did “wilfully neglect and abandon him in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering and injury to health”."


  21. RJH 20 - I`m not sure why the Portuguese did not bring a case of child neglect. In the cases you have cited above there was wilful neglect but in the McCann`s case I don`t think there is a strong enough case because they say they made regular checks on the children. Whether this was often enough is arguable but the mere fact that they were making an effort to safeguard the children seems to dilute the charge. Personally I don`t believe the checks were made. And I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone in their position would leave their children AT ALL. I don`t think they did - I think all the children were together in the Payne`s apartment and they were listening to ALL of them via the Payne`s baby monitor intercom. Only Maddie was somewhere else - don`t ask me why.

  22. Annonymous 21
    Well we know from that Madeleine was crying non-stop for at least 75 minutes on Tuesday 1st of May 2007 only stopping when the parents returned according to Mrs Fenn's statement.

    In addition from the McCann's statements if the last check was made at 21:15 and KM checked again at 22:00 that would be at least 45 minutes they left all three children alone.

    In their own words this is how they left the children for 5 nights in a row. I would call that willfull neglect, and certainly as bad as the other incidents given which were successfully prosecuted.

  23. RJH 22 - Could Maddie have been the only child left alone in the McCanns apartment? while ALL the other children were asleep in the Payne`s apartment and baby-sat/monitored by Diane Webster? Maddie may have been separated and kept in 5A because she was disruptive and kept the others awake.

    This is why Kate made the remark about `Why didn`t you come when Sean and I were crying` - it was to reassure everyone that the twins were with Maddie. I don`t think they were.

    This would have left some apartments free each night for other activities.

    I wouldn`t believe anything from their statements.

  24. Annonymous #23

    I think KM made the comment `Why didn`t you come when Sean and I were crying` because she was well aware of the incident on May 1st and possibly the witness statement of Mrs. Fenn, hence to probably make out they were there for those 75 minutes she dropped that in; but we know they weren't.

    Personally I don't like to go into supposition about their sexual lifestyle (unless you meant rooms free to play bridge) because until someone actually comes forward with a statement or definitive proof it doesn't help in any case on what we do know. What it does do is "twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts" something the McCann's themselves are more than guilty of themselves.

    Anyway maybe I should rephrase my original question to be is their a legal reason why a case couldn't be brought against them for child neglect i.e. because the case of their missing daughter in which they are suspects has been shelved etc.


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