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Bound to happen : Maddie Sighting in Australia

POLICE investigated a possible sighting of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann near Byron Bay yesterday after a person reportedly mentioned to an officer they saw a child who resembled the missing girl near Suffolk Park.

The sighting was unconfirmed but police said the report was unlikely to be legitimate.

A NSW police spokeswoman said it was likely Maddy sightings would increase as a result of publicity surrounding the possible Australian link to her disappearance.

Meanwhile a family spokesman said detectives have 'a number of viable leads' for an Australian woman believed to hold vital clues to the girl's disappearance.

Clarence Mitchell says there are several tips worth pursuing out of the hundreds of leads sent in from the public about the woman wanted in connection with the British child's disappearance in Portugal in 2007.

"An awful lot of these tip-offs and bits of information are well-meaning but ultimately come to nothing," he said.

"But we have had dozens of names given to us for the woman we're looking for."

in  Gold Coast News [Australia]


  1. It was something I personally said two years ago: invent a character from any country in the world you like; plaster it all over the fucking place and you get yourself a few fucking idiots always ready and willing to jump on the bandwagon.

    Mitchell and co are using the stupidity and the fame-seekers to their maximum potential.

    I have one for Mitchell (because I swear he gets his ideas from us on the internet). Here's my little scene and I hope the McCanns are reading this (as I am certain they are)...

    Maddie has been seen in Malta, Morocco, Holland etc. In fact, she was seen in all the countries that seemed to polar where her fucking parents were at that time (ie: when she was seen in Malta Mr McCann was in America). Well, Mitchell, I know how you use propoganda tactics used politically and to con the public.

    Here's one for ya!

    There is this family looking at snapshots of their kids in the 1970s. One little girl from that era had nearly the same features as Madeleine and the same blonde hair. The only difference was the clothing styles. This little girl looked remarkably like Madeleine. The photo was from 1976.

    So, here's my suggestion. You've been to every fucking country imaginable (even Brazil; although God only knows how the fuck you can get in to Brazil with a stolen child). Hows about someone spotting Madeleine in the 1970s. Let's go back and stalk/arrest anyone seen in PDL between the dates of 3rd and 4th of May : 19 fucking 76. Wo betide anyone with platform shoes, long hair and sideborns that could shelter a family of squirrels. Let's recruit Starsky and fucking Hutch as the detectives.

    Just an idea Mitchell. After all, you people have exhausted every other angle.

    I just thought I'd throw in my tuppence worth.

  2. Referring to an article in the Sunday Express today - Note to the British Press!

    The Portugese Police DID NOT compromise the crime scene, it was the BLOODY Mccanns and their cronies that trashed the crime scene BEFORE the arrival of the PJ.

    Would you please get your facts right before you print such misleading diatribe.

    It is a common ploy in a court of law, a tribunal, disciplinary etc. of the defence for the accused to influence opinions by diverting attention from the initial charge by twisting and turning facts to such an extent that a jury forgets what are are there for in the first place.

    Clan Mccann take note! The world has NOT forgotten the original facts divulged by the PJs' investigation and this is all we are prepared to believe. Stop fabricating because we are NOT fooled by your phoney, trumped-up diversions nor ever will be!

  3. What the Maccann are doing is evil
    They have been found gulity in the eyes of the public, but if they are as they say devout catholics (by the way I don't think they are devout in any way) its not our Judgement they should fear its the judgement of God because that will last for eternity. no covering up for any one then.

  4. One of this days someone will spot the poor child on the pouch of a kangaroo...
    The Australian authorities need to nip this in the bud - it's time for someone to get serious.

  5. Night and day I dream of an interview of Amaral with Joana(or do I mean the other way around?).High Summer, he must be somewhere on holidays.Who knows Cascais.
    My question about the body: does he believe the body will ever be found?

  6. The TRUTH will not go away. The more far-fetched the McCanns' "search" for their daughter the more obvious it's all a LIE.

  7. I am ashamed of the media in the UK for the way from day one of this case they portrayed Mr Amerel and the portugese police and the people of PORTUGAL. Because of this vile couples pride and arrogance they betrayed their own flesh and blood and the portugese nation Lock them up and throw away the key.

  8. Is there anyone, anywhere in the world who is safe from the predatory McCanns?

  9. I agree with Sargento.
    This is definitely the swane song.

    The Mccanns convict themselves over and over again.
    A public prosecuter and a judge are not necessary in this case.

    They even don't take profit of the fact the case is shelved, in order to get some rest.

    They have made themselves extra ridiculous in Australia.

    Were the UK and Europe not enough?

    Something is about to happen and they expect it at any moment.

    But what?

    They are already convicted by the public.

    Vox populi, vox Dei.

  10. Brian Uk - don't know what you reading from day one - it certainly was not the British papers - remember they sued by the McCanns and the McCanns won. Suggest you leave the bottle of sherry alone and get back to reality.

    The sick minds may publicly judge the McCanns but most normal people would like justice in courts not in the public.

  11. The British papers were not 'sued' by the McCanns, and the only thing that the McCanns 'won' was an out-of-court settlement. So much for Justice IN courts... The McCanns cannot go to court, and everyone knows why.
    As a matter of fact, Anon, there are many people who would love to see justice served in court. But while we wait, the public is fully entitled to speak their mind - the same public that was ASKED by the McCanns to assist them, to DONATE to their fund - remember? Now that the public suddenly developed an opinion, and is asking UNHELPFUL questions, they want us to go away.
    Well, it's becoming obvious that the public is not going to be switched on and off as it suits the McCanns and their Media Machine.
    Justice in court - by all means, absolutely YES!

  12. Anonymouis @ 09/08/09 19:59 wrote:-

    "...Hows about someone spotting Madeleine in the 1970s. Let's go back..."

    OMG, no BOY in the '70s would be safe from the predatory McCanns either! My son was 6 in '76 and had long blonde hair!

    Phew!...panic over...he wasn't in PdL, Barcelona, Brussels or even Timbuktoo - he was here in England with me and others who loved and cared for him.

    But I know what you mean, anonymous; the McCann Magic Show has done the Grand Tour (and then some!) so why can't Clarrie Clown and David Copperfailed pull some more tricks from up their sleeves (it's all an illusion folks!) and add a touch of time-travel to their flagging act?!

  13. Let the Maccanns get back to portugal and into a court of law to prove they are innocent. Let Kate answer all the questions put to her only the gulity run away. Its easy to sue the papers in the UK I still say sorry Portugal you did not deserve this. as did not Masdelaine. Lock the maccanns up and throw away the Key shut them up for good go get them Mr Amerel.


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