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Marcos Aragão Correia wants 500 thousand €uros from Gonçalo Amaral

The Lawyer of the former companion of Leonor Cipriano wants the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral to compensate his client with about 500 thousand euros for allegedly assaulting Leandro Silva.

The Public Ministry accused the former inspector of the Judiciary Police of aggressions to Leandro Silva, who will be defended in the process by Marcos Aragão Correia, the same lawyer who won the conviction against Gonçalo Amaral in the case of the aggressions to Leonor Cipriano.

According to documents of the Public Ministry that the news agency Lusa had access, Gonçalo Amaral is accused of torture as a co-author, of a crime that has been perpetrated on the 13th October 2004, in the premises of the PJ in Faro.

In statements to Lusa, Marcos Aragão Correia said it will request in court for compensations from Gonçalo Amaral for the torture inflicted to Leandro, a value that is still being calculated, but might ascend up to 500 thousand euros.

According to the lawyer, the testimonial prove will be reinforced by a report from the Clinical Hospital of the Barlavento Algarve in Portimão, where Leandro Silva entered hours after the alleged torture.

Leandro Silva entered the emergency room of that hospital with chest pains, on the dawn of 14th October 2004, the same day that Leonor Cipriano was assaulted on the premises of the PJ in Faro.

According to Aragão Correia, the medical reports will allow the case against Gonçalo Amaral to be "once again won."

"I am extremely pleased to see that the Public Ministry worked competently," said Aragão Correia, regretting only that it was not possible to identify the other perpetrators of the attacks to Leandro Silva.

According to the lawyer, the identification of Gonçalo Amaral was easier because he is a media personality and has physical traits more "easily identifiable".

The accusation states that the former inspector grabbed the neck of Leandro Silva, then struck two punches in the abdomen area and two slaps on the face while asking him to indicate where the child (Joana) was.

As a direct result of the assault, according to Public Ministry accusation, Leandro suffered several injuries, including a "contusion of the dorsal grid" which prevented him from working for five days.

It was proved that Leonor Cipriano was attacked in the PJ by unidentified Judiciary elements and that she did not fall on the stairs, as it was once claimed.

However, the court failed to determine who were the perpetrators of the aggressions.

This case dates back to 2004 and is related to the 'case Joana', which refers to the disappearance, on 12th September of that year, of an eight year old girl in the village of Figueira, Portimão.

in Jornal de Notícias

*Note this complain was made at the end of 2008 to the Public Ministry, after a criminal complain for defamation and vilification against Marcos Aragão Correia which was filed by Dr. Gonçalo Amaral in April 2008. Read more here: Addendum to the Criminal Process for Defamation Against Marcos Aragão Correia


  1. The McCanns and Duarte Levy are inspiring everybody.

    500.000 euros,

    fuck them all.

  2. Surely the courts in Portugal must recognise the connection between Marcos Aragao Correia and the McCanns, and realise that it is to McConns' benefit if Dr Amaral is smeared. But maybe they do, and political pressure means they are pleased that Dr Amaral will not be able to pursue the McConns....

    It doesn't bear thinking about really. How do they get this infuence.

    I just pray that Dr Amaral can hold up against all this stress.

  3. I've asked before but I'll ask again - when is this mentally unstable, 'psychic', lying lawyer going to be stopped instead of actively indulged and encouraged by the Public Ministry?

    That magical figure 500.000€ again!

    Talking of money:-

    - When will Portuguese taxpayers rise up against this shocking waste of PUBLIC money?

    - How much money from the Madeleine fund (DONATED BY THE PUBLIC) is being used in backhanders to Aragão Correia and others involved in these increasingly transparent, desperate attempts to discredit and destroy Dr Gonçalo Amaral?

    I used to call these escalating actions 'a sick joke' but I've gone beyond euphemisms now and call it the way I see it - Persecution & Corruption!

  4. this is the biggest load of b*ll**ks i have read.this correia should be in a mental home.

  5. Marcos Aragao Correia and the McCanns, Metodo 3, Kennedy and mitchel. Why do they want to silence Amaral. From day one since maddie disappeared the press mentioned this case and put Amaral in the dock....Why??


  6. It is supposed Judicial Power to be independent. What is going with Justice in Portugal?!
    PM is not ashamed to waste the time and money of tax payers , in a country where everybody knows how slow and dificult is to reach justice in Portgal!!!!

  7. Where is going Portugal justice if a lawyer can come to the newspaper and justify his process against somebody based on the fact that a person is famous, and because of that, can be easily recognised and connected to a crime?

    ," said Aragão Correia, regretting only that it was not possible to identify the other perpetrators of the attacks to Leandro Silva.

    According to the lawyer, the identification of Gonçalo Amaral was easier because he is a media personality and has physical traits more "easily identifiable".

    This is disgusting if not immoral. I can imagine if the quality of the hospital report is so good that the quality of Leonor Cipriano photographs.... then the justice in Portugal go very low.

    Become clear that the "Ministerio PUBLICO" wants to KILL the PJ and they are using Aragao Correia to do it and Goncalo Amaral to be the perfect Victim for their agenda...

    I Thnk, we should start a petition to the "Presidente da Republica" to clarify what is behind that processes. That example is so dangerous that in the future anybody can accuse somebody of torture with fragil or fake evidences and the accused fell in troubles and need to work very hard to prouve his innocence.
    I was thinking that I already had seen ennough on Joana and Maddie Saga, but I still being surprised day after day with a justice system which only have place in third world Country's.

    What is amazing on that story is tthat Leonor and Lisandro were tortured on the same day ( How stupid to believe that the inspectors do it on that way) and both tortures are done by G. Amaral with a co-author which is never named or recognised. Leonor did not recognise him and Lisandro aswell. Before the 25 April 74, portugal had a secret police called PIDE and not even on PIDE regists we can found an accusation so stupid and with so bad and few evidences. There is an agenda in the MINISTERIO PUBLICO and all the portuguese citizens have the right to know it because anyone of them can be the next.

    Stop this madness...PLEASE , someone, anyone!!!!
    This is a total mockery.


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