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Credibility and journalism - by Paulo Reis

As a journalist since 1982, I always did my best to check and confirm, with several and reliable sources, all facts and information in the articles I published, either alone or co-authored. Serious allegations were raised by Joana Morais, a blogger that I know and respect, concerning the credibility of Mr. Duarte Levy, with whom I co-authored many articles about Madeleine Mccann's investigation.

My credibility is also seriously damaged, due to my association with him. A journalist's credibility takes a long time to build but it's a fragile thing. A single mistake is enough to destroy it. Once lost, it's almost impossible to have it back. So, I decided to stop writing about this case.

Time – and the persistent work of so many people, in hundreds of blogs and dozens of forums, analyzing the large amount of information available – will show what is truth and what is not truth. In the end, I believe, truth will prevail – and that is the most important.

in: Gazeta Digital, 09.07.2009


  1. Mccanns-1,Truth and justice-0

  2. So why stop writing about this case? Just carry on checking and confirming your sources. If Duarte has transgressed protocol that's his reputation trashed, and it's his problem alone?

  3. Obrigada Paulo, pela honestidade e coragem - sempre soube que és um Homem de valores morais e com uma ética da velha guarda jornalística - 'a verdade, doa a quem doer'.

    Nutro uma profunda admiração por ti, como Homem e como Jornalista, e confio plenamente no teu trabalho neste caso - sempre foste e serás um ponto de referência para mim - foi a tua 'voz', que me despertou para este caso ainda em 2007.

    Espero que depois de um curto tempo de pausa e de considerações, voltes a escrever sobre o caso, porque fazes muita falta; porque apesar de tu julgares que o co-jornalismo com o Duarte Levy afectou a tua reputação, muitos de nós continuamos a acreditar em ti e a prezar o teu trabalho.

    um abraço,


  4. mis respetos a joana morais y paulo reis x...

  5. I can't understand how Paulo Reis feared for a minute any confusion with DL. In particular his last and global analysis was specially brilliant. This is why I feel really sorry and dislike very much that (deplorable) resolution to stop writing on the Madeleine case, as if he weren't a journalist, ie INDEPENDENT.
    Please, Paulo, reconsider that "never more" !

  6. I totally agree with you aacg, Reis article 'A “Disgusting” Episode of Distorted Evidence' is brilliant - like many other articles he wrote which are fundamental to understand this case. Hopefully Paulo will reconsider.

  7. Un abrazo para Paulo Reis , una persona que siempre desperto en mi una gran admiracion , con unos escritos inteligentes y que voy a echar muchisimo de menos .

    Joana un saludo !

  8. O meu total apoio à decisão de Paulo Reis que a tomou racionalmente como Pessoa madura e de bom senso que sempre foi e será.
    Sempre consigo,Paulo Reis.

  9. bonsoir à toutes et tous,
    merci Mr Reis de vous être démarqué de cet escroc avec qui, vous avez écrit quelques articles. Je vous avoue que je n'espérais plus que vous ou Mr Amaral ne fassent cette démarche !! je vous en suis reconnaissante !! et pourquoi seriez-vous touché par le déshonneur d'un pseudo journaliste ?? il vous a roulé dans la farine aussi, il est très fort !!!
    il ne reste plus qu'à Mr Amaral et à Mr Sargento de faire une mise au point salutaire !!!
    Joana, bravo d'avoir été "celle par qui le scandale arrive" !!!

  10. le problème n'est pas la credibilité de Paulo Reis mais bien la credibilité de la thèse soutenue et faussement alimentée notamment par Duarte Levy!

    Comment être sur que les informations données depuis le départ sont crédibles?
    Qui croire dans cette affaire?

    Il est temps de ne lire que le DVD et rien que le DVD, tous les articles et livres sont à abandonner.

  11. Senhor Paulo,

    A Joana tbém trabalhou com Duarte Levy e no entanto não abandonou o caso.
    A culpa não é sua.
    Don't let Madeleine down.
    Madeleine já foi abandonada pelos pais e pelo Tapas 7.
    Ela precisa de todos nós.
    Pense nela e volte a lutar pela justiça.
    A sua confissão aqui é o suficiente.
    Ninguém o leva a mal.
    O senhor foi vítima do Duarte Levy.
    A Joana também.
    Mas não é razão para entregar os pontos assim não.
    Seja forte.
    Um abraço,

  12. I was looking for an article from you, Mr Reis, every time, it didnot come and now you give up.
    Hope you will stay in contact with people who still want to speak for a little girl, maybe you have sources others donot have and maybe you still can/want helping to find the truth for "our" vulnerable little Madeleine.

  13. another sad day, Paulo Reis was good.

    Think he exposed the doubts about the LAST PICTURE.

  14. Sir,

    It takes a great man to have done what you have.

    I know that public recognition doesn't soften in any ways the pain you're feeling. Only time will heal.

    I, for one, never mistook you for the other. Nor your reputation for his.

    I believe that truth is already out. If you remain silent until then, I beg thee one last favour: do join us at our party when we all watch the wagon squeek by on the way to the "gallows" with all the scum on it.

    My respects to a very respectful man.


  15. Why stop now, Mr.Reis? I believe you've endured some disturbance and danger to your life due to your coverage and opinions on this case...and still that did not stop you! So, may one ask, why is the problems with Levy's credibility reason enough for you to back-off?...you're not Levy's siamese twin, you're not attached to the man by the waist, are you? You're your own man, so why not go on with your work?

    Well, at least you bothered to speak up, unfortunatelly we still haven't heard a word about this matter from Dr. Amaral, Dr. Sargento(who even refered to Levy as a journalist with capital J !?), or Hernâni Carvalho (who by the way hasn't approached the McCann case for a while in his "Crime, disse ele").

  16. I do not understand why stop following the story, he must have his reasons...but one thing has always intrigued me about Mr. Reis...it seems that at the very beginning of the Maddie saga Mr. Reis believed in the parents innocence and then he had a change of heart later on. What I could never find out is why and what caused him to change his views, I wasn't able to find any article were he explained what happened, if he ever wrote one, that is. Please, can anyone point me in the right direction?

  17. It took me time to start suspecting the parents. During months I wasn't at all interested in that story and didn't read nor watch anything related to it. As everybody I felt deeply sorry for the parents of the little girl (that's why I didn't judge their leaving the children unattended). Even though I had a vague notion of the McC circus and found it irritating, I was choked in september 2007 when, in France, friends told me they believed the McC were in a denying process. I looked for informations and slowly but surely started to think that the simplest solution to the mystery was, effectively, a hidden corpse.

    About DL, it's a pity he didn't either sustain his owing no money to Joana, or acknowledge it (and pay it).
    Dl has qualities, otherwise Joana, Paulo, Gonçalo etc. would never have had relationship with him.

  18. Don't give up Paulo , you have been with us since day one. Remember the long roads travelling and staying in cramped conditions or your tent to bring us the truth?

    You are a true journalist, respected and trusted.

    Thanks Joana Astro & kazlux for your continued hard work.

    Piglet x

  19. Of course Reis has his reasons. A cushy number in Macau and his ex-co-author being rumbled as a spiv and a chancer and a liar are excellent reasons, he doesn't need any more.

    The mystery of just who wrote those last couple of entries on his blog remains though, because it sure as hell wasn't Paulo.


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