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The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process: One Year On - Part VI

F – Communications analysis

The process has been appended with the daily maps of the mobile phones’ registry by registrar/owner, a map of the intervals without communications of the couple’s equipment between the 4th and the 13th of May, and maps of the localities where the antennas were activated, as well as the report of the analysis of the communications that were registered by the antennas that serve Praia da Luz, of the 3 service providers, made by the 9 members if the McCann family’s group, concerning the days between the 2nd and the 4th of May (calls that were operated exclusively by the fixed network are not contemplated, because as they do not use the GSM system of mobile communications, those do not activate the antennas (“B.T.S.”).

During that period they maintained a communication traffic that can be accepted as normal for someone who is on holidays. Between the 4th and the 17th of May, the antennas with most traffic registered are the ones that serve the localities of Luz, Lagos, Portimão and others that are situated between Praia da Luz and Portimão; the daily activity of the mobile phones of each one of the 9 persons in the group was analysed, with every register since their arrival until their departure being treated, as well as about the time intervals when Madeleine’s parents’ mobile phones were without any contact between 00 hours of the 4th and 00 hours of the 14th of May.

It was important to determine if through the analysis of that data other investigation hypotheses appeared, leading to the discovery of what happened on the night of the 3rd of May, at apartment 5A, of the “Ocean’s Club of Praia da Luz”, but this also remained unsuccessful.

The fulfilling of the Rogatory Letters to the Justices of the United Kingdom failed to add anything relevant to what was already in the Process.

in: Processo 201/07.0 GALGS - Volume XVII - pages 4638-4639 (Public Prosecutor's Archiving Dispatch)< Related:

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  1. Failing this and failing that, all the time.
    But the public know already the truth.
    Interesting an interview with the parents, I think with SIC, May 2009, where Kate says: -'How do you proof innocence?"
    This shows they know they have not being definitely cleaned by the police, and with very good reasons.The process can be reopened any moment.
    They know they did not convince the public around, they must feel the doubts in everybody's attitudes, they know people are not convinced of their innocence.
    They radiate guilt, remorse and people feel it.
    For a while they are not arguidos but the Portuguese justice never said they are innocent.
    One thing that proofs for 100% that they know the PJ are telling the truth is the fact the couple never sued the Portuguese justice, including the police.They could have done it after they were not arguidos anymore. Besides, they are running out of money and they love to be rich.
    How very many times people sue the justice of a country, for defamation and huge mistakes, and they win.I have seen this very often.
    The silented because they know the PJ are right.

  2. Have just come across Transfattyacids article. It was Trish Cameran that first mentioned the broken windows..shutters. Therefore was it her idea and did she tell the mccanns to say this?

    Mccann when he rang Susan Healy did not mention to her broken shutters.


    You will recall that it was Ms Cameron, who from the very first day of the investigation, was the representative of the McCann family most closely involved in the 'creation' of the abduction case.

    It was she who first made the claims of the shutters and windows being jemmied open. She also ensured that the idea was firmly planted that the windows and the shutters were firmly closed. We now 'know' from the Portugese press that the police have discounted both of these explanations.

    Thirdly, it is hypocrisy of the baldest and most blatent kind for Labour MP David Taylor to attempt to score cheap political points by claiming MP's should not get involved.

    The prime minister, Gordon Brown, from an early stage announced that he would help the McCann's 'in any way I can.'

    Clarence Mitchell, the head of the Government Media Monitoring Unit has been responsible for their PR campaign, as has Sheree Dodd, from the Foriegn office.

    If you believe the Portugese press, the British Ambassador was in contact with the head of the investigative police, PJ, within one hour of Kate McCann's discovery of her missing daughter. Not mention that on the day the McCann's flew home to Britain, Philomena McCann is quoted as saying that they would be in discussions with foreign secretary David Milliband.

    It is undoubtly true that Gordon Brown is attempting to distance himself from the 'scandal', his spokesperson recently attempted to alter the number of his phone conversations with Gerry McCann from a 'few' to 'one'.

    Yet, he was clearly involved, if an article in the Labour supporting Oberver newspeaper is to be believed, in the release of the photofit of aman that Jane McCann claims to have seen, a photofit described by those that saw the original, as 'looking like an egg with hair.'

    Posted by transfattyacid at 12:33

  3. O que este caso tem de mais revelador e a atitude do governo ingles perante o desaparecimento de uma crianca em solo estrangeiro:

    - Apesar de oficialmente a investigacao ter esclarecido muito pouco sobre as circunstancias, o que aconteceu e o paradeiro da crianca, o governo ingles nao demonstra qualquer interesse em exigir que se esclareca o paradeiro de Madeleine, apesar dos seus pais espalharem nos Media a ideia de que esta viva e em poder de pedofilos. ESTRANHA ATITUDE DE UM GOVERNO DE UM PAIS DO PRIMEIRO MUNDO PERANTE O MAIS INDEFESO DOS SERES - UMA CRIANCA!!!

    Desta atitude so podemos tirar as seguintes conclusoes:

    - O governo ingles sabe exactamente o que aconteceu a Madeleine Mccann.
    - O governo ingles sabe quem foram os responsaveis pelo desaparecimento de Maddie e nao esta interessado em revela-los a opiniao publica porque a propria opiniao publica tambem nao e ingenua e, embora sem conclusoes oficiais, ja concluiu a unica hipotese possivel. Ficamos assim com verdades aparentes que nao servem para por ninguem na prisao mas tambem nunca os poderao inocentar em definitivo.
    - Os resultados forenses, que foram divulgados para a opiniao publica como inconclusivos, nao terao sido realmente inconclusivos porque o governo ingles ficou esclarecido e por isso nao quis saber nem aprofundar mais a investigacao.
    - O trabalho da PJ nao foi na realidade a INCOMPETENCIA que os Mccann tentaram salientar mas foi uma investigacao credivel e competente porque nenhum membro da policia inglesa foi demitido e alem de G. Amaral ( por ter seguido um caminho incomodo) ninguem mais foi afastado na PJ. Os caes tambem nao foram descredibilizados e afastados dos trabalhos da policia... ja depois de Maddie foram usados na obtencao de provas no orfanato da Ilha de Jersey.
    - O desaparecimento de Madeleine sera um crime mais complexo do que o mero desaparecimento de uma crianca, por isso o governo ingles nao esta interessado em expor publicamente ao mundo os meandros em que se movem alguns dos seus cidadaos quando se deslocam ao estrangeiro. Revelar estas verdades seria correr o risco de alguns paises poderem rotular os ingleses, queimando a imagem de uma grande maioria, com base no comportamento deste grupo.


    O que e continua a ser condenavel na hipocrisia do governo ingles, e que por terem silenciado a verdade agora sao obrigados a estar em silencio perante outros crimes: O FUNDO E OS "HEWLETTS" que proliferam como cogumelos venenosos.

  4. Very interessant the last NEWS posted on MCCANNFILES, showing what independent journalists ( Not Portuguese) find about Madeleine case. I strongly recommend everybody to read it, or peraphs, Joana to post it here. EVERYBODY KNOW THE TRUTH- IT WAS SO EVIDENT that the years can pass but the story will stay... bringing the case always to the same point - The Mccann's- exactly where everything started.

  5. Maccannfiles.com
    Unmissable reading!

    Extract from Leicester Mercury.

    Mccann spokesman, C. Mitchell, acknowledges the continued support of the Leicester police by pursuing the investigation and offering support and PROTECTION to the Mccanns.

    Further on he clarifies that the investigation is the responsibility of the Portugese and the British cannot proceed without their instruction.

    Next paragraph the same mouth states that although the case has been shelved by Portugese authorities the British county have continued to investigate the case???

    Rather a contradiction is it not!

  6. The police needs a fund more than the McCann: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090803/tuk-madeleine-hunt-cost-police-745000-6323e80.html

  7. I am posting the link of Go Get Ems new blog and My Big Desk plus your blog Joana on all American sites that I can find...Many are amazed at how much has been pushed under the rug . I have asked them to pass the links on with regards to reading the book in English. I am not going to leave any links to these sites as they will be trolled, have you seen the posts left on Greenes site after I placed the link. I have learned my lesson.


  8. The brainwashing of kates mother....

    Kate’s mum Susan, 61, claimed that evidence had been planted in a desperate bid to frame Kate and Gerry.

    She said: “This is a set-up. Maddie is Kate and Gerry’s world. They would never do anything to harm her.”

    Asked about the reports that Madeleine’s blood was found in the hire car, Susan, 61, claimed: “If there is any evidence to implicate Kate and Gerry in any way, then it has been planted.

    “I know why this is happening. The police are trying to frame them for murder.

    “Portugal is part of the European community but it has performed like a third-world country.

  9. Annonymous - your comment about the independent journalist not being Portuguese - are you implying that Portuguese journalist lack credibility?? Careful, Joana and Astro may accuse you of being anti-Portuguese.

  10. Annonymous - your comment about the independent journalist not being Portuguese - are you implying that Portuguese journalist lack credibility?? Careful, Joana and Astro may accuse you of being anti-Portuguese

    AH! AH! AH! I'm Portuguese. The problem it is: WHEN COMMENTS OR NEWS ARE WRITE BY PORTUGUESE JOURNALISTS AND THE SUBJECT WAS NOT PRO- MCCANN'S, THEY ALWAYS SHOW UP ACCUSING THE PORTUGUESE JOURNALISTS OF NOT BEING INDEPENDENT OR FABRICATING NEWS TO SALE PAPER AND DEFEND THE POLICE. Now, the comments came from Needherlands journalists in spanish soil. The truth touch all clever brains and sensitive hearts. The abduction Theory will stay forever as a Tale Story to scare childs like the Wolf in the Little Red Ridding Hood ( ONLY VERY YOUNG CHILDS BELIEVE ON IT).

    This have nothing to do with Astro or Joana and not even with ANY ANTI-PORTUGUESE POST.

    Portuguese journalists are more credible then some British which write with an evident PRO-MCCANN legacy in some British tabloids. When we need a joke, we read that tabloids, always in a diagonal way.


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