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Clarence Mitchell on GMTV this morning: A Blatant Lie

"The British police, the Portuguese police and the Spanish police are working closely with the detectives (...)"


  1. A couple of weeks ago in a newspaper report a comment was made that Brown was in Leicster on a Saturday. There was no reason for him to be there. Now this news is released while he is on holiday.
    I noticed Mitchel is wearing maddies "blood money band" around his wrist. Whate a smarmy snake he is.

  2. Archive for the 'Madeleine McCann' Category
    UK Times: Madeleine McCann and European Racism
    September 29, 2007
    September 28, 2007
    Olive farmer in Madeleine McCann shock
    Mick Hume: NotebookJust when we might have hoped that the gossip surrounding the Madeleine McCann case could sink no lower, the world media managed it, by effectively conspiring to accuse a Moroccan olive farmer’s family of kidnapping her.

    Why? Well, a tourist had taken a grainy snap of a fair-haired girl in the Moroccan countryside, with some North African Muslims. What more evidence do you need?

    The only unusual thing about the Moroccan family (from a Berber region where fair-headed children are normal) turned out to be that, since they have no access to television or newspapers, they had never heard of Madeleine McCann. Now that is shocking news.


    LETS NOT forget this fiasco from Mitchel...Amaral explained when you looked at the photo of the woman holding the child her hands and face were white...

    Remember the lies from Mitchel during this "search" they new well before it was not madeleine. But Mitchel still forced the press to harass this family. The little girls face splashed all over the gutter press. The father and mother terrified...

    Thats how the Mccanns and their henchmen work.


  3. http://crimeandjustice.blog.co.uk/2009/06/28/the-mccanns-new-suspect-name-revealed-6414077/

    What happened to this SUSPECT??????


  4. Astro, how do you KNOW for sure that this is a blatant lie? Are the Portuguese police reporting to you??? And don't tell me you get your information from Amaral who has completely discredited himself.

  5. Although he can hardly keep a straight face, Clarrie is loving the media attention and exposure.
    He is famous at last, albeit for the wrong reasons.
    Only in a state of war can the media be molested in such a way.

  6. Interview with a very twitchy Father Haynes Hubbard...Talking of his wife locking windows and doors. A bit rich when he knew damn well there was no sign of forced entry.



  7. Dear Anonymous @ 16:56, it is a legal impossibility to have any Portuguese police "working closely" with private detectives. The activity of private detectives in Portugal is subject to extremely strict rules, including that they cannot investigate an open police investigation.
    On the other hand, the PJ cannot investigate a process that has been archived.
    The PJ does not 'work closely' with any private detectives - it is prevented by law from doing so.
    Anything to the contrary is, therefore, a blatant lie.
    And Mr Mitchell knows that very well.

  8. Comments from the States ..this is likened to the Jon Benet story....No one has been convicted of this crime either.


  9. The tabloids must be taking the pi$$ out of Clarence the Clown and Dave the Spiv!

    DAUGHTER = QUARTER (7grams of illicit drugs) in street slang.

    Definition #4 for 'Daughter' in the Urban Dictionary.

    The McCanns are after Australian $$$$$$. Have they added a 3rd Paypal button to their website yet? Are they going for a full set?

  10. Portuguese investigators believe that Kate McCann accidentally killed her daughter by giving her a sedative overdose. Supposedly, Kate gave her daughter medicine so that she would sleep while the parents ate dinner. Kate then supposedly hid the body with her husband’s help and staged the public pleas as a cover up. Of course, everyone’s outraged and the Portuguese police are accused of trying to cover up a bungled investigation.

    However, it’s beginning to sound to me like the JonBenet Ramsey story. Like that little girl’s death, we’ll probably never find out what truly happend to Madeline McCann.


    No link as I do not want the site trolled.


  11. The same goes for Spain Joana ...The Guardia Civil have THEIR OWN plain clothes police to do under cover work...They DO NOT work with private detectives ..


  12. http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/general/barcelona-safety.html

    When you look how dangerous and the scams that are going on in Barcelona. It is the last place in the world you would take the most well known face in Europe.

    Mitchell and Dave Edgar have gone too far.


  13. Ironside, I agree the two cases (Jon Benet and Madeleine) are very similar:

    - Sloppy investigation from the police force.
    - Parents were the suspects in both cases.

  14. That's probably why we don't hear of any crimes being solved in Portugal and Spain - all investigations are done secretly. Unless of course, one of the police force decides to sell out unsubstantiated trash to the tabloids.

  15. http://www.silobreaker.com/todays-business-headlines-5_2262511269921685526

    Looks like Murdoch is trying to make a point. The Mccanns headline news again and Murdoch saying that within the year he will charge for online news readers. If it works others will follow he states...

    These two cannot be just a coincidence...how many newspapers does he own in Australia?

    Will we pay to read the mccann story....Not I' they can go to hell in a Banana boat.


  16. Reply to "Amaral discredited himself" - thousands of copies of his book flying off the shelves, plus thousands of hits on the youtube documentary prove you wrong.
    It's bull like "a Posh look-alike" that further discredits the McScams.

  17. Anonymous @ 17:46, here's another lesson in law for you: with the new Penal Process Code, which was enforced on the 15th of September 2007, NO criminal process in Portugal is under judicial secrecy, unless the contrary is decided by the competent judge.
    If there is anything further that you wish to see clarified, don't be shy. We're here to help.

  18. Astro, esta gentinha não entende nada de leis, factos ou justiça.As suas cabeças distorcidas e perturbadas só entendem a linguagem da mentira, da invenção e do insulto.Podem ler mil vezes que o que estão a dizer é impossível do ponto de vista jurídico.Ainda assim vão, sem um pingo de vergonha na cara, continuar a tentar convencer os outros de que o que dizem é a mais pura das verdades.
    Acho que alguns destes apoiantes do casal, de tanto mentirem e de tanto inventarem,acabam mesmo por se convencer a eles próprios criando a sua própria realidade.

  19. Dear cynical anonymous @16:56, besides Astro's clear answer to you I just want to add what your idol Gerry McCann said for the world to hear on the Oprah Show:

    "Oprah: - Are the Portuguese Police still looking?

    Gerry: Well what's happened is erm the file is officially closed and it, and that was a really difficult period because in Portugal they have a thing called Judicial Secrecy and you're not meant to know what's going on but that was closed last July and then we were given the files on DVD in Portuguese so we have a small err team which is funded from erm Madeleine's Fund and we really hope that people who were in Praia da Luz who might have information and we've asked the local community in Portuguese to come forward and again in combination with a sighting so you know this for us this is a very active search and Kate...

    Kate: ...there's no....

    Gerry: Kate spends...

    Kate: ...there's no law enforcement agency though actively looking for Madeleine I mean obviously you know

    Gerry: the onus is on us which you know is pretty frustrating actually

    Kate: ...we're driving this

    Gerry: ...but as parents you've just got, got to do everything."

    Mitchell shamelessly lies through his teeth on camera( but heh, he's got an excuse, it's his job).
    Gerry and Kate lie shamelessly on camera, the extended family lied shamelessly on camera and radio,they all lie, lie, lie!

  20. This sounds like an April the First joke.

    Clarence will never get a decent job in the future.

    Nobody expected him to go this low.

    Who put him under this pressure?

    I can not believe the UK has got Brown as Prime Minister.

    What a riff raff government and assistents.

    This is an insult to the
    working class.

  21. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090807/tuk-madeleine-hotline-swamped-by-calls-6323e80.html

    Many simpletons have bit the bate.
    Let's just hope they played their last wild card.

  22. NotFooledbyMcLieFactory Ltd.Friday, August 07, 2009 11:17:00 pm

    The interview on Oprah got them alot of tears but not that many people really interested in putting their money in the McCann mortgage paying fund. Alot of "hoopla" but in the end, they had very little impact on the US, and I have a feeling that reflected on their fund. Low and behold, now they turn their sights to Australia, probably New Zeland next. Will they have more success in lining up their fund again from Australia? Don't know. But I have a feeling they will soon find out, that not all English-speaking countries are as gullible as many British that actually buy up all that trash written in the tabloids.

    Got to give that team credit for not giving up though. When they figured out that the racism (morrocan, gypsy, mediterranean-looking), sexist (always a man), class (always scruffy and poor looking) cards did not gather much impact, they now turn to a well-dress, somewhat glamorous and well-spoken, cultured white woman from an English-speaking country, as the potencial abductor.
    Will this one stick? In the end, I wonder which abductor profile is more successful. I am sure psychologists all over the world will be interrested in writing about this.

    P.S. Anonymous aka Rosie Poops every-time-she-opens-her-sick-and-vile-mouth. In the end, like vinagre in water, the truth always comes up.

  23. hey don't you think that that australian tv presenter at 2.06 looks just like the photo-fit?
    i'm sure it's her!..
    well,of course i am kind of joking,just to show that the portrait is very vague &that a lot of people will fit the description...handy...


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