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Joana: Public Ministry accuses Gonçalo Amaral over crime of torture (updated)

At stake are alleged aggressions against Leandro Silva, former partner of Leonor Cipriano

The Public Ministry of Faro accuses the former PJ inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, over a crime of torture in a case of alleged aggressions against Leandro Silva, a former partner of the mother of Joana, the little girl from the village of Figueira that went missing in 2004.

The information is communicated by lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, who represents Leonor Cipriano in the case of aggressions that she was the victim of, by PJ officers.

In the accusation, which that lawyer made available to the media, it can be read that at the time of the facts, the 13th of October 2004, Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the PJ’s serious crime and drug trafficking Regional Section in Faro.

On the afternoon of that very same day, two agents, who could not be identified, went to pick up António Leandro Silva at home and drove him to the PJ in Faro.

There, he was questioned by an inspector to whom he stated that Leonor Cipriano had confessed to him that she had abandoned Joana’s body in a ruin, near Figueira.

When the questioning was over and he was leaving, upon reaching the stairs, two agents, who could not be identified, grabbed him “each by one arm”, preventing him from moving, and “at the same time the arguido came from behind and grabbed his neck with both hands” and placed himself in front of him.

Immediately after that, Gonçalo Amaral, according to the accusation, “punched him several times in the abdomen and slapped his face while he told him to indicate where Joana was”.

The aggressions resulted in a “contusion of the dorsal grid” and 15 days of sick leave, five of which he was incapacitated for work.

The arguido acted in conjunction with the non identified other inspectors, with the intent of “provoking the aforementioned lesions and to disturb his capacity for determination”, leading him to give different statements concerning the little girl’s whereabouts.

According to penal law, the crime of torture is punished with a prison sentence between 1 and 5 years, unless another legal disposition provides for a heavier sentence.

Marcos Aragão Correia explains to tvi24.pt the time lapse of almost five years between the alleged crime and the accusation, with the fact that the Public Ministry only came to know about the case in October last year.

“In 2004, Leandro tried to press charges but a PJ agent deceived him, saying that he could only do so when the Joana process would stop being under judicial secrecy”.

When he took over Leonor’s defence, the lawyer counselled Leandro not to give up. “It was at that time the he complained to the PJ. This is a public crime, therefore the right to complain doesn’t prescribe within six months”, the lawyer sustains.

On the other hand, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer confirms that he received the accusation and finds it strange that Leandro only filed a complaint four years after the alleged crime. “He never mentioned that, not even at Leonor Cipriano’s trial, and now he decides to press charges”, he mentions.

Concerning the contents of the accusation, António Cabrita considers that it “is worth what it is worth”, adding that the Public Ministry preferred to “brush the subject away by accusing, thus forcing the decision on the judge”.

António Cabrita has not spoken with his client about this accusation yet, but considers that the opening of the instruction phase should be requested, and all questions that may shake the Public Ministry’s thesis should be prompted.

source: TVI24, 01.07.2009


  1. Very convenient timing...just as Dr.Amaral launches a new book about JUSTICE AND DELINQUENCY, heh?...the new book stepped on some toes...

  2. I still cannot believe that anyone would give Leonor Cipriano the time of day...
    she is a convicted murderer.

    Just what is going on here?

    There are people hell bent on shutting Amaral up.

    How does he have the strength to keep going?

  3. He's just jealous.The media and the courtrooms never gave him much atention, even though his semen was found in Joana's panties...

    I'm a bit worried, where is marinho pinto?Oh, I know.He's busy sending the photos to the newspapers

  4. It is a shame how many time and tax payer's money Portuguese justice dare to spend with those disgusting criminals. We know how loosely and slowly justice treats other crimes who damage innocent people....
    Shame on this kind of justice

  5. [bold]«[They]grabbed him “each by one arm”, preventing him from moving, and “at the same time the arguido came from behind and grabbed his neck with both hands” and placed himself in front of him.»[/bold]

    This is not physically possible... How could someone rotate the "victim", while grabbing his neck (with both hands!), without trampling over his two "unidentified accomplices"?

    More BS, as usual.


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