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Missing child found in Ecuador: Not Mónica Milagros Serrano

In February 2003 in Panama, a child with eighteen months old was kidnapped from her grandmother’s house in Loma Bonita Arraiján. The Serrano family’s missing child case has been unsolved for years despite arduous efforts by her parents to find her,and keep the story alive.

The assistant prosecutor, Luis Martinez said today that the Panamanian girl, believed to be Mónica Serrano, found in Guayaquil, following a joint effort by the Interpol and the Specialized National Police for Children and Adolescents [Dinapen] is not the child who has disappeared 7 years ago.

The assistant prosecutor as well as some Foreign Ministry personnel, and an expert in genetics from the Public Ministry (MP) travelled last Friday from Panama to Ecuador to investigate who the girl was, using Mónica Serrano mother's DNA to verify the child biological identity.

"The laboratory samples of DNA show that it is not Mónica Serrano" said Martinez at a press conference today, given to publicize the results of DNA tests that were conducted.

According to Panama's General attorney, Ana Matilde Gomez, the eight year old girl found in Equator, is Angelis [Anayelis] Mitre Castillo, a child who disappeared in Panama in 2002, presumably abducted and searched by the authorities since then.

Meanwhile, documents have surfaced at the Attorney General Office, which state that Jorge Enrique Mitre Arana and Karina Castillo Sala, the biological parents voluntarily agreed to give the small child to María Medina Reyes.

"There is a law in Panama that prohibits voluntary adoptions since last year, but when the girl was born, in 2001, they were permitted" said the attorney general, who indicated that at the time, the biological mother was 14 years old.

Ana Matilde Gomez said that the Public Ministry has been in contact with Anayelis [Angelis] Mitre Castillo biological parents, Jorge Enrique Mitre Arana and Karina Castillo Sala, a poor family that lives in the province of Darién, in an economically depressed area of the country, bordering Colombia and will continue to investigate the case.

Meanwhile the child is under the custody of the National Police for Children and Adolescents of Ecuador.

Sources in Expreso Guayaquil, Telemetro, Panama Star, Noticias 24

What has the above story [the voluntary relinquishment of parental rights] in common to this: 'Will Maddy Now be found?'; where concealed, but totally out of context appears the following bit of information: ''Last night investigators working for the McCanns ruled out paedophile Raymond Hewlett as a suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance.''?


  1. this forward planning is getting a bit sick

    Maddie disappeared 2 years ago, now they imply there is another 4 year window to find her

  2. Isnt it time the McCanns were investigated for their fraudulant fund?

  3. Three? unrelated 'Maddy ' headline stories in the last couple of days or so. The above, the OCD case who was worried about his daughter being kidnapped (Like Maddy) and the 'Daddy Maddy' use of her name headline referring to MJ today in the NOTW.

    Seems to me that the press have cut Clarence Mitchel et al loose and are playing with the Maddy story and name in which ever way they please.

    They haven't even bothered to continue a pick up on the new suspect guy in jail, yet. They can always play with that one of course, they don'r need a feed from team McCann.

    TM seem to be irrelevant now.

    The tabloid press can do what they do best, mix and match recent/past/make it up as they go along.

    I wonder how many calls TM get asking for a response, a quote to throw in, to these articles.

    Is it getting tiresome yet for them, I wonder.

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  5. Email sent to editor Express, taken from another forum with permission Author


    Further to your story The girl who showed up in Ecuador is not the kidnapped girl from Panama, but she is Panamanian.

    How about before leaping in with these stories you wait until DNA checks confirm or refute the claim because otherwise you look very silly and everyone sees that you are just a vessel for their spokesidiot and the parents to continue to shove their abduction theory down everyones throats despite all the evidence pointing to a death in the apartment and all the inconsistencies in the timelines and stories of the parents and tapas 7

    Why don't you print the 48 questions kate refused to answer and demand a reply , after all she is 'innocent' and thus should have nothing to hide also she knows that not answering these questions hinders the search for her daughter. Why did she refuse to answer knowing it would hinder the search? Is it because she is not as innocent as she would have us believe?
    Why did they refuse to take part in a reconstruction but 2 years later did their own heavily edited version which ended up with all the actress playing kates' parts on the cutting room floor as her story was unbelievable ( gerrys own words) and it ended up as a mccann love in. Was it because they knew their timelines wouldn't stand up to scrutiny? Why did they hire defense lawyers almost immediately if they were innocent? why did they wash all the clothes that could have provided DNA evidence of madeleine?
    Why did they hire extradition lawyers soon as they arrived in the UK? not the behavior of innocent parents but more that of parents with a guilty conscience.

    How about you print the 48 questions daily and demand she answer them, then if she answers truthfully maybe they can then be discounted as suspects because right now they are still the prime suspects even though the case is archived ( thats means they are working behind the scenes and the parents haven't been cleared , only a court can do that) or is it that clarence pulls the strings and you write whatever he says.
    You are no longer a respectable paper but just a slave to whoever pays the most

    Author known

  6. Anonymous said...

    Levy and Amaral too, now who's the biggest fraud out of these two?

    05/07/09 23:41

    Any particular reason to throw Amaral into the same pot as Levy, or is that just because it suits you?

  7. I bet we will get a Palestine State before Amaral and the McCanns start sueing each other!

  8. Ive just read Astro's question on the 3As:

    'Why is there no legitimate police force actively investigating the disapearance of Madeleine Beth McCann?'

    Succinct, simple and to-the-point.

    amid the fog of conspiracy theories surrounding the McCanns and their pals, it is easy to forget that what keeps so many people interested and involved is the basic simplicity of the case itself. The unwillingness,say, of Team McCann to answer the most basic questions regarding their silly and discredited abduction theory.

    A three-year old British citizen 'disappears' in a foreign country. Over two years later, the parents, who remain suspects, continue with this weird pact of silence - and no-one among our self-serving political elite gives a monkey's t*t.

    I shall be sending Astro's question to my Member of Parliament. (And await his reply with bated breath). Hah!

  9. Anonymous said...
    Isnt it time the McCanns were investigated for their fraudulant fund?

    05/07/09 21:55

    no one has the money to do that in current financial climate. Many lawyers earn less than £75,000 a year.

    They earn a living helping people defend or win court cases, not just just PR like Clarence and the McCanns entourage.

    Please continue your hard work, Joanna and Astro.

    We need Justice for Maddie

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  11. "Stalkers & Harassers"
    Well don't know about stalking, you have to follow people to do that. But definetly "Harassers" Two slimey individuals who are trying to get away with their crime are certainly being harassed.

  12. Maddie's mystery goes on and on

    Notice from comments from people, sounds like they are being paid by the McCanns to write pro-McCann comments and Anti-Joana/Astro comments

    If i did not like a web site, I would simply not read it, never mind visit the site

    Unless the Fruad Fund is paying me to do so

  13. As stated in the comment form: "Personal attacks on the editors of this blog won't be published".

  14. Really, Joana you won't publish attacks on the editors of this blog but you still read them and I will continue to send them.

  15. For the sake of good manners lets call this recent addition to the blog "Clarence" and lets allow him his two minutes of fame.

  16. http://retiredrambler.typepad.com/tonys_ramblings/the_mccanns/

    An interesting blog regarding the Mccanns and Fraud.


  17. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/boycott-british-newspapers.html

    Aug 9th 2007....The Mccanns were not believed ...it is a shame this petition did not take off...Had it been on the 3As or on here Joana things may have been different...



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