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Accusatory leaflets scare McCanns - Correio da Manhã

by João Tavares

Gerry and Kate McCann have asked for police protection after leaflets that contain arguments which lead to the couple’s guilt in the disappearance of Maddie, on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos, were distributed last Friday to the population of Rothley, England, where they live.

‘What really happened to Maddie McCann? – Ten key reasons which suggest that Madeleine McCann was not abducted’. This is the title of the 500 leaflets that were distributed to the post boxes of various houses by members of the Madeleine Foundation. Curiously, that did not happen at Kate and Gerry’s residence. The leaflet points out ten reasons and justifies them with some facts.

“We are peaceful people, we don’t harm anyone, all we want is to get our message through. I don’t understand why the McCanns went to ask the police for help”, the head of the foundation, Anthony Bennett, said during a phone conversation with Correio da Manhã.

The lawyer, who has long battled over the existence of a private investigation into the case, justified the creation of this measure. “Late last year we launched the book ’60 reasons why Madeleine was not abducted’, we have already sold 3000 copies, and now we wanted to create a summed-up version and to pass it on to the population. The majority of the English people do not know well what happened that night, but many believe that Gerry and Kate are not telling the whole truth”, Bennett said, explaining that the leaflet distribution started last May, in areas like London, Devon, South Wales, Nottingham and Leicester. “Basically, we share the arguments that were presented by investigator Gonçalo Amaral”.

A friend of the McCann family told the English press that this leaflet is nothing but “an evil act”. “It’s terrible for Kate and Gerry to know that their neighbours are reading lies. The family is suffering and they feel deceived, because this leaflets will not help to find Maddie at all”.

The Ten Reasons

1 – Most children abducted from home are already dead

2 – Sniffer dogs detect cadaver odour inside the apartment

3 – The couple’s strange reactions after the dogs’ discoveries

4 – The impossibility for an abductor to have entered the house

5 – The McCanns’ and their friends’ refusal to help the police

6 – The McCanns’ and their friends’ change of the story’s version

7 – The McCanns rushed to hire lawyers and spokespeople

8 – The friends’ strange reaction after Kate announced the abduction

9 – The McCanns made plans to mark the disappearance in the future

10 – Gerry and Kate washed the soft toy that Maddie always carried

source: Correio da Manhã, 16.08.2009


  1. Who is Gerry going to sue next. God perhaps ?

  2. Il y a autant de raisons sinon plus de penser que Maddie a été enlevée ...
    Il est temps que le dossier de cette affaire soit réouvert et que nous puissions enfin assister à un vrai procès avec faits et preuves à la clef et non plus des suspicions, des allégations et des rumeurs ....

    Signé : Natfal.

  3. Well done I say. Its about time someone started putting the truth on the McCann doorstep.

  4. Woosh Woosh Was anyone watching you all week no yes no yes no yes no. Come on anybody put the music to this a certain winner for next years eurovision. sung by Kate Gerry clarence and Dave. 12 points from the UK

  5. Their fear is from the reactions of some of their neighbours! I remember a youtube video of a lady from that area, not at all sympathetic with the McCanns, and I'm sure there must be others, particularly those from the "wrong-side of the road", people from council estates who would have been treated very differently had they been in a similar situation ( leaving children alone while going out for a drink or a meal, or shopping, whatever)!

  6. They are scared of piece of paper with letters on it? Wow.
    Are these the same people who left three tiny children alone, night after night, in a dark, in a strange place ?

  7. They have the cheek to name 'suspects' in the British media putting those innocent people at risk,yet complain and threaten to sue,when leaflets are dropped in their area outlining why many do not believe Madeleine was abducted,a leaflet which is in fact based on the released files and evidence.

  8. Probably the twins are about to go to school now, after the summer.
    Although I think the McCanns deserve these leaflets, the twins don't.
    Their little school fellows will comment Madeleine's death with them.
    At first, the twins will believe their own parents.
    Slowly, much later, they will start wondering about their sister.
    Somebody will show them all publications of the Portuguese police.
    Kate and Gerry will get in more trouble.`

    The couple are now running out of money.
    They spent millions and billions of money.
    They could better have bought a little house in South America or
    South Africa where they could have escaped to.
    But people would have recognised them.
    It must be simply hell to remain living in Rothley.

  9. Hmm, so now it's ok to look for the Police, but before they were the plods who couldn't find their own tails?
    They seem to turn to the Police when it suits them, but one thing is for sure - they will really be better off in Police custody than in the hands of an angry mob, when people will be able to see through their lies.

  10. They are scared of a few leaflets! Wonder how their then 3 year-old daughter felt when she was left whilst they ate and drank at the Tapas Bar? I also wonder how their daughter and sibling that cried when they were not there felt? I personally think they are scared that these leaflets are informing the UK General Public of widely available information about their case on the Internet. Information for some reason the UK Press/Media are not presenting to their readers and viewers. Information imo they thought would just be handed to them when the case was shelved, the shelved case they did hee haw about reopening! Has that inaction not hindered the search of their child they claim was abducted by an organised gang of professional paedophiles! The British public should be informed about this also imo. The British public should also be informed that all they have to do is to agree to a reconstruction or KM could agree to answer the 48unanswered questions and the case would then be reopened. Why are they not doing this? Why are they imo denying their child her rights? Imo the information that is available online for anyone to read is information they thought would be for their eyes only and then used in their Pink Press/Media to spin their imo fairytale! I do not believe that the whole of Rothley is outraged by the leaflets. Why should they be? Are the whole of Rothley continually donating to the ever dwindling McCompany Fund? I beleive the pink spin is fuelled by hand picked people in Rothley to put forward the pink pro so called support. Just like the newspaper in Rothley never prints any negative comments to their McC articles. Just like several British newspapers hardly ever print the negative McC comments when they print their pink articles! As for hate campaign I have only witnessed hatred from the so called pro posters on the Internet! It is time that we here in the UK are no longer subjected to this McPink propaganda! It is an insult to each and every member of the UK General Public to not be presented with facts that are there to be read!

    This Rothley resident made her feelings clear over 2 years ago. She also names a Social worker and what would have happened to her if she had done the same as the McC's.


    What is going on in this country? How can two people take their 3 children on holiday and leave them night after night in a holiday flat iunsupervised open to all sorts of danger let alone abduction whilst they eat and drink in a Tapas Bar approx 120 mts away. One child disappears from the flat she was left in unsupervised. These same two people return back to the UK with only two children and are walking around freely with their other two children in their charge!

  11. Hurrah to Anthony Bennett and the folks of The Madeleine Foundation for having the courage and tenacity to make the effort to disseminate this information to more and more of the British public. Nice move in choosing to blanket the McCanns' home town with the flyers. Is this being reported in the UK press? If so, I suspect their media will only attack the messengers and not reprint the vital, informative message.

  12. Just as I suspected, in all the articles printed so far in the UK press.,plenty of nasty adjectives were heaped on those who had the nerve to distribute the leaflets in Rothley, but none of the articles be bothered to include any of the information in the leaflet. The press is too afraid of being sued by the McCanns, I suppose.

  13. Well said, Anonymous 12.55! The McCanns,their private detectives and spokesperson thought nothing of spreading the name of Raymond Hewlett all over the press and causing misery to him and his family even though there was no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that he had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, and when nothing came of it they didn't say they were wrong and apologise. However, what we must remember is that the McCanns must not be questioned. Must not be criticised. Doubts must not be voiced or even considered, about their innocence, about what might have happened to Madeleine if it does not conform to their version. The McCanns are always right. They can't bear to think that anyone dare question that!!

  14. Kate has a wicked look in that picture be afraid be very afraid

  15. If anyone still had a doubt, that there are people capable of anything to hinder the investigation and prevent the world from finding the truth, you have the prove here:


    The pro-Maccs are deliberately trying to sabotage the petition, spamming propaganda.
    These people are unashamed scum.

  16. The McCanns are terrified not furious.

    Good on Mr Bennett and his team.

    Time is closing in for the McCanns. I say this with a full heart of confidence.

    I am extremely grateful for the good people of the UK and beyond for their strength and for spreading the truth about this family and their circus.

    McCann. You know you are guilty but more so: you know we know you are guilty and the government media monitor puppet, Mitchell, and your tabloids will only protect you so far. In the end the people will turn you over like a fucking greasy hamburger at a fayre. Your time is running out and it's thanks to the good honest hard-working people of the UK who are a little bit different to you and that is: they care about their kids.

    We are patient but we are steadfast.

    You clowns are about to put on your last smiley make-up and your big fuck-off patterned trousers.

    Your tent is falling around you one peg at a time and now the lions are roaming free...WATCH YOUR BACK!

  17. THEY ARE SCARE ABOUT THE TRUTH BEING REVEALED. Why asking police protection? They have the best protectors... Mitchell, Brown and Edgar Team, or not? They give to that Team the power and the Money to investigate and find their daughter, but they don't believe on the profissionalism of that team to protect them? WELL DONE MCCANN'S.... YOU SHOW US WHAT KIND OF PARENTS YOU ARE AND WHAT IT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF YOUR PRIVATE DETECTIVES TEAM: LEAVING THE TRUTH UNTURNNED AND YOUR DAUGHTER AWAY FROM A RESTLESS WITH DIGNITY. STILL ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR UNTOUCHABLE LIFE, BUT THE TRUTH NEVER GO AWAY and, like oil in the water, one day will reach the surface... it is just a matter of time. YOU LOOSE SUPORT AND CONFIDENCE EVERYDAY.

  18. And they don't ask police protection for Mr. Hewlett or the Australian lady, when, without a single evidence, they stick their faces and their names into a horrendous crime. They are the MOST EVIL PEOPLE. They just care about their own feelings and have no respect about the pain and the misery which they bring to other people and their familys.

  19. They ask for police protection and they forgot to protect their own children.

  20. They now asked for police protection but NERVER asked for the British police to find their daughter...


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