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Gonçalo Amaral to self-publish his book in the UK

Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Madeleine McCann investigation, has contacted the editor of his book, “Maddie: The Truth About The Lie”, seeking to recover its copyright, with the ultimate purpose of publishing the book in the UK himself.

Based on the criminal investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, “The Truth About The Lie” has sold over 200 thousand copies in Portugal, and has been translated and published in several countries, like France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Belgium (Flemish).

A documentary that is based on the book was broadcast by TVI in Portugal and reached an audience of 2,2 million viewers, was sold and broadcast in other countries, like Spain and Denmark, where it generated added interest in the case.

"The Truth About The Lie" has not been published in the UK, where no editor seems to be willing to risk upsetting the McCann couple.

Similarly, the documentary has not been broadcast by any British television channel.

Many British citizens have been forced to search for, and watch, the documentary on the internet, in order to access factual information that has otherwise not been made available by the UK media, in general.


  1. Fabulous news thanks Jo xxx
    Go Goncalo go!

  2. WOW! That is fantastic news, thank you. I bought the Spanish edition but I'll be first in the queue at Waterstones when this comes out!

    I believe Gonçalo Amaral is a man of courage & integrity and I hope he's aware of the support he has here in the UK.

  3. Fantastic news!

    What I always hoped he would do - given that no UK publisher would ever publish it, thanks to the media lockdown.

    I hope Amazon will take it as well.

    That's enough for me for the moment.

    Great news. What a man of principle.

    One more thing: he has made quite a lot of money from the book and I think he should also buy a couple of bookshops in Central London and get them on sale and on display. He can also publish it in various internet media. And publicise it in leaflet drops.

  4. It is very good news but have we any guarantee that bookshops in the UK will have the guts to stock it?

  5. Well good for him, anyone who thinks after all he has been through with this that it is about money is a complete and utter fool. Even after a threatened lawsuit against him by the McCanns, who hope to obtain a million from him he still won't back down.

    You really do have to hand it to this man.


  6. Gullible -

    No - no guarantee. I think most big bookshop chains will refuse to stock it.

    That's why I suggested he open a couple of bookshops in Central London. Wouldn't cost that much - say £40,000 for a year. The bookshops could stock other books but have his book prominently displayed in the window displays.

    He could also have people out on the street offering copies...open websites with translations etc etc.

    I am slightly surprised he hasn't gone for an American edition first.

  7. Felicidades Dr. Amaral.

    I hope the pathetic parents will protest a lot, and threaten to sue. No better garantee for good sales.

  8. Anonymous @ 23/08/09 01:19 wrote:-

    "...I am slightly surprised he hasn't gone for an American edition first."

    I'm so glad he hasn't. Why should the Truth pf the Lie have to come into Britain by the back door?
    Gonçalo Amaral's struggle and determination to achieve justice for Madeleine has more than earned him his welcome here imo.

  9. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Kate and Gerry, Fabulous news I want it I want it.

  10. Anonymous, Yes, I see that opening his own book shop(s) could be the answer and a very good idea it is.

  11. Will bookshops in the UK have the guts to stock it? doesn't that question send a shiver down the spine? What the heck have we become?

    In my local Waterstones quite recently there was a bit of a hullabaloo over a poet being forced to cancel a reading of his 'anti religious' poems due to planned demonstrations by a fundamentalist Christian group.

    Conversely, much noise was made about the threat to freedom of expression etc.and Waterstones made it clear they were not banning the sale of the book, only the reading by the poet, as they could not guarantee public safety. They were keen to emphasise that as a bookstore they were very much pro choice.

    I trust Waterstones will be every bit as accommodating to Mr Amaral's book, and that the people, including politicians, who demonstrated against the Christian group, will be equally vocal in their support for Mr Amaral If, for some strange reason, 'The Truth Of The Lie' fails to appear on the shelves of this bookstore.

    If not, I shall be at hand to remind them of their honourable commitment to our hard-won freedoms.

    Obrigado, Sr Amaral.

  12. bob the bluebird wrote:-

    "....If not, I shall be at hand to remind them [Waterstones] of their honourable commitment to our hard-won freedoms."

    You and me both - I shall be in that queue as well, if necessary!

    "What the heck have we become?" is a damn good question and the answer sends a shiver down my spine.

  13. great news and not before time,this will be a big can of worms opening in britain if it happens.my deepest respect goes to mr goncola amaral,thank you,and thank you joane and astro for bringing us this great news.

  14. Wow! What fantastic news to wake up to!

    Thanks Jo xx

    This reminds me of Alfiefinn's hilarious quote on the 3 arguidos about the impending reaction from the Rothley Bottom Trumpet Orchestra!

    Go Gonçalo!

  15. Thanks Jo
    I am grinning with pleasure at this good news.
    To me personally,it means the "mccanns empire",built on lies and deceipt is falling apart.....
    It also means they wont go ahead with the lawsuit against Gonzalo because it is a complete non-sense which we already knew.
    Now why bookshops would not store his book?to continue with the imposed veto of freedom of expression and freedonm to access informations? Has the UK gone backwards in time and is now in the Middle Age? or is the UK becoming a dictature?
    Basta ya de tonterias!
    Felicidades Gonçalo! go go go!

  16. No problem getting this on Amazon at all. Great news.

  17. If this comes to pass and I hope that it does. The best place to launch this book would be Harrods. Mr.Al Fayed more the anyone knows how the goverment works and he bows to no one. Not even royalty. Who the Mccanns tried to get involved at one point.

  18. Well done GA to have made this decision and I wish him all the best of luck in getting the message across in the UK. However, I too have some concerns as to whether bookshops will have the guts to stock it. Surely Amazon will though?


  19. Great news indeed, thanks all.

    Best wishes Sr. Amaral, - looking forward to the day.


  20. Onec his book comes out in UK it won't be long coming to Australia. Looking forward to reading it.

  21. Yet again its hard to see where the McCanns can go from here without speaking publicly either way. Whatever else however, it seems clear that they still don’t wish to cooperate with anything that relates to the official investigation into their daughter’s ‘disappearance’ and the powers that be are continuing to put goodness knows what before the welfare of this child in particular.

    Fact is, those who truly and seriously believe that Madeleine was abducted have no choice to confront the question why the McCanns and their friends refuse to cooperate. Anyone who does ask themselves that question can surely understand why others ask it. Anyone who wants to convince others need do no more than provide a credible answer. After 2 ¼ years there still isn’t one. Those who ask the questions will have those questions until they are answered. Simple.

    As for this country and those allegedly running it, time is ticking away. Right now it’ll be extremely interesting to see how Anglo/American/Libyan relations develop and serves as a great example of how easily loyalties can change. For the McCanns, they surely will, - maybe not today but they will. And Waterstones along with all the others will have to weigh up their conscience v. profit…

  22. It is helping!Probably the leaflets are guiding more people to Amaral's documentary.
    From yesterday to today, some more 100 people watched Amaral's documentary on Youtube.
    I don't know if it only registers Youtube or also when people watch it on McCannfiles,Joana, etc.
    Great, Mrs. Butler and Tony Bennett!

  23. winjoy
    23/08/09 10:3

    "However, I too have some concerns as to whether bookshops will have the guts to stock it"

    Is it really of question of "having the guts" or is it just standing for the right to freedom of expression and information,one of the pillars of any decent democracy?
    This is the question....
    What GA is showing is he is not only fighting for the truth for Madeleine but also for freedom of information.HE has a strong case.
    He does what his conscious tells him to do to:he is standing up for Madeleine"s,his and our rights.all of them.
    Why do we have the need to speak in terms of "courage" when this a democratic right ?

  24. God, David Payne must be going to the loo every three minutes, musn't he?

  25. M wrote{-

    "....And Waterstones along with all the others will have to weigh up their conscience v. profit."

    No conflict there. Conscience & profit would go hand in hand for Waterstones in this instance.

    The Truth of the Lie has been a best-seller in Portugal and has sold well in other countries where it's been published. It will have a huge market when Gonçalo Amaral publishes the English version - not only in the UK; the McCann antics with 'Oprah' and 'Posh' will ensure increased sales in the US and Antipodes too.

    I know Mitchell and the McCanns believe yhey can take on the world (only needing to remove their gloves first!)but a united front by booksellers would soon give the lie to that illusion!

  26. What Bob the Bluebird relates sents shivers down your spine (and this is the country which gave asylum to S.Rushdie when a death fatwa was pronounced against him by the ayatollahs because he criticized Islam):
    "In my local Waterstones quite recently there was a bit of a hullabaloo over a poet being forced to cancel a reading of his 'anti religious' poems due to planned demonstrations by a fundamentalist Christian group...
    Waterstones made it clear they were not banning the sale of the book, only the reading by the poet, as they could not guarantee public safety."

    If a book hasn't been censured, what can booksellers be afraid of ?
    A stone in their bookshop window ? What a good publicity this would be !

  27. Excellent news, thank you Astro and Jo. I see no reason why bookshops would not sell it. I wonder if Snr Amaral will come and go book signings - I shall be first in the queue whenever it is, if he does.

    Bravo Snr Amaral.

  28. I hope the english language edition is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble online. I will buy it the day it is available.

    Thanks Dr. Amaral.


  29. Greetings from the VU hospital in Holland.
    Very good!

  30. Astro, you live in Algarve, don't you?
    This must be first-hand news.
    Thank you, darling!

  31. We all expect the McCanns will start sueing Amaral within ten minutes.

  32. There is one little issue you all seem to be forgetting. Amaral probably will NOT be allowed entrance in the UK because of his conviction. Remember Martha Stewart? She was denied entrance in England because of her conviction.

  33. Martha Stewart is an American and USA is not EU member. Portugal is. How come that 100s of paedoes from Britain (allegedly) live in Algarve and at the same time Amaral would be denied access to Britain.

  34. Although I'd buy it online if necessary, I'd very much like to see it in the shops. I'm sure it would sell well, as I've faith in people wanting to read the other side of the story.

    I'm in N Ireland and wonder if others here or in S Ireland think Easons would stock it?


  36. Fabulous news. I have already read it myself in French, and passed it to my husband, who has now given it to a work colleague. But I shall be buying several copies of the English version for people who only read English.

  37. What a man, and what a can of worms Kate and Gerry opened that night in Portugal.

  38. I think the McCanns' line will of course be NOT to sue. On that they are absolutely determined because to sue would be to destroy the pact of silence - even with a compliant UK judiciary bending every rule to their benefit.

    So Clarence's spin will be "This tawdry book by a disgraced ex-police officer is beneath contempt and very hurtful to Kate and Gerry. The fact that he has to self-publish shows that no respectful publisher will touch it with a bargepole. We will make no further comment on it."

    I think the newspapers will boycott the book - although you never know...if they sense the McCanns will not sue, then we might see a change there. Any paper that published would clean up in terms of sales.

    But let's assume they don't, I really think Amaral should consider opening a couple of bookshops in central London, posting extracts to every household in the country with details of how to obtain the book, making it available on the internet in whole or in large part etc etc. It is vital he gets his message across and makes it absolutely clear that the McCanns will not sue.

    He could maybe get permission to advertise the book on TV and radio. That would be good as well. However, you can be sure Team McCann will try and block that.

  39. Why would they deny Martha entrance to England because of her criminal record and yet England would allow Amaral who also now has a criminal record in? That does not make sense.

    Invite him over to England and let's see how if is granted entry.

    Yes, please buy lots of books - support him. Have you started a fund for him yet?

  40. I have been posting Amarals translation from Annas blog for sometime now to english people that I know who live here in Spain, they in turn have been passing on Annas link...I have just started to get some feed back..Some people are truly shocked and are in disbelief. Others say that they had their suspicions from the beginning.Not saying they can do anything about the situation but at least people will no longer be so gullible out here to believe the DRIVEL of Mitchel and Co.

    I am also posting all information as it comes through from Joanas blog onto an American site that has a lot of respect in the States.


  41. I doubt Mr Amaral would need to bring the books himself , he is a busy man , I am sure he would have them delivered in a professional way and they shall be a great success

  42. Going out, comment moderation back on. Good evening to all.

  43. That is fantastic news.How I SHALL WAIT FOR THAT DAY. Good on you Mr Amaral.I hope you manage to pull this off. Good luck

  44. put me down for a copy or three...

    hope he can get it out in time for the Christmas rush... I've got a long list of people to send it to

  45. Martha S. was refused a visa, Gonçalo A., being a EU citizen, doesn't need one. If access to the UK were rejected thanks to the persona non grata pretext, this would generate a scandal.

  46. Well done, Gonçalo Amaral! Looking forward to your book in English.

  47. Another day, another lesson in Portuguese law: Until a sentence is validated ("transitar em julgado"), it is not effective and the person that was handed the sentence is not convicted of anything, nor does he/she have a 'criminal record'. The sentence from the trial of the five PJ inspectors in Faro has not been validated, because appeals have been filed; until those appeals have been appreciated and the corresponding sentence has been issued and validated, there are no convictions, and no felons, and no criminal records.

  48. Good idea, Amaral. Self-publishing is a good idea to let the TRUTH reach people here in the UK. This way there will be no editors distorting your text to suit the McCann LIE.

  49. Poor, poor pro-McCanns. All they can do is to try and discredit Amaral. They have nothing else to keep them going. They have no arguments to sustain the Holy Abduction Theory. They cannot explain why the McCanns have not prevented the investigation from being shelved. They can't explain why an innocent parent would refuse to cooperate with the police.
    They know that there is something wrong.
    But they have nothing left except to attack the one person who wants to reopen the investigation, who wants to search for the truth about Maddies disappearance.
    Says it all.
    Madeleine who?

  50. Wonderful news and thanks, Joana for bringing this to us. There´s no way we would get this as BREAKING NEWS on SKY.

    Fuck propoganda and let's get the truth out there.

    9/11 was an inside job and the same for the McCanns. It is the same government-protected propoganda and those clues just keep popping the pill.

    Mr Amaral is about to expose these media puppets. Mitchell: WATCH YOUR BACK! McCanns: You are about to go down.

    I cannot wait until this day happens.


  51. Excellent news! Can't wait. I'll be buying it as soon as it becomes available.

    BTW, As far as I am aware, Amaral has the right to just get on a plane and fly to the UK, in exactly the same way Gerry McCann has the right to just get on a plane and fly to Portugal. Nobody checks criminal records within the EU as far as I'm aware, all an EU member citizen needs is the appropriate ID on them to move between EU countries (and sometimes that isn't even checked depending on how you travel). That's good to know though Astro, that Mr. Amaral has no criminal record and probably won't since he is making an appeal.

    :) E

  52. Astro, who told you this about Amaral?
    When did you hear it?
    Did you talk to him this week-end?
    This is great news, it is for sure.

    If Kate would have accepted the PJ offer, to confess and only two years in prison, she would have been free by now,and the McCanns could have started a new life.
    They are just delaying their punishment, that will happen someday.
    And living in a hell that gets worser and worser every day.
    The truth liberates, McCanns!

    And I still did not find out what brought the PJ to believe Kate is involved in Maddie's death, not Gerry.

    At the moment that both were made arguidos, the PJ still did not know about David Payne's incident in Mallorca.

    Another thing:
    according to pictures on Amaral's
    book, the cadaver dog barked at Maddie's pajamas'T-shirt and not at its trousers.It could mean she was not wearing the pants when she died.
    I think that's why the PJ put an extra detective in the investigation team, who is specialized in sexual crimes.

    But why suspecting Kate and not Gerry or both of them together?
    Did Kate make erm... erm... erm...mistakes, when she was obliged to answer the questions, while she was interrogated as witness?

    Kate's mother tells in Panorama BBC that when Gerry called her, he started saying: "_It is a disaster, it is a disaster! " and who knows he continued his sentence "to be married to your daughter!"

  53. If UK refuse the entrance to Amaral will be a GREAT SCANDAL because they allowed Vale Azevedo ( An ex- President of Benfica Football Club and one of the most wanted man in Portuguese justice). He was accused and convicted of serious economic crimes and runaway to England where he lives as a VIP, fooling several people with support of somebody which must have power. BUT FROM UK WE GET USED with VERY SERIOUS AND STRANGE SURPRISES on JUSTICE MATTER'S. Where are you going Britain?

  54. Well.... I think this shows that Amaral has enough on the McCanns to get them behind bars, should there be a trail.
    The web is closing now.

  55. Theory

    There is a theory that the body stayed somewhere for a day or two and than it as removed to some other place.
    Too risky, everybody knew already about the disappearence.
    I think the body was removed when the dogs arrived in Portugal or short before.
    Who knows it was brought back, after the dogs left.
    The only safe place the McCanns could find on a hurry, that night, was the church,after a dishonest confession(accident,neglect ,losing the twins, losing their jobs, poor us!) and it is possible that Russel O'Brian could have gone to the priest and asked for help.
    That is why he was absent most of the time of that evening.
    He went back to the Tapas when Gerry went down the street, with the body.
    And the body hidden in an eventual crypt?

  56. Hey Jerry that Cavenous hole you have all been digging for yourself's must be like the Abyss by now...

    Mr Amaral..... GO GET EM' SIR

  57. Although I can see that the book being published in the UK would be great for those who are unable to use the Internet, yet I prefer to be a bit more cautious.
    What is the source of this news?
    Is it confirmed?

    Anyway, why isn't the book translated into English by the Portuguese publisher and put on sale on the Internet and in the UK as an import?

  58. I said the day this case was shelved its far from over, If the Maccanns ever thought that they could just get on with their lives they were in cloud cuckoo land. They never ever looked like an innocent couple. Once they left Portugal as quickly as they did in the eyes of the public the black cap was on

  59. "to publish the book himself"

    what do you mean with that, Astro.

    or what does Amaral mean with that?

    Who will help him in the UK?

    Not editor Guerra e Paz?

  60. Excellent! I will be buying a few copies and passing it around.

  61. Hi Joana

    whatever happened to the blogger that Amaral threatened to expose?

    was it Levy?

    kind regards & thanks for bringing us regular news whilst 3A's is on hiatus

  62. Good afternoon,

    Terric news!!!

    Please let's send an autographed copy of the book to OPRAH, she can read it and maybe recommend it to her viewers.

    Kind regards


  63. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=32773

    There is an Online Poll if anyone cares to vote about the money spent on the Mccann case.


  64. I don't know if you people ever saw Youtube The McCanns Versus the Media.
    Very interesting.
    I can not believe the British people don't know the truth.
    There has been a lot of true publications about this case, in Britain.

  65. I am thrilled with this news, i can't wait to read it, my deepest regards to you all and Sr Amaral.


  66. what about the people who do not have a pc and have to rely on the daily papers,where are the publications where this truth is written,can you piont me in the right direction please.

  67. Chris, I think that at this moment the only reliable possibility is the booklet written by Tony Bennett.

  68. yes i think you are right.

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-AwVSedTW4

    to see what may have happened to Madeleine.

  70. I shall be buying several copies and leaving some lying around on trains, in dentist waiting room etc... Will also be requesting from public library - and very much hope others will do so in their local areas.
    Go, Goncalo!!!!

  71. Can I buy the English version of this book from the Internet and have it shipped to the UK?

  72. Hello John, as you know the book was just very recently unbanned following a 6+ year battle with the McCann couple in courts that isn't over yet. In 2009, the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral was said to be in talks with book publishers/distributors to sell the book in the UK, it was then that he received an injunction that banned his book. I'm not sure if there is any English edition of the book available, but will forward your message to the Portuguese editors and to Mr. Amaral himself. Meanwhile if you search online there is an unofficial translation of the book in English. Best wishes, JM


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