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'Anorak' this morning: Spot on

Madeleine McCann: Posh ‘Double’ Judith Aron, Melissa Karlson And Kate McCann’s Boat

MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news - Kate McCann’s vision,


Release the hounds!

Sky News: “Madeleine McCann Hunt Leads To Australia”

The search for Madeleine McCann is focusing on Australia after a woman told police she knew the Victoria Beckham lookalike being sought by detectives… A spokesman for the New South Wales Police Force said: “A Sydney woman provided a formal statement to detectives at a Sydney police station. She claims to know the identity of the woman being sought by the private investigators attached to the McCann family.”

So it’s those private cops chasing the Maddie suspect? And what of this suspect spotter’s motives?


Frank Thorne; Justin Penrose have breaking news of the Our Maddie hunt:

Madeleine McCann detectives aim to interview a millionairess after a yacht at the centre of the inquiry into the child’s disappearance was traced. Melissa Karlson’s mother owns the £6million vessel that docked in Barcelona hours before a mystery woman asked a British tourist: “Are you here to deliver my new daughter?” But the family of the 31-year old Australian, daughter of £250million socialite Rhonda Wyllie, 52, yesterday told the Sunday Mirror any suggestion the vessel was involved with the abduction or the mystery woman was “ludicrous“.

And so another innocent party is dragged into the story of the missing child.

And even with no proof of any wrongdoing, with no proof of any crime, nor indeed a shred of evidence linking innocent Melissa Karlson or her family to Madeleine McCann, the Mirror can still write:

The team hunting three year-old Madeleine had believed that the mystery powerboat could provide a breakthrough… The luxury Sunseeker vessel, called Will Power, was reportedly the only vessel out of nine unaccounted for by Maddie investigators. It was moored in Barcelona from 12.40pm on May 6, 2007, and left on the 9th for an unknown destination. Investigators are keen to speak to Mrs Karlson, who runs her mother’s investment group, and Mrs Wyllie to rule them out.

Only, the innocent Mrs Karlson does not have to speak with private detectives working on a “vague” tip off. Really, she doesn’t.

A source close to the investigation told the Sunday Mirror: “We have been told about the daughter of the owner of this boat and are aware of who she is. We understand she’s currently in Perth, Australia, and will be keen to speak to her to eliminate her from our inquiries.”
The source seems to be in Team McCann. And off to Oz the private detectives will surely go…

Wyllie Group company director Craig Coleman, speaking on behalf of Mrs Karlson, said from his home in Perth: “This is the most ridiculous speculation I have ever heard. It’s ludicrous.”

Ludicrous, indeed. And in keeping with two years of the Hunt for Our Maddie. And shameful that the McCanns - those victims of the most horrendous libel - should be linked to another innocent party having their good name sullied in public.


A MULTI-MILLIONAIRESS could be interviewed byMadeleine McCann investigators this week over the movements of her luxury motor cruiser The Australian socialite, who is believed to be aboard the £5million yacht this weekend, cruising in the Mediterranean, is aware that she has become embroiled in the international hunt for Madeleine.
The boat is only worth £5million now. That’s the recession for you. And as for the innocent woman being made aware of her being “embroiled” in a child’s disappearance… Well, yes - someone gave her name to the press.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, said: “Since the appeal on Thursday investigators have had more than 600 pieces of information come into the inquiry via e-mail and telephone calls. “Among it all are a number of viable leads, all of which are being assessed and prioritised as necessary.”

And an innocent woman’s name made known via the papers.


KATE McCANN went to see a boat she believes was used in the abduction of their ­daughter, the Sunday Express can reveal today. Just a few days after Madeleine was snatched from the family’s holiday apartment, a family friend had a “strong vision” that the child was on a boat moored in a nearby marina.

We have already learnt that the Our Maddie boat was in Barcelona three days after the child vanished. Now we learn that Kate McCann was looking at the boat in Lagos – “a few miles along the coast from Praia da Luz where he daughted vanished” - a few days after her daughter vanished.

The note, headed “information from the family” and apparently from an officer with the Leicestershire Police as it was written on the force’s notepaper, reads: “I spoke to Kate McCann on Tuesday 8th May 2007. She told me that a friend of her aunt and uncle had a friend that had a strong vision that Madeleine was on a boat with a man in the marina in Lagos… “They have visited the marina and identified the boat.” The officer spoke to a colleague who made some enquiries about the cruiser, which was registered to a Canadian national. Enquiries were also made on the police national computer. The note goes on: “I spoke with Kate today and she has given me ¬photographs of the boat. She has also given me photograph of a man who had been on the boat. This is not the man that the woman saw in her vision. This matter is very important to her and she is very pleased that we are making enqs (enquiries) into the matter.”

Canada? Come in, Canada…

NOTW: “Oz ‘Posh’ denies link to Maddie - ‘Suspect’, 53, wasn’t in Portugal at time”

Writes Dominic Herbert:

A VICTORIA BECKHAM lookalike named in the Madeleine McCann case was tracked down yesterday and insisted: “I have nothing to do with her disappearance.”

Meet Judith Aron is the NOTW’s “Posh double.” Warning: Victoria Beckham may care to look away now lest she made depressed…

But unlike pop star Posh Spice, 35, she is FIFTY-THREE. Miss Aron also insists she has not left her native Australia since 2000. The dramatic twist in the case came when Nelida Martinez from Sydney recognised the e-fit and went to police with a photo of Miss Aron. It is believed the pic was taken on a flight from Portugal to Spain in 1997. Reporters in Australia got wind of the story and tracked down Miss Aron to Melbourne where, bizarrely, she lives in Madeline Street. And she “has a fair-haired daughter around the age Maddie”.

What more evidence do you need? Says Miss Aron:

“I’m 53 and I certainly don’t look like a Spice Girl. I can honestly say I have no connection to the little girl. I haven’t left Australia since 2000 and I was looking after my elderly father so I wasn’t able to go overseas.”

Herald Sun
: “Melbourne woman denies missing Madeleine McCann link”

In a bizarre twist Melbourne woman Judith Aron who lives in Madeline St, Glen Iris, was forced to deny she or her fair-haired five-year-old god-daughter had anything to do with the missing girl after she was reported to Sydney police… “Abducting kids is sickening,” she said.

Naming names in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - it could be you next..

source: Anorak, 09.08.2009


  1. Yes, I realize that it may soon be Sweden's turn. If not someone puts an end to these 'ludicrous' (a word I learned from Gerry) and criminal sightings.

    I need to add a plea to Clarence Mitchell: kindly shut up! Thanks.

  2. Good morning folks, and thanks have not laughed so much since the days of Beano....for those that do not know this was a childrens comic strip.


    PS..Just a thought are the Mccanns hitting on all of these rich folks in the hope they will put some dosh in the fraudulent fund.

  3. http://www.guardian.co.uk/theobserver/2009/aug/09/rupert-murdoch-profile-james-robinson

    More on Murdoch and his charging on line. Pay every click. Good the sooner he does it the better we will be able to refuse to read anymore of this bullshit his papers churn out .

    Maybe then we will have some real journalism and not fairy tales.


  4. A mother photographs a boat she believes has her abducted daughter on it. This mother does not go to the police so they can investigate it - unbelievable. Any one else would most probably have got the police on to it straight away. Now the poor lady is tangled up in this mess.

  5. Why didn't this new witness give an official statement to the police? Who tells us that this 'new' witness even exists?
    If a witness thinks he has crucial information, he should go to the police in stead of a bunch of people working for the main suspects (which in my opinion they still are).

    Isn't this against the law that the McCann team gives a pressconference, showing a photofit of a person, giving the impression that this person is involved in a crime? What rights does the McCann team have anyway, should a woman that fits the picture be found? Can they summon her to speak to them?
    Can they be sued for harressing innocent people making them look like suspects?
    Can they request the police (in Australia)to interrogate someone they suspect? And in that case shouldn't the new McCann witness make an official statement to the police first? After all, how can you interrogate a suspect without an official witness statement?

    And by the way, shouldn't the McCanns officially be cleared as suspects, before people working for them start pointing a finger at innocent people, just to keep the charade and the moneyfund going?

    And than the question nobody has asked. What would this hunt for this new suspect mean for Madeleine's safety, should she still be alive?
    Even if she would have been alive up until now, these new developements could mean her death sentence.

  6. "a family friend had a “strong vision” that the child was on a boat moored in a nearby marina".

    There have been many visions in the case, and it seems some journalists (most of them) don't mind reporting them as normal facts, and accept that their normal follow up is to publicise the names of the people "involved", ask them to come forward, so as to "rule them out", as if police and justice didn't exist.

    A vision by anyone is now enough to suspect some people at the other end of the world, point the finger at them, and urge them to justify themselves, with the consent of 90% of the population. I wonder when a journalist worthy of this name will denounce such rotten ways. Or maybe it is too late, no journalist will be allowed to speak their mind on a national paper.

    We are back to the happy times of "visions" and witch hunting. All in the name of a good cause of course, the missing child, and her parents searching the world for her, which shows how exemplary they are, so much so that their methods are sacred and as such, unquestionable.

    Time to wake up.

  7. http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,24530140-5018192,00.html

    Photograph of Melissa Karlson...

    Not an unknown at all.

  8. Wyllie widow tightens her control over $500m empire.
    Australasian Business Intelligence, January, 2007
    Content provided in partnership with Byline: Mark Drummond

    Jan 15, 2007 (The West Australian - ABIX via COMTEX) -- Information has been revealed about how Bill Wyllie's fortune was divided after his death from cancer in March 2006. Wyllie's widow Rhonda Wyllie inherited 60 of the shares in the Perth-based real estate investment group, with the remaining 40 of the company divided among Bill Wyllie's five children. The 8 stake held by Rhonda Wyllie's stepson Craig Wyllie will be repurchased for $A16.5m, giving the company an implied value of $A206m, but Australian Securities & Investments Commission documents show the holding has been repurchased at a discount to the true book value of the shares. The group had assets of $A503m as of mid-2006 and net assets of $A245m.


    This woman is so well known to Murdoch due to the fund raiser Melissa her daughter took part in during 2007
    "Murdoch Children Research....

    I hardly think her boat was not noticed leaving Barcelona.


  9. http://www.smh.com.au/news/obituaries/from-telegram-boy-to-tycoon/2006/04/09/1144521208433.html

    Photograph of Bill Wyllie.


  10. The Maccanns seem to be mentally unstable, as a doctor Kate Maccann
    is finished who would go to her. but the worrying part is Gerry Maccann is still working as a doctor in a Leciester Hospital.

  11. Talking about "visions", this is in line with the sort of answers I got to my query (link posted yesterday): Q - "In a non-judgemental way - What makes you believe that Madeleine is alive and will ever be found, after two years of intense media coverage?
    Please, something else than "faith", or "there's no proof she's dead", because, as far as you know, there's no proof she's alive either."

    You probably won't be surprised to find out that their opinions are based on the supernatural, the tarot, faith, hope, and unfortunately, lots of misinformation.

    The day the media monster created by the Mccanns gets out of their control, it will devour them. Their smokescreen strategy is backfiring so that day is hopefully neigh...

  12. These people have lots of money... so they can easily afford to sue the Mccanns, without risking their personal fortune.... so I hope they do....pretty please.

  13. I think the McCnns and their helpers are totally desperate.... hope the case will be re-opened very soon.


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