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Maddie’s Blanket Missing from the Ocean Club

Could it have been used in a funerary ceremony at the Luz chapel? Gonçalo Amaral doesn't dismiss that as possibility.

The issue was brought to light, in an enigmatic approach, during the interview given by the McCann couple to Oprah Winfrey. What had happened to the blanket that Maddie used to be covered with – almost as if it was a protective and comforting safeguard – and that was photographed by the PJ, in the day of her disappearance from the Ocean Club apartment, on the bed of the English girl? Gerry and Kate gulped in silence and were unable to answer in a consistent manner to the mediatic TV show host.

Gonçalo Amaral, the former inspector who coordinated the investigations on the case, in declarations to the «SP» recalls to have seen the blanket in the Ocean Club apartment, on the evening of the 3rd of May, close to cuddle cat (the plush toy), that the child usually carried with her. The former inspector thought that it was odd that that blanket went missing in the immediate days that followed, when searches where made to locate the child. And he highlights, that incidentally, textile fibres (in connection with the cadaver odour scented by the British dogs) were detected in the Renault Scenic that the McCann Couple rented in the Algarve and which was used in a long and mysterious trip that they made to Spain.

As a result of the investigations that have been made by own account after he was removed from the case, Gonçalo Amaral does not dismiss the possibility that the said blanket was used as a funeral blanket in a secret funerary ceremony made in the church of Luz, sustaining that illation in depositions from sources that he believes to be credible, between them, the one of Father José Manuel Pacheco from the Luz chapel [see previous post].

Still according to the former inspector, the Catholic Church knows about that secret which might be, supposedly, known to high positioned figures inside the clergy. In fact, one poorly clarified point in this strange story is the fact that the couple had access to the church keys, which were handed to them by the Anglican priest, who has justified that fact with the necessity of praying for their daughter, away of the media spotlights.

Gonçalo Amaral sustains that the key to the discovery of Maddie’s disappearance is in the Village of Luz and that, if this new clue is duly followed by the authorities, may become decisive to unravel the mystery.

Paulo Sargento: «Public Ministry Cannot Dismiss the Blanket’s Disappearance»

Paulo Sargento, the psychologist which usually comments on the TV aspects related to the Maddie case, explained to «SP» the importance that this blanket had to the British child : “The blankets, toys, and other objects acquire a special meaning for children at early stages of their lives. Dr. Winnicot, a famous paediatrician, conceived a designation of transitional objects (most times, plush toys, small blankets, diapers, etc...) which attain some special characteristics to children. Has I have been saying, this objects that the paediatrician adjectived of transitional, are invested of a particular passion by the children, even some addiction (in the sense of affective dependency), since they possess symbolic characteristics of security, comfort, care and other qualities which emanate from the maternal figure.”

For Paulo Sargento, the thesis that Gonçalo Amaral revealed at first hand to «SP» that the blanket could have been used in a funerary ceremony at the Luz chapel “is very interesting”.

And he adds: “In reality, when the McCanns went to Oprah’s Show [video excerpt here], the blanket was mentioned. At a given moment, when Oprah tells Kate that she heard her mention a blanket several times, Kate argued that a mother who misses a child always wants to know if she is comfortable, if she is warm, and added, referring to Maddie, that sometimes she asked herself if the person who had taken her would cover her up with her little blanket (but the blanket was on the bed after Maddie, supposedly, disappeared!!!).

Well, that blanket is missing. Nobody knows where it is. But, this brief dialogue between Oprah and Kate is bizarre and looks like a slip. It seems that blanket is a word that shouldn’t have emerged under that circumstance because it didn’t find a meaning that would fit into the conversation, and the justification was very confusing”.

For Paulo Sargento, this piece of data should have been investigated without any prejudice, taking into view the possibility of someone within the Church keeping a prudent silence about the matter: “The Catholic Church follows a divine saying, that is sometimes applied to Zeno of Cyprus: “If God gave us two ears and one mouth, it was because we are meant to listen twice as much as we talk.”

The Catholic Church has had the capacity to remain silent, to keep secrets and to transform them into myths”. The psychologist has no doubts: “The disappearance of one object from the frame of a crime scene cannot be dismissed this lightly. The decisions lie in the hands of the Prosecutor and the Public Ministry”.

in Semanário Privado, 1 July 2009 - Paper Edition Only


  1. Gerry paused over Madeleine, who – a typical doctor’s observation, this – was lying almost in “the recovery position” with Cuddle Cat, the toy her godfather, John Corner, had bought her, and her comfort blanket up near her head, and Gerry thought how gorgeous, how lovely-looking she was and how lucky he was. Putting the door back to five degrees, he went to the loo and left to return to the restaurant. That, of course, was the last time he would see his daughter.


  2. Bitter sweet...Madeleine is buried somewhere in Praia da Luz wrapped in her pink comfort blanket...and she did get the last rites and some kind of fucked up ceremony to mark her passing.
    The priests with their pacts of silence regarding confessions should be ashamed of themselves, if this is right they not only kept the secret, they helped the bastards get away with murder...I know the church does not relate amnything they hear in confessions..but having secret ceremonies for murder victims is taking the piss.

  3. Se alguém, além do Sr Gonçalo Amaral, tivesse realmente interesse em continuar esta investigação haveria com certeza inúmeras provas e pistas que levariam aos responsáveis pelo "desaparecimento" da menina e à verdade do que realmente lhe sucedeu.Surpreendentemente, tanto em Inglatera como em Portugal há uma vontade mais que evidente de não se voltar a tocar neste assunto.Gonçalo Amaral está a tornar-se incómodo e é por isso que tem que ser calado custe o que custar.Basta ver a celeridade com que é dado seguimento aos processos em que é acusado de tortura.Basta ver como foi condenado num julgamento completamente surreal, onde o próprio juíz admitiu a completa falta de credibilidade da suposta vítima.A justificação de que o caso foi arquivado por falta de provas e que será reaberto quando novas pistas surgirem não passa de uma desculpa esfarrapada.As provas e as pistas existiam na altura e entretanto surgiram novas informações que seriam mais que suficientes para reabrir a investigação se de outro caso se tratasse.Este é especial.Falta saber porquê.

  4. Standing Firm Beside The McCanns
    11:41am UK, Wednesday February 27, 2008

    Kate Sullivan, Sky News Online, Portugal

    In the four months since Madeleine disappeared, Father Haynes Hubbard has become an expert at giving television interviews.

    Father Haynes Hubbard

    "Give me some level," the cameraman asked him. And he knew exactly what was needed.

    "Five, six, seven, eight, nine?" he replied as the microphone picked up his gentle voice.

    But just as Father Hubbard's interviewwas about to start inside the church where the McCanns have been praying for their daughter, there was a problem: no tape in the camera.

    "Oh Jesus," said the cameraman, instantly realising his mistake. Father Hubbard turned away.

    Back on track just a minute later and there was another halt to proceedings. Of all people, here were the Girl Guides saying they needed to clean the church.

    "We have to respect that," the Father said.

    And so the interview was moved outside, into the burning afternoon sun.

    By this time a crowd had gathered, waiting to see if they could pick up any hint of another development in the case, and drawn by the smattering of media.

    But Father Hubbard didn't even blink at the attention.

    In his thoughtful, calm manner he tapped his fingers before answering almost every question.

    He was careful of what he said, knowing by now that something that sounds perfectly innocent in speech can sometimes make an eye-catching headline when written down or on camera.

    He proves unswerving in his support for the McCanns.

    "The whole idea of what the police are suggesting sounds preposterous to me," he said. "The people I know have not harmed their child."

    And he should know. Father Hubbard has become a close friend of the McCanns through their ordeal.

    "Their sadness has become our sadness," he told Sky News Online. "They are part of our family here - not strangers or pariahs. Like our sister and our brother as Madeleine is like our daughter."

    His wife Susan has spent much time with the couple, helping them to look after their twins when they have needed to be elsewhere.

    "We stand with them throughout, whatever happens," the priest added.

    Father Hubbard says the couple are dealing with the latest developments "as well as you or I would face this situation".

    And asked what he thought of the criticism levelled at the McCanns for showing little emotion, he responded bluntly: "I'm not sure what people are wanting.

    "Weeping in public won't bring Madeleine back. But speaking, asserting, asking and begging might change a heart somewhere."

  5. Excuse me, but if the blanket is missing how can Amaral claim that there were matching fibres in the car?
    What were they matched against?

    This story has more holes than a Swiss cheese.

  6. I'm horrified, horrified!
    I'm Catholic and I feel ashamed for my Church.
    How could those priests allow Murat being made arguido, allow him to suffer the way he did, allow Luz get in financial trouble.
    Allow the PJ to spend such a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous (Swiss Cheese), yes, that was my first thought but I think the confusion is in the word 'the', which implies there is a definite connection. If you omit the word 'the', so that it reads: 'And he highlights, that incidentally, textile fibres... were detected...' it makes more sense. I believe he is simply saying that there were fibres found in the Scenic that MAY be matched IF the missing blanket could be found. As we don't have the original source text, we'll have to wait for Jo to clear this up for us.

  8. Swiss cheese,

    in case of a crime every police take monsters of everything they find.
    Maybe there were fibres left on the bed.

  9. ahh thank you Nige, I understand the issue now, correcting and adding the rest of the translation.

  10. Anonymous: undefined” you mean samples?

  11. Thanks for clearing that up, Jo. And thanks for bringing us this article and the Father Pacheco one. Could I ask you what 'Semanário Privado' is? Obviously weekly, but is it a magazine or a newspaper?

  12. It's a new weekly nespaper, Semanário Privado [Private Weekly -literate translation]; this was taken from their first issue, if I'm not mistaken. The paper is said to be runned just by journalists, i.e. no opinion-makers or columnists, this article for example, in 4 pages was written by the former director of 'O Crime' tabloid, José Leite and others. Unfortunately, the style used, in this article at least, it's still very much similar to the tabloid 'O Crime', which is something that I can safely say, is worst than the SUN. I'll send you an email with the pages.

    hugs xox

  13. Thanks, Joana, I mean samples.

    "Monster"is Dutch for samples.

  14. Joana, thank you so much for all your work.
    I'm deadly shocked.
    Now I understand where the power of the Mccanns come from: the Catholic Church.
    They must have lied to the fucking Pacheco that it was an accident, they found the child dead, they would lose the twins, Pacheco helped them and the Church got in trouble.
    Imagine such a news all over the world`!
    "Priest covers up a murder!"
    That's why Amaral was fired from this case. Too smart.
    I fear for his life.
    It is known that the Catholic Church's secret service is even better than the Mossad.
    Oh yeah, they must know a lot about him and the PJ.
    Who took the pink blanket from the apartment?
    Somebody with a key.From the Ocean Club? From the PJ? A "thief'?

  15. I can only comment here now Jo!

    I have been removed from the 3 A's for suggesting that people who support the McCanns respond to criticism like Michael Jackson fans.

    Something has gone rotten in the 3 Arguidos - first my ID was leaked on a petition I dodnt even sign and now this.

  16. So, first this strange pink blanket was put on Maddie's legs when she was in the arms of her abductor?


    And later, the kidnapper came back into the flat without Madeleine, to put the pink blanket back on Maddie's bed ?

    (Photo on your post)

    And third, after the police took a photo of the pink blanket on the bed, it disappeared?

    I hope that this strange pink blanket could come back twice, and explain why it could be there, here, and nowhere.

  17. Hubbard is not a priest from the Roman Catholic church. The Maccanns are a bad example of catholsim. Most of the sevices they went to in Portugal were not Roman Catholic.
    The maccann's are not devout Catholics its a cover for them.

  18. I believe we might have some different hypothesis which might have lead to some erroneous conclusions or thesis.

    Either Oprah was misinformed - after all we don't know how well and to which extent her team researched the McCann case - therefore she talked about that blanket story as if she had read it herself in the media. Which is odd, at the same time, since most likely the questions were arranged between the McCanns and Oprah's production beforehand. So, why to mention the blanket, the blanket that is now missing? Was it mentioned on purpose, with a specific intent? Also, if the questions were pre-combined then the 'slip' and the subsequent answer wasn't really a 'slip'... it was staged, a script...? It's a possibility.

    Or it could be the case that in the Portuguese translation/subtitles of Oprah's show broadcast by SIC, something made Dr. Sargento and Dr. Amaral assume the story differently from the exact meaning.

    However, the fact is that the blanket is missing, and Dr. Amaral probably bases his thesis on more that we know.

    In the article it is said that ''Gonçalo Amaral does not dismiss the possibility that the said blanket was used as a funeral blanket in a secret funerary ceremony made in the church of Luz, sustaining that illation in depositions from sources that he believes to be credible(...)'' - so, apparently there are witness statements which sustain this theory.

    We also have to remember that the McCanns request for a priest at 3am, on the night of the 3rd - which a witness [Silvia Batista] affirms that was strange, since Maddie wasn't dead [McCann had affirmed to her that the girl was abducted] and it's generally in those circumstances that someone calls for a priest, that is, if you are really a church goer and all that.

    Again, we were given a different image regarding the McCanns religious drive by Kate's mother, an image of a couple that wasn't much interested in going to church, or too devout - and here is where I was lead to believe that the McCanns just used that exaggerated religiosity [going to Fátima, going to the Vatican, going to the church of Luz every day before running away from PT] as a card played for the world wide audience, a mask to look pious...

    We can't as well forget the odd mileage of the rented car, the long trip to Spain, and the cadaver odour and fibres that were found in the vehicle rented by the McCanns 23 days later. Or the 15 markers FSS report which generated from samples of blood and body fluids found only in the McCanns apartment and car; the report even though it was inconclusive had a genetical similarity to Maddie's profile.

    All in all, the archival of the process, with so many questions still to be answered, was premature, and should be reopened to continue the investigation.

  19. I don't believe they drove to Spain with a cadaver in the car.
    Too risky, they could get an accident, a colision, tecnical problems or even be part of a long queue, for hours and hours.
    She could be buried in a very old grave on the cemetery of Luz.

  20. Well, I'll be surprised if my comments will be published, but then again, there are more websites to put it on so that the truth comes out!

    This whole article on the little pink blanket is just complete spinning!

    Quote: from this article:
    Gonçalo Amaral,.. recalls to have seen the blanket in the Ocean Club apartment, on the evening of the 3rd of May, close to cuddle cat (the plush toy),.. Unquote.

    This is a blatant lie! Amaral never sets eyes on the blanket.
    Amaral was NOT even on the scene on the evening Maddie disapeared.

    Quote from the book: Maddie, the truth behind the lies.

    It is midnight when I receive the news about the disappearance of a little four-year-old English girl..

    That evening, on arriving home, I see Inès, my younger daughter, who is sleeping close to my wife, Sofia.

    I make lots of phone calls and send a text message to the director of the Faro Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC): child, English, aged 4, disappeared from a Praia da Luz hotel. That is enough'.Unquote.
    And Amaral fell asleep....??!!

    Amaral went to the apartment not as early as the NEXT morning. That was AFTER McCanns collected their personal stuff, incl. Cuddle Cat.
    (and the blanket...?)

    Quote from his book Chapter 3

    'During the morning, the deputy director of the Faro police judiciaire joins us...He asks how the searches are going and decides to go to Vila da Luz to check for himself the operations that have been set up. I go with him. When we arrive, we find that the media, Portuguese as well as English, are present en masse. 'Unquote.

    So there you have it.

    Paulo Sargento and I do wonder what his agenda is.....
    Oprah mentioned the blanket, not Kate. I suppose the blanket is in Rothley, because it was never taken in for forensic exmaniations!

    Amaral, Sargento, even Levy can fool around with the public what they want, but people are not stupid! The truth will always comes out.

  21. Anonymous @ 06:54, that is a very, very poor translation that you have. It says nowhere in the book that Mr Amaral went to sleep; quite to the contrary. Maybe you have the wrong book? Or maybe someone is deliberately distributing an 'alternative' version of the book? Could it be that you have been misled? In my opinion, you should be careful in posting those quotes all over the internet - because they are incorrect. And nobody wants to spread incorrect information, surely.
    A suggestion: find yourself a professional, independent translator (not me, I'm not a professional and to your eyes, I'm not independent, either) and have the book adequately translated. Then, we can discuss fairly - and discussion is more than welcome!

  22. “Ao mesmo tempo, ao que o CM apurou, Aragão Correia exige, num processo separado, uma indemnização entre cem a 500 mil euros por alegada difamação de Gonçalo Amaral. Em causa estão declarações do ex-coordenador da PJ na imprensa, em meados deste mês, a sugerir o internamento do advogado que defende Leonor e Leandro.” Correio da Manha 2/7

    Afinal deve ser desta historia que vem os 100 mil a 500 mil Euros apregoados pelo DL como exigencia dos Mccann no processo contra Amaral. Comeca a encontrar-se a cadeia de acontecimentos e os possiveis elos de ligacao. O Amaral e que e a vitima... traido por todos os lados.

    Nesta saga de vergonhas... pouco ou nada se faz para esclarecer o que se passou com as duas criancas e lhes fazer justica. Ate agora tem sido um desfiar de numeros e cada um mais ridiculo e insultuoso que o outro.
    Ja se percebe que o contrato do Aragao com os Mccann nao e um simples desfilar de dinheiro independente do resultado. Se ele nao conseguir silenciar de vez o G. Amaral, com prisao efectiva ou algo mais sinistro, vai provavelmente ter de devolver muitos euros entretanto ja desembolsados pelos Mccann. Por isso quer entre 100 mil e 500 mil. E a velha historia... o pacote e tao bom que da para comerem todos.

    O povo portugues tambem fica a perceber, com esta acusacao do Ministerio Publico varias coisas:
    - O minist. P. Tem uma agenda e nao e a justica com toda a certeza.
    - O min. P. nao e uma entidade independente do poder politico.
    - O min. P. Odeia a Pj quando devia trabalhar em consonancia com ela.
    - O min. P. Esta interessado em silenciar G. Amaral porque a sua determinacao em continuar a procurar a justica para Maddie, e incomoda para o MP que arquivou mal o processo e e incomoda para o governo porque demonstra que houve pressao politica sobre a justica, para que o caso fosse arquivado sem investigacao.
    - O MP. Nao tem respeito pelos contribuintes portugueses ao levar adiante processos desta natureza, fundamentados em testemunhos pouco crediveis, em provas fracas e muitos anos depois dos factos terem ocorrido. Gastam dinheiro a julgar casos ridiculos e deixam fora dos tribunais e das prisoes, os perpetradores de crimes violentos que vitimam diariamente cidadaos inocentes ( CAR-Jacking, violadores,etc).
    - Para o cidado comum que acompanha com o minimo de atencao esta saga JOANA/MADDIE, fica claro que o Aragao tem interesses particulares nesta perseguicao e portanto se o MP fosse uma entidade seria e credivel, ha muito tempo teria ja investigado as intencoes deste advogado, exigido o retirar da carteira profissional e a suspensao por parte da Ordem de AD. E com isso teria dado um passo gigante na inv. ao caso Maddie. Se nao o faz e porque o Aragao lhes convem para cumprirem uma agenda.
    - Passaram 30 anos sobre o 25 de Abril, nao foi esta justica, nem este pais que a revolucao prometeu as geracoes nascidas depois desta data. Fazem-nos sentir saudades do passado que nao vivemos, mas que colocava Portugal no mapa dos grandes paises europeus. Existia a PIDE, temida por todos mas todos sabiam o que ela era capaz de fazer. Hoje fingem que ha democracia e liberdade e a justica mostra-nos que devemos desconfiar dos amigos e dos vizinhos porque podem acusar-nos apenas por sermos facilmente reconhecidos ou porque da geito a alguem para cumprir uma determinada agenda. JA NAO TEMOS SO QUE NOS DEFENDER DO CRIME DE RUA, TEMOS DE NOS DEFENDER DO CRIME ORGANIZADO PELO PROPRIO ESTADO.

    E TEMPO DE ORGANIZARMOS UMA PETICAO DIRIGIDA AO PRESIDENTE DA REPUBLICA PARA QUE SE TRAVE ESTA PERSEGUICAO E SE ESCLARECAM OS MEANDROS QUE A MOTIVAM. FEZ-SE TANTO BARULHO COM O NEGOCIO DA PT/ TVi , e tempo de fazermos barulho agora. Haja alguem capaz de redigir uma peticao bem feita para a por a circular na NET. E um convite Joana e Astro. Voces devem saber como fazer isso com a ajuda de um bom advogado. Eu estou fora de Portugal e por isso e mais dificil. Mas contem com milhoes de Portugueses espalhados pelo mundo. Se a fizerem... divulguem-na nos meios de comunicacao social de forma massiva.

  23. Either way one thing is true the mccanns should not have been allowed back in that apartment. Was NMccann not also let back in the following day leaving with a suitcase and bucket and spade.

    Pretext bucket and spades for the twins to play on the beach,,but what was in the suitcase no one checked did they...Looks like the mccanns walked away with all the evidence against them.

    If this GNR story is true and had something to do with what he saw that night I hope he speaks up.


  24. The Priest, it is Priest Hubbard. He share the church with Priest Pacheco. I read somewhere that the twins use to stay with his wife when they move to the new rented villa instead of going to the Ocean Club nursery. This surprise me at the time... The Mccann's are on Holidays, why they need to leave the twins with somebody? What are they doing that the twins cannot take part of the affair?
    Priest Hubbard family became the most close to the Mccann's in Portugal.

    In Priest Pacheco Words, even if he refuses to give concrete answers, I think we can see many answers... he believes that priest hubbard know's alot and he can hold part of the key to solve the mistery. Even if he was not Tapas 10, peraphs he know's who is...

  25. Anonymous@6.54 what are you actually trying to say. That Amaral is making up stories and people who do not believe the Mccann myth have a secret agenda against them ?

    Blanket or no blanket, nobody believes the abductor theory and nobody believes the Mccann story. Unless they confess nobody will know in exact detail what happend to the little girl.

    One thing is for sure, they lied and innocent parents do not.

  26. One thing amazes me once again:
    How was it possible for the blanket to have disappeared from the O.Club a few days later?
    Why was the blanket still there, supposedly in the hands of the McCanns? Shouldn't it have been seized by the PJ?
    How was it possible that the first PJ detectives who arrived on the scene(called in by the GNR)failled to collect ALL items inside the room for forensics? Why weren't the bedding(sheets, covers, blankets) and cuddle-cat and the said pink blanket seized and sent to the forensic lab.?
    Why did the PJ only take photos of the scene? Photos were not nearly enough, all objects should have been taken away. How on earth is it possible that it was all left behind and that the apartment was not sealed and guarded, preventing anyone else but the police to gain entrance? When Gerry went back to collect clothes and other "bits and bobs", was he alone or was surveilled by the police?
    Many voices rose in criticism of the PJ methods, of how they have failled in many aspects of this investigation, that many mistakes were made...it sure seems so!

  27. rumeurs, rumeurs, rumeurs..

    totaly agree with ananymous@06.54
    1/ Amaral was not at the OC the 3
    2/ the blanket hasn't desappeared :
    Processos Vol V Pages 1335 – 1337
    Witness Statement

    Date: 2007-05-16

    Carlos Manuel Carvalho Lacao

    Occupation: GNR Officer

    He has been a GNR officer since 1988. He holds the post of soldier and currently works in the Portimao Territorial Group, working within the forensics service.

    On 4th May he was called at about 01.15 when he was asleep at home, requesting him to appear at the Lagos GNR post as a small girl had disappeared. After arriving at the GNR post with his colleagues Morais and two dogs (Numi and Kit), German Shepherd dogs, which made up the search team, they immediately left for P da L. They arrived at about 02.30.

    When they arrived at the scene, they entered the McCann’s apartment by the front door, and entered the living room, where there were some PJ officers as well as the MCCann couple. The just talked to some colleagues from the PJ and asked for a piece of clothing that Madeleine had worn or used recently. They were given a pink/orange blanket that the child had been covered with in her bed.

  28. ANON:
    "This is a blatant lie! Amaral never sets eyes on the blanket.
    Amaral was NOT even on the scene on the evening Maddie disapeared.

    Quote from the book: Maddie, the truth behind the lies.

    It is midnight when I receive the news about the disappearance of a little four-year-old English girl..

    That evening, on arriving home, I see Inès, my younger daughter, who is sleeping close to my wife, Sofia.

    I make lots of phone calls and send a text message to the director of the Faro Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC): child, English, aged 4, disappeared from a Praia da Luz hotel. That is enough'.Unquote.
    And Amaral fell asleep....??!! "



  29. ANON: "Why was the blanket still there, supposedly in the hands of the McCanns? Shouldn't it have been seized by the PJ?
    How was it possible that the first PJ detectives who arrived on the scene(called in by the GNR)failled to collect ALL items inside the room for forensics? Why weren't the bedding(sheets, covers, blankets) and cuddle-cat and the said pink blanket seized and sent to the forensic lab.?"

    Most probably because the Inspectors are not free to do whatever they want. They need an autorization from a judge or from the head of the PJ. This is why G. Amaral claims that there was political pressures from the beginnig. They are not allowed to do what was supposed to. Instead they are forced to treat the case as an abduction even without any evidence and leave the parents in peace with their pain. The problem it was... that along the investigation no any evidence to suport the abduction was found and the PJ pressured by the Media start's to show the world all the pressures and bring the investigation to the way which should be- The parents. When that happened, G. Amaral was removed because he is not following the political agenda agreed with PJ head at the beginning.

  30. Pelos vistos a história do cobertor está a incomodar muita gente.Apressaram-se logo a "traduzir " algumas partes do livro dor Gonçalo Amaral distorcendo o que lá vem escrito de modo a terem mais uma oportunidade para lançarem suspeitas sobre aqueles que têm questionado desde o início a versão do rapto e para poderem "bater " mais um bocadinho na pj o que parece que se vem tornando uma espécie de desporto.


    His book in French (legal translation).

    "Le soir du 3 mai 2007, je décide de dîner à la brasserie Carvi dans le centre de Portimao...

    Il est minuit lorsque je reçois la nouvelle de la disparition d'une petite Anglaise de 4 ans. C'est la garde nationale républicaine qui en a informé la permanence de la police.

    Un inspecteur est envoyé immédiatement sur place afin de procéder aux premières constatations. Un expert scientifique chargé de la protection du local le rejoindra.
    Toutes les précautions sont prises afin de préserver les éventuels indices et éléments de preuve.

    J'exige d'être informé très régulièrement et, avant de rentrer, je passe à la permanence de la police pour vérifier que toutes les mesures urgentes ont bien été acheminées. Le chef de garde a déjà alerté les autorités policières de l'Aéroport de Faro et le poste de contrôle installé sur le pont de Guadiana."

  32. Joana, is there any proof Amaral and Sargento really said this above?
    Did you check on them?

  33. http://justice4mccannfam.blogspot.com/2009_06_01_archive.html

    Scroll down looks like kate is holding a striped blanket...


  34. Never mind the blanket the bed hadn't been slept in.


  35. The scene looks very staged...If maddie was holding that cat while sleeping it maybe would have fallen to the floor. Amaral said there was no proof of lack of sheets in the twins cots...Here there is proof there is not a sheet in this cot...no mark of a head in the bed either..no child was in that bed that night...kate said in her diary She the twins and maddie sat on that bed....No way.


  36. I don't think she was burried in the blanket.

    If they keep saying: 'find the body and prove we killed her' they have to be very certain that that will never happen.

    I think it means they KNOW that will never happen. And one way to make sure a body will never be found (or the pink blanket) is when the body has been cremated along with the blanket.

  37. In his book, Amaral tells he went to eat something,after have finished his work,he finished eating and at about midnight he was about to drive home, when he got a call from the GNR, about the disappearence.
    He took several mesures, calling people, giving instructions around and still went back to the police station, before going home.
    I expect the McCanns to sue him, because he did not go immediately to Praia da Luz. The world is born to serve them.

  38. Nige, Swiss Cheese here - even allowing for the mistranslation, the story is still balderdash.
    GA says he got the 'evidence' from Pacheco, who says he knows NOTHING. There is nothing in the files about fibres in the car, nada. Are we now to claim that there is lots of crucial forensic evidence ommitted from the files, evidence that would have been sent to the labs?
    I'm sorry, but this is a cheapo weekly tabloid launch story.
    Shame on anyone - Sargento, Amaral - anyone - giving it any kind of legitimacy. If senior investigators are dropping this sort of stuff into the mix two years down the line then it's pretty much horrifying. Smearing the church, too:-(

  39. The prists need a kicking..they have aided and abetted a crime...against a minor..I dont give a fuck abut their belief in confessions being kept secret..its a cop out,and if God does want things this way he is a corrupt God.

  40. Gonçalo Amaral, the former inspector who coordinated the investigations on the case, in declarations to the «SP» ...

    What is SP? And is the SP report open to the public and if not, why not?


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