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The Press in Britain

The Sunday Express says the case of a girl found alive after being kidnapped six years ago has given hope to Gerry and Kate McCann they may yet be reunited with their missing daughter Madeleine.

A call for a pay freeze on Britain's six million public sector workers, to cover health and education, is the top story in The Observer.

The Sunday Times says two BBC bosses have racked up pensions worth more than £14m - the biggest in the public sector.

The Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday claims the new head of MI6 has been left exposed after his wife put details of family holidays and friends on the social networking website Facebook.

The Sunday Telegraph also highlights a call by a senior Church of England bishop for gays to 'change and repent'.

The Independent on Sunday has an interview with an Indian doctor who describes her horrific ordeal when she was forced into getting married against her will.

The Sunday Mirror claims Michael Jackson will be buried without his brain and that he had a secret girlfriend named Grace.

The News of the World has pictures of the pop superstar with his ex' Debbie Rowe and their two children, saying it could 'destroy' claims she is a 'heartless surrogate'.

Metro says Metropolitan police have launched an investigation into a fire that ripped through a housing block in London, killing six people.

The Sun leads with the latest coverage on Big Brother housemate Sophie Reade.


  1. The Express terrified of the Maccanns, Donot buy this rag please or the mirror

  2. The Sunday Express have been tricked by Clarence & the McCanns, yet again! According to Sociedad 5hours ago, DNA test proves the girl isn't the one who is missing.


    Never mind Mitchell, you managed to grab the headlines with a non-story that's so much more important than a tragic fire killing 6 people or bad news for the government on Pay Cuts, Greedy BBC bosses or MI6 being compromised.

    Back to your drawing board/colouring books Mitchell!

  3. Rupert Murdoch was assisted by Tony Blair a few years ago, something to do with one of his media companies. Rupert owns many media outlets and is the father in law of Matthew Freud of Freud communication, Clarries employers.

    Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Matthew freud, Rupert Murdoch were all at a party in Notting hill just before xmas, and more recently all attended the wedding a the editor of the sun. The papers are not afraid of the Mccanns at all, these people are all in bed with each other.


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