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Maddie McCann: She Won’t Want To Be Found

Opinion article by Greene

Good to see that the Find Maddie Campaign is ticking over nicely. New suspects pop up with some regularity -most recently a British paedophile being treated for cancer in Germany, a Portuguese market trader of ”gipsy appearance” and another British man in jail in the UK-, adverts calling on the public to keep looking (”she might be next to you”) continue to appear regularly in the British tabloid press and presumably financial contributions to the campaign fund keep flowing in. I say this (about the money) because little has recently been heard of the McCanns’ plan -first mooted in April 2008- to write a book about their ordeal. At the time, a deal possibly worth two million pounds was mentioned, at a time when the existing Find Maddie campaign coffers were running disturbingly low.

Still, with their unerring talent for raising doubts in the minds of even the most sympathetic members of the public, Gerry and Kate McCann have decided to embellish the newspaper advertisement not just with the familiar picture of Maddie aged 3 but also with a computer generated image of what she might look like at the age of six. And what a lovely girl it is! Beautiful eyes, with the tell-tale mark of course, shiny hair combed back behind her ears: a picture of health and happiness. A girl that is obviously being well looked after. Every bit the Maddie we might have known today….if she hadn’t disappeared over two years ago and suffered an as yet unknown fate.

I remain unwavering in my personal conviction that little Maddie is no longer alive. How she died and at whose hands I cannot say; no theory, however outlandish, can be entirely discounted. Identifying a guilty party is well-nigh impossible in the absence of a body or a shred of forensic evidence. Any remains found could always be identified via DNA, but evidence pointing at a killer (or killers) will inevitably degenerate with the passing of time. How much time I don’t know, you’d need a trained medic to tell you that. But let’s not dwell on this, the McCanns believe Maddie is alive and that’s all we have to go on. If she is, though, then what? If indeed she was abducted by some hideous paedophile and subjected to unspeakable horror and abuse she’d be a hollow-eyed waif by now, possibly on drugs, underfed and in ill health. A far cry from the girl with the cheeky grin that the McCanns would have us believe could be Maddie as a six-year old.

So, assuming that Gerry and Kate aren’t stupid, what’s the point of the photographic update? I see two possibilities. Either the McCanns have an inkling that Maddie is indeed dead but, for their own reasons, want to keep the campaign going (you can get used to receiving big cheques in the post) or they believe that she may have been stolen to order, possibly for resale to a well-to-do childless couple. Only in a case like that is there any likelihood that she would look as hale and hearty as she obviously does in the newly concocted picture. It’s a long shot, admittedly, but stranger things have happened.

But finding Maddie alive and well, happily living with a new family is probably the worst case scenario for the McCanns. A girl of six, who has just spent two happy years with a new identity, new family, new friends will be entirely different from the toddler left on her own in a holiday apartment in the Algarve in May 2007. At such an early age, the process of learning new things, adapting to new situations and forgetting what was takes place at breakneck speed. By now she may have no recollection of ever being called Maddie. I know what I’m talking about: when I was nine I went into hospital, I came out again nearly two years later. Older than Maddie is now, with the contact with my family intact, I still had enormous problems readjusting to life at home, fitting in and getting on with my next of kin. Not to put too fine a point on it: for a long time I felt closer to the man who, for the past eight months, had been lying in the bed next to mine than I did to my own mother. Imagine a young, impressionable child, entirely at ease in her new life, reacting to a family she hasn’t seen for over two years! Or much longer, depending on when she would be found. Gerry and Kate would be strangers to her; and disruptive, unwanted strangers at that. Claiming Maddie back in such circumstances would be a recipe for disaster.

But as I said, this is probably a fantasy scenario. Maddie McCann is dead. But until her remains are found and identified, the circus will continue. Not with my money, though.

in Greene's Insite

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  1. ... "because little has recently been heard of the McCanns’ plan -first mooted in April 2008- to write a book about their ordeal."

    Maybe because they realize that the story the book would tell would be as "unconvincing" as the Kate scenes( played by actress Lisa Canning) in their mockcumentary. Even they realized those scenes were not credible at all and it all ended up on the floor of the editing room.

  2. Maddie with 6, is an American Maddie, the composite image has nothing to do how Maddie would look like today, if alive.

  3. ''Either the McCanns have an inkling that Maddie is indeed dead but, for their own reasons, want to keep the campaign going (you can get used to receiving big cheques in the post)'' - absolutely, their goal is just one: to make money for an uncontrolled and dodgy fund and with that money hire rent-a-cops and slimy detectives who harass and menace witnesses.

  4. i have to agree with anonymous 10/07/09 22:31, the age progression is all wrong and very typically american, aside that it is simply wrong, it shows a child much older than six, i would think seeing that child she were nine or ten years old at least. it does not suprise me they do not use that picture on their website.

  5. Joana, how happy I am that you're continue your battle for justice for Madeleine.

    After such a deception with people you have blindly trusted in the past, you're showing you remain the strong beautiful young lady you have always been.

    Madeleine needs you and you will always have our support.
    This article above is very well written.
    I'm glad you published it.

    Keep fighting and try to convince Paulo Reis to continue writing his articles.

    Love from Virginia

  6. Maddie with 6 is an American Maddie -

    Joana, what kind of imbecile would make such a stupid comment? It is an age progression photo - nothing to do with the country of origin. Perhaps, the Brainless commentor could ask Scotland Yard officials to do an age progression photo.

  7. Greene is right : instead of spreading again an obsolete picture of Madeleine just 3 (if not younger) - and we know she looked very different at PDL -, they should exhibit a sad and pitiful 6 years old one. If of course the objective is to help people in their quest for Madeleine...

  8. Actually, the first time that I saw that photo, I thought the exact same thing: that it looked like a totally American Maddie.
    I guess I'm brainless, too.

  9. i am a bit suspicious about the pink/purple hand band on the new Maddie at 6

    why? i mean, if we see a girl with no head band of that colour, do we assume its not Maddie?

    is that Headband going be the next product on sale by the McCanns?

  10. I agree she looks 9.

    This is very practicle. It means the parents don't need to go back to the US for the next 4 years.

  11. Well I guess I too am brainless. I didn't know at first where the age progression picture was prepared and I too thought it was very "American".

    I have to ask why British parents went to America to have this age progression done. Is there nowhere in the United Kingdom for this to be carried out? Together with their interview in Oprah (how many Brits have seen it I wonder) I do have to ask what their obsession with America is all about.

    I mean no ill will to our American friends but why they did this in America is questionable. Why not have it done in the UK, make an appearance on UK television to tell their story and answer all the questions they were unable to answer "because of Portuguese secrecy laws". After all the child went missing in a European country frequented by mainly Europeans with a high number of ex pats.

  12. Just checking back to the Mccanns book deal..April 2008 ..this is what the Times had to say.


    Publishers estimate the book could earn an advance of up to £1 million ($2.1million), but say the couple may struggle to say anything new.

    Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "It will be the family's story, the only official book".

    Related Coverage
    Multimedia: Madeleine McCann interactive timeline

    Madeleine McCann
    McCanns in book row with cop
    Daily Telegraph, 18 May 2009
    McCanns to sue ex-policeman
    NEWS.com.au, 17 May 2009
    What happened to Madeleine?
    Herald Sun, 3 May 2009
    Maddie cops arrest pedophile suspects
    NEWS.com.au, 20 Jan 2009 "Kate and Gerry are both keen to put the truth of everything that has happened on record. It will be a detailed account of their experience, from the pain of the night Madeleine was kidnapped to being named as official suspects in the investigation."

    Scott Pack, a former executive of British bookshop chain Waterstone's, said the McCann book would fall into the category of "misery memoir" or "inspirational biography".

    "I'm sure there will be huge interest among publishers because it has the potential to be a huge success and they will not want it to go to someone else," Mr Pack said.

    The proceeds of any deal would go to the Find Madeleine Fund, which has received more than pound £1.5 million in public donations and a libel payout.

    The couple are staying at their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, having ruled out a return to Portugal while they remain official suspects.

    They told a television documentary to be broadcast this week that after visiting a centre for missing children in the US, they had renewed confidence their daughter could be found alive.

    A number of books about the disappearance have already appeared.

    The Portuguese detective in charge of the investigation is reported to have almost finished writing an account of his five months on the case.

    - The Times


  13. Anon Mr.Greene is neither Brainless nor an Imbecile, he has a very good point, you do not agree that is fair enough but insults are uncalled for when you are an educated person.

    However, you also raise a very good point , why the Mccanns do not involve Scotland Yard in this case and ask them to do an aged photo of madeleine...Could it be if Scotland Yard got involved the mccanns may be asked a few questions they would rather not answer.


  14. and if they wrote a book would we be searching for it in the fiction section.............

  15. If little maddie's body is ever found what state will it be in and how useful will any DNA then be in finding out what happened to her.

    The only hope of any justice and truth for this child is if Mr Amerel gets the Maccanns in court, if not they will get away with everything and they know it. Nothing will have been proved and they will go on with this Lie forever. That child is a money machine for them.

  16. Whoever said they didn't know why the age progression was not done in the UK - I don't know why not. However, the producer of Oprah could have set up this age progression picture prior to the McCanns going to the US to appear on the show.

    Obviously, you don't need me to tell you that the Oprah show is watched by millions of people from different countries. Also, I question anyone that would even question the FBI.

    No one is looking for the same colour hair band.

  17. Anonymous, I never thought about Oprah paying for the age progression picture. That makes sense. The McCanns would have had to use the Fund money otherwise.

    As far as Oprah is concerned, I do full well millions of people watch her show. My question was how many people in the UK or Europe saw it?

    I still don't know why they haven't done something similar for a European audience.

    Maybe it's just me.

  18. I have always wondered about the relationship between Ed Smart and Mccann. He became friends with him at the beginning of this story, I do not believe the Smart story either for different reasons Elizabeth returned home 9 months later plump rosy cheeked with a sense of well being nothing like the story portrayed of an abused unfed child that was abducted from her home.

    Mccann told Smart in a private conversation that he would not be surprised if the PJ did not plant something in the car..this told by Smart to Larry King Live.

    Smart also had people in and out of the house before the police arrived destroying any evidence also forensic said that the window mesh was slashed from inside out so the abductor could not have gained entry that way. Smart also does not discuss this.

    Smart became very good friends with Winfrey did the same talk show Winfrey spent a day in their home Elizabeth was only asked questions her father permitted...not wanting to upset her. A movie was made books were written all with Smarts control wanting to tell "their story" if Smart did not have control there would be no movie.

    This case has never come to trial the couple are still held in prison due to their "mental" state they are not fit to go on trial, that is the story...so again we only know one side the SMART side just like the Mccann side. Smart knows a lot of powerful people and has managed to make a fortune from this story and I believe it is a story and the truth of what really happened will never be known.

    I believe when the Mccanns went on the Winfrey show they thought the same would happen to them a movie offer and a book deal this is where they would make the big bucks and even maybe move and live in the states but it all went wrong big time...We have heard of nothing that has helped find madeleine with this new photo or their trip. Ed Smart who at one time was close to Mccann has remained silent.


  19. http://www.parentsbehavingbadly.com/2007/09/09/british-couple-kate-and-gerry-mccann-named-as-suspects-in-daughters-death/

    Joana , I do not know if you have this link. Parents Behaving Badly. The stories are unbelievable and make you weep to think what a parent can do to a child.


  20. Why is everyone discussing an imaginary photo of what Maddie may have looked like had she been alive? Pointless exersice in my view.

  21. Parents behaving Badly.

    Woman accused of killing daughter and faking kidnapping
    by Trench Reynolds on April 26th, 2009
    Lancaster woman arrested in death of her 18-month-old daughter:

    24-year-old Stacey Barker of Lancaster, California was arrested this past Thursday in the death of her 18-month-old daughter Emma.

    Back in March Barker claimed that while she was at a park with her daughter someone struck her from behind and took Emma. Barker even had head trauma to show for it. Later Barker recanted that story and told police her daughter died in an accident and led them to her body. Barker’s head trauma may have been self inflicted.

    The cause of death has been sealed as the investigation continues.

    Ok people, listen up. If God forbid your child actually does die in an accident don’t do anything like this. Call the authorities and explain to them everything that happened. Even if you are criminally negligible in the accident you would just make things worse for yourself if you did something like this.

    Anyway, police believe that Barker actually killed her own daughter



  22. [Quote Ironside://Ok people, listen up. If God forbid your child actually does die in an accident don’t do anything like this. Call the authorities and explain to them everything that happened. Even if you are criminally negligible in the accident you would just make things worse for yourself if you did something like this.
    Anyway, police believe that Barker actually killed ://end of quote]

    A good advise, only the McCnns think they can go on and on and on with lies and fool the whole world (They think)with permittance of the Government, how is this possible?? Who do they think we, all over the world, are?

  23. http://daveross.wordpress.com/2008/01/26/the-madeleine-mccann-story-auction-what-price-a-childs-life/

    What price a childs life?...This is from 2008...Ophra sadly did not grill the Mccanns...but looking on the bright side they did not get the big bucks...


  24. ''I have always wondered about the relationship between Ed Smart and Mccann. He became friends with him at the beginning of this story, I do not believe the Smart story either for different reasons Elizabeth returned home 9 months later plump rosy cheeked with a sense of well being nothing like the story portrayed of an abused unfed child that was abducted from her home.''

    Jesus, you are simply unbelievable. What kind of kick do you get from propagating this nonsense? Would you have been happy if she died? You make it sound like it.
    Your entire thought process is a mystery to most peole.

  25. Ironside, I forgot where I was for a moment - Parents acting badly - how about adults acting badly? Some of you can be found on this site - were you not supporting Levy until Joana wrote a scathing article on his manipulations and fraud?

    You are assuming an awful lot - why would the McCanns not go for the best interviewer in the world -they did (Oprah - unless of course you want to debate this point). As for how many people saw the interview in Europe - probably more than you're willing to admit.

    As for the money they weren't paid who's to say that Oprah did not contribute a substantial amount to the fund anonymously. I suspect she did because she herself said this was the most heartbroking interview she had ever participated in.

    As for the book deals and movie rights, how do you know it isn't happening as we speak? Elizabeth has returned a couple of years now and they're just working on getting the movie out and I believe the book just came out.

  26. Joana, what about that story of the disappearence of the blue tennis bag.
    Was this story made up by somebody?
    Who can tell me?

  27. For some unknown reason, Maddie's photo with the tennis balls disapeared of Madeleine's site.
    Or perhaps for some known reason.
    That red spot, near her wrist.
    Obviously no sun burn.
    Her "last"photo is also strange.
    She looks much younger and she is not as sun burned as she is with the tennis balls.

    Paula, California

  28. Good morning Paula, interesting point. Amaral in his book said that maddie played mini tennis on the court on the 1st May...on the morning of the 3rd Maddie went out in a boat. I ask the question why did Bridget O donnell when she wrote her article say about the morning of the 3rd and I quote " children were playing tennis some of the parents took photos madeleine MUST have been there, they all looked the same pink and blonde".

    No mention of Maddie on any tennis court on the 3rd in Amarals book so why does Bridget say this. No mention either of seeing the mccanns that morning..Therefore the tennis shot was taken on the 1st May where it is noticeable that maddie has marks on her wrists.

    The children were always in the creche I doubt very much that BOD had ever met or seen maddie.

    Agree maddies skin tone is very different to the last photo, the one from the 1st May if that is the case maddie has a little tan. ..around the pool her skin is baby white. Odd.


  29. the McCann couple is a good lesson to all parents

    having children is not a ego thing (maybe childless is not good to fellow doctor friends) or must have thing in life for women before 40 for body clock reasons

    lesson is to treat your flesh and blood with all your love

  30. The picture of Madeleine that was on the first posters, is nothing like how Madeleine looked at the time she disappeared.
    It shouldn’t have said ‘Look into my eyes’ but ‘Look at my eyes’.
    What do we see if we look at Madeleine’s eyes in numerous pictures?
    We see normal eyes and we see severely swollen eyes. Swollen eyelids, to the extent that you can hardly see her eyelashes anymore. No healthy child has swollen eyes like that.
    Such swelling of the eyes can be an indication of heart failure, kidney problems etc.
    Taken into account that Madeleine had Coloboma (eye) which is an indication of an underlying genetic defect and subsequent health problems, Madeleine might not at all have been as healthy as the parents want us to believe.

    And why did Kate keep stressing that Madeleine was so tired she had to carry her home on the 3rd of May? Madeleine, who was described on numerous occasions as been a hyperactive kid.
    They were supposed to go to the children’s playground. But they didn’t because Madeleine was tired?

    And why does a cardiologist take Terfenadine with him on a holiday? Terfenadine is an antihistamine that is no longer available for prescription in the UK because people have died from it because it can cause cardiac arrhytmia. This has been know since 1990. Terfanadine has been superseded by much safer antihistamines.
    Who was the Terfanadine for?

  31. Have a look at this, about Elizabeth Smart, very interesting:

    "Things Elizabeth Smart could have
    done to escape her captors.


  32. Anon...Elizabeth Smart was "abducted" in June 2002 more than a couple of years ago I would say..the movie came out the following year Nov 2003..

    I have never been a fan of Duarte Levy or believed his story about the photographs or Kates attempted suicide.

    Best do your homework before you bad mouth people otherwise you look rather foolish.


  33. Anon one more point...many people in the states believe that Elizabeth was a runaway and that when she was fed up came back home..Mitchel the said "abductor" has hepatitus C...Elizabeth does not. The Mormon rules in the house of Ed Smart are very hard for a girl who has justed reached 14 years..he likes to control, he is still in control.




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