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Do the McCanns really want to find Maddie?

Their daughter Maddie had been abducted, said Kate and Gerry McCann since May 2007. Wrong, says the Madeleine Foundation. The parents themselves were guilty of Maddie's death. But the investigations against them were systematically undermined. By the British government.

By Karin Leuthold

The approach of the "Madeleine Foundation" is clear and simple: Its members do not believe the version of the McCanns, they do not believe that their daughter Maddie was abducted on 3 May 2007 by an unknown from her bedroom in the Portuguese holiday resort. They believe, rather, the child was dead and they suspect that Kate and Gerry McCann have something to do with her death.

The "Madeleine Foundation" has "search for the truth" written on the banner. Their view of things coincides precisely with that of the deposed Portuguese chief investigator Gonçalo Amaral.

The organization will not rest until the parents would be held to account, is stated on its website. 20 minutes Online spoke with Vera Steinke, the German representative of the 'Madeleine Foundation'.

Vera Steinke with the German edition and Tony Bennett with the English edition of '60 Reasons'

20 minutes online: Ms. Steinke, what is the motivation of the "Madeleine Foundation" to work on behalf of the little girl?

Vera Steinke: We say quite simply that the British people have a right to a fair presentation of the facts and analysis, which lead to only one conclusion: namely that no kidnapping can have happened. In the case of missing Madeleine, we have the example of an unusual pair, who are suspected of a serious crime, but are supported by the British Government and the British press by its massively one-sided reporting.

You claim that the McCanns would be supported by the British government? Why?

Unfortunately, this is still today the big question. There is only conjecture and speculation but nothing concrete. It is clear that from the beginning a massive intervention and support by the British government took place, well above and beyond what is normal (usual). It would seem as if it was not just about the disappearance of a little girl.

About what, then?

There are two facts, that are worth mentioning here: one is the current spokesman of the McCann family, Clarence Mitchell, a former government spokesman, who, on the instructions of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, took on the media work for the parents in September 2007 - shortly after they were declared suspects. On the other hand, the Portuguese investigator Gonçalo Amaral has been removed from the case, after the Summit in 2007 and a conversation between Gordon Brown and his Portuguese counterpart José Sócrates - precisely at the moment when he had developed a critical attitude towards the parents.

Gonçalo Amaral has not been working on the case since the autumn of 2007. He is disseminating through the Internet the theory that Maddie is dead and that by the hand of the parents - as a result of an accident or a crime -. Why does he not get more attention?

It seems that forces in the British government are preventing this case from being investigated objectively and in all directions. Only one theory is allowed, namely that of the parents, of the alleged abduction, although no evidence exists. Gonçalo Amaral had to give up the case, when he officially declared the parents suspects, after the sniffer dogs had found clear evidence.

What does your organization do specifically, in order to help in resolving the matter?

Because the members of the "Madeleine Foundation" are not investigators, they cannot do anything in this direction. You can, however, by actions - such as petitions, try to request the British Government to reconsider the case, for example for neglect and violation of oversight duty of the parents. The distribution of leaflets in Leicester and the surrounding area a few days ago, for example, has caused a lot of stir in the British press.

Do you think that the case will be opened again?

The parents seem in any case not to be interested in a resumption of the case. This in turn raises a further question: Why not? Parents, whose child has disappeared, should have the biggest interest in the clarification of such a case.

in 20 Minuten Online

Madeleine Foundation in BBC East Midlands

The McCann's Answer in findmadeleine.com
18th August Re: 'Madeleine Foundation'

We do not wish to dignify the actions of the so-called 'Madeleine Foundation' with any response. We do feel it is important, however, that the general public are made aware that the 'Madeleine Foundation' has no connection whatsoever with our family or those helping us to find Madeleine, including law enforcement agencies or child welfare NGO's (non-governmental organisations). We also strongly believe that the actions of this organisation do not have Madeleine's best interest at heart; if anything, the organisation is hindering all our efforts to find Madeleine and achieve justice.

Madeleine Foundation Leaflet in PDF here


  1. The Maccanns really are a protected couple, with more protection it seems than the royal family. Is there anyone living who can penetrate this shield and get to the truth. Much as it pains me to say I don't think there is. The elections in the UK should without a doubt see Brown and new Labour finished, thats next May. Will that help answers anyone please. And whats wrong with Rothley please don't judge all the UK by the few people interviewed. By the way the BBC is riddled with corruption as well.
    I would say now the Maccanns are well over what ever happened to their daughter, they are not bothered over Maderlaine. its their own Image,they are out to sanctify and that is very important to them and has been from day 1. They are a very selfish pair.

  2. Oh Dear... the interviewer doesn't want to let Debbie have her say does she. That alone speaks volumes.

    I can't believe they couldn't find anyone in Rothley who supports the leflet. What one sided reporting.(just for a change)LOL

  3. Never too much to repeat - the million dollar question:

    "Do you think that the case will be opened again?

    The parents seem in any case not to be interested in a resumption of the case. This in turn raises a further question: Why not? Parents, whose child has disappeared, should have the biggest interest in the clarification of such a case."

    As for the sickening BBC video:

    Aren't there any young people in Rothley?
    I have nothing against old people, but the reporters never seem to ask the opinion of anyone young enough to know what the Internet is...
    Pensioners - the last bastion of the McCann. XD

  4. We don't need more ilusions as we have right now.

    Gerry Maccann is pretty sure that no one will discover the body of Madeleine because only Gerry and Kate could tell us how they destroyed her remains without to leave one's mark.And he has good friends like Gordon Brown.What do you want more than this?

    This is for sure.
    I am very sorry but I'm leaving this blog today.
    I don't see the light on the end of the tunnel anymore.
    We have to accept that this is an almost perfect crime.

    good night and good luck!

    and many thanks to Joana & Co.

    bless you,

  5. Thank you Joana! This is preciselly the video I posted a comment about in another of your articles, that "lady" was so rude and unprofessional, it made me so angry I wanted to punch the lights out of her! She constantly interrupted Mrs. Buttler, never let her finished a sentence and when she "dared" to mention the FACTS the in portuguese police files then the reporter almost had a fit and immediately ended the interview because time was up, yeah, right!!!
    It's so sad that a tv network like the BBC has lost its integrity and pride, judging by the quality of their reporters and the way they treat people they invite for interviews.

  6. In response to the interviewee stating that the leaflet distributed, contained facts, the BBC Presenter in this video clip states:

    1. "Facts can be changed by anyone!" (That's interesting to know- Is Clarence her mentor I wonder?)

    2. "To be perfectly honest they may be facts as far as you are concerned, but not as far as everyone is concerned."

    (Can a fact only be a fact to certain people? - How extraordinary - definitely attended class with Clarence!)


    Was the presenter's opinion on this a personal one, or a view held by the BBC which she was instructed to act on?

    She quite clearly implies that the detail in the document (leaflet) has been doctored!

    I do not recall in any interview given by the McCann's in the UK, anyone daring to suggest for a moment that the information they were issuing as 'fact' may not be considered so by everyone. Nor did anyone ever even hint that the McCann's 'facts' were something which could have been changed by them to suit their needs.

    Another obscene example of the biased reporting in the McCann case here in the UK.

    On any news item,a mixed bag of persons on the street are generally sought out, enabling a balanced view.

    Of course, not where the McCann's are concerned!

    Are we to believe that the BBC could only find in Rothley, people who were disgruntled at the leaflet drop?

    Didn't look far enough!

    The presenter states, in disgust at the leaflet distribution, that the people of Rothley have gone through enough this past two years, they should be left alone, yet the BBC sent out a film crew to harass the public on the streets of this village!

    It truly beggar's belief!


  7. http://www.wheres-madeleine.info/maddie2.html

    Seems like they are also trying to have the lady "who speaks her mind" removed from Rothley...It is sounding more and more like Stepford...these people have been truly brainwashed.


  8. Gordon Brown is supposed to be a Freemason, and that would not surprise me if its true, There is also rumours that Gerry Maccann is involved in the Masons,if so that will answer everything, I think we all know the devout catholic part is false and a cover so maybe that is the reason for the Maccanns confidence in never getting caught Mason involvement no chance of Justice for maddie,

  9. I agree.It has not to do with a simple, accidental death of a child, but it has to do with the cause of death, caused by whom and why?
    To whom is the murderer connected, who are his connections, are there more little children involved in his life and also little children involved in the lives of his connections?

  10. There's something very strange going on here. Why are the Government and people in high places including the itea media all backing the McCann's despite evidence of their guilt. THere is a bigger secret being hidden here. For some reason, they are determined not to let the truth come out. I suspect that the truth of what happened that night may lead to an even bigger scandal.

  11. BBC East Midlands has no other choice than to be against the leaflets.
    But this journalists knows what is going on.
    She is not stupid.
    At least BBC gave Mrs. Vera Steinke the chance to show up on television.
    I hope they will give Amaral the same chance in the future.
    If the BBC was very much against the leaflets, they could have chosen for to silent about it, or only comment it on a negative way, not interviewing Mrs. Steinke.
    Who knows, this is the only safe way the BBC found to show the other side of the medal,even for short moments, without being sued by the running-out-of- money McCanns.

  12. I do also think this is the perfect crime and they have and will get away with it. If Mr Amerel is unable to work a miracle and thats what it will now take there is no light at the end of the Tunnel, I am also very sad but they seem to have won.

  13. It is the first time I watch British media, the BBC, giving the opposite group the chance to speak up.
    Vera Steinke talked for very few minutes, she was not well treated, but at least she talked.
    This is getting better and I hope other TVs will follow the BBC example.

  14. I am surprised that this is considered by some to have been the perfect crime. Far from it.
    If it wassn't for the help they got from high places they would have been behind bars long before now.
    Their time is almost up.

  15. Very good,
    people who never heard of The Madaleine Foundation- have heard it now, through the BBC.
    People who never heard of Tony Bennett's booklet,have heard it too, through the BBC.
    The introduction of the news says already that this foundation does not believe that it was an abduction.
    People can now search for Madeleine Foundation on internet.
    And read the letter to Brown.
    Very good.
    Things are getting better.
    Much better.

  16. Maria,

    então, pensava que no Brasil eram mais optimistas que neste rectangulozinho da Europa! :D

    Já todos percebemos que não vai ser fácil chegar à verdade, mas não vamos desistir agora que estamos tão próximo! Como dizem em Inglês, It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better! Nunca desanimando!
    Espera só as eleições chegarem brevemente! A protecção deles não vai durar para sempre!
    E nós cá estaremos.

  17. It could be that the BBC did it on purpose, citing the Madeleine Foundation.
    They could have simply said Mrs.Steinke belonged to a group against the Mccanns, no address, no references to the booklet.
    The rest of Britain would not have known it.

  18. The 49 police questions that Kate McCann refused to answer and the Tapas 9 refusal (I deliberately include the McCanns in this, as I believe their stated willingness was a sham) to return for a police reconstruction are often mentioned but equally as telling was the necessity for the PJ to go through hoops with the Rogatory Letters debacle.

    Jeremy Wilkins and others resident in the UK submitted themselves to questioning by the British police. The Tapas 9 could have done the same at any time after their return to England but not one of them offered to be questioned. They all claimed that Madeleine had been abducted, yet they displayed no sense of urgency in moving the investigation on by answering any questions regarding events in Praia da Luz!

    And where was the Home Secretary's sense of urgency when she continually stalled this process for many months?! I believe this speaks volumes. There was no need for urgency; these deliberate delays didn't endanger Madeleine because all those involved knew that she was already beyond harm.

    The $64,000 question is, why is this still being covered up when fewer and fewer people believe the abduction nonsense and the 'search for Madeleine' has become a sickening farce? This ever more transparent deceit is making Britain the laughing-stock of the world!

  19. This is 'the perfect crime'? No way! The average Joe, without connections, would not have got away with a fraction of the contradictions, forensics etc. for two months, let alone two years. This lot's time in court is coming, sooner or later. Team McCann - every single one of them, Edgar and the other muppets who saw the chance of a quick buck - the whole bloody lot of them. In my humble opinion, of course.


    I wrote Vera Steinke

    when I should have written



  21. Just a point : it was Debbie Butler in the interview not Vera Steinke (she was the lady in the photo with Tony)

    Having been first angry, at the way Debbie was treated by the interviewer, I have read other posters, and now agree that we should instead be amazed that Debbie was given airtime.

    She did brilliantly and yes, now many many more people will be aware of the other side of the argument. And maybe this WAS the only way the BBC could give it - by PRETENDING not to agree with her.


  22. A few days ago the Mail on Sunday bitterly attacked the McCanns'detectives for their incompetency, asking so few questions after such a major breakthrough in Barcelona.
    The news paper was really irritated
    that the detectives did not ask efficient questions which could have lead them to discover Madeleine's whereabouts.
    How could they miss such a perfect chance.

    And now the BBC attacks The Madeleine Foundation in Rothley, its leaflets, it refers to its booklets, pronounces very well the words "Madeleine's Foundation", let Mrs Butler talks on TV, refers to the opinion Madeleine was not abducted.

    Could it be that the media made an agreement among themselves, after being fed up of being controled by the McCanns?

    They are now spreading the truth around, disguized in protectors?

    How can the McCanns sue them now if they are such a lovely supporters?

  23. I believe under Portuguese law there is a crime of, Abandonment leading to harm?
    The fact that Madeleine went missing, presumed abducted, whilst being left unsupervised by her parents, would surely fall under this law.
    Is being abducted not harm and being left unsupervised not abandoned?

  24. I don't know about the perfect crime. Aren't there too many people involved for it to be perfect? If either Kate or Gerry were responsible for what happened to Maddy, can they trust each other to remain silent?
    If members of the tapas group know what happened, can they be trusted?

    What possible hold could the McCanns have over British government officials, other than knowledge of their swinging or paedo involvements or could it be something simpler, like the NHS? Being both doctors, could the McCanns be in a position too expose certain government officials.

  25. Some bloggers has hope in the next elections in PT and UK, to stop the protection to the maccans. IMHO whatever will the results a few things change.In PT it is well known the position regarding this case, remenber Expresso, PB, and other personalities of the PSD. In the other hand I think the personalities envolved are in certain way over the parties.I wishe I am wrong, but we have to wait and see.However I believe justice will be served but not by polititians hands

  26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9DM34KGurw&videos=wMXNZu8n_S0

    Good Posts on the comments page...


  27. Joana, was it BBC that aired One Year disappearence, at the end of the tragic interview the McCanns laughing, while they thought the cameras were out?

  28. Maria from Brazil,

    por favor volte.Maddie precisa de você e nós também.
    Todo túnel tem um fim, este tbém.
    Também já tive momentos de desistência mas recuperei a força.
    Veja aqui que a BBC está dando uma chance à verdade.
    O negócio está virando.

    Como promotor de justiça você deve ter conhecido sentenças injustas e recorrido ao tribunal.
    Não desista.
    Confio numa investigaçào secreta de jornalistas ingleses para de repente darem um furo contando o que está por trás da história.

    Isto vai acontecer.
    Eles foram super humilhados e vão vingar-se.
    Jornalista não é amigo de pessoa alguma. Jornalista quer saber a verdade.

  29. My perspective, being outside the UK, is that the BBC may have give the Madeleine Foundation some air time, but it didn't portrait them in a very good light - that's the message for people on the fence or those that don't know any better.

    What strikes me as shocking is how can the rest of the British public which are aware of the facts, how come they let the media get away with this biased campaign - why aren't people doing more to show that it's not just Tony Bennet and a few more "cranks", but there are a lot more people who want to get to the bottom of this story, so the media and the gov. should back off! Why aren't people demonstrating in front of TV stations and newspapers demanding free speech? Your democracy is being ridiculed by these people, like the Portuguese judicial system has been.
    At least we still have a free press, and elections coming next month... although am not too confident that anything will change... but there's always a chance.

  30. I believe the McCanns are not the ones in charge of this "cover-up"
    IMO people in high places are the ones pulling all the strings. Who do you think sent Clarence to spin everything?
    Someone high up did something that at all costs must be covered up.
    Of course the parents assisted in what became of their daughter, one way or another. I won`t detail what I think may be the reason a body must not be found.

    This is the only thing that makes sense to me.
    The McCanns are puppets, no wonder they don`t come across as real.
    The more widely spread the truth can go the better.
    Good luck with the leaflets.

  31. Joana, after gerry was interviewed at the UK parliament, he was interviewed by a male BBC journalist, who was very sharp on asking Gerry some questions. That Gerry used the media for his own profits and them attacked them.At a certain point Gerry asks him if he was the devil's advocat.This question did not last long on that video.
    Than we have that laughing couple one day before the first anniversary of the disappearence.

    And now the interview with Mrs. Butler.
    Ik all three happenings were made by BBC, it can only mean they are in favor of the truth.

  32. To A. Miller,

    Hear, hear! Excellent post!

  33. It was not Miller who wrote that above,about the BBC being in favor of the truth, anonymous.
    It was me, Virginia.

  34. Ironside,

    I listened to the link for BBC radio Rothley. Those people in that radio programme saying they feel sick to their stomach about people posting leaflets in their village are imo ridiculous people and hand picked imo. Wonder if the child that is missing, if still alive, is feeling sick to her stomach today!

  35. To the one who is leaving this blog because doesn't see a light at the end of the tunnel:

    there is no perfect crimes, specially when there are so many persons involved. Do you understand?

    Be sure that you will be surprised in the end.

    Investigation is under control and running fast like never before.


  36. Virginia, I'm the anon. that posted the "hear ,hear, for A. Miller. My post IS ment for A. Miller's comment, which is signed by her at the end, posted at19/08/09 19:58.
    I do not know to which post you are referring to as being your own, as you did not sign it, but once again I assure you that my comment was directed at the right person, A. Miller, the one and only!

  37. I do agree with Anonymoux : "BBC East Midlands has no other choice than to be against the leaflets.
    But this journalists knows what is going on.
    She is not stupid.
    At least BBC gave Mrs. Vera Steinke the chance to show up on television."
    By the way, this was Mrs Debbie Butler.
    As for Rothley people, they can't, publicly, express any doubt concerning the McCs. But, whatever they say, we know ALL OF THEM READ the leaflet ! This was the one and only objective.

  38. The McCs can be furious, outraged or heartbroken, but they keep on looking very sure of themselves. I can't find out another explanation : they know the body will never be recovered, which means there will never be evidence Madeleine died, unless they confess.
    Now, what have they done to the body to be so sure ? Was it swallowed by a whale ? Burnt up (this takes ages and needs survey)in a hole, in the country side ? Or was it slowly reduced in the highly caustic CaO (lime) in use for dead animals to avoid smells and predators ?

  39. With regard to the comments earlier about Kate and Gerry McCann laughing and appearing to be so happy at the end of a TV interview to mark one year since Madeleine's disappearance, we should also cast our minds back to less than two weeks after Madeleine disappeared, when the radiantly happy McCann couple were photographed after a church service to mark her birthday. You can see the photos on Mccannfiles. I have seen other photos of them looking like a really happy pair of tourists in the days after Madeleine disappeared, but then you notice that Kate is carrying Cuddle Cat and is supposed to be a 'distraught mother'. It was these photos which swayed me into taking more notice of the claims that Madeleine had not been abducted. How can grieving parents, worried sick about what has happened to their darling daughter, appear as radiantly happy as if they had just got married and had not a care in the world?

  40. Actually, BBC East Midlands has been the one chink of light. They were the ones who fitted up the McCanns by showing their after interview behaviour (jokey, smiling etc) after they had just been given an impression of distraught parents. It was a complete set-up and v. unusual - you hardly ever see people in that informal light on news programmes of that kind.

    So although the interview with Debbie was unfair, the important thing was that there WAS an interview. The McCann position is they want the media to ignore the Madeleine Foundation. BBC East Midlands did not ignore them.

    Flame of Liberty, Flame of Truth

  41. Alexandra, you seem so sure "the investigation is under control and running fast as never before", is it something you hope or something you know?

    A few months ago, a blogger wrote that there was still some work done on the case, internationaly. The blogger seemed to be part of it. If true, I don't see what new facts they can find now. They must be waiting for something, maybe for someone to make a mistake, or for someone to talk.

  42. Mistakes were already done dear that's why we exchange thoughts here. In life like everything else things happen in a certain order. Justice sometimes looks slow because we need to do a pause to see Madeleine case on perspective: that's what we all are doing and we all are getting to the same results: there is not a single evidence that points to abduction. There are many clues that point to dead. Let's put it in other way: was already hard to justify ADN, cadaverine odor, blood in the room but easily you can do it. However, it is very hard to justify same evidences in a car rented 23 days after a daughter disappearance. They will be caught in the end. They always do because they left to many clues behind and there's a lot of people involved that can be punished. But you see McCanns are in a weaker position (because was not suppose to let her down) so when this case gets really hot showing what is behind the Madeleine disappearance you can be sure THEY will let McCanns down as well.
    However, is to soon yet. But you're almost there.

  43. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

    Nobody is entitled to their own facts.


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