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From lie to lie

by Gonçalo Amaral

Barcelona, the capital of Cataluña and of Modernism, where Antoni Gaudí has lived and worked and in whose museums the works of Miró and Picasso are exhibited, is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. With so many attractions, it would be expected that, during a hot month of May, a middle-aged English tourist would enjoy the beauties of Barcelona.

That was what the now main witness of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance did. He visited restaurants and bars, just like people visit museums and cathedrals. As the story goes, told two years later, in a bar at the marina, a woman, looking like Victoria Beckham, “maybe” with an Australian accent (something difficult for a British person, it’s like a Portuguese recognising a Brazilian), asked him: “Are you here to deliver my new daughter?”

The credible witness, imagine, had been drinking – but was not drunk. Was it a sexual type of invitation? Taking into account the ambience and the late hour!? When he saw the Victoria look-alike talking to a local, in Castellan, it is said, like unbridled polyglots, the tourist discovered the reason for the question: she was waiting for Madeleine.

From sighting to sighting and suspects by the dozen, the true story is not difficult to hide. Bring on the elections in Portugal and in England, let the funds run dry, and then we’ll see the result of so many lies and false leads.

source: Correio da Manhã, 08.08.2009


  1. Thank God for the voice of sanity. Maddie was four years old , she could speak whats more according to Mccanns mother she could scream her head off. So this Skippy type is waiting in a marina with bars open surrounded by people , approaches a bunch of drunks...however in other reports it is HIM that approached her...which sounds more like it.

    and asks if he has her new daughter...have not heard her mention the name Maddie however, so why should he think this.

    In a nut shell I think knowing the English at 2 am in the morning pissed out of their brains he approached a prostitute, he either went with her or not. However, two years is a long time, he could have fallen out with one of the chaps who was with him that night and told this "credible" witnesses wife recently..he has now made up a cock and bull story to cover his tracks.

    However, the most likely it is another scam just like all the others and these people are figments of the mad mccanns imagination.

    It is very evident why the Mccanns employ crooks as their private detectives as no british police would be involved in this scam.

    David Edgar is a disgrace and a loser with no shame for a small child who never harmed anyone.


  2. I found this post do not know the term myself not being into drugs. however, will find out if it is true and she or he was trying to score...
    Has nobody realised that 'daughter' which is what the woman has been reported as asking for, is drug slang for a quarter of an ounce. This woman was trying to score an ounce 2 years ago and Clarence Mitchell and the 'detectives' have managed to turn it into a worldwide hunt for someone involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The 'detectives' obviously never worked in the drug squad!
    You couldn't make this stuff up!
    - Vera, London, UK, 7/8/2009 11:18
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  3. Well have done a search and Vera is not wrong....

    Daughter is used as a drug term for quarter of an ounce....looks like maybe he or she was trying to score ....What a joke....will see what else I can find out about this daughter drug.


  4. Ounce - [ Traducir esta página ]
    Farmer's daughter is drug slang for a quarter of an ounce. ... Half ounce is London Cockney rhyming slang for slang for a beating (bounce). ...

    Looks like she was trying to score...she needed her daughter...she was having withdrawals that is why she looked agitated...


  5. It makes perfect sense , Ironside!
    She was agitated, going into withdrawal, "a ressacar", as we say in portuguese, her dealer nowhere to be found, then up comes this man, what's she going to think? Oh, thank goodness, here's my fix!Of course, as soon as she realizes he's not selling but rather "buying", not drugs but sex, she moves on and continues her search further away on the string of bars and restaurants.
    Clear as water!

  6. A wonderfully laconic piece as usual!

    Gonçalo Amaral whisked me off to Barcelona in the first paragraph (Picasso & Gaudi, deliciously apt somehow); knowingly and humorously laid bare the most likely reality and absurdity of Team McCann's latest - two years down the line (crass phrase c/o G McCann 2009) - "credible new witness" in the following two paragraphs; succinctly summed up the whole McFarce and pending McDoom in the final paragraph!

    Superb! Bravo Dr Amaral!

  7. British friends: As Amaral points out, is it really that difficult to recognise an Australian/New Zealand accent? Why would someone say "possibly"? Surely any British can tell, even if one is drunk...

  8. God Bless Mr Amerel Bring on the elections in the Uk Brown out the most corrupt govenment the Uk have ever had, Tony Blair and Brown have brought the UK to its knees the only thing they are interested in is abortion and euthanasia. A christian country you have got to be joking.

  9. What if (sorry if this has already been discussed) they brought out the updated e-fit picture of Maddy now aged 6 to familiarise us with her new image. Bear in mind, we are only used to old younger pictures of Maddy apart from the more reliable tennis balls picture so have little to compare it with. Once we've accepted this new image as being a true image of Maddy as she is today - they bring out this present scenario leading to the discovery of the little girl in the e-fit picture. We readily accept her as Maddy and the parents get off scott free!!

  10. Letter From Iberia

    Sitting in a bar/café in the border town of La Linea (Spain) today I witnessed a hurried transaction between a thin hyperactive English woman and Spanish youth. Where by she said to him in Spanish, spoken with an English accent
    “déme una hija” which translated into English means “give me a daughter”.
    She palmed him some cash and he passed her a small package.
    The transaction took less than ten seconds.

    This type of transaction can be witnessed any time in so many bars or on many street corners in Spain at all times of day and night.
    The so called new McCann investigation team break though is nothing more than their very amateurish so called detectives attempts to find more so called clues to ensure that the fat fees and expenses they are paid by the McCann’s continue to be received.

    The McCann’s are desperate now as a British public opinion begins to question the amount of lies and down right stupidity published in the British media. A growing number of British people now question the McCann’s role in their daughter’s disappearance and probable death.

    More smoke, more mirrors and more disinformation from so called parents who are alone responsible for their daughters disappearance and probable death.
    They have never acknowledged their guilt and continue in a desperate charade.

    Will there ever be any justice for Madeleine, an innocent daughter let down by her self centred and self indulgent swinging parents who continue the Grand Con and let down by both the Portuguese and the British Police forces.

  11. The Portuguese police never let Madeleine down.
    I have the theory that they have also accepted and even have chosen the investigations being shelved, in order to work peacefully, investigating without being disturbed by the Mccanns and the media.
    let us wait and see.

  12. When are the elections in Portugal

    The Uk elections are May 2010 if Brown lasts that long, He will hang on for as long as he can, the man is power mad. It is almost certain the Labour party will be booted out. Brown took over when Blair was forced to go please God Blair will never be president of Europe. ( thats why he became a catholic in name only to get the european catholic vote very cunning)

  13. Elections in PT are scheduled to late September this year, but although our PM is a douche and there is general discontentment, no one can predict if he gets the booth... not much to choose from am afraid :(


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