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Marcos Aragão Correia launches ‘support site’ for Leonor, Leandro, Kate and Gerry

A new website was launched this week, dedicated to the "memory of Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro and Madeleine Beth McCann”. The website, which is owned by Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer for Leonor Cipriano and Leandro Silva, traces parallels between the cases of missing children Joana and Madeleine, stating that both girls “continue to protect” their parents even though “very far away from here”.

Leaving no doubts concerning what Mr Correia believes happened to both Joana and Madeleine – “abused and murdered” -, said website dedicates less energy and resources to ‘supporting’ the two couples than to attacking Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária Coordinator who led the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão during the investigation into the Joana case, and during part of the investigation into the Madeleine case.

The opening statement by the website’s author, which mentions that “Gonçalo Amaral is one of those evil, very evil persons”, is written in an almost childish language, describing Leonor, Leandro, Kate and Gerry as “mommies and daddies, so beloved by their little girls”.

The insistent comparison between the two couples is only briefly interrupted to state that the McCanns, English citizens with "money, social standing and good connections", were spared Mr Amaral's "Macchiavellian action against the rights of those children and their parents", contrary to what happened to Joana's family.

An ‘open letter’ to Gonçalo Amaral, authored by Mr Correia, calls the former inspector “shameless”, and states that he, Marcos Aragão Correia, does not “support criminal presidents like the case of your [Amaral's] idol, George W Bush”. Furthermore, Mr Correia proclaims his belief in “Spirituality” and in communication with the dead, stating that the late Pope John Paul II believed in the same principles.

Mr Correia claims that, contrary to Gonçalo Amaral, he wants the missing children to be found, thus “unmasking the hideous, false Satanist ‘need’ to massively implant microchips in Human Beings”.

The letter finishes with the ‘promise’ that until Gonçalo Amaral “gives peace to the souls of these girls and their parents”, he will be relentlessly persecuted by Mr Correia, “in the name of Peace and Justice”.

Other areas of the website reproduce assorted legal documents that have been reported in the Portuguese press, namely Leonor Cipriano’s request for an extraordinary revision of the trial that condemned her over the murder of her daughter Joana, as well as 4 photos of each of the two "abused and murdered" girls.

In summary, a website that proclaims that "the mommies and daddies of Joana and Madeleine are not alone", and that those who support Leonor, Leandro, Kate and Gerry are part of "the front line that defends the implantation on Earth of a truly fair, charitable society, based exclusively on the loving Moral that constitutes the happiness of all fortunate planets" - it is not in vain that the website's title is "The little girls that came from the stars".

A mixture of esotericism and interplanetary spiritualism with the matching dose of political conspiracy theories, in what essentially seems to be nothing more than another excuse for the relentless demonization of Gonçalo Amaral, to a degree of almost insanity that drives the website’s author to accuse the former PJ coordinator of “opening his mouth that is filled with rot and bad breath to continue to unload the falseness, the lies, the hatred and the violence that characterise his poor beastly heart”.

Time will tell what ties actually bind the case of Joana to the case of Madeleine. Time will tell to what degree the comparison between Leonor and Leandro, and Kate and Gerry is adequate.

And time will, no doubt, tell who exactly it is that spreads lies, hatred and violence, in a self-admittedly persecutory exercise under the pretence of seeking Truth and Justice for two little girls who deserved so much better.


  1. Oh, dear me!

    I wonder if it's finally dawned on Team McCann what a mentally unstable loose cannon they've voraciously and opportunistically latched onto in Marcos Aragão Correia!?

    If it wasn't all so desperately sad and serious, I'd be falling about laughing right now at this latest outburst from a practising lawyer.

    Gonçalo Amaral was quite right to question Marcos Aragão Correia's state of mind. I believe he has mental health issues that need to be urgently addressed, not just for his own safety but for the safety of others.

  2. Time will tell what the similarities between those two horrid couples are.

    But, in between. How come that Marcos Aragão Correia can still be a practising lawyer ??

  3. cet avocat est du poil à gratter pour amaral.

    Il est peut être timbré mais il n'en demeure pas moins que deux disparitions de petites filles presque au même endroit, dans des conditions aussi mystérieuses avec toujours le même policier qui enquête et qui a les mêmes méthodes et les mêmes conclusions, c'est très louche!!

    On ne peut exclure qu'il y aurait pas un réseau de vente ou d'abus de ces enfnts dont amaral serait le protecteur!!! car pourquoi lui avoir donné l'enquete mccann alors qu'il a vait eu des problèmes avec l'nquête Joana??? qulle probablité pour qu'un lic de ce type de patelin puisse avoir des affaires aussi sensibles et proches? aucune normalement

  4. Oh dear, this person has really lost the plot. Is he serious. I guess the Mccanns will have to sue him also as madeleine he claims was murdered. No need for the fund then.
    His mental state seems to be worse than the mccanns claim theirs to be.


  5. Is this guy Mr Amaral's secret weapon in the quest for truth?

    Even McCann must be embarrassed to be associated with this nut.

    Anyway, must dash,I'm off to throw away my clothes and go tip-toeing through the tulips.

  6. The McCanns and Mitchell have said many times that the claim by Mr. Amaral and the portuguese police that Madeleine is dead was a disgrace and hinders the search for their daughter, because if people believe that she is dead people will not look for her( and of course, people will stop contributing to the fund), they have continuously menaced to take legal action against whoever perpetuates that claim... well, what do they make of this then?

    "Leaving no doubts concerning what Mr Correia believes happened to both Joana and Madeleine – “abused and murdered”"

    Are they going to set Aragão straight? Are they going to sue him for believing and saying that Madeleine is dead?

    As someone commented here, how is it possible that this man is still allowed to practice law? What will it take for the OA to revoke his licence???

  7. why making the connection between the two girls? Joana, her mother and uncle believe she is dead, according to the confession made by Leonor in a letter presented by Aragao: " she was killed by her uncle because he wants to sel her and she refused when she discovered the businness".
    Maddie, her parents believe she is alive on the care of somebody which love's her, this is why they updated to the media a picture of a 6 years old Maddie, so healthy and happy. THEN THE ONLY CONNECTION WHICH I CAN SEE, IS THE MONEY RUNNING FROM MADELEINE'S FUND INTO ARAGAO HANDS TO FEED THE BIGGEST JOKE WHICH BECAME MADDIE TRAGEDY WITH STAMP OF HER PARENTS. THIS IS ANNOTHER CRIME ON TOP OF MANY OTHERS.

    - Which other cases have he been involved as a lawyer, in the pass? With success or not?
    - Which other cases is he involved now, apart this two? As everybody else he needs a salary and a source of money to survive and to lunch all this peresecution into Amaral. Who pay him because I don;t believe the Ciprianos pay him and he was not nominated by the Ministery Public to defend Leonor, then is not payed by public taxes ( or is he? If this is the case then we have here a big scandal which needs to be highlighted in the media leaving Mr. Socrates in a very bad position).

    - What is the real purpose of Aragao Site? Making more dusty around two litle girls which from the day which they disapeared the only think they nedd is justice... A properly justice, punnishing who was directly involved on their disapearence and not the Police ( a huge team) which are called into the scene as part of their work? I hope the time will show me that I was wrong on my feelings. but I have the feeling that the real purpose of Mr. Aragao launching this site, have nothing to do with Maddie or Joana but he wants to know ( adresses, phone numbers and names) of people which usually post on blogs like this one, against the Mccann's. We will use is mental issue ( the paramental power which he claims but nobody can certify) to justify his illegal and criminous actions. This is the way he works until now. Ashame for Portugal as a free and democratic country.
    - Wonder to see if Mr. Mitchel or the Mccann's will react to the creation of that website. Pro or against the website? With the reaction or not, it is clear that having their names connected with Aragao will make more damage to their image. This lawyer have a serious mental issue which needs to be evalueted before he starts spreading the idea that justice his more a spiritual issue then a police or a Court issue.

    - I insist... WHY ONLY AMARAL? Whatever was done on Maddie or joana investigation, was the result of a huge team work involving polices, head of polices, judges, forensic doctors, etc. Shrinking this huge team into Amaral only, is a huge mistake and changes the sense of Aragao purpose from "DOUBTS" into " PERSONAL HUNTING" which is a crime and we cannot accept that crime.


  8. Seeing these two couples together side by side has made my day....Even Amaral has never said that Maddie was murdered although this could be a posibility. Raped and murdered and thrown into the lake within 48 hours of her going missing I believe is what Marcos said....someone spitting nails this morning over their full english perhaps.


  9. How unhappy the MacCanns must feel now, being compared to Leonor and Leandro.
    What a great favor Aragão Correia is doing to Amaral and the PJ, admiting both girls are dead and their bodies disappeared.
    People may not forget Amaral's book and documentary are only telling the conclusions of the PJ.
    As he said before, everything is on the files.
    Conclusion of many police investigators, including British ones, British dogs, etc.
    Amaral was the coordenator of the investigation and not investigating all by himself.
    The McCanns are descending their social level, thanks to Aragão Correia. They started with the ambassador, the Pope, Brown and they are now together with Leonor and Leandro.
    I think they belong to the Cipriano's social level.

    Macaca de Auditório

  10. Mary (Liverpool) EnglandSaturday, July 18, 2009 2:07:00 pm

    Pray to our Lady of Fatima to protect Mr Amerel, Please pray for him this must be a very testing time for him, but the truth is on his side its no contest. evil will never win,

  11. Dearest Mary from Liverpool,

    many of us are praying for Amaral, through the Virgin Mary.
    We know she is standing near him because he is honest and true.
    Madeleine's spirit is also near him, trusting him. He is the responsible, loving father she never had.
    He is the father who would have protected her from Payne, from the first moment after her birth.

  12. Who said Amaral does not want to find Joana and Madeleine?

    He is the one who is fighting the most to find both girls' bodies.

    He also knows both diserve a decent grave.

  13. I have no words to express what I think about this site of Marcos Aragão & McCann Associates but as Joana Morais says on her blog ..."everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words...", even when these thoughts came from a very insane mind (I add).

  14. Um site?
    Apenas vejo algumas acusações e calúnias contra Gonçalo Amaral e em defesa de assassinos!
    ESTE ARAGÃO não é o tal bruxo ou vidente que há tempos andava a pescar uns ossos na barragem do Arede?
    arranjem-lhe um Psiquiatra!


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