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Do you believe in coincidences?

Australia's Missing Persons Week 2-9 August, 2009

"The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) actively raises awareness of the issues and impacts of missing persons through campaigns and media to inform and educate the Australian community about this significant issue.

A key campaign is National Missing Persons Week, held each year in early August focusing on a group at risk of going missing."

source: Australian Federal Police website

There's coincidences - and there's coincidental facts. You decide.


  1. I do believe in coincidences. But not where the McCanns are concerned. This appears to be concerted planning rather than coincidence. Good work!

  2. http://aussieexotics.com/2008/03/25/aston-martin-milf-has-car-siezed-for-hooning

    Socialitte charged for reckless driving....Rhonda Wylle including photograph.


  3. “This billboard will be supported by over 40 digital Sydney Airport panels, more than 100 bus shelter and outdoor panels, and digital panels throughout shopping centres." - from the New South Wales police force press release

    Coincidences? No. Just another McCann attempt to hijack a high-profile campaign at no cost for the McCann's fund.


    Everything becomes clear. Very clear.

    Thank you, Joana and Astro.

    Um dia se fará Justiça.

  5. Rhondas home in preparation for the wedding of Melissa. These people are one of the wealthiest in Australia they are famous. Murdoch knows them and mitchel is his accomplice...just a PR stunt....There is no way this Yacht slunk out of Barcelona with no one knowing...I hate like the rest of us being taken for a fool.



  6. http://www.pro-design.com.au/gallery_info.php?gallery_id=54

    Rhondas eldest daughter was "The wedding of the Year...Suzanne...

    Cannot figure out yet what role the Wyllies are going to play in all of this.

    By the way Rhonda Noreen was charged and lost her licence for six months.


  7. Iron, check this PDF at page 11 http://www.lei.org.au/files/LEI4155-%28AnnRep_WEB%29.pdf

    You'll see that a former advisor of Rupert Murdoch is one of the patrons along with Bill Wyllie of LEI- Lions Eye Institute. "Lions Eye Institute had its roots in the hard work and goodwill of Lions Club members."

    Remember the Rothley & Soar Valley Lions? ;)

  8. http://www.smh.com.au/news/obituaries/from-telegram-boy-to-tycoon/2006/04/09/1144521208433.html

    Thanks anon..this is Bill Wyllie he was involved in a lot of organisations including medical...I know the connections there...am still searching will check your link.


  9. http://www.wylliegroup.com/people/directors/mrs-rhonda-n-wyllie

    Along with another photo of Rhona Noreen...

    There is another company OZGROWTH Ltd...


  10. http://www.ozgrowth.com.au/Portals/0/Announcements/080102%20Wyllie%20603.pdf


  11. Anon another connection with Wyllie and Murdoch is Hong Kong....they both did a lot of work there ..Murdoch still is....Introducing contacts maybe. A long shot but possible.


    Hong Kong, now a part of China, where Mr Murdoch is conducting an increasing amount of business, has a corporation tax rate which, at 17%, is more than half that of the US.


  12. Are this retarded elite groups trying to follow George Orwells script of Britain? Is the elite in Britain trying to turn every Briton into an alcoholic promioscous brute, being permissive with parents like Maddies? We know from history the biggest brutes are always to be found in the elite? Are the British people really free to ask for justice for anybody? After all tey put up with an ilegal war, which we stopped in Spain. The war criminals are having fun. Are the McCanns the real Britain of today? By the way, congratulations Amaral, we need courage like yours.

  13. http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Wyllie_Bill_205268116.aspx

    Profile on Bill Wylle...

    Bill lived in Hong Kong for 30 years. You can make a lot of contacts in that time to help your friends .


  14. Well known to the British Press as "Dollar Bill"..no journalists or detectives to work this out????
    Also plenty of coverage over the years....


    Dubbed 'The Smiling Tiger' by the Chinese Press in Hong Kong and 'Dollar Bill' by the British Press in the U.K., Mr Wyllie made a career of rescuing and resuscitating ailing companies, usually on a profit or share participation basis.So successful was he during his almost 30 years in Hong Kong that he has been featured in cover stories and articles in numerous international business magazines including TIME, NEWSWEEK, FORTUNE, BUSINESS WEEK, and INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, etc. In a June 1977 cover story, TIME Magazine described him as 'South East Asia's Most Successful Corporate Doctor.'


  15. http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19770117,00.html

    In 1977 not only did Bill make it to Times Magazine but so did Murdoch...


  16. http://www.wylliegroup.com/bill/history/1930s

    Bill Wyllie on the cover of the times in June...


    Bill is dead, has been for sometime now...I do not think Rhonda Wyllie is a willing accomplice in this, having seen several of her photographs.She is rich ,healthy and very very wealthy.. So what is going on, why is Murdoch letting this very wealthy family be embroiled through his newspapers in the Mccann saga?

    Having read and posted links on here yesterday Murdoch is a very cruel man...has Rhonda or a member of her family upset him in someway?

    Curiouser and curiouser


  17. Well there's a co-incidence!

    I just looked the word up in the Mcannish to English dictionary and it's there between Cash-in and Con-artists!

  18. Anyone please be kind enough and explain me what does this means? I went to Australian police site but I couldn't open missing persons profile. What am I missing here?

  19. Olá Alexandra, significa que os McCann não dão ponto sem nó. Numa altura em que os Australianos provavelmente estarão mais sensibilizados para os casos de pessoas desaparecidas devido a uma campanha nacional fortíssima, eis que os McCann apresentam uma nova "pista", pessoa de interesse que é Australiana.

    Se procurares em pessoas desaparecidas nos média Australianos vais ver que os McCann tomaram conta de todas as noticias relativas a pessoas desaparecidas.

    Não é a primeira vez que os McCann usam esta táctica, por exemplo no caso da Mari Luz Cortés de Huelva, os McCann fizeram o impossível e possível para usurpar a história trágica da pequena Mari Luz - o mesmo aconteceu com o caso do Yeremi Vargas.

    Ainda em relação a este ultimo media spin dos McCann em Austrália, também é de relevância considerar que os McCann tenham antevisto a possibilidade real de usurparam os meios patrocinados pelo Governo Australiano para difundir a Campanha Nacional de Pessoas desaparecidas, para proveito próprio [ex.divulgação do fundo], escusando assim de gastar meios vindos do fundo.

  20. moved the comment here:

    Having gone through everything on the net about the Wyllie family all I can see is a very very wealthy family enjoying their lives...The very worst that Rhonda was reported on was a speeding ticket. No drugs, or divorces no public scandals.

    There is this however , a very recent article about a movie.
    Luke,Rhondas stepson had a cameo role.

    The movie Backers Screenwest backed out and Rhonda and several others stepped in and put up the money...This was dated March 4th 2009...

    Now Rhonda finds herself dragged into the Mccann Affair.?????


    Boxer Fazio's epic battle finally overDaile Pepper
    March 4, 2009 .
    The longest fight of Rai Fazio's life was finally over last night when his film Two Fists One Heart premiered.

    It has been a 10 year battle for the boxer from Perth who dreamed of acting and bringing the story of his sometimes turbulent relationship with his boxing-trainer father to the big screen.

    The $12 million production was filmed in and around Perth and features cameo performances from many of the city's well-known faces including Luke Wyllie, model Nicole Trunfio and Denis McInerney.

    These performances were not the only contributions to the film made by some of Western Australia's famous faces. Some also acted to save the production after the State Government's film funding agency ScreenWest cancelled their commitment to the project due to concerns about Fazio's character.

    Socialite Rhonda Wyllie and car dealer Denis McInerney were among investors who answered producer David Elfick and Fazio's call for help after the government agency almost knocked out the project.

    Perth actor/comedian and musician Tim Minchin, who helped write the story, plays a prominent character and wrote two songs for the film said the blow had been an unfortunate set-back.

    "It's pretty unimaginative to go, 'that guy once got in a fight with the Coffin Cheaters, we're not giving him any money'", Minchin said.

    "As if Hollywood would ever make any films if they were worried about the mob's involvement. It's very nannyish."

    Two Fists One Heart stars Daniel Amalm from the first series of Underbelly as a young Fazio, Jessica Marais from Packed to the Rafters as the love interest, Ennio Fantastichini and Fazio himself.

    It is directed by Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities director Shawn Seet.

    Fazio said the film was a tribute to his father, who had given so much of himself over the years. He walked the red carpet last night with his parents.

    He was not nervous about unveiling the finished product to an A-list crowd - an event billed as the biggest movie premiere Perth has seen - at Belmont Reading Cinema. Walking the red carpet was nothing compared to the nerves a fighter experienced before stepping into the ring.

    "I went for a 6am run to clear my head, and had trouble sleeping the other night, but there is nothing to be nervous about," he said.

    "I don't have to fight anyone."

  21. The article reporting the film Two Fists One Heart.....This is from the Herladsun....Murdochs paper......David Elfick....is NOT mentioned....Nor is Luke Wyllie.

    Film Review - Two Fists, One HeartArticle from: Font size:
    Increase Email article:
    Email Print article:
    Print Submit comment:
    Submit comment March 19, 2009 12:00am
    .Two Fists, One Heart (M)
    Director : Shawn Seet (feature debut)
    Starring : Daniel Amalm, Ennio Fantastichini, Jessica Marais, Rai Fazio, Tim Minchin
    Rating : **1/2
    Plenty hittin' between the lines

    Let’s get one thing straight about Two Fists, One Heart.

    You will be sure to read and hear elsewhere that this movie is something of an Aussie version of Rocky.

    Don’t fall for the hype. It isn’t.

    Yes, Two Fists, One Heart is about boxing, and features an unlikely rush at glory from a poor pug pushed to the back of the queue.

    But all relevant comparisons with Sly Stallone’s classically clammy cheer-jerker end right there.

    The hero figure of Two Fists, One Heart is not much of a hero at all. In fact, he’s a bit of a doofus : a pretty-boy thug with half a conscience and a full set of anger management issues.

    Makes it hard to get behind the guy with your full support, don’t you reckon?

    However, strip away the half-cocked Rocky Down Under stuff and there is a fair little film to be found here.

    The setting is suburban Perth.

    It is here we meet Anthony Argo (Daniel Amalm). He’s an aspiring amateur boxer considered to be the most promising prospect in the stable of his dad, veteran trainer Joe (Ennio Fantastichini).

    Joe and Anthony have been dancing the father-son-conflict tango for many years.

    Joe had his dreams dashed, you see, by a little mistake he made back when he had his own shot at a championship belt in his native Italy.

    Now Joe lives the glove life vicariously through Anthony, who bristles at the parental pressure that comes to bear every time he enters the ring.

    When it isn’t fight night, Anthony fritters away his time chasing skirt and trouble. Both are easily found when you work part-time as a nightclub bouncer and move in the same circles as Perth’s dodgiest characters.

    Under the busy direction of first-time filmmaker Shawn Seet, Two Fists, One Heart rattles along at an engaging pace.

    After the lead character is handed a love interest (Jessica Marais) and a bitter rival (Rai Fazio) in swift succession, the way is clear for Team Argo’s run at the big time.

    It must be said that Seet has constructed the all-important fight sequences in Two Fists, One Heart quite impressively.

    Of course, it does help that Amalm and Fazio (who also wrote the screenplay) are both experienced fighters in their own right.

    Nevertheless, Seet’s use of extreme close-ups and quick edits forcefully channels the animal instinct that takes hold when two angry men go toe-to-toe and simply slug it out.

    Performances here are a very mixed bag. While Amalm has charisma to burn as Anthony, he does struggle to make his character likeable in key scenes.

    Italian star Ennio Fantastichini is a complete ham as Joe, but he has the likeable thing covered at all times. Even his colourful (and plentiful) use of curse words will not put you off.

    In a limited role, Jessica Marais does enough to suggest she has a promising future in Australian film, while comedian-musician Tim Minchin supplies some much-needed light relief (and a few songs!) between major bouts.

    All in all, this is just a so-so, lightweight contender for the box-office title this week : quick enough on its feet, but lacking the crucial knockout blow to leave audiences reeling.


    Thank you for posting all of my posts Joana.


  22. You're welcome to post your findings always Iron ;) Just ask you to keep the comments in the context of the post, for less confusion, a big hug and besitos


  23. Information about this subject here:



    From what I understand each year there's a theme focus, last year, young people, this year, older people and those affected by dementia, like Alzheimer's disease.
    I don't know how the campaign unfolds, but surelly they aim it at australian citizens which have gone missing in Australia or abroad, but australians only. Madeleine was not an australian and she did not disappear in Australia, so, I doubt if she will be shown in any of the oficial informative campaign?...
    The McCanns are taking the chance to be mentioned in the australian media, but will they make it to the oficial campaign? I doubt it!

  24. http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,23639448-5005368,00.html

    Arts Minister Sheila McHale refused David Elfick the backing for his movie...Rhonda Wyllie stepped in and held a lavish soiree at her home raising 4 million towards making the film..

    Sheila McHale works closely with Fox Studios backed by Rupert Murdoch.


  25. http://www.tsh.org.au/help.htm

    Hi Joanna , I am slightly puzzled with the british press..so easy to find out about the wyllies and there kindness . Charity after charity they give and give...One example a Telethon teaching children to speak...The Wyllie group give generously. Even after Bill died Rhonda continiued his work..They are involved in trying to find a cure for prostrate cancer. Rhonda and Luke her stepson are always at charity events. Yet the press still have not picked up on this. Murdoch knows and still remains silent.


    PS I am on the right thread today.


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