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McCann Case: 'The British Priest Staged Everything'

We went to Praia da Luz to speak with Father José Manuel – the priest of the local church – who accompanied all the sequence of events, lived after the disappearance of the English girl. Refuting all knowledge regarding the whereabouts of the blanket, the Father also denies the insinuations against his past.

Have you participated in all of the British community celebrations?
-In all.

And, specifically, you participated in religious acts for the girl Madeleine. Have you ever noticed in the existence of a pink blanket that belonged to the child?
- I participated, but I don’t know anything. The British priest, called by Madeleine parents, it was him who celebrated all the masses. In that context, the only thing that I could do for her was to pray. The other priest is the one who knows a lot – and he staged everything – it was him who made statements and who spoke to the PJ.

But, where could Maddie’s blanket be?
-It would be good to know, it’s possible that the other priest and the PJ know.

The PJ doesn’t know. Does that mean that they have ‘lost’ the evidence?
- I don’t know anything; I only know that, when everything was too ‘hot’, various stories were told, badly told and even more about me: that I was ‘exiled’ to the Vatican to speak with the Pope… Just because I missed 2 or three days, I was made an ‘exiled’.

Was it normal to hand out the church keys?
- It’s not me who decides. [silence]

There are some who have accused you of, when you where at the Gaia Seminary, having participated in act of harassment and sexual abuse.
- It’s all a lie; the media have nothing else to do. It is easy to attack the image of a priest. But, at this moment the defamers are being sued.

in Semanário Privado, 1 July 2009 - Paper Editon Only

to follow: Maddie’s Blanket Missing from the Ocean Club


  1. Good news Joana , can you place this on your twitter....

    Seems France has cooled on Blair ..GOOD..



  2. Tanner first mentioned the pink blanket ...then changed her story without mentioning the pink blanket....Why? that is the question.


  3. The English priest is so eager to help Mccanns stories that he lent his own child to stage Maddie.This make me shivers on my spine...

  4. Slowly but surely everyone who played a role in this case and is not on the mccanns side 'name is being smeared wonder when Mrs.Fenn gets her turn.


  5. Looks like... after two years of a hot story with thousands of pages printed in newspapers, we just know a small part of the story. A huge amount still untold and it is probably the only part which holds the key to solve the mistery.
    Where is the BLANKET? Is it REAL or annother FABRICATION?
    The Priest can say whatever he wants about the three days that he have been away, but it is a FACT THAT THE VATICAN REMOVED MADDIE FROM HIS SITE, and this mean's alot on that saga.

  6. As far I've observed, the blankets in the Ocean Club are light blue, not pink.
    See Amaral's documentary.
    Maybe there was another blanket.

  7. Tann er said a pink blanket...Mccann mentioned something about maddies comforter a pink blanket...



  8. Anonymous said...
    The English priest is so eager to help Mccanns stories that he lent his own child to stage Maddie.This make me shivers on my spine...


    Yes anon the same priest who had his mobile phone and computer stolen...The wife Susan who the mccanns met in Canada last summer.

    The child was hysterical while being made to play maddie and yet Susan insisted...

    Brunt found Mrs.Hubbard one day emptying bottles of "booze" into her rubbish bin..."oh you have caught me she said...a drinker" or words to that effect...Is Susan Hubbard a heavy drinker like her friends the mccanns...Will see if I can find the article.


  9. http://www.people.co.uk/news/tm_headline%3Dmaddie-parents--smile-of-courage&method%3Dfull&objectid%3D19095730&siteid%3D93463-name_page.html&cid=1116232081&ei=2hFHRsDZH56YqAPTjOm2Bw

    This article here states if you can believe it Kate cannot sleep without "sedatives" oops who put that in?

    Kate clutching a blanket from her missing daughters bed....There is a photo on the 3As as I recall but the blanket kate held was not pink.


  10. I think there was probably a blanket comforter...I have heard a few times about a blanket but cannot recall where..I think the last time was re Oprah...Maybe the blanket had traces having been used to wrap ehr body and it had tovanish along with Madeleine.

  11. January 26, 2008 Edition 1

    Former South African police superintendent Danie Krugel is haunted by the muddy pink and white child's blanket he found at the site in Praia da Luz in Portugal where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is hidden.

  12. Gerry McCann has mentioned that Madeleine's pink blanket was her comforter.

    In McCann documentary he states that when he checked Madeleine:-

    "She was STILL at the top of the bed, where I'D LEFT HER. Cuddle cat and Blankie (blanket) were up round top of her head." He also states that the bed covers were turned down.

    In same documentary, Kate states, that from her position standing in the bedroom doorway, she could not see clearly if Madeleine was in the bed. She went into the room and over to the bed to check.
    Discovering Madeleine not to be there,she then checked out the apartment, and when she returned to the bedroom the curtains whooshed open.

    She then states: "and cuddle cat was still there and her PINK blanket still there."

    On Oprah interview:


    I believe, you hope whoever has her, gives her her blanket?


    "It's funny you know, things like er, like that, you worry about er as well, is someone brushing her teeth, rubbing her tummy when she's not well. All those things as a mum that you do... that you shoud be doing.

    This raises many questions.

    Kate said because she could not see if Madeleine was in the bed, she went into the room and over to the bed. Why did she not at this point notice the pink blanket and cuddle cat?

    She said that Madeleine would not go anywhere without cuddle cat.

    If this is so, why did Kate at this point not INSTANTLY know that Madeleine had been taken?

    It is not until she returns for a second time and sees the curtains whoosh open, that she even mentions the cuddle cat toy or the blanket.

    If the blanket was as much a comforter as the cuddle cat, which it appears to have been. Would Mrs. McCann not have kept this safely too along with the toy cat, or did the PJ sieze this item but not the toy?

    If the PJ are said not to have it or not ever to have had it?

    Why would Oprah Winfrey say to Kate that it was her belief, that Kate hoped whoever was holding Madeleine would give her her blanket?

    This blanket is definitely a mystery!

    I find Gerry McCann's choice of words 'she was STILL where I'd left her' quite bizarre.

    Madeleine is a child, not a package. A strange choice of words.

    Does this mean that Gerry is the one to have put Madeleine to bed?

    I notice also in his documentary, when re-enacting HIS movements that evening, he enters the apartment via the FRONT door.

    Why not the patio door if it was supposedly unlocked?

    McCann's state that they changed from using the front door to the patio door so as not to wake the children.

    They also tell us that their children never woke at night.

    If they didn't - then they were never disturbed by the front door opening, so no need to change routine.

    I really don't think there was ever an unlocked patio door.

    Curioser and Curioser!


  13. In this article, Father Jose Manuel Pacheco speaks of the British priest whom the McCann's called.

    Is he referring to Father Seddon the friend of Kate's whose telephone number Kate McCann asked her mother for when speaking to her mother by telephone on the evening Madeleine disappeared? Father Seddon is the one who married Kate and Gerry and who baptised their children.

    As a Roman Catholic priest he would say mass.

    The Anglican priest Hubbard, I believe had just come to PDL from Canada around the time of Madeleine's disappearance.

    Would the McCann's have called him if they did not know him at this time? The picture at the top of the article I believe is of Hubbard. Do Anglican priests say mass?

    I'm getting a little confused which priest we are talking about when referring to the 'British' priest, as someone has said that Hubbard was British but had lived in Canada for a while.

    How would they know to call him if he had only just arrived?


    Re the pink blanket. I'm sure I read that Sylvie the employee at the OC who was translating that evening, also mentioned seeing the pink blanket on the bed. I think I read this on McCannfiles some time ago. Will take a look.


  14. The pink blanket was made to disappear so that the police tracker dogs could not work with Maddie's scent but with some scent off a towel which could have been anyone's. Apparently it was critical that Maddie not be found within the first 48 hours.

    In one of Kate McCann's statements she says that the cuddle cat toy and the blanket were left on the bed. she obviously told Winfrey that the 'abductor' had taken Madeleine with the blanke thence Winfrey's comment. If fibres from a pink blanket were recovered from the Renault Scenic that would be quite incriminating, especially if subsequently 'lost' by the FSS, but then, McCanns do not have to answer questions which are incriminating.


  15. Hello
    As by a miracle, Susan hubbard is now in vacations in Canada and Father Haynes will soon be off too.

  16. The blanket is on the bed in the PJ photos for heaven's sake! If it has 'disappeared' then it 'disappeared' after the police were there and were supposedly treating it as a crime scene.

    What more nonsense is this? Has no-one learned any lessons at all?

  17. "The blanket is on the bed in the PJ photos for heaven's sake! If it has 'disappeared' then it 'disappeared' after the police were there and were supposedly treating it as a crime scene.

    Like the cream something/ trousers? on the bed and the blue bag in the cupboard/wardrobe?

    I'm curious as to why anyone would think that a priest might have come into contact with/seen the pink blanket.

  18. Father Haynes Q Hubbard is a member of SSC (Societas Sanctae Crucae - The Society of the Holy Cross) a group of priests within the Anglican Church. Their worship is closer to the Catholic Church than that of many other Anglicans and they would almost certainly call their regular worship "Mass" as do Catholics.

  19. "The Mass is at the centre of the life of the brethren, and a disciplined spiritual life is regarded as vital to each priest’s response to the call to personal holiness. So, the Rule of Life envisages a daily Mass [where possible], the ordered recitation of the Divine Office, daily payer and study, an annual retreat and regular use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The brethren seek to live out the discipline of the Crucified Saviour in every aspect of life, and through their teaching and pastoral care, to help others to the same. The brethren shall consider their obligation to the Society as a close spiritual bond which takes precedence to that of any other volunteer society." - That is from the statutes of the Societas Sanctae Crucis of which Father Haynes Hubbard is a member.


    They are a group of priests within the Anglican Church whose rituals and leanings are Anglo-Catholic. They clearly call the Eucharistic Liturgy "Mass".

    They are also very familiar with the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).


    One point I would make about Fr. Pacheco's statements is that it is not actually clear from what is written whether he did in fact go to Rome during this absence. If he did go, I feel that would be very significant.

  20. "Was it normal to hand out the church keys?
    - It’s not me who decides. [silence]"

    WHO decided then???

  21. Adding to the comment from:

    01/07/09 19:23

    Susan Hubbard harassing/persecuting a former employee of the Ocean Club,wanting to talk to her, trying to get into her home to see her laptop and her emails...there's an article about it here in Joana, but I could not find it.

  22. IRONSIDE, @ 19:23, here's Brunt's article:


  23. This is plain crazy. The blanket/comforter was on the bed with cuddlecat in the photo taken by the PJ on the night of the so-called abduction 3rd May 07.The logical thing to do is use the comforter as an aid for the tracker dogs. Yet the parents - two highly educated individuals - give a towel which could possibly have been used by any one of the 5 people staying in the apartment. That is not logical

  24. The person authorising the giving of the church key to the McCanns was an ex-pat committee person of influence in the church. I read this years ago in an article all about the church, its factions and squabbles which preceded the coming of Father Haynes Hubbard. I think it was in The Resident. But it is true that this man was able to make the decision over the head of the priest.

  25. McCann Case: 'The British Priest Staged Everything'

    They all did. He staged everything he staged, the rest staged the rest.

  26. This whole case is so bizarre. I have watched several interviews and read Kate's book. I wish somebody would solve this case. I can't imagine not knowing where my daughter was I think I would probably die I could not take the pain. The part that makes me angry wasn't it that morning that Maddie asked her mom how come you did not come when me and I think she said Sean was crying. I don't want to judge but that right there would have said you know I'll stay in with the children and my husband could go eat with the other friends and just have him bring me something back. I would have felt awful if I knew my children were crying for me and were afraid. I don't know either way what happened. The only thing is how those dogs would have picked up the scent of a cadaver if there was not one that had been there.i just pray we find out one day.

  27. If these parents had left their children like this in Britain they would have been prosecuted for neglect. The reason they have not been prosecuted is because this happened in Portugal. The British people want the truth to come out as much as the people of Portugal. Prosecuting a man who was just doing his job to the best of his ability, to find what happened to this child is pointless. Why waste the time? All the money and all the effort should concentrate on finding what happened. If the parents are found to be complicit then they should go to jail no matter who they are or where they come from. This should not be about Mrs McCann's feelings about a book, it should all be about finding Madeleine.

    Good Luck Amaral!

    British Parent

  28. Child cried for over an hour the night before confirmed in statement by Pamela fenn
    So none at the tapas during their checks noticed this as they stated they were checking at least ever half hour
    Kate had calls at the start of this time and it is stated no one took their phones out to dinner
    So was she on the phone in the apartment when the child was crying and did not soothe her
    Or was she in the tapas with her phone
    What clothing was Gerry wearing the night she went missing
    What clothing was Kate wearing the night she went missing
    What was she wearing the night the child was heard crying

  29. If they were checking the children frequently who else noticed the childcrying on the 01st
    What clothes were the parents wearing on that night and the night she went missing

  30. Mi5 can locate and find all voice and text messages of anyone
    The spooks were listening on Angela merkels calls
    They are all stored in gchq

  31. Who said the blanket is missing? Was the blanket taken by the PJ/SY as evidence?
    I dont even understand why cuddle cat is in possetion ok the McCanns surely it's evidence ?


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