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Kate And Gerry McCann Should Stop Their High Profile Campaigning

R.F.Wilson writes: We are now once again hearing things from Kate and Gerry McCann. In the most recent development it has been revealed that a woman, who supposedly looks like Victoria Beckham, was seen behaving suspiciously in Barcelona and that she could have ben somehow connected to the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann two years ago in Portugal. It apperas that detectives, who have been hired by the McCanns, have come up with some ‘new lead’.

While it is understandable that both parents are still grieving about their missing daughter, this whole campaign is becoming ridiculous. It is really time for the McCanns to start realising that their daughter is most probably not alive. Yes, it is tragic. Yes, we all feel sory for them, but enough is enough. I sometimes get a feeling that a whole industry has developed around the McCanns that just would not stop promoting their campaign.

There are hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world, who have gone missing, but we do not see their parents staging public appeals endlessly and raising money to fund their search for their kids. They grieve in private and they conduct their search in private too. They understand that their children are probably not alive but they still keep their hopes alive, and wait for some sort of miracle to happen.

The McCanns insist that they are keeping a high public profile to keep the interest in their case going. They even say that by doing so they actually promote the overall problem of missing children.

I am sorry, but the McCanns are not the right people to do this. You see, in their case they are the ones who carry the main blame for their daughter’s disappearance. They had decided to leave their three tiny children, unsupervised, and have a drink and a meal with their friends. They had rejected the idea of hiring a nanny who could have looked after their kids while they were enjoying themselves. And so for them now to be championing the idea of never stopping the search for missing children is not exactly right, is it? Or are they thinking of making life easier for all those parents who, like themselves, see no problem in leaving their toddlers alone, for long periods of time?

I can tell you something: I know what it means to be left alone in a flat when you are small. I have gone through this on many occasions when I was only 3 years old and my mother and stepfather would go out to have a drink with their friends and thought nothing of me there all alone. It is scary, I can tell you that. You are afraid of many things: noises from outside, darkness, big bad wolves and other nasty characters coming to eat you up or snatch you and take you to the woods. I remember often having a feeling that it would better for me to get out of the flat and go in search for my parents.

So I suggest that the McCanns stop this high profile campaign and search for their daughter without the glare of publicity. And if they really want to publicise the problem of children going missing they should better state, very publicly, over and over again, that responsibility for children’s welfare and security lies with the parents and not with others. We were wrong to leave our daughter alone, they should say. Please, please, do not do as we did. You might regret if for the rest of your lives.

It would be much more useful than all this high profile campaigning of theirs. It does not make them look very good and would, believe me, result in public resentment at some point.

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  1. The couple should have gone out in the first place to look for Madeleine, not make calls, etc. Just a smokescreen this latest saga. They IMHO, do know what happened. Why they continue to put out false leads is beyond belief.

  2. I'm happy with this article above.
    It has more class than any other article on the British media.
    Finally journalists start getting courage to express themselves.
    Or maybe getting some little space for more freedom of speech.
    Sometimes, when I read about violent deaths of journalists in Russia, I wonder if the British media are also experiencing a kind of death, no difference with Russia.
    In my opinion, they are.

    RF Wilson's article could be a beginning of a battle for freedom.
    Writing exactly what everybody thinks and knows.
    I'm hoping for a new article.

  3. Excellent article, restrained but meaningful, lucid, and honest.


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