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Honduras Press erased blood from murder victim

Honduran newspaper photoshops blood from crackdown victim

Left, photo published in La Prensa, right, original photo.

These photos seem to prove that a pro-coup newspaper - Honduras Diario La Prensa-  digitally removed bloodstains from the image of a protester shot dead by soldiers.

Isís Obed Murillo, 19, a young anti-coup protestor from ousted President Manuel Zelaya's home state of Olancho, died after being shot in the head at the airport during Zelaya's unsuccessful attempt to return to Tegucigalpa on Sunday. The image of his friends carrying him has become an iconic image for anti-coup protestors, who say that the army is enforcing a brutal crackdown in the country, largely covered up by the media.

Highlighted by Cuban website CubaDebate [after being tipped by a blog Honduras Resiste y Vence], these two images seem to prove the protesters right. The original image, on the right, shows the youth bleeding from the head and covered in blood, while in the same photo which appeared in La Prensa (on the left), the blood has all but disappeared. Not surprisingly, the newspaper in question is a right leaning anti-Zelaya publication...

The original photo

Proof of the literal whitewash


FRANCE 24 graphic artists increased the saturation level of the image in the affected rectangular area, clearly showing that a cover-up tool has been used to cover over the stain.

As it appeared in La Prensa


The Apology

By an error in its process, the image published in our edition of Monday 6 of July, of the young man who died in the manifestation of Sunday, Isís Obed Murillo, came out distorted (above), different from the original, We apologize for the fault, which contradicts the editorial policy of La Prensa.

Sources in France 24CubaDebate, Honduras Resiste y Vence
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  1. What an absurdly disingenuous and contradictory apology from La Prensa!

    So, thanks to a blogger, La Prensa has been caught out manipulating and attempting to undermine a truthful (and powerful) image for propaganda purposes; then they try to lie their way out of it by blaming a technical error, whilst at the same time saying it goes against their editorial policy?

    So, which is it then? They can squirm and spin all they like but they can't have it both ways!

    Oh well, the very fact they've had to issue an apology at all gives credence to the blogger who exposed the manipulation.

    Bloggers are a mixed bag, as in any news reporting medium but more power to those with courage and integrity.

    Obrigada, dear Joana & Astro.

  2. So sad, the loss of a young life under those circumstances.

    The alteration to the photo is impressive, if there was not the other to compare it with one would have believed there was nothing wrong with it, it looked genuine, unaltered. This makes me think about the (in)famous Leonor all bruised up ones...if lots of blood can be erased, surelly lots of bruises can be added, as it was proved alredy.
    To this day Mr. M. Pinto failled to explain how he got hold of those photos...

  3. To Anonymous @ 12.26

    You mean like these?


    [Grateful thanks to Joana for these images which appeared in a previous blog entry here]


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