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'Justice and Delinquency' - Author Rights revert to Child Instituition

'Justice and Delinquency'

The author rights of the book 'Justice and Delinquency', in the original titled 'Justiça e Delinquência', coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral will revert to an institution to support children at risk. The decision was taken unanimously by all the authors, whom, in a gesture of great dignity and social responsibility have agreed to assign all the author rights for a common good.

In addition to the excellent set of reflections that the book contains and that can help to think about the state of justice in Portugal, the book is also contributing to a better future, fairer and more decent.

The institution to be awarded the author rights of the book is 'Florinhas da Neve', that belongs to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, in Vila Real, North of Portugal.


  1. Being a nosey old boot..why that place/child centre in particular?

    Or is it just a random choice.

  2. This case is going nowhere. The McCanns have won.

  3. Who said this case is going nowhere?
    And that the McCanns won?
    They didn't.
    If they had a victory in their pocket, they would have stopped talking about the case.
    Even not being arguidos at this moment, they continue being scared to death.
    Saying they will sue Amaral and they never do.
    They feel the pressure of the truth that can explode any moment.

  4. McCann, where are you going to spend your summer holiday this year?
    In your attic?

  5. The Maccanns will not sue Mr Amerel. They would be crazy if they do. But will he still be able to sue them That is what is important without this they may get away with it.

  6. Letter from Iberia
    There will be no justice for Madeleine McCann she was let down by her parents who are at the very least responsible for her death by not protecting her, in favour of having a wine filled meal with their lying swinging friends.

    Parents who on realising that the part they played in the death of their daughter would be revealed, employed a spin doctor and with his help vindictively decided to take the heat away from themselves.
    They set out to disparage the character of the one honest policeman Mr Amaral who had concluded that they were responsible and guilty. They by spinning a tissue of lies which were propagated by the British establishment destroyed his integrity, whist they spun a web of lies and deceit.
    Then they launched a fund to profit from their daughter’s death with huge amounts of money obtained from gullible people.

    Madeleine McCann was let down by the entire Portuguese establishment excepting for one honest man who still tries to bring her justice.
    Is there no other with the will and courage in Portugal to help this honest man in putting right this terrible wrong?
    The Mac cans who have no honour or dignity, whist continuing with their lying charade, laughing at all of Portugal and continue to bank the money into the fund which has nothing to do with finding Madeleine or the truth, but is to fund the continuing dis-information with smoke and mirrors.
    I am so sorry Madeleine but Justice in Portugal? No not possible

  7. I have been to portugal 4 times and loved it and the people but this lack of any law and justice for this little girl has put me off going there again. Get your act together this childs parents and their so called friends have made your nation a laughing stock all over the world.

  8. mccann case has ruined the fate on Portugese justice system, for me atleast.
    I feel sorry for Mr Amaral, even I know he doesn't need it, he is strong, I hope.

    I feel like the rest of the world is looking at Portugal and waiting something to happend, and all they do is to attack Mr Amaral. I despair.

    Helena, Finland

  9. The fact that two drunken English people "lost" their daughter whilst on a drunken binge in Portugal does and did not damage the country's image to the world.
    Nor is the country full of peadophiles.

    Lets face it the only thing really damaged is the reputation of the british press, the british police and the Mccanns themselves.

    Faults in justice systems are existent the world over. These can be ratified, the return of Maddie cannot. The truth will come out, it always does.

  10. BBC NEWS 2008

    Fellow British expat, Owen Gee, 65, insists the resort is safe.

    But he tells me that in a country with a deep rooted Catholicism, there remains a lingering incomprehension amongst permanent residents here that the McCanns - who are also Catholics - could have left their three children alone whilst they went out to eat.

    Mr Gee has lived in Portugal for 20 years - and used to own an apartment in the Ocean Club complex, where Kate and Gerry McCann and their children stayed.

    Friendly atmosphere

    "We do things as families here," he says.

    "It's a Catholic country that believes in families. It is not unusual to see granny, granddad, a daughter, the son in law and all the kids sitting around a table in a restaurant, eating together.

    "This is what we do, we do not leave our children."


  11. http://www.leicestersound.co.uk/article.asp?id=690767

    Interview with Owen Gee ex detective about Robert Murat and the investigation.

    Sadly you can only hear this if you are in the UK....maybe someone could do a transcript.?


  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1197538/Im-talking-leaves-Mandelson-forces-Brown-throw-Shaun-Woodward-No10-office.html


    For those who remember Mandy screaming at Brown "Ilove you but I can destroy you" shows once again that Brown is afraid of this man and what he can do to his reputation.


  13. I see the gutter press Sunday Express are following the story that a child has been found giving fresh hope to the Mccanns..DNA has yet to be proven by the way.

    You have to laugh at this quote from

    "Just like the McCanns, the Serrano family have fought desperately to find their daughter and struggled to keep the story alive, with regular updates on how she would look as she grew up."

    The Express have the pool photo of when Maddie was 3 years old....Still they do say at the end of the article madeleine is now six years old.



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