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Couple defend Madeleine leaflet

A NOTTS couple who delivered leaflets in Clifton about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have defended their actions.

Grenville Green and his wife, Helene Davies-Green, have been campaigning on behalf of the Madeleine Foundation.

The pressure group has repeatedly claimed Madeleine was not abducted and their leaflet presents evidence gathered by the Portuguese police about her disappearance.

The pensioners from Nuthall have also dropped leaflets in Rothley, Leicestershire, the village where the McCanns live.

Mrs Davies-Green said: "We're not trying to upset anyone or stir anything up, we just want people to look again at the case."

Leaflets about Kate and Gerry McCann posted in Rothley were taken down by neighbours.

Following the leaflet drop, Mr and Mrs McCann issued a statement through their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, in which they said: "We do not wish to dignify the actions of the Madeleine Foundation with any response at all."*

*(yet they did, in their own official site and via their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell)

in This is Nottingham

Madeleine Foundation supporter Grenville Green, from Nottingham, taking news of the booklet: 'What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?' to residents and shopkeepers in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

After reading the booklet over the Christmas holidays, and being convinced that Madeleine McCann was not abducted as the McCanns have claimed, Grenville bought 100 booklets from the Madeleine Foundation. He has been touring Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire on his Triumph Bonneville America bike to promote the booklet. Amongst the places he has visited have been Leicestershire Police Headquarters and the McCanns' home village of Rothley.

Grenville said: "My wife and I have had a very good response wherever we've been. Most people appear to doubt the McCanns' version of events and have eagerly snapped up the booklet. I am amazed at the amount of government help that this couple has had, given that the Portuguese police had good grounds for making them suspects in the disappearance of their own daughter".

Biography: Grenville Green (59) was widowed and brought up three boys, including his Downs Syndrome son Stephen, on his own. He remarried in May last year and currently campaigns for carers' rights. In particular he is asking that the Carers' Allowance, paid by the government to full-time carers, should be increased to the same level as the national minimum wage.

Source: The Madeleine Foundation

Pictures courtesy of The Madeleine Foundation. top left: Mr. Anthony Bennett, Secretary of The Madeleine Foundation with Mrs. Davies-Green; top right & bottom left: Mr. Greenville Green.


  1. I read that the people who delivered the leaflets did not pin any up on noticeboards, trees etc. So who did pin up the leaflets. As it is implied on the news reports that leaflets were pinned up by the people who delivered them. But this is not so.

  2. I am quite impressed with the intelligent, calm, dispassionate way the folks from The Madeleine Foundation present information about the Madeleine McCann case. Their mature behavior is in sharp contrast to the descriptions the UK tabloids have maligned them with.

    Kudos to all those involved in spreading the word, door to door. You have courage.

  3. well done grenville and helene and all those who helped in the leaflet drops,i take my hat of to you all.

  4. http://retiredrambler.typepad.com/tonys_ramblings/

    I like Tony's blog and his sense of humour. Just by chance I looked in today to see if he has posted something on the Mccanns, he has...scroll down past the Super Chillies.

    I hope the delivering of leaflets not only make people question the mccanns and the "abduction" but also make them think what about the fund and the fact if the mccanns are involved ...the fund is fraudulent....People usually wake up when they realise they have been hit where it hurts...in the pocket.


  5. It's amazing what you can do without access to millions of pounds.

    I am so proud of Tony, Debbie, Grenville, Helene, and all those assisting them. Bravo!

  6. This is such good news. Well done to those involved. What a debt we all owe you.

    This has actually got media coverage at last, and it's even anounced that the info is just what's in the police files.

    I know whose shoes I wouldn't be in at the moment!!! Let's hope they feel real bad. Not that I'm vindictive or anything, I'm not, but it is sooo deserved, and hopefully will remove that smugness.

  7. Hello from my hot city!

    Just to tell you that for this case you'll read now Gordon Brown nor the british ambassador didn't call us. Why not?

    "The two British backpackers who falsely claimed they had been robbed in an insurance scam must stay in Brazil until next April to complete their punishment.
    Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner were yesterday handed 16 months' community service by judge in Rio de Janeiro.
    The law graduates, both 23, will not be able to return to the UK until they have spent at least eight months working in the slum areas that surround Rio. "

    In the slums here we don't have tea time, honey.

    Vai trabalhar na FAVELA!!!!
    Sabe o que é isso?
    É barra pesada.
    Nao admitimos ladroes estrangeiros já temos os nossos!

    beijinhos Joana!

  8. The recent responses of Grenville, Helene, and Debbie Butler to the hysterical criticism levelled against them, provide a refreshing and dignified antidote to the our gutless press who continue to savage anyone who dares question the McCanns' abduction nonsense.

    'We're not trying to upset anyone or stir anything up, we just want people to look again at the case' says Helene.

    And what on earth is so wrong or controversial about that. Surely McCann and his sidekick would also like to see this happen??? If not, why not?

    It would be interesting if the little Monty Pythonesque voice that appears on this site from time to time insisting on the parents' innocence, would come up with one or two reasons why s/he thinks this way - let alone ten, or sixty.

  9. The Madeleine Foundation folk have shown real courage in standing up to the McCann Media Machine and doing so in such a mature, determined and inspiring manner. Everyone who values the truth will wish them well - and more importantly - send donations to the Foundation to ensure their good work continues and expands.

    They are the sort of people who in other countries have stood up to totalitarian regimes. Seemingly fearless, always resolute. Once again well done.

  10. Indeed the restraint from Helene, Debbie, Tony and Grenville is impressive. A cockroach could learn from that.

  11. Are¡nt they wonderful.We love you maddy xxxxxx

  12. I am too, convinced as is Goncolo Amaral, that the facade will start to leak, and eventually a large hole for all to see will emerge, that is called the TRUTH. I am of a somewhat different theory, as it had been generously discussed, David Payne and Gerald McCann have on more than one occasion, the predilections of themselves for sex with children. The 1/2 hour between tennis playing and their meeting up with Kate McCann to me, seems to perfect time to sexually abused Madeleine. Also, having stated their "sexual preferences", we as a society also know that pedophiles do not possess any form of human respect towards children..they are just OBJECTS. As we know, Madeleine was of an age where she could voice her experiences, unlike smaller children. So, I conclude, that they had sex with her between 6:30p-7:00P, then something Madeleine said or something Kate may have walked in on, prompted them to eliminate her, as to save their freedom, and lives as they knew it to be. "your sin will find you out". Old Testament.

  13. Yes, there is a big difference between one saying 30 seconds and to the other saying 30 minutes...


  14. I wish I could have seen the interview Grenville sent to Tony. Hope all at the MF are well and I send them my goodwishes. You have all taken a massive step forward in finding justice for this poor child and I applaud your efforts. Most of all I applaud your bravery by putting yourselves in the public domain.

  15. I wish all the best to the people from MF. Great work, thank you.

  16. These actions of T.B. and his diciples are pure harassement. Nobody knows what happened to the girl, but the Madeleine Foundation surely knows what didn`t happen to her? This is so disgusting! I hope this group will be charged for their mean actions.

  17. Fantastic work yet again from the Madeleine Foundation, good on yeh Mr Bennett. also to you Debbie Butler, well done....

    Cadaver dogs CANT and never lie, unlike some people

  18. Great job, " The Madeleine Foundation "!! It's so nice to see the huge klown mask started to exuviate and THE TRUTH is coming out!


  20. Anonymous posted

    'These actions of T.B. and his diciples are pure harassement. Nobody knows what happened to the girl, but the Madeleine Foundation surely knows what didn`t happen to her? This is so disgusting! I hope this group will be charged for their mean actions.'

    Morning Anonymous

    I take it by your statement:

    'Nobody knows what happened to the girl'

    that you include Kate McCann, Gerald McCann, and all of the friends present at the tapas bar that evening?

    In which case, IF THEY DO NOT KNOW, should they be making documentaries about the 'ABDUCTION' of their daughter?

    Should they be courting the media in this respect?

    On the other hand, if you are NOT icluding them in your statement, that is you are saying that they DO know what happened to the child - are you saying this based on what you believe to be their involvment in the disappearance of Madeleine?


    are you saying that they have evidence of the crime of abduction?

    So far they have not produced evidence to SUPPORT aduction, so why should anyone believe that this is what happened?

    'Abduction' is simply a THEORY the McCann's have come up with, to explain the disappearance of their daughter,

    or, as some are of the opinion,
    a 'COVER-UP' story to hide the reason for the disappearance of their daughter.

    Much as you feel the leaflet drop, stating facts about the case to be 'disgusting.'

    I find disgust in telling the world that a child has been abducted when there is no proof, more so!

    I find parents of a missing child, and all of their friends present that night, who refused to take part in a reconstruction of the events of that night, to assist the investigating authority in tracing the whereabouts and/or what took place the night the child disappeared, to be not just disgusting, but CRIMINAL!


  21. On the scale of things 'anonymous' the leaflets if they raise awareness of what I consider to be the 'dirty deeds' surrounding this case, if they break down some barriers and lead us to find justice for Madeleine McCann, a justice which those we would expect to be pursuing, appear not to be, then I say it is a worthy exercise.

    If the content of these leaflets, (I say 'IF' as I have not read it)are indeed fact, and IF the McCann's truly seek to leave 'no stone unturned' in the search for their daughter (I say 'IF' as there are times I am doubtful of this due to both their inaction/actions in certain areas) then the leaflet surely cannot be considered by them to be an 'object' as they have claimed, which hinders their search?

    They claimed also that Sr Amaral's book hinders their search?

    How so?

    They claim it stops the public reporting to them any relevant information. They claim if the public think Madeleine is dead, then they (public) will stop looking.

    How so?

    Other than the culprit/s themselves in this case, I suggest that there is no decent human being on the planet who would withold any relevant information regarding the case of this missing child, should such information come to their attention.

    To use a Team McCann expression -
    It is 'LUDICROUS' to even think that if the child was dead that this reason would make someone who either found the body or became aware of this, fail to come forward to the proper authorities.

    If Madeleine is dead (and no body yet found) the public who are aware of this case would still, if they see a child who looks like Madeleine report their sighting to the police.

    This is exactly the situation in the case of missing Madeleine - no body, as yet, found.

    I think this, rather negates the McCann's claim that the public would stop looking, stop reporting.

    What the public MAY do, if they thought Madeleine was dead - is STOP DONATING TO THE FUND!

    Despite a huge reward - which we rarely hear of - no one has come forward with 'positive' information.

    Is this one of the many stones left unturned? Maybe they should 'plug' this reward a bit more eh?

    The McCann's have been told, so they tell us, that it is not a good thing to do, as they might get all sorts coming out of the woodwork making false claims.

    Is that not what we have been getting in respect of the line-up of suspects, ooops PERSONS OF INTEREST?

    In all cases, no matter what, there will be an element of false/misleading information, cranks etc, the investigators use their skill investigative experience to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Anonymous, the McCann's take every available opportunity to tell us that there is NO authority searching for their daughter.

    They leave the unsuspecting viewer/reader with the opinion that they (McCann's) have been abandoned in the most nightmarish of situations, left to their own devices.

    We ALL know the reason why they make such statements, and we ALL know that this is a situation which could have been remedied by the McCann's (and I believe can still be)but it is a stone they chose to LEAVE UNTURNED.

    Ask yourself WHY?

    Ask yourself WHY the 'supposed' reconstruction made by, and made for the McCann's was inaccurate at best. Ask WHY the most important part of it -KATE DISCOVERING HER DAUGHTER TO BE MISSING - was NOT included?

    An actress played this part, was PAID (from Fund I take it) to play this part, yet it was 'CUT' from the finished production.


  22. Anonymous, use what your God has given you. Whether it is the McCann's who are responsible for having removed the child from the apartment, or some other known or unknown person,something is FAR WRONG in this case.

    If it was as simple as a stalker watching them, then choosing his moment(which has to be the most extreme case of 'bad timing' in history)to abduct Madeleine - there would have been no need to MISLEAD the public, in the many ways in which the McCann's have.

    Based on the mountains of information we have, one does not have to be a genious nor a detective to know that many lies have been told, and that persons are being protected.

    It will however take a detective, or former detective, with the skill, experience,determination, and integrity of Sr Amaral, God willing, to bring those responsible for the disappearance and possible demise of this child to justice!


  23. Morning Ironside,

    I read that article re Tony. Posted part of it on Sky Blog.

    His views on the Fund were interesting, but what interested me more were his views on the McCann private detectives :

    'What I'm pretty certain about is that both these policemen are familiar with the problems of identification. It's difficult enough to be certain about who you saw in good daylight when you've had a long look, but to recall a face you saw over two years ago when in drink would have been rejected, as unreliable, by most coppers I knew.

    But both these police officers must be aware of the identification rules they would have used before they retired.

    And this Barcelona identification breaks just about all of them. It's hardly surprising that it leads to what appears to be another dead end.'



    Anyone tell me what the "rules" re identification would be exactly?

    One of them I take it is that a person under the influence of alcohol is NOT A RELIABLE witness.

    Two, the length of time since the sighting.

    What others, did the McCann detectives ignore?


  24. On the subject of a 'witness' under the influence of alcohol being unreliable.

    The McCann's and their friends have stated they were drinking alcohol on the evening of Madeleine's disappearance, all to a lesser greater degree.

    On another blog it was discussed 'why Mrs. McCann, from her position standing in the bedroom doorway, could not see if Madeleine was in her bed, and how she could mistake Madeleine as being the bedclothes or vice versa.

    One reason proffered in defence of Mrs. McCann, was that she was tipsy, making her vision blurred, accounting for being unable to determine whether Madeleine was there or not. Causing Mrs. McCann to enter the bedroom and move over close to Madeleine's bed.

    With the same token, if we are to allow for Mrs. McCann being tipsy with blurred vision, then perhaps she did NOT see, open windows and shutters. Perhaps she opened them by herself and forgot!

    Perhaps she did not see curtains as if by magic whoosh open from their position closed at centrepoint to either side of the window.

    I have to say, to introduce alcohol into the equation somewhat rather reduces the credibility of what Mrs. McCann, did or did not see. There is not a court lawyer in any land, who would not be able to rip this defence to ribbons in seconds. Discrediting all that Mrs. McCann has stated.

    Mrs. McCann's police statement indicates that the curtains were drawn open when she first entered the apartment.

    Her documentary/Oprah she tells a different version of what she found.

    Have Mrs. McCann's recollections of how she 'FOUND' the apartment been BLURRED by BOOZE?

    Perhaps she can turn it around and use it in her defence if the day dawns where she needs to - that she must have imagined open windows and shutters. That she forgot which door she actually entered the apartment by.

    Perhaps too, booze gave our Barcelona witness the impression he was looking at a beautiful babe, a spicegirl lookalike - and he was speaking to a transvestite!

    He wouldn't be the first male of our species under the influence to have been fooled!

    Alcohol and lies - What a cocktail!


  25. http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/282065,police-scramble-to-confiscate-leaflets-critical-of-premier.html

    Print this article email this article Comment on this article
    Phnom Penh - Police in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh scrambled to gather up hundreds of photocopied leaflets critical of Prime Minister Hun Sen that were scattered around the capital, local media reported Thursday. The leaflets, which were left at a number of locations in the capital around 2 am on Wednesday, accuse the prime minister of being a dictator, of being politically subservient to Vietnam, and of "selling the nation."

    Government spokesman Phay Siphan told the Phnom Penh Post newspaper that Cambodians would not be influenced by the leaflets.

  26. Ordem dos Advogados
    Bastonário paga jantar de 300 euros com ministro

    A reunião de "alto nível" realizada na Ordem dos Advogados há uma semana, que juntou Marinho Pinto, Alberto Costa, Pinto Monteiro e Noronha Nascimento, acabou também com um jantar de "alto nível" num dos mais caros restaurantes de Lisboa. Já sem o presidente do Tribunal de Justiça, Noronha Nascimento, o bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados, o ministro da Justiça e o procurador-geral da República jantaram no Gambrinus, e a refeição, regada com uma garrafa de tinto ‘Evel Grande Escolha’ de 2004 – que naquele restaurante custa 96 euros –, ascendeu a perto de 300 €, segundo apurou o CM.

    Saiba mais na edição de hoje do jornal 'Correio da Manhã'.

    QUEM TERA PAGO O JANTAR? Cheira a Mccann e Fundo Maddie, para festejar um acordo que foi visivel no dia seguinte- O livro e o DVD, sao censurados pelo tribunal civel de Lisboa e a decisao e comunicada ao pais, via imprensa, antes de serem notificados os directamente envolvidos no assunto. Hum! HUm! Que levanta suspeitas, levanta... esta reunao secreta e a justificacao da juiza, de que tudo foi tratado secretamente para nao haver "areia na engrenagem". Quem podia ser a areia? A opiniao publica? os deputados da oposicao? o Presidente da Republica?

    OS PORTUGUESES JA NAO SAO BURROS E SO ENGOLEM A PALHA QUE QUEREM. Que esta reuniao foi para tudo menos para resolver os problemas da justica, e mais do que evidente. Para que reunir secretamente, semanas antes de eleicoes legislativas que podem mudar governo, ministro da justica, leis, etc. Nao foi para resolver os problemas do pais. Para isso, vem ai um novo governo. SO PODE TER SIDO PARA RESOLVER PROBLEMAS PESSOAIS, PRIVADOS ANTES QUE HAJA NOVO GOVERNO. Coitada da Maddie, que desde Setembro de 2007, deixou de ter direitos e de ser importante.


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