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Owen Gee in Portugal: On the McCann Case

Audio Interview with Owen Gee. Owen Gee is a retired detective who lives in the Algarve. He gave this interview to Leicester Sound Radio, one year later, after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The journalist is Eleanor Garnier. Owen Gee tells us how Robert Murat's family is coping and what the people of Luz think about the McCanns.

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in: Leicester Sound Radio Online


  1. Thanks Joana, while waiting found this interesting article from the Express...seems like mccann slipped up in his fury....why mention a car...at this point .... a car had not been mentioned...ooops.


    Sunday Express | Aug 26,2007

    By Martin Evans

    THE parents of Madeleine McCann were furious last night after a Portuguese magazine accused them of killing their daughter.

    Gerry McCann exploded with rage after the front-page report declared: “Policia Judiciaria believe parents killed Maddie.”?

    According to the news magazine, detectives are now “almost absolutely certain”? that Kate and Gerry killed Madeleine by giving her an accidental overdose of sedatives to help her sleep.

    In recent weeks the McCanns have faced a growing tide of lurid speculation in the Portuguese media over the disappearance of their four-year-old daughter. But this is the first time a publication has actually come out and said they were responsible for her death.

    Under the banner headline, the Tal & Qual claimed: “The T&Q knows that the PJ have strong indications that the child is dead.

    “The use of drugs could have been fatal. The analyses which are late in arriving should confirm suspicions.”?

    Last night 39-year-old Gerry, who is a heart consultant for the NHS, could barely contain his anger as he rubbished the allegations. In an interview with British journalists, he said: “It
    is just so absurd, it is just not credible.”?

    His voice cracking with emotion, he went on: “It’s incredibly hurtful and incredibly untrue. It comes down to: Is it papers writing that or is it actually rumours which have been said?

    “Without anything else, what that implies is that we somehow did it, we did it together, managed to dispose of Madeleine without a car, without anything, the whole group was involved, there must have been other people involved.

    “Even if somebody could think that, there is just absolutely no evidence pointing in that direction.”?


    Interesting comment Mccann....

    what that implies is that we somehow did it, we did it together, managed to dispose of Madeleine without a car, without anything, the whole group was involved, there must have been other people involved.


  2. More from Eleanor Garnier....

    Portuguese channel SIC built a TV studio on scaffolding outside the McCann flat, and devoted most of their evening news programme to it. But the crew were convinced this would be the last big Madeleine event. One told Sky News Online: "If there's a second anniversary, it won't be anything like this."

    Robert Murat's lawyer Francisco Pagarete, who was interviewed on the show, thinks the media helped inflate the Madeleine fascination. He added: "I think it has all the ingredients of a good story. It's a quiet place, a normal family on holiday with their friends and children, and suddenly something like this happens. "But it also happened in the summer months - when you don't have much news." Broadcast journalist Eleanor Garnier, who was covering the event for Leicester Sound radio station, said: "Locally it's massive for us because she's from Rothley, which is on our patch. TV coverage is winding down"But it will definitely die down soon. People here really want to move on, and I think the journalists do too.

    "I think this is it now. Events will bring it back into the news, but they'll have to be big events." Asked why she thought the story had made worldwide headlines for so long, she added: "A beautiful little girl, a middle class family - they really grabbed the media's attention. "And it was like a vicious circle - as the McCanns kept the story going with events to publicise the search, so the media moved it on too."

    Pete Fletcher, 58, from Fareham, Hants, who regularly visits Praia da Luz, said the story had been the talk of the bars over the past year and the papers were just giving what the public wanted. He said: "It's because it's very unusual for things like this to happen in this country. Crime is pretty non-existent, and it just seems very out of character from a local point of view."


  3. This Owen Gee interview - the guy's obviously fond of his adopted homeland, but blimey, at times it was like listening to Mitchell at his condescending best.

    I appreciate that the questioning was loaded to bolster the abduction theory and invite criticism of the investigation, but, dear oh dear, what a supercilious old trout.

    Yes,the Portuguese police did "eventually rise to the occasion" as Mr Gee puts it, and as a result we all have a very good idea of what happened to Madeleine McCann (as we did at the time of this interview).

    Having spent twenty years in Portugal, I wonder if Mr Gee has mastered enough of the language to
    tackle 'The Truth Of The Lie'. As an ex detective he should find it a rewarding experience - humbling, even.

  4. Living in the sticks I cannot pick this up so will wait for Joana to finish the transcript.


  5. take your time with the transcript, Joana....
    the interview is over a year old !!


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